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Usher Nerves of Steel After Studio Armed Robbery

2/13/2019 4:07 PM PST

You wouldn't blame Usher for being rattled less than 24 hours after he narrowly avoided a run-in with armed robbers during a recording session ... however, he seems totally unfazed by it.

Usher was out Wednesday in L.A. when a photog asked him about the harrowing experience. TMZ broke the story ... the singer was at the same WeHo recording studio as Rich The Kid when a suspect pistol-whipped the rapper and his entourage.

Ush still won't say anything about the experience, but did have a message for any fans concerned about his well-being.  

As we reported ... the suspect or suspects made a clean getaway after opening fire Tuesday outside Westlake Recording Studio. We're told they made off with stacks of cash and jewelry. 

Usher was inside the studio during the mayhem. We're told he, and everyone else inside, were aware of what was happening to Rich and co. ... but not in immediate danger.

50 Cent Savagely Roasts Mayweather Over Gucci Shopping Spree

2/13/2019 4:07 PM PST
Breaking News

50 Cent is going scorched Earth on Floyd Mayweather -- repeatedly blasting the boxer for undermining the Gucci blackface boycott ... and it's getting personal. 

Of course, Mayweather publicly flouted the boycott and dropped thousands of dollars at Gucci on Monday night ... despite calls from stars like T.I. and Spike Lee to stop supporting the brand. 

They're upset over a Gucci sweater that depicts blackface -- with T.I. calling the clothing item straight "racist."

Mayweather told TMZ Sports he refuses to let other people tell him how to live -- and blew off the boycott as irrelevant to him. 

The move pissed off 50 Cent ... who's been lambasting Mayweather on social media non-stop -- telling the boxer he's been "saying all the wrong sh*t" ... and urging him to get a publicist. 

He also posted a meme of Floyd in the blackface sweater. 

50 seems to be putting his money where his mouth is -- he posted a video burning a Gucci shirt and says he's donating all of his Gucci to the homeless because he won't wear the brand anymore. 

Remember, 50 and Floyd used to be friends ... then enemies ... then friends again ... and now back to enemies. 

Miranda Lambert Pics & Vids of Confrontation ... In Salad Dumping Incident

2/13/2019 1:25 PM PST

1:25 PM PT -- We just got video of the incident ... and you see Miranda's millennial friend getting screamed at by the guy whose wife ended up with a salad on her lap. The video was shot after Miranda dumped the salad on her.

The last part of the video shows Miranda walking out of the steakhouse.

And, check out the photos ... in one you see Miranda being held back by her millennial friend ... that's how heated it got.

Postscript ... we found the salad in question was NOT Miranda's. Turns out the singer grabbed the salad the woman was eating and rearranged it on her lap!

Miranda Lambert had a heated exchange with a couple dining at a Nashville steakhouse, and things got so nasty she dumped a salad on a woman she says was provoking her ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to Miranda say the food fight went down Sunday night at Stoney River Steakhouse, where the singer was dining with her mother and a family friend. We're told an older man started beefing with Miranda's buddy, and things started spiraling out of control.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops responded to a call about 2 men fighting, but by the time police arrived at the scene, Miranda and her party were gone. We're told cops didn't file a report. 

As for why Miranda felt compelled to dump her dinner on the woman ... we're told the woman's husband picked a fight with Miranda's friend, which started in the men's restroom with a wisecrack about millennials and their phones.

Eyewitnesses say Miranda had to be held back after the man came up to her table and started screaming ... we're told Miranda started mouthing off and eventually walked over to the man's wife, got feisty with her and dumped a salad in her lap!!!

We reached out to Miranda's team, they had no comment. We also reached out to the restaurant's corporate office ... so far, no word back.

Originally Published -- 1:00 AM PT

Steve Harvey to Mo'Nique You're Making H'Wood Hate You!!!

2/13/2019 2:12 PM PST

Steve Harvey's come-to-Jesus chat with his "sister," Mo'Nique -- about Hollywood blackballing her -- got seriously heated to the point she pretended to punch him ... 'cause ain't no fight like a family fight!

Steve and Mo's intense showdown aired Wednesday on his talk show, and neither held back. He tried to make the point that she was destroying her own career by continuing to publicly blame Oprah, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels for blackballing her.

