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This Week's Biggest Losers 12/23/06

12/23/2006 2:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With the line between beauty pageants and Girls Gone Wild now completely blurred, maybe NBC should have Joe Francis host the next Miss USA telecast. In advance of that tantalizing prospect, here are the finalists for the sparkling TMZ tiara.
donald trumpDonald Trump: Apparently, last winter's squabble with Martha Stewart was only a warm-up. In what can only be interpreted as a delirious desire to prevent anything from soiling the January 7 debut of Season 6 of "The Apprentice," The Donald relocated this week to the Trump Glower, and hurled down an unbelievable stream of invective at the rosiest rabble-rouser of "The View." O'Donnell, meanwhile, has cut and pasted some rather unflattering Wikipedia info about Trump into her blog, adding that she will let readers know "if kelli leaves me for one of his pals." This is David Gest vs. Liza Minnelli on Viagra and estrogen, an East Coast battle that suddenly renders the premiere of tonight's new E! special "30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Feuds" moot.

ivy supersonicIvy Supersonic: Okay, it's not quite on the level of Rosie vs. The Donald, but we're still getting a kick out the wonky ways this hottie and hat-designer-to-the-stars continues to amp up her beef with News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch. In case you missed it, Supersonic has been fighting in New York's Court of Appeals to prove that Murdoch's 20th Century Fox stole, from right Down Under her nose, the "Ice Age" animated character of Scrat. She isn't going to win the hearts of any would-be jurors with appearances like this week's disheveled Howard Stern drop-by. During the program, both Stern and Robin Quivers expressed concern about Supersonic's mental health, and a blogful of plaintiff well-wishers notwithstanding, Supersonic definitely came across as an acorn short of an iceberg.

bob dylan Harvey & Bob Weinstein: A spokesperson for The Weinstein Company proudly boasted that releasing "genre films" during the holiday season is an unabashed company tradition. But following last Xmas' serial killer import, "Wolf Creek," religious groups are howling over this Monday's release of the Michelle Trachtenberg/Lacey Chabert slasher flick, "Black Christmas." The house that Gwyneth built is having quite the litigious holiday, what with Bob Dylan suing to prevent the brothers' "Factory Girl" -- featuring a Dylan-like character played by Hayden Christensen -- from hitting theaters December 29. One can only assume that on the first day of next Christmas, the Weinsteins will be checking the box office grosses for "A Pervert in a Pear Tree."

bonnie fuller and janice min Bonnie Fuller, Janice Min: You may not know the names, but you sure as heck know the magazines. Fuller and Min, the respective Managing Editors of Star and US Weekly magazines, woke up Friday morning to the news that Vanity Fair -- after horning in on their Brad-Jen territory -- is apparently poised to be the exclusive first purveyor of Britney's K-Fed confessions. Then again, rumors earlier this year that Britney was going to pull a Demi on the cover of the magazine soon petered-out into a fully clothed cross-town Elle photo shoot. Now, with the Jen-fronted September 2006 issue of Vanity Fair ranking as the magazine's all-time bestseller, and Britney potentially set for a new '07 mark, it could be only a matter of time before K-Fed sits down with Charlie Rose for the full hour.

robert deniro Robert DeNiro
: Speaking of horning in on someone's territory, the month of December is supposed to be a time of highbrow Oscar contenders, not low-level Stallone sequels. Meanwhile, as you read this, "Rocky Balboa," in 2,752 theaters, is applying a surprising box-office knockout punch to the Raging Bull's second directorial effort, "The Good Shepherd," is playing on 2,182 screens. True, any movie that has Angelina Jolie as its significant other, rather than Burt Young, can't be considered a total loss (she is simply ravishing in glossy red lipstick and lace summer dress). Although DeNiro was only joking when he said at a Tuesday L.A. screening that the CIA had funded his film, a part of him probably now wishes the agency could at least handle the "Rocky Balboa" exit polling.

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THE Rosie and The Donald are both bullies!!!

The difference: ABC gives Rosie a daily format to rant and rave about her views on anything and everything. Unbelievable.

2829 days ago

Becky Williams    

Donals Trump is the one who is disgusting. This picture of him is bad. Rosie was right, how can someone who has been divorced multiple times and had affairs be any kind of a role model or make the call wether Miss USA stays or goes.

2829 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

Trump is by far THE MOST boring creature on the planet. (And the most arrogant.) (AND the ugliest--with the exception of Yoko Ono) (who he strangely resermbles).

