Dolly Parton Congratulates Beyoncé on #1 Hit Welcome to Country, Hun!!!

Much has been made about Beyoncé pivoting into country music -- good and bad -- but the Queen of Country just weighed in ... and Dolly Parton's welcoming her with open arms.

The legendary singer -- who's been a staple in the genre for decades -- just posted a sweet tribute to Bey with a congratulations message over her hitting #1 on Billboard's Hot Country chart ... and she seems to be extending even more of a cosign here too.

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She writes, "I'm a big fan of Beyoncé and very excited that she's done a country album. So congratulations on your Billboard Hot County number one single. Can't wait to hear the full album!" Dolly captioned her post with a heart for good measure ... yeah, it's all love.

If there was ever someone in country you could want to hear from on this issue -- it's Dolly ... who's cemented her legacy, and who most certainly can speak on the community at large.

The fact she's out here singing Bey's praises speaks volumes ... and should quiet the haters.

Just about every major country star has been enthused about Beyoncé coming into the fold with them ... and even other Black country musicians have spoken out about this too.


Darius Rucker just talked to a photog the other day and said he also couldn't wait to hear what Beyoncé had in store for 'Act II' ... and he even went so far as to say he hoped it snagged her the long-elusive Album of the Year Grammy that she hasn't been able to lock down yet.

As for Bey ... well, she's let the music do the talking -- everyone seems to be loving "Texas Hold 'Em" and "16 Carriages" ... especially the former, which is the song that's #1 right now.

There was some controversy when it first dropped last week ... as some felt certain radio stations were going out of their way to keep Beyoncé's tune out of the rotation on the air.

Perhaps that was happening at some stations ... but others appeared to be unfairly targeted.

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In any case ... she's getting tons of play now -- and the proof is in the numbers. Beyoncé has made a splash onto the country scene, and there's only more where that came from.

Bianca Censori Bold New Look at 'Vultures' Event ... New Hair, Nearly Nude!!!


Bianca Censori is once again showing off her assets at Kanye West's latest listening party for his new album ... only this time, it's not just her bod on display -- it's her new 'do.

Ye's wife switched up her look big time for Thursday's "Vultures" event over in Italy ... it's the first time we've seen her rocking bangs since she's been with Kanye -- usually, her hair is slicked back, or just short and messy. Here, however, it's very "Amelie"-like.

Bianca's not getting away from her bread and butter despite the new 'do ... namely, she's once again showing off her curves in yet another eye-popping outfit -- which is kinda her M.O. these days.

Check out this video that's circulating online -- her breasts and butt are totally visible in the see-through getup she's got on ... and, per usual, she has no shame in her game.

FWIW, this ain't the first time she's worn something like this ... we've seen her in a similar fit, albeit that one was white.

Anyway, with what she's wearing ... you might've not even noticed what she was actually doing here -- look again, she's recording her hubby as he belts out his new tunes to the Italian crowd, and it seems she's even singing along with the Backstreet Boys-inspired track.

If you're wondering what Ye and co. are even doing over in Europe (again) -- they're out there promoting his new "Vultures" album with a bunch of listening events/concerts, it seems. He tried doing a couple here ... but said he was having trouble booking venues.

Instagram / @kanyewest

The first listening party is going down right now in Milan, and there's another one on tap for Saturday in Bologna ... before Kanye leaves Italy and heads to France for a Sunday event in Paris. It would appear Western Europe has been more receptive to him than the States.

Nonetheless, the place looks pretty rocking tonight ... and Bianca's having a good time supporting her man -- just as she has been for the past year or so they've been an item.

Say what you want about her ... but she's had Kanye's back through thick and thin -- and he certainly seems smitten with her too. They dress pretty funky ... but hey, they're in love.

And despite controversy, Ye continues to carry on ... "Vultures" has actually performed pretty decently for him -- so on its face, you could argue he feels like he's "back."

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Whether that's actually true or not ... well, depends on who you ask, we suppose.

Pit Bull Breeding Co. Mauled Owner Didn't Have to Die ... Sees Red Flags in Tragedy

The man tragically killed by pit bulls in Compton might've been able to avoid death if he'd followed some helpful techniques ... this according to a big-time local breeder, that is.

ICYMI ... a dog owner was mauled to death by his own pit bulls in Compton, California, last Thursday, though his body wasn't discovered -- bloody and lying in his backyard -- until Friday.