As you know, Mo'Nique's been banging the drum against that power trio for years, and also tried to launch a Netflix boycott when it, in her eyes, lowballed her for a comedy special.

Mo'Nique angrily told Steve she didn't want to back down because her integrity is more important than money -- prompting Steve to fire back she was cutting off her nose to spite her face.

He repeatedly said he was coming down hard on Mo because he loves her and wants her "to come through" all the drama, but that did nothing to calm things down. As they say, it's a thin line.

Steve says he hopes to bring all the parties together for peace talks and apologies. The Nobel folks will be watching if he can pull that off.

Tisha Campbell's Hubby Denies DV Allegations ... Timing of This Stinks

2/13/2019 12:00 PM PST

Tisha Campbell-Martin's estranged husband is vehemently denying allegations of abuse leveled by his ex -- and furthermore, he's pointing out what he calls fishy timing.

Duane Martin filed new legal docs responding to Tisha's temporary restraining order which she got last month. Duane calls all of Tisha's claims of physical abuse "fabricated" and "false."

You'll recall ... Tisha claims Duane once punched her in the chest with a closed fist, adding that he's allegedly abused her since the start of their marriage in '96.

Besides issuing a blanket denial, he points out her abuse claims never surfaced even after Tisha filed for divorce in February 2018. He says she's only coming out with these claims now to give her leverage in their pending custody case.

As you might know ... Tisha and Duane are in the middle of a bitter divorce, and claims of bad parenting have been fired off by both sides.

In the docs, Duane says Tisha has filed two police reports over the past year to claim past alleged abuse -- but that she wasn't able to provide any real evidence, and that's why the L.A. City's Attorney's Office declined to file charges.

Duane wants the restraining order vacated, because he says she's just made up a bogus story. Duane's attorney, Michael Goldstein, tells TMZ ... "Duane has attempted to remain silent on this issue out of respect for his family and, most importantly, his children’s well-being."

21 Savage Out of Detention ... I'm Flying Home!!!

2/13/2019 10:12 AM PST

21 Savage got his first taste of freedom in 10 days, and immediately hopped on a private jet to fly back home ... TMZ has learned.

We got this shot of 21 and his mom boarding the plane at a landing strip near the immigration detention center in southern Georgia where he'd been held since ICE arrested him over Super Bowl weekend.

For good reason ... the rapper had a huge grin on his face as he headed home.

21's lawyer, Alex Spiro, saw our pic and said, "That's how we take people home when they win."

We're told 21 Savage's homecoming will include a meeting with friends and family in the ATL area.

A ton of celebs voiced messages of support for the rapper while he was locked up. Kendrick Lamar, Jesse Williams, Future and Post Malone -- who sported a 21 Savage shirt at the Grammys -- were just some of the A-listers. 

21's not out of the woods ... he still faces deportation. We're told his people are going to fight this tooth and nail, and it appears the big issue is whether 21 has been convicted of a felony. It's true ... 21 pled guilty to felony drug charges in 2014, but that conviction was expunged last year so there is not a felony on his record. Although ICE isn't giving us any information, it appears they still view 21 Savage as a convicted felon.

The rapper has applied for a U-Visa, having been in the U.S. more than 10 years, but the conviction seems to be the sticking point. 

Dina Lohan She's Not Being Catfished ... Boyfriend Ready To Chat!!!

2/13/2019 11:24 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Dina Lohan's alleged catfish boyfriend is going to prove he's the real deal, because he's planning to FaceTime Dina as soon as she gets out of the 'Big Brother' house ... TMZ has learned. 

Dina's love interest, 53-year-old Jesse Nadler, tells TMZ ... he's going to surprise Dina with a FaceTime call Wednesday night, as soon as she's released from the "Celebrity Big Brother" house.

You'll recall, Dina got dragged by members of the 'CBB' house last week for having an exclusively online relationship for years, and she insisted he was the real deal.

Jesse confirms he's known Dina for 5 years, and they originally met on Facebook ... he says they had mutual friends because they're both from Long Island.