2829 days ago


i have been watching this mess unfold all week . not being a fan of either one of these gasbags might i say that they are probably two of the smartest people on the planet right now . not that they don't already have enough money ,this whole thing will probably make them alot more in the end . people will watch the view now to see whats next out of odonnells mouth. trumps new season of the apprentice is about to be launched people will most likely tune in just for curiosity's sake some of those will probably get hooked on the show and continue to watch .all this translates into higher ratings more money for the networks and more gold faucets for odonnell and trump

2829 days ago


I used to wait anxiously to see "The Apprentice" every week. Guess what, when it finally returns, "from L.A." this time, this Canadian will just "SAY NO!" I hope trump can purchase some manners over the holidays, maybe at a Boxing Day sale. He is such a loser. He makes my stomach churn. Mr. High and Mighty, you blew it BIG time! I can hardly wait to see YOUR precious show, CRASH and BURN!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Canada.

2829 days ago


what exactly make this muti billioare a loser??? because he pick on a big fat gaywad?

2829 days ago

South Florida    

TMZ you're disgusting, You know Rosie's face is the one that should have been plastered up there as the BIGGEST LOSER of the week. She started this, by making fun of Donald and taking personal potshots at him. GUESS WHAT, he didn't take her BS and BULLYING........I APPLAUD Donald, Rosie is out of control.
She can't take the heat when someone gives her BS back to her.

MY guess the reason Harvey Levin and TMZ are taking up for Rosie is because Barbara Walters and Joy Behar and ABC execs. are Jewish.

2829 days ago


TMZ get over yourself! The line between Beauty pageants and Girls gone wild are not blurred. Over 3 million girls compete in pageants in the US alone. Don't put all of us in the same bag. Many of us are hard working students, not engaged in the behaviior of thesame two or three girls you are ofsessed with. GET OVER YOURSELVES AND POST TRUTH.

2829 days ago


TMZ you have no credibillity! There is no line blurred between pageant contestants and Girls Gone Wild. You take 3 or so distractions and discount over 3 million girls in the United States who compete in pageants annually. I'm asking TMZ to grow up and report the news accurrately. You have not done this.

2829 days ago

Old Broad    

Not a Rosie fan, but have to agree with her on this one. You know he only bought those pageants so he can be near hot chicks and start picking out the next wife.

2829 days ago


#2 you said it all and I agree with you 100%. Rosie the fat lesbo is being defended because guys like Levin do what they can to mainstream abnormal homosexual behavior. Keep trying Harvey. It ain't gonna work!

2829 days ago

Don Delury    

I think TMZ making Donald Trump a "loser" was uncalled for and undeserving.

Donald Trump happens to OWN the Miss USA pagent; as CEO the decision was by right his and his associates to make. He simply gave the girl a second chance and as far as anyone can see she partied a bit too much. Well publicized pagent queens are visible people and sometimes things like that happen especially in this day and time when they're no longer human Barbies. Rosie O'Donnell had no right to interfere with a business decision or comment on anything moral going from a gay in denial to a full blown "bull dike" today. All Rosie seems to do is bully people and sticking her nose where it doesn't belong like Tom Selleck over gun control to the more recent Clay Aiken/Kelly Rippa rift.

At least Donald Trump's children know who their father is unlike Rosie's who has two moms sleeping in the same bed. Oh yes Rosie's a great moral example and a sad piece of work too! I can't wait until she gets fired.

2829 days ago

Lynette Carrington    

Rosie brings up good and valid "moral compass" points about Donald. True, he had affairs, etc. That's true, valid and well-known information. So what does Donald do? Calls Rosie fat, ugly and unsuccessful. Then threatens to have Rosie's wife "stolen". Yeah, THAT'S really professional. Donald Trump is definitely the biggest idiot here. His arrogance and unprofessionalism leave my jaw on the floor. If Donald had been the CEO of Walmart, State Farm or Paramount Pictures, he would have already been kicked to the curb.

I'm not some huge Rosie fan, but she speaks the truth and he's just hurling insults. Now he wants to sue her?!?! Yes, Donald. Sounds like Rosie hit you right on the mark and you can't take it. You fight like a first-grade sissy......with about as much intelligence. Although I'm certain that a first grader could do something better with his hair.

2829 days ago


The more I read..the more I have to laugh at Donald Dork...what a BIG whine baby...did any of you listen in on his boo baby poor pitiful me when he called into the Larry King could tell Larry was laughing to himself the more Donny Dorkie booooooohoooooo' he brought up other people, but yet none of these other people called in with a shoulder for him to cry on...Maybe now.....Donny Dork will realize his money cant buy true friendship...just ass kissers ! *SMACK*

2829 days ago


Interesting article:
I think there are others who deserve the tile though.
Does anyone here ever feel sorry the for Mr. Trump ?
People often have no pity for someone just because of their status *

Michael-From-The-Future !

2829 days ago
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