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Tom Brady Bombs Down Ski Slope ... Pats Fans Freak Out

3/21/2019 8:29 AM PDT
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Well, this ain't what you wanna see if you're a Patriots fan ... Tom Brady bombing his way down a mountain on skis!!!

The 41-year-old QB is out in Montana with his family for their annual ski trip -- and decided to take a run down a pretty large mountain. 

"A little downhill this morning," Brady posted along with the video ... "now we just need to find the jump."

It appears Brady is the skier in the blue jacket based on his size -- either way, everyone on the hill is going pretty damn fast. 

So, how are Pats fans reacting? Just as you'd expect ... CONCERN!!!

"Hey. Stop," one fan wrote on Instagram. Here are some other comments ...

-- "Please slow down. Stay inside" -- @hbennett3223

-- "Wtf are you doing man?!?! Be safe man" -- @cpeters1993

-- "I'm sweating watching this" -- @j_delano

-- "Killin it Tom just dont break anything especially those fingers gonna needem for another ring" -- @jasont1287

-- "Tom, my heart is beating faster then ever before. Be safe" -- @tomfckinbrady12

-- "Honestly, what the hell are you doing to us Tom!! Gonna have a heart attack" -- @livkirby

Prince Charles Rockin' His Spring Break Trunks With Camilla in Barbados

3/19/2019 10:44 AM PDT

Prince Charles is getting in on the spring break action ... splashing around on a Caribbean beach with his bae. 

The Prince and Camilla are busting out their swimwear for some fun on the island of Barbados. Gotta give props to the 70-year-old for rocking some seriously trendy floral trunks. Go ahead ... soak it in. We don't get to see Chuck in board shorts that often.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall are on a 12-day tour of the Caribbean. After getting some Royal business out of the way, Charles and Camilla hit the sand Monday -- armed with a ton of sunscreen, we hope.  

Note to the Prince ... this would be a perfect time to follow your mom's lead and do it for the Gram!!!

Patrick Mahomes GF Ripped Bikini Bod ... On Hawaii Girls Trip!!!

3/16/2019 12:25 AM PDT
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Did you know ... Patrick Mahomes' girlfriend is more of a gym rat than he is?! 

It's true -- Brittany Matthews is a budding social media fitness star -- and she showed off the fruits of her labor during an awesome girls trip to Hawaii. 

Brit -- along with a bunch of her girlfriends -- flew to Hawaii for a tropical bachelorette party (sans the Chiefs QB) ... where they partied and hit the beach in tiny bikinis. 

In fact, all of the girls on the trip had custom swimsuits with their nicknames on them -- Brittany's read, "Fit Brit."

Don't worry, besides relaxing in paradise, Brittany found plenty of time to exercise -- hiking and hitting the gym, because NO DAYS OFF!!!

By the way, Mahomes and Brittany have been together for years. They started dating back in high school and continued dating while she was attending the University of Texas at Tyler and Patrick was at Texas Tech. 

In fact, the two were just spotted all over L.A. a few weeks ago, hitting Lakers games and all the finest Hollywood hot spots.

It all begs the question ... who gets a ring first -- Pat or Brit?!?!?

Cuba Gooding Jr. Full Party Mode On Spring Break In Miami

3/15/2019 3:04 PM PDT

Cuba Gooding Jr. is living proof you don't need to be a college student to go absolutely nuts on spring break ... because he's wilding out at a pool party at Shore Club South Beach in Miami Beach. 

Cuba is just like most college kids -- except for the fact he's 51 -- hitting up Florida to soak up the sun and down some cold bevs ... and ya gotta see him busting out dance moves in the shallow end!

Cuba is a one-man wrecking crew on the impromptu dance floor ... no hot ladies or friends needed. 

Props to Cuba for trying to make double-fisting empty cups look cool ... someone get this man another round!!!

Spring break forever!!!

Bill Belichick Snaps Pic Of Smokin' Hot GF ... On Beach Vacation

3/11/2019 8:00 AM PDT
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Bill Belichick really does take days off ... and by the looks of this pic he snapped of his smokin' hot GF -- he's REALLY enjoying them too!!!

The Patriots head coach took a beach vacay with his long-time GF, Linda Holliday, after the NFL's combine ... and traded in his headset for a camera -- and we're all grateful for it.

Unclear where the two are -- all we know is it's a helluva lot warmer than New England -- but it seems it's been a pretty fun trip for the couple.

They've had some ice cream, played a little gin rummy by the ocean ... and even hit the links too!!

Bill and Linda have been together for years ... and they've been known to take some pretty dope vacations when Bill decides to put the hoodie away for a few hours -- remember Greece?!?!

He'll no doubt be back to work soon -- the Pats gotta make some picks in next month's draft -- but all of this is just one more reminder that Bill just doesn't lose!!!

