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Manu Ginobili and Spurs Forget Bron's Banana Boat Check Out Our Wiener!

5/17/2019 11:56 AM PDT
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How do you one-up LeBron's famous Banana Boat pic? Ya can't ... but this is close!

Manu Ginobili and a bunch of his old Spurs teammates hopped on a giant inflatable hot dog Friday to pay tribute (?) to the most famous flotation device pic ever taken!! 

Here's the order from front to back ... Boris DiawTiago Splitter, Patty Mills and Manu pulling up the rear. 

They've even nicknamed themselves the "WienerBoatBoys" ... a nod to Bron's "Banana Boat Crew." 

Remember, Bron -- along with Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and Gabrielle Union -- hopped on that big yellow floatie back in 2015 in a pic that IMMEDIATELY went viral. 

The funny thing about the new pic ... is Manu and his wiener-mates were all part of that San Antonio Spurs team that beat LeBron and D-Wade's Miami Heat team in the NBA Finals back in 2014!

By the way, the Spurs squad posted about the hot dog ride ... 

"Our WienerBoat may have been a bit undersized for us!" Manu said ... with Diaw adding "I don’t know if you notice but the hot dog wiener boat is sinking in the back, not in the front."

Usain Bolt Declares War on Bird Scooters ... I've Got My Own Wheels!

5/15/2019 6:49 AM PDT
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Usain Bolt is Bird hunting -- joining forces with a rival eScooter company in the hopes of taking over as the LEADER in the 2-wheel vehicle space. 

The Olympic legend is a spokesperson for Bolt -- a "transportation" company that touts itself as "the future of mobility."

The company claims the scooters are environmentally friendly with zero emissions -- and they have several models, some of which contain storage space for groceries. 

The company operates similarly to Bird and Lime -- users find scooters using an app, and then activate and pay through their smartphones. 

So far, Bolt is operational in several U.S. cities -- but now, they're looking to expand internationally ... which is why Usain is currently riding his scooter through Paris. 

Good luck!

Dirk Nowitzki Shredded Retirement Bod on Vacation in Mexico

4/27/2019 12:20 AM PDT

Dirk Nowitzki's done playing ... but his body sure as hell didn't get the memo ... 'cause the recently retired NBA superstar ditched his shirt on vacation in Mexico -- and the dude looks jacked!!!

The Dallas Mavericks legend and his wife, Jessica Olsson, hit up the beach in Tulum earlier this week ... makin' a splash and enjoying every bit of the unemployment life.

Dirk's got a LOT to celebrate -- he finished his career as the 6th top scorer to ever play in the league ... and the Mavs' all-time leader in points, rebounds, blocks and games played.

Look, all that is nice and everything ... but the dude should be most proud of his beach bod. 

Seriously, did anyone know the dude looked like this with his shirt off???

Anyway, congrats on a hell of a career, Dirk. We're gonna miss you.

Sofia Richie Sexy Easter Sunday with Scott ... Eggsactly What I Needed!!!

4/22/2019 2:19 PM PDT

Here's Sofia Richie stepping out in her finest Easter Sunday outfit in Cabo and ... JUST KIDDING, SHE'S WEARING THE HELL OUT OF A TINY BIKINI!!!!

Sofia showed off her smoking hot body over the weekend, rocking this sexy lime green bikini during a romantic getaway to Mexico with Scott Disick. Muy caliente!

Scott clearly made the right choice with his Easter plans ... instead of spending his morning with the Kardashian-Jenner clan at Kanye West's Sunday Service at Coachella, Scott had a front-row seat to watch his model girlfriend work on her tan!  

It's good to see Sofia and Scott still going strong ... and even better to see her looking absolutely stunning in barely-there swimwear. Couples retreats to exotic locations are kinda becoming their thing

So, check out the gallery ... it sure beats anything you saw in your Easter basket.

Spring Break Stars Trip Out On These Travel Shots!!!

4/21/2019 12:01 AM PDT

From international getaways to domestic destinations, stars are springing at the chance to get away!!!

Cardi B and Offset recently enjoyed a couples trip to a tropical paradise in Cabo San Lucas, while Kourtney Kardashian took on some snow in Finland, and Victoria's Secret angel Josephine Skriver jet set off to Costa Rica -- These famous faces are spending their change and soaking up some of that much needed time away.

Take a mini-trip of your own by scrolling through our gallery of celebrities on spring break ... Get an inside look into where some of the other stars decided to enjoy a serene scene of their very own!!!

Coachella Stars End Strong ... On Day 3!!!