Big Gemini Kennels -- a popular pit breeder with a huge following in the Los Angeles dog community -- tells TMZ ... the victim of this horrible incident appears to have perhaps taken on more than he could handle by trying to herd so many dogs together. That's BGK's view here, anyway.

Big Gemini tells us they feel like trying to manage 13 dogs -- even with some of them being puppies -- is just far too many. Not just that, but reports from the County that this man appeared to be feeding all the dogs when he died stands out as another red flag to BGK.

Fox 11 Los Angeles

We're told that giving them food like all at once may have exacerbated the issue ... and maybe even sent the dogs into a frenzy.

It should be noted ... Big Gemini doesn't have all the info investigators do and is basing their findings on news reports and other publicly available info. With that said, the company's pretty sure there were a few dogs too many here with all of them running around the property when the body was found.

BGK tells us feeding so many dogs at once can lead to heightened food aggression ... and they theorize two adult dogs were probably fighting over some chow when the breeder tried to break things up. At that point ... they suspect all the dogs might've turned on him.

Instead of housing all the dogs in one location in his backyard --- among a variety of kennels -- Big Gemini Kennels says this man should have considered splitting the pups up ... feeding just two or three at a time instead of all 13.

The dogs have since been euthanized ... a move Big Gemini says is necessary because they could have gone on to attack their future families. FWIW ... BGK tells us they believe the puppies could have been rehabilitated ... but they also note, it might've not been worth the risk of these dogs hurting another person. That's how L.A. County felt about it.

TMZ Studios

Big Gemini goes on to tell us people have been asking about the risks of pit bulls attacking people in the aftermath of this viral new story ... but they emphasize people should fear people more than the dogs themselves -- as they note, it's all about how the dogs are raised.

Big Gemini Kennels wants to make it clear ... the loss of life is tragic, and they sincerely hope nothing like this happens again.

Wendy Williams Guardian Files Sealed Lawsuit ... Against Lifetime Parent Co.

Wendy Williams' guardian just filed a lawsuit against Lifetime's parent company -- and the timing is nothing short of suspicious, 'cause there's a doc about her from them coming out.

A woman named Sabrina Morrissey -- who says she's acting in her capacity as temporary guardian of W.W.H. (presumably Wendy Williams Hunter) -- just filed suit against A&E Television Networks, but she did it under seal ... meaning the public can't peep what exactly she's running to court for.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, there are a few clues that could indicate what this might be about ... and all signs seem to point to some connection with the 'Where is Wendy Williams' 2-part doc that's dropping Saturday.

Morrissey is also seeking a temporary restraining order in her action -- again, that's often the mechanism used when someone wants a judge to step in and halt the release of a film or television project. Considering the doc's release date is just a couple days away ... that would make sense, although it's impossible to tell for sure with the docs being under seal.

Now, what's interesting in the docs here is that the judge actually ordered all the docs to remain temporarily under seal -- and set a hearing date for next week to determine whether they should stay that way as the case plays out.

TMZ Studios

Of course, the Wendy doc drops this weekend ... and while the hearing on the sealing issue falls after the release date -- it's possible the court will rule on the merits of what Morrissey's asking for ... namely, injunctive relief against A&E -- while the docs are temporarily sealed. No word yet on a ruling on that front.

We've reached out to Morrissey and A&E for comment ... no word back from her yet, but A&E told us they had no comment.

TAYLOR SWIFT & TRAVIS KELCE PETA Reacts to Sydney Zoo Date ... Go Here Instead!!!

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's Sydney Zoo date was cute and all ... but PETA says they should've been mindful of how the animals are treated/handled in this type of environment.

Debbie Metzler --  PETA Foundation Director of Captive Animal Welfare -- uses Taylor's own song against her to make her point ... telling TMZ, "While we understand all too well the appeal of seeing Australia's wildlife, PETA hopes that next time Taylor and Travis want to see wild animals, they'll spend their time and money at a true sanctuary."

They add that a sanctuary is a better choice 'cause visitors aren't allowed to feed/touch the animals there ... in fact, they're required to keep a respectful distance from them altogether. The zoo there, on the other hand, apparently lets you get hands-on with the wildlife.

Of course, Traylor was doing one of the things PETA advised not to do ... namely, feeding a kangaroo at Sydney Zoo while also checking out a bunch of other animal exhibitions.