Conor McGregor Crying Infant in Blazing Hot Heat ... Beats Fighting Khabib!!!

3/10/2019 9:06 AM PDT

This should silence the Conor McGregor haters riding him for taking L after L ... 'cause he just won, arguably, his toughest fight yet -- a crying kid in the freakin' Everglades!

Conor and his GF, Dee Devlin, took Conor Jr. out for a swamp tour Saturday on those cool airboats. Probably seemed like a great idea for a family outing, but looks like the 1-year-old tyke wasn't having it.

Conor's kid burst into tears over something -- alligator, hunger or the blazing heat and humidity -- but rather than pack it in for the day, the Notorious One sprung into daddy mode.

Little sunscreen, pat on the head from Dad and Junior was good to go.

It's another 'W' for Conor, fresh off clearing up his criminal case in NYC. TMZ Sports broke the story ... Conor completed his community service by doing manual labor at 2 Brooklyn churches. Maybe he learned a little patience too. 

In any event, McGregor's in a great mood. He joked he was "hunting gators today" before heading out on the bayou ... and got in a sparring session with his kid.

No tapping out here.

Kim Kardashian Me-Ow!!! Prowlin' Paris in Catsuits

3/6/2019 3:36 PM PST

Kim Kardashian is spotted in France. Actually, she's spotted ALL over, 'cause ... fashion, baby!!!

Kim is all about rocking her leopard print outfits in Paris this week while she's there for Fashion Week. She was seen leaving her hotel Wednesday in a sheer, skintight leopard bodysuit and what looks like a velvet or suede trench coat ... with matching bottoms.

Looks very comfy. Revealing too, if not for that coat.

Kim also rocked the feline theme head-to-toe on Tuesday ... equipped with matching gloves and boots. It's a flashy look for sure, but one thing she's not flaunting is expensive jewelry.

Remember, Kim was gagged and bound by masked burglars in her Paris apartment in October 2016, who zip-tied her hands with plastic handcuffs and made off with more than $10 mil worth of her bling.

She vowed to tone it down with the jewelry ever since, and ya gotta think that's top of mind when she's in Paris.

No bling, no problem -- showing her spots will still get Kim plenty of attention.

Cardi B and Offset Our Relationship Is A Yacht Better ... Together In Cabo!!!

3/4/2019 6:06 PM PST

Cardi B and Offset are still going strong, even in another country ... because they're doing it big south of the border -- spending quality time on a yacht in Mexico. 

The recently reunited couple is having fun in the sun together down in Baja California, starting their week off right with a beautiful day on the water in Los Cabos. Yeah, they know how to #MondayFunday. 

Offset is performing with Migos for a bunch of college kids on spring break, and CB took full advantage of her husband's work trip. Smart move, Cardi. 

The hip-hop stars are sampling everything Cabo has to offer -- amazing resorts, fresh seafood, perfect boating weather -- and it looks like they're having one helluva time. Gotta love that exchange rate!!!

Seems the sun is taking a lot out of Offset ... but hey, at least he found a great spot for a nap!!!

Viva Mexico!!!

Russell Wilson Plays QB In Brazil ... Drops Beach Dime!!!

3/4/2019 9:15 AM PST
Breaking News

Even vacation can't stop Russell Wilson from dropping dimes ... 

The Seahawks QB has been living it up with wifey Ciara in Brazil this past week ... hittin' parties, shoppin', catching soccer games and beachin' around.

But, Wilson decided to get in on some football action with a Brazilian league team in Rio de Janeiro over the weekend -- and the offseason clearly hasn't affected his arm.

Wilson tossed the pigskin all over the sand ... and even hit some dude for a deep-ball TD on a double-move route!!!

Of course, the action wasn't nearly NFL caliber ... seems RW was with the squad for promotional purposes -- they got new unis!! -- and guys were just joggin' around.

But, still ... that arm!!!!

As for the team ... they're known as the Flamengo Emperors and they tout themselves as the first grass football squad in Rio de Janeiro.

In fact, seems they're looking for more talent too ... they posted on their social media about a tryout for the 2019 season.

But, ya can't have Russ, Brazil ... the NFL needs him over here in the States!!!!

Gronk Handful of Booty While GF Twerks on a Boat

3/4/2019 7:08 AM PST
Breaking News

Gronk and his bikini model girlfriend have taken their hotness to sea ... 'cause the couple put on one hell of a twerk fest on a boat in Mexico ... and it's all on video!!

Rob Gronkowski and Camille Kostek are hanging out in Cabo with their equally-attractive friends, Eric Decker and Jessie James Decker, this week ... and it's been a great time for everyone (including us).

The Patriots superstar had a front row seat for Camille's private booty shakin' exhibition ... while everyone else on the boat cheered them on.

The gang took their talents to the beach for some volleyball ... and we're guessing Rob brought out the classic Gronk spike at some point.