4/15/2019 6:27 AM PDT

'NSYNC already hit the stage with Ariana Grande, and that can only mean one thing ... Weekend 1 of Coachella is over ... but before you hang up your flower crowns and heart-shaped sunglasses, ya gotta see which celebs were in the crazy crowds. 

Super hot model and DJ Chantel Jeffries peeled this orange number out, One Direction hunk Liam Payne gave getting ripped in the desert a whole new meaning and Victoria's Secret Angel Gizele Oliveira strapped herself into a slingsuit ... proving X truly marks the spot.

Check out Tommy Lee and Diddy hanging with their kids. Yup, Tommy and Brandon together. Halsey, Elsa Hosk, Larsa Pippen, Stella Maxwell, Winnie Harlow and 2 Chainz also got down.

Now get some sleep ... Weekend 2 starts in 4 days!!!

Coachella Celebs Out in Force ... For Day 2

4/14/2019 7:05 AM PDT

Coachella may have seen better days in years past, but a bunch of celebs still made the best of it.

Check out the photos ... Cindy CrawfordEmily Ratajkowski, Winnie Harlow, Olivia Culpo, Larsa Pippen, Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, Brandi Cyrus, Bella Thorne, Willow Smith, Darren Criss, Cody Simpson, SZA, Stella Maxwell, Steph ShepherdSara SampaioCorinne Olympios ... enough for you.

Sunday night is probably the highlight ... Ariana Grande performs and, as we told you, 'NSYNC will take the stage -- sans Justin Timberlake, we don't know if they'll dance, sing or both. 

Kirk Douglas Camping It Up at 102!!!

4/13/2019 8:18 AM PDT

Kirk Douglas has a lot going for him ... including longevity, because he's still out having fun at the ripe old age of 102!!!

Kirk was camping in grandson Cameron's backyard Friday ... maybe it's not full-blown camping, but still ... the guy's 102 and hangin' in a tent.

Mr. Spartacus was laying on an inflatable mattress with a couple pillows for support ... poolside, of course.

Kirk was rockin' a pair of sunglasses as he took in the sights.

His son, Michael, has said his dad is still super engaged ... he loves FaceTime.  

The elder statesman has become one of the most beloved and enduring figures in Hollywood over the years. He celebrated his 100th birthday at the Beverly Hills Hotel, which opened just 4 years before he was born. BTW ... despite a stroke in 1996, Kirk works out with the help of a personal trainer.

Kirk has 94 acting credits including, of course, the iconic "Spartacus." His most recent film, "Illusion," was released in 2004. Kirk's been nominated 3 times for an Oscar, but never won. 

He's been married to Anne Buydens for 64 years.  

Genie Bouchard Beach Football ... In Tiny Bikini & Cowboy Hat!!!

4/13/2019 12:35 AM PDT

Missing football? Here's something to fix your pigskin blues ... Genie Bouchard playing in a tiny bikini and a cowboy hat!!!

The tennis superstar has been livin' it up in Miami this week ... showin' off her insane bod -- and now, her arm too.

She hit the sand in South Beach for a football game with her two friends Friday ... and while she ain't gonna make anybody forget Tom Brady anytime soon -- we honestly couldn't care less.

Genie looks great catching ... she looks great throwing ... and she definitely makes a cowboy hat look just fine too.

Of course, this ain't anything new for Bouchard ... she's been known to slay bikinis while on vacation -- 'memba her November trip to Necker Island???

She's pretty good at the whole tennis thing too ... but if that doesn't work out, we're all here for the post-career modeling gigs!!!

Jussie Smollett Laughing, Hanging Loose in Hawaii ... Do I Look Worried, Chicago?

4/11/2019 11:30 AM PDT

Jussie Smollett is living it up on the beach in Hawaii like a guy with no problems at all -- not at all like a guy who's staring down an impending legal battle with the City of Chicago that could cost him dearly. 

The "Empire" star is on vacay right now with his family, laughing it up and catching some rays in paradise. Dude's even going boogie boarding!

It's about as far away from Chicago as he could be, mentally, anyway. The other shoe could drop any day now ... remember, the City of Chicago says it's about to slap him with a civil lawsuit to recover the $130k cost of investigating the alleged homophobic and racist attack.

For now ... Jussie and his fam are snacking, catching waves and having a blast.

We got Jussie over the weekend in Woodland Hills where he was mum about the suit. His lawyer, Mark Geragos, insists Chicago is maliciously defaming his client, hinting the actor might file a lawsuit of his own.