The lovebirds were like two kids in a candy store ... enjoying their time at the attraction during their first Sydney reunion date. However, Taylor seems to have known they'd have a blast there -- as she'd already scoped out the place earlier the previous day.

Of course, the pair are just trying to pack in as much time together as possible before Tay Tay gets busy with her final 4 Sydney concerts -- but on this animal adventure specifically, PETA clearly disapproves.

For next time, Taylor and Travis might want to take PETA's advice and head to a local animal sanctuary on their next date ... that is, if they actually care what the org thinks about it.

As you're probably well aware -- PETA tends to sound off on any and all celebs who they feel are acting inappropriately as it pertains to animals/animal rights -- and here ... they're saying Taylor and Travis should've considered a better option for sightseeing.

TMZ Studios

Can't please everyone. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Brandi Glanville Threatens to Sue Bravo ... Andy Cohen Responds to Facetime Claim


Andy Cohen just responded to Brandi's claim about the video she says he sent her -- and he now says she's blowing it out of proportion.

He writes, "The video shows Kate Chastain and I very clearly joking to Brandi. It was absolutely meant in jest, and Brandi’s response clearly communicated she was in on the joke.  That said, it was totally inappropriate and I apologize."

Brandi Glanville is putting Bravo's parent company and others on notice that she's prepared to take them to court over this whole 'Girls Trip' drama she's been roped into ... and lays out her grievances in no uncertain terms in a letter that her attorneys just fired off.

The 'Real Housewives' star has lawyered up with the likes of Mark Geragos and Bryan Freedman -- big shot lawyers in Hollywood -- and they sent NBCUniversal a demand letter Thursday that threatens a lawsuit on behalf of their client ... and they're telling the network to preserve all potential evidence as Brandi prepares for what could be a messy legal battle.

The letter, obtained by TMZ, spells out exactly why Brandi is considering suing here -- and according to her legal team ... she feels like she's been chewed up and spit out by Bravo and all other parties involved in producing and airing a show that makes them millions.

They're strong, writing ... "Over the past year, Ms. Glanville has been subjected to a vicious media campaign based on false allegations of sexual misconduct. The false narrative, which NBC and Shed Media have apparently decided to foment, arises from Ms. Glanville’s experience on 'Ultimate Girls Trip: Morocco.'"

Her attorneys add ... "While the experience has been a nightmare for Ms. Glanville, it is far from the first time Ms. Glanville has been used and abused by NBC, Bravo, Warner Bros., and Shed Media. Indeed, Ms. Glanville has long been taken advantage of by the institutions with which she is indelibly tied personally, professionally, financially, and in the public mind."

Brandi's lawyers claim that while she's been loyal to NBCU over the years ... she's only received mistreatment in return -- including this latest saga with fellow 'Housewife' Caroline Manzo, who recently sued Bravo claiming she was the victim of sexual misconduct from Brandi during the filming of 'Girls Trip: Morocco,' but BG defends herself here.

Long story short ... Brandi's attorneys say that Caroline's narrative of being forcibly kissed and groped by Brandi during the filming of that show was actually consensual -- with Brandi's team claiming Caroline was inviting that sort of behavior, which she also alleges was facilitated and even encouraged by producers during the filming.

There's another salacious allegation that Brandi's attorneys float in this letter they sent -- evidence for which is not attached in their correspondence -- that invokes the name of Andy Cohen.

Brandi's team claims that in 2022, Andy subjected Brandi to sexual harassment by sending her a video -- one in which she claims he boasted of his intent to sleep with another Bravo star that night ... and allegedly inviting her to watch it all via Facetime.

Her attorneys characterize her role in all this one of a "sacrificial lamb," and they say Brandi isn't going to take it anymore ... so she's telling Bravo and co. to get ready to go to battle.

TMZ Studios

She hasn't sued just yet ... but it sounds like she's ready to go to war if they can't resolve things outside of court. We've reached out to NBCU for comment ... so far, no word back.

Originally Published -- 4:17 PM PT

'Love Is Blind' Jeramey Lutinski Already Put A Ring On It?!? Alleged Ex-Fiancée Speaks

Jeramey Lutinski's looking for love on this season of "Love Is Blind" -- but a woman online has been blasting him as not being forthcoming ... claiming she's his ex-fiancée.