Of course, the duo loves showing off what they got ... and even gave us a sneak peek of what was to come when they got to Mexico in matching swimsuits.

No word on when they'll head back to the States ... but we're sure the party is just getting started.

Meanwhile, the New England Patriots are still waiting for an official word on Gronk's NFL future. He's reportedly pondering retirement but wants some time to really think things through and reflect before making an official decision. 

The 29-year-old is certainly a Hall of Fame lock when he does hang 'em up -- a 4-time first-team All-Pro with 3 Super Bowl rings since being drafted in 2010. 

Gronk's GF Camille Kostek (Ne)on Fire ... on Vacation in Cabo

3/1/2019 3:56 PM PST
Breaking News

Camille Kostek won't be hard to spot in Mexico this weekend ... 'cause Rob Gronkowski's insanely attractive girlfriend is rockin' a neon yellow bikini ... and TMZ Sports has the pics!!

The NFL superstar and S.I. Swimsuit model are hangin' in Cabo San Lucas with friends Eric and Jessie James Decker ... and although it's only been a short time, there's already tons of heat.

Camille posted a pic of her bikini of choice -- it's highlighter yellow and brilliant --- and this time around, Gronk got his own matching trunks!!

Of course, the couple is known for posting sexy pics together wherever they go -- who can forget their awesome trip to Jamaica last year for Camille's birthday?!

It's great to see the couple keeping their tradition alive in Cabo ... and (fingers crossed) we'll get a shot of the foursome together here soon.

Gronk is coming off a Super Bowl win and Camille will be in the next SI Swim issue dropping in May ... so it's tough to argue against these 2 being the hottest couple out there right now.

So yeah ... go ahead and celebrate. We're all winners here.

Chanel Iman Sexy Bikini Dance!!! ... For Sterling Shepard

2/26/2019 4:00 PM PST
Breaking News

Baker Mayfield, Saquon Barkley and Sterling Shepard are all on vacation together ... but this story is all about Sterling's lingerie model wife, Chanel Iman ... and it's all thanks to this glorious video.

The trio of NFL stars and their WAGs are spending time together in Turks and Caicos this week ... and it looks like they're having the ultimate getaway filled with games, beach and food.

Sterling and the Victoria's Secret model -- who got married early last year -- have a head start on "best couple" of the trip ... with Chanel showing off her go-to moves for her man on the beach.

Baker and his fiancee, Emily Wilkinson, took a pause from the fun to snap some beach selfies as well.

Saquon and his baby mama, Anna Congdon, are also getting some well-deserved R&R (but no word on if baby Jada made the trip).

Of course, Bake and Sterling were teammates at Oklahoma ... and then Shep teamed up with Saquon in New York ... so if they really want the beach football to go down, they got the talent AND the chemistry goin' for them.

This is it, guys ... this is the dream.

Tom Brady Hugs It Out with Robert Kraft Amid Prostitution Scandal

2/25/2019 10:34 AM PST

Tom Brady and Gisele are standing by Robert Kraft in the wake of his prostitution scandal -- with Tom hugging his boss Monday morning after flying with him on a private jet from L.A. to Boston. 

Tom, Gisele and Robert were all spotted getting off the same private jet at an airport in Boston early Monday ... all of the celebrity passengers smiling after the 5 to 6-hour flight. 

In fact, Tom and Robert were seen talking on the tarmac -- with Tom eventually bringing his Patriots boss in for a big hug. 

The big question ... did Tom and Gisele talk with Kraft about the criminal case against him in Jupiter, Florida -- where the 77-year-old is accused of paying for sex acts at an Asian spa on two different occasions?

The New England Patriots owner has adamantly denied wrongdoing in the prostitution case -- despite officials claiming to have graphic surveillance video showing Kraft engaging in a sex act. 

Kraft had been in Los Angeles for a pre-Oscars bash over the weekend. Tom and Gisele had been hanging out in L.A. after their family vacation in Costa Rica. Clearly, they all felt it was better to fly back to Boston on the same plane. 

As the stars got off the jet, one of their assistants could be seen grabbing a framed L.A. Times newspaper article commemorating the Patriots victory over the Rams in the Super Bowl. The headline on the paper says, "Ramshackled."

They both looked pretty amused when they saw that! 

Of course, the Patriots silenced the Rams in Super Bowl LIII earlier this month -- holding L.A. to a measly field goal in a 13-3 win. Tom threw for 262 yards and a TD en route to winning his 6th Super Bowl ring. 

Brady and Kraft have been close for almost 20 years -- it was Kraft's Patriots who selected the Michigan quarterback in the 6th round of the 2000 NFL Draft. 

There were reports the two had some friction following the 2017 season -- with Tom saying he felt under-appreciated by the organization -- but it seems they've patched things up now. 

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