As we've told you ... Jussie's in quite a pickle because he's been so strong proclaiming his innocence, that if he settles with the City for ANY amount it would be off script. If he goes to trial, Jussie risks a judge proclaiming he faked the alleged attack, which could prove devastating to his career.

Jordan Poyer's Wife Rachel Bush Twerkin' on a Yacht

4/1/2019 4:03 PM PDT
Breaking News

Think Jordan Poyer's enjoying his offseason???

Here's the Buffalo Bills safety's wife, Rachel Bush, to eliminate any possible doubt ... turning a yacht into her personal twerk stage ... and we're definitely here for it.

Fresh off a hot trip to Brazil, the Poyer fam has been keeping the heat going in Miami -- riding jet skis, hitting the water and, of course, having private booty dances on expensive boats.

If you aren't familiar with the Poyers, Rachel and Jordan have been together for years. They tied the knot back in February 2018 and have a 2-year-old daughter, Aliyah.

Rachel recently celebrated her 21st birthday by throwin' on some lingerie and doing a photo shoot with a big ass cake (it would behoove you to check those out to refresh your memory).

Definitely seems like the waters have been calmer for the Poyers lately -- there was a lot of drama with other attractive girls last year -- but it sure looks like smooth sailing now.

Aaron Rodgers Eiffell In Love ... Paris For Danica's Birthday!!!

3/27/2019 7:16 AM PDT
Breaking News

Add "Boyfriend of the Year" to Aaron Rodgers' trophy case ... the QB took Danica Patrick to Paris for her birthday -- and she was SWOOOOONNNNIIINGGGG!!!!

"For my birthday he said pack a bag, we are going somewhere......" the ex-NASCAR driver said ... "Amazing."

The Green Bay Packers superstar and Danica have been going strong for over a year now ... and things are DEFINITELY getting serious.

The two have traveled the world together during Aaron's downtime from football ... with both droppin' L-bombs left and right -- and postin' lovey-dovey pics all the time.

But, France for an on-the-whim birthday trip?? Now, we KNOW this really ain't a fling ...

"Happy Birthday to this Beautiful, intelligent, strong, driven, bad ass woman that I get to stand beside in this life," Aaron wrote ... "#lover #friend #travelpartner #smokinhot #finewine"

Aaron's got a few more months to hang with Danica before it's back to the daily grind of Packers training camp.

Which begs the question ... could there be a ring in Danica's future before Aaron chases his second one with the Pack next season????

Stay tuned ...

Cruise Ship Evacuation Mayday in Norway ... Arrives Safely at Port a Day Later

3/24/2019 9:40 AM PDT

3/24 9:40 AM PT -- Viking Sky cruise has finally docked safely in the port of Molde in Norway.

3/24 7:40 AM PT -- The ship has regained some power and is being towed in by a tugboat and 2 supply ships. Only 500 people were airlifted from the distressed vessel. There are over 800 people still on board. Around 20 people sustained injuries as a result of being tossed around like rag dolls.  

7:40 PM PT -- The evacuation is ongoing and may go well into Sunday, as rescuers have been facing waves more than 20 feet high. Passengers have been getting airlifted out one at a time.

According to CNN ... passengers were on a 12-day Northern Lights cruise that began on March 14 and was supposed to arrive at its final destination in England on March 26. The Viking Sky had been stopping at various Norwegian towns before the Saturday mayday call.

12:25 PM PT-- A passenger just shared video from inside the cruise ship ... and it's terrifying. Furniture and large plants on deck of the tilting vessel are being thrashed around by the rough seas.

Other reports are coming in from passengers who have made it back to the mainland, calling the experience the worst and scariest of their lives. One woman said there's water and broken glass everywhere due to items being thrown around and smashing windows, and people are getting cut up. It's easy to see how.

There are still reportedly more than 800 people on board, as the helicopters can only rescue 10-15 at a time, and the rescue boats have been having difficulty in the rough waters.

Passengers on a cruise off of Norway's coast are taking the ride of their lives ... but not in the fun way they expected at all.

Police say the cruise ship Viking Sky issued a mayday call Saturday off of Norway's western coast due to engine problems amid high waves and strong winds.

The ship's 1,300 passengers and crew are being evacuated by several helicopters and ships after Norway's sea rescue agency received the distress signal.

There haven't been any serious injuries, fortunately, but 5 people have reportedly been taken to the hospital. According to reports, the cruise ship was beginning to drift toward shore but managed to restart an engine and regain its course as the evacuation continues.

It's expected to take several hours.

The Viking Sky belongs to Viking Ocean Cruises and made its maiden voyage in 2017.

Originally Published -- 10:33 AM PT

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