Here's the deal ... Jeramey hit viewers' TV screens on Valentine's Day, and while fans were watching the drama play out in the pods and beyond, it turns out JL might've been hiding some key details about his life -- at least that's what Brittani Mcliverty and her mom have been suggesting on social media.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Brittani's mother, Jenni, has been sounding off online over the past several days -- claiming Jeramey was previously engaged to her daughter, with whom she says he shared a home ... an alleged detail that hasn't come out in the 9 episodes of the show that have aired so far.

The supposed evidence she's putting out there ... a picture of Jeramey lookin' real cozy with a woman -- who Jenni says is Brittani -- sporting a big ol' rock on her ring finger. The implication here is that he was engaged to her ... and that the timeline for when he actually applied for 'LiB' might've bled into his time with Brittani.

It's unclear if what this Jenni woman claims is true -- Jeramey himself hasn't explicitly addressed her allegations ... and considering the show's currently airing, he probably won't.

Jenni has also gone on to claim that Jeramey and Brittani sold their home around the same time -- which lines up with a detail about his life that Jeramey actually did share on the show ... telling the woman he got engaged to, Laura, the exact same thing.

BTW ... the alleged fiancée here ain't sittin' on the sidelines either. She's dropped a few comments on one of Laura's IG posts, asking her point blank if Jeramey ever mentioned her -- and telling her and Sarah Ann, another contestant on the show, to DM her for more info.

Jeramey's sorta in the middle of a complicated situation on the show right now ... 'cause he ended things with Sarah Ann in the pods -- someone he seemed to have a connection with -- to propose to Laura ... basically dumping one for the other.

Now, Jeramey's made a cryptic statement in the past 24 hours. He took to Instagram to decry all the hate he and his castmates are getting this season -- but again, he didn't directly invoke Jenni or Brittani's names.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

One noteworthy line ... "Everyone will get their chance to speak when the time is right. Until then we all get it." He might just be waiting for his opportunity to speak out ... but that won't happen until they film the reunion episode -- which won't be for a little while.

We should note ... Jenni and Brittani aren't saying Jeramy was engaged while on the show, but they are claiming he was engaged shortly before getting on there -- insisting he broke things off with Brittani at the end of 2022. If true, he's not technically doing anything wrong.

TMZ Studios

Anyway, the season finale's set for next Wednesday ... and we're sure all of this will be addressed then.

Mel Gibson Wanted To Star In 'Schindler's List' ... But He Was Too Famous

Mel Gibson was on the shortlist for the leading role in "Schindler's List" ... but despite his interest, the director was never going to pick him.

When the producers were casting the lead role in the iconic 1993 movie, Mel's name came up ... according to Hollywood agent and CAA co-founder Michael Ovitz, who helped make the film.

Ovitz told The Hollywood Reporter Mel was interested in the project and his agent tried to land him the part ... but he says director Steven Spielberg was looking for a "non-movie" star as his leading man.

Mel was, and still is, a huge name in Hollywood ... and by 1993 he had just starred in his third 'Lethal Weapon' movie ... and already had a bunch of popular credits to his name.

Ultimately, Liam Neeson was cast as Oskar Schindler ... and he helped the film win 7 Oscars at the 1994 award show, including Best Picture.

The irony here ... we first reported on Mel's racist and antisemitic comments during his 2006 DUI arrest. So it's wild that he was considered for this film back then -- which is obviously all about the Holocaust.

TMZ Studios

Fair to wonder if Steven feels like he dodged a bullet with Mel.

Jack Harlow Won't Reveal His Little Dog's Name ... I Respect Her Privacy!!!

She's Anxious !!!

Jack Harlow's currently dominating the Billboard Hot 100 -- but says the real celeb is his pet pooch ... and he's got a tight leash on the animal's true identity, which he won't reveal.

We shot the breeze with JH in Bev. Hills this week as the Kentucky-born rapper's hit is killing the charts -- his "Lovin On Me" smash hit returned to #1 for the sixth time this week ... and Jack humbly tells us he's currently the act to beat in the rap game.

He totally has the motion to back it up ... his cameo in Ben Affleck's star-studded Dunkin Donuts ad earned high marks on Super Bowl Sunday -- allowing for all the exclusive merch to sell out in minutes!!!