We're told Jesse was asked to fly out to the 'CBB' house, but he couldn't make it because his mother is battling cancer ... so he's going to use his new iPhone for his first ever foray into FaceTime. 

Lindsay also got involved in the trolling, commenting about the episode and saying, "So proud of you mommy! But no more weird #catfish please." 

Jesse says he's twice spoken to Lindsay over the phone, so he was pretty upset when he learned about her catfish comments ... and says Lindsay has him all wrong, telling us he would never take advantage of a woman and considers being labeled a "catfish" the worst insult imaginable. 

Jesse also tells us he's full-steam ahead in his plans to pursue a relationship with Dina.

Good luck, guys! 

Manziel's Wife Bre Tiesi Twerks Her Ass Off At Lingerie Launch Party

2/13/2019 11:53 AM PST

Johnny Manziel ain't the only one in his family with moves -- his wife, Bre Tiesi Manziel, put her ass-shaking skills on display at a huge bash in Hollywood ... and we've got the footage. 

Mr. and Mrs. Manziel -- along with stars like Farrah Abraham and Steelo Brim -- hit up Avenue nightclub in Hollywood for the launch of Bre's lingerie line, Se Mouiller.

Tiesi -- who created and designed the lingerie -- has been working on the line for years. Last year, she threw a private party in L.A. to introduce the brand ... with huge stars like Diddy and Trey Songz.

And, on Tuesday night, she went hard -- dancing it up with her friends, including "Bad Girls Club" star Natalie Nunn ... who was also promoting her eyelash line, Natalie Lashes.

Of course, Johnny was on hand to support his lady -- especially when she was grinding up another lady friend. 

Good times!

Mischa Barton Owes $310k to Writer ... I'll Take it Out of 'The Hills'!!!

2/13/2019 9:57 AM PST

Mischa Barton's new beginning to the year might see her bank account take a huge dent ... 'cause she owes more than $300k and now her checks from 'The Hills' reboot are being targeted.

A little backstory ... a judge ordered Mischa in 2016 to fork over $250,410.94 to screenplay writer Daniel Lief for blowing off her role in his movie, "Promoted." As we reported ... Daniel sued Mischa claiming recasting the lead cost him more than $300k.

Fast forward to now and, according to docs filed by Lief's production company ... Mischa STILL hasn't paid a cent. Lief's attorneys at Mendelson, Goldman and Schwarz want the court to order Mischa to pay off the debt from any money she earns moving forward.

That's where "The Hills: New Beginnings" comes into this. 

In docs, obtained by TMZ, dozens of companies and studios that could potentially cut Mischa a paycheck are listed -- and MTV is among them.

As you know ... Mischa started filming 'The Hills' reboot for MTV last October. A judge still has to approve the garnishing of her wages. We've reached out to Mischa's camp, but no word back yet.

BTW, the docs say her tab has ballooned to $310,921.20. Gotta love interest!

Unless you're Mischa.

Mystikal Out of Prison in Rape Case ... Ready To Make Music

2/13/2019 1:11 PM PST

2/13 -- We just spoke to Mystikal, and he tells us he's grateful for the opportunity to get back to being a father and creating music. He says being on the outside again is a surreal feeling.

The rapper tells us he spent a lot of his time behind bars writing memoirs and music, and fine-tuning songs he had written before but never released. 

Mystikal's getting a taste of freedom ... after spending 18 months behind bars on rape charges, he's finally posted a very hefty bond ... TMZ has learned.

Mystikal's attorneys tell us the rapper was able to scrape together $3 million for the bond ... securing his release from a Louisiana prison. We're told the money came from an advance for a new recording deal, and funds raised by Mystikal's family and friend.

TMZ broke the story ... Mystikal -- real name Michael Tyler -- was ironing out the final details last month. He'd been behind bars since August 2017 when he was booked for first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping. 

Mystikal's attorney, Tim Yazbeck, tells TMZ ... "It's been a long time coming for Mike, but now he can get back to being the artist he is, doing what he loves, and seeing his kids again."

The rapper's now free until his pending trial in May.

Mystikal's other legal eagle, Joel Pearce, tells TMZ ... they're confident in their case. Pearce said, "Based on all of the evidence we have, we strongly believe that an amicable resolution is not only possible but probable as an outcome in this case and that Michael Tyler will never be made to return to jail for a crime he didn't commit."