Jack says Ben's relatability made shooting the spot easy-peasy... apparently, they gelled through their connection as actors -- something JH says he appreciated as they collab'd.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Jack's clearly not running from the limelight but when we asked his dog's name, he refused to give it to us ... out of respect for her privacy!!! Aww ... 🥰

The adorable doggy helped JH sell the single to the masses -- he used the doggo in promoting it -- but we respect the insistence on secrecy all the same. Dogs have rights too, dammit!


Nobody knows her name at this point ... and it sounds like Jack's keeping it that way.

One last thing that was kinda funny about this ... we're not 100% sure, but it looks like Jack's pup here might've left a little mess behind. Hard to tell for certain if the crap came from his dog -- it looks a little big for that small thing if we're being honest -- but there it lay.

TMZ Studios

If it was Jack's dog's ... well, hey -- s*** happens sometimes. 😅

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed Involuntary Manslaughter Trial Begins ... Opening Statements

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed's manslaughter trial kicked off Thursday, and both the prosecution and defense have revealed their hands for the court battle ... with the prosecution laying the blame squarely on HGR while the defense is pointing to a broader institutional failure.

The "Rust" armorer -- who was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins -- appeared in a New Mexico court, and the opening statements took place not long ago.

The prosecution started the whole trial by first saying they believe it was Gutierrez-Reed's fault the live round that killed Hutchins ended up on set in the first place.

Prosecutors say Hannah didn't always adhere to safety protocols on set ... for example, they claim she didn't offer to show the actors the rounds inside the weapon or have the gun inspected in front of them -- a protocol prosecutors insist she was supposed to follow.

Hannah not following protocols was common on set according to the prosecution, which claims they'll provide several witnesses who will testify about Gutierrez-Reed not adequately performing her duties.

They say she regularly left guns and ammo just lying around the set ... and even allowed live ammo to make its way on set. They even claim Hannah couldn't recognize a live round when it was sitting in her lap.

In Hannah's defense, her lawyers say she was tasked with multiple jobs on set when she was just 24 -- both armorer and prop assistant -- which was a lot to ask her to do. Her team claims Hannah's age and relative anonymity make her an ideal scapegoat for the tragedy.

NBC News

And, they're also saying she did her job well ... noting she even asked the production manager for more armorer days -- because she was splitting time between jobs and wanted to focus on her responsibilities in that domain. Her lawyers say her request was ultimately denied by the production.


In addition, the defense says OSHA -- a government agency in charge of health and safety for workplaces -- found numerous mistakes in the production overall that can't just be pinned on Reed individually. The defense added OSHA fined the production ... a fine they say was one of the largest in New Mexico's history.


Alec Baldwin was also mentioned ... with Hannah's layers saying he violated the most basic gun safety rule -- don't point a gun at someone unless you want to shoot them. They say he either had his finger on the trigger or pulled it ... but either way, it wasn't Hannah's fault.

TMZ Studios

The trial's supposed to run through March 8 ... filled with what we imagine will be a ton of twists and turns.

Stay tuned ...

Kim K, Pharrell, Diplo, Bella Hadid Hollywood Rockin' Cowboy Hats ... Beyoncé Sets The Trend!!!

Hollywood is collectively saying "howdy" to cowboy hats ... hopping on a trend that's being fueled by Beyoncé's transition to country music.

With Queen B playing some poker on the charts, celebs lately are going full country ... and busting out their Western wear ... particularly above the shoulders. Kim Kardashian, Pharrell Williams, Diplo and Bella Hadid are among the stars being lassoed in to this latest look.

Of course, the poster child for the cowboy hat resurgence is Beyoncé. She's been rocking these 10-gallon hats a lot in recent months ... and we gotta say, she wears them well.

Bey incorporated the look into her "Renaissance" tour, but it's really catching fire now that she's galloping into country with two new songs ... "Texas Hold 'Em" and "16 Carriages."

Some celebs are really going all in, like "Selling Sunset" stars Emma Hernan, Chelsea Lazkani and Chrishell Stause ... pairing their cowboy hats with cowboy boots and chaps, plus a riding bull to boot!!! Safe to say, the cowboy/cowgirl look is all the rage.

TMZ Studios

Check out the gallery ... stars from all walks of life of entertainment are tipping their caps to Beyoncé ... giddyup!

Pamela Anderson Joins Madonna Onstage For 'Vogue' ... Minimalist Beauties Here!!!

Perfect Score

Madonna brought out a special guest for her concert north of the border, playing to the crowd with a fan favorite and national treasure ... none other than Pamela Anderson!!!

Madonna was performing in front of a sold-out crowd Wednesday night at Rogers Arena in Vancouver -- when Pamela, the hometown hero, joined her onstage.

The two icons hugged and kissed on the cheek before sitting down together for Madonna's hit song, "Vogue." TMZ has it all on video ... Pamela and Madonna act as judges as models turn the stage into a runway, strutting their stuff and striking a pose in front of them.

As you can see, Pamela and Madonna are holding up scorecards as they judge the fake pageant on stage ... and it's mostly 10s across the board.

Madonna's obviously in full hair and makeup for her "Celebration" tour, but Pamela was fresh-faced and au naturel ... hey, no complaints here!!! BTW, this all-natural look is actually something Pam has been rockin' a lot lately -- it's kind of her new thing, in fact.

She's got a new skincare line out called Sonsie ... and the whole idea here about her products is that it's all about promoting minimalist beauty -- something PA is sticking to out in public. She's not wearing any makeup these days ... even when she's next to Madge!

TMZ Studios

Anyway, check out the clips ... pretty cool team-up, if you ask us!

Kelly Rowland Look, I'm Not Talking 'Today' Exit ... But I Love Hoda & Co.!!!


Kelly Rowland is passing on an opportunity to explain exactly what happened on the "Today" show ... and as she makes clear here, she only wants to discuss her new movie.

The singer was directly asked about her recent "Today" controversy during an interview Wednesday with WGN News in Chicago -- where she was plugging her upcoming movie, "Mea Culpa" ... and based on this alone, you can tell she ain't gonna spill the beans.


The news anchor asks Kelly if she can clear up what happened on "Today" -- because, as he notes, there's all these different reasons out there as to why she bailed on cohosting the show. Remember, some suggested she was actually peeved over Beyoncé questions.

Anyway, Kelly sticks to her guns here ... and kinda dug her heels in on refusing to talk about it -- and we'll be honest, it's kinda awkward. Check it out ... she says straight up, nah.

Kelly explains that she's not going to talk about it because she wants to keep the spotlight on her new Netflix film ... though she does say she loves the "Today" show and Hoda Kotb.

Like we said ... it's bizarre that continues to refuse to just address the elephant in the room. In fact, you could argue that her trying to ignore it is only making the legend grow -- and at this point, it seems to be all anyone wants to talk about ... even though she insists on just promoting. On its face, her strategy seems to be backfiring ... but she's not cluing into this.


While Kelly's not getting into the deets -- we did get to the bottom of this ourselves ... as we first told you, the true reason why she bolted from the "Today" set was, in fact, the dressing room thing. Namely, her not being satisfied with NBC's rinky-dink rooms to get prepped.

Some have accused her of being a diva -- but Hoda and co. appear to be falling on the sword for Kelly ... profusely apologizing and begging her to come back, while also publicly acknowledging their dressing rooms do actually suck. It's been a little cringe to watch, TBH.

Kelly Come Back!

Of course, Hoda and them have since invited Kelly back ... and they're hoping for a whole do-over, with refurbished and upgraded dressing rooms ready for the Destiny's Child alum.

Based on what Kelly's saying here ... it sounds like she might, perhaps, take 'em up on it.

TMZ Studios

We'll see if more hosts keep pressing Kelly on this issue -- so far, it sounds like she ain't gonna bend, and she ain't gonna talk.

Bobbi Althoff We Settled Our Divorce

Bobbi Althoff says she and her estranged husband have settled their divorce just weeks after news of their filing broke -- and yes, it was pretty freaking fast.

According to court docs, obtained by TMZ ... Bobbi claims she and Cory Althoff have "reached a global marital settlement agreement" and have resolved any issues related to property rights.

BA asked for joint legal and physical custody of the couple's two children, but there are no further details about the settlement in the docs. She also checked the box requesting they pay their own attorney's fees.

Remember ... Cory filed for divorce earlier this month after about four years of marriage.

They both cited irreconcilable differences, asked for joint legal and physical custody, and wanted to block the court's ability to award spousal support.

Seems like the exes are on the same page ... a somewhat rare sight in Hollywood divorces. But, it makes sense given the reasons we're hearing the couple decided to call it quits.