Originally Published -- 2/12 2:40 PM PT

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez No Shame in a President Smoking Weed

2/13/2019 12:50 AM PST

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has some refreshing thoughts on the highest office in the land ... she has no issues with a sitting President lighting up.

We got AOC Tuesday afternoon on Capitol Hill, and the instantly powerful Congresswoman made it clear ... if you don't have a problem with your Prez enjoying a drink, you should feel the same way about weed.

AOC knows a thing or two about liquor ... she's a former bartender. And, AOC is a strong supporter of the legalization of marijuana.

Ganja has been a political hot potato for years, with politicians sidestepping questions about smoking. 

2020 Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris made fun of Bill Clinton's famous line about not inhaling when she was on "The Breakfast Club" this week, acknowledging she's partaken in the past ... then quickly adding, it was a long, long time ago. The message ... don't worry, she doesn't smoke.

Seems politicians are still afraid of losing voters over sativa stigmas ... but not AOC!!!

AOC is strong -- no stigma, no shame. Gotta say, she makes some good points.

Deadmau5 Goes Nuclear After Twitch Ban Over Homophobic Language

2/13/2019 7:09 AM PST
Breaking News

Famed DJ Deadmau5 says he will NOT apologize for using homophobic language while streaming on Twitch -- saying the slurs were only "intended to insult a f*ckin asshat who was being a f*cking asshat."

The man behind the megahit "Ghosts 'N' Stuff" got hit with a temporary suspension from the video game streaming site after reportedly referring to a troll as a "f*cking c**k-sucking stream sniper f*g" while playing PUBG. 

Deadmau5 believes the ban is unfair -- and fired off a fiery new statement announcing he will no longer work with Twitch ... which is a HUGE deal considering he has 500,000 Twitch followers. 

But, the statement is far from an apology ... in fact, he DEFENDS the offensive language he used during his live stream and accused Twitch of having a "double standard" when it comes to meting out punishment. 

"I'm not going to stand for twitch's double standard when it comes to censoring and suspending me for harmless sh*t," the DJ said.

"While we've had some fun partnerships here and there, and they were a great company to work with... im gunna have to cut this one short. I dont have the capacity to deal with that kind of sh*t."

He added, "While what i said was generally toxic as f*ck, and not an ideology i hold closely to my moral standing by a f*ckin longshot."

"While it was intended to insult a f*ckin asshat who was being a f*cking asshat.... it wasnt 'directed at an entire group of people who have a sexual orientation that differs from my own'. f*ck off with that sh*t."

"I know who i am, and i dont have to f*cking sit here and cry and defend my f*cking self with the obligatory 'IM NOT THAT PERSON, I AM SORRY' reflex. If im sorry for antying, im sorry that we live in a world where bottom feeding pieces of sh*t can sit there starring at a monitor, watching me play videos games, and just waiting for someone to get tilted so he can get a few fucking clicks. thats what i'm sorry for."

And, if you think Deadmau5 is bluffing, you're wrong -- he's already deleted his Twitch channel. 

'Shark Tank' Star Daymond John Katy Perry's Shoe Wasn't Blackface And That Gucci Sweater ...

2/13/2019 7:53 AM PST

Daymond John's defending Katy Perry's "blackface" shoe design, and even says it's possible Gucci was trying to pay homage to a genre of art with its controversial sweater -- but most likely it was something more calculated.

The "Shark Tank" star was outside Craig's in WeHo Tuesday night and talked to us about Gucci's blackface debacle. Remember, Daymond has a ton of knowledge about clothing design -- see FUBU -- and he took us behind the curtain ... saying Gucci cooked up that sweater knowing what the public response could be.

His take is interesting, because he says not everything that appears to be blackface at first glance is definitely so ... but you gotta know your history.

As for Katy Perry's shoe, the business guru sides with the singer and doesn't believe it should be considered offensive or racist ... and gives a full tutorial on what does and doesn't qualify as blackface (or whiteface).

Watch the clip ... it's definitely good news for the Wayans brothers and Robert Downey Jr.

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