Sources told us Bobbi's fame didn't jibe with Cory's desire to live a more normal, low-key kinda life. We were also told the split had nothing to do with cheating allegations that blew up after Bobbi interviewed Drake while lying in bed together.

TMZ Studios

While their divorce isn't finalized -- a judge has yet to sign off -- it seems it's only a matter of time before it becomes official.

On its face, it certainly feels like an amicable split ... by any definition of the word.

FOX News Trump Sneaks Will Sway Black Voters Rapper Peezy Loves 'Em!!!

Fox News

A FOX News host is under fire for suggesting Donald Trump's new sneakers will win over Black America -- and one rapper from Detroit seems ready to cosign that message.

Raymond Arroyo was on the air and talking about DT's "gold" kicks -- which cost about $400 -- and he said something controversial ... namely, implying all Black people love sneakers, and because of that -- Trump's new endeavor will bring them over to his side in droves.

Here's what he said ... "This is connecting with Black America because they love sneakers. This is a big deal, certainly in the inner city. So when you have Trump roll out his sneaker line, they're like, 'wait a minute, this is cool.' He's reaching them on a level that defies and is above politics."

Naturally, Arroyo's comments sparked outrage online -- with many calling his sentiment outright racist ... and playing into harmful stereotypes that just aren't true. As many rightly noted ... Black people are NOT a monolith, and neither is any other group for that matter.


And yet ... Peezy -- who's got a pretty big following -- appeared to back Arroyo's argument ... hopping online to explicitly plug Trump's "Never Surrender" shoes, and even saying he's trying to get his hands on a pair. Indeed, he endorses Trump here -- and slams Biden as well.

Peezy put out an APB for a size 13 for the sold-out sneakers ... while making his political affiliations clear ... saying "F*** Joe Biden, I'm rocking with Trump," before adding a "f*** Kamala Harris" for good measure. He also said "Free Trump" ... so yeah, he's a fan.

Of course, Peezy is in no way speaking on behalf of others here -- he only represents himself and his own views -- but it is interesting that he's coming out swinging on behalf of DT and his kicks.

Big picture though ... Arroyo's remarks are being viewed as problematic, but by the same token -- there's clearly some Black people who actually dig Trump and his merch. Again ... not a monolith -- so no surprise there, really.

We'll say this ... if Trump is able to sway more African Americans to vote for him this year -- it probably won't be because of these shoes, specifically -- despite what FOX News thinks.

TMZ Studios

With that said ... these Trump sneakers have actually sold out. It was a limited edition release, with only 1,000 pairs dropping -- and people snapped 'em up pretty quick. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Wendy Williams Diagnosed with Aphasia & Dementia ... Same Disorder as Willis

Wendy Williams has been diagnosed with aphasia and dementia -- the same disorder Bruce Willis has -- and the news comes ahead of a new doc chronicling her recent troubles.

The news came down Wednesday from her care team, who blasted out a press release with what they characterized as a very personal update ... which they say is an effort to bat down rumors and speculation about her health.

Her team says everyone already knows she struggles with Graves' Disease and Lymphedema -- but they say others started to wonder what was going on in moments when Wendy would lose her train of thought or act erratically ... and now, they say it's because of this condition.

They write, "In 2023, after undergoing a battery of medical tests, Wendy was officially diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia (FTD)."

Her team here also says this ... "Wendy would not have received confirmation of these diagnoses were it not for the diligence of her current care team, who she chose, and the extraordinary work of the specialists at Weill Cornell Medicine."

They add, "Receiving a diagnosis has enabled Wendy to receive the medical care she requires."

Wendy's team goes on to say that they're revealing this about Wendy in hopes of raising awareness of these conditions she's been afflicted with -- but to also protect her from fervent gossip that's sure to kick up anew this weekend with the release of this new Lifetime doc.


The team finishes with this update on WW herself ... "Wendy is still able to do many things for herself. Most importantly she maintains her trademark sense of humor and is receiving the care she requires to make sure she is protected and that her needs are addressed. She is appreciative of the many kind thoughts and good wishes being sent her way."

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On its face, it sounds like Wendy's team might be at odds with some of her family members -- who've been making the rounds with the media, speaking on what they perceive is happening. They've recently expressed concern about people in Wendy's inner circle.

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