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Terrell Owens

I Did NOT Beg the Clippers

for an NBA Tryout

12/13/2012 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Terrell Owens says Blake Griffin was just JOKING when he claimed the ex-NFL star begged the Clippers for an NBA tryout over the summer ... because that's totally not something T.O. would do.  

The drama began earlier this week ... when Griffin appeared on the Dan Patrick radio show and said, "Terrell Owens is always ... he was at our practice facility this summer, begging coaches for a 10-day contract.”

But T.O.'s rep tells us Blake was just kidding ... explaining, "Blake and Terrell are friends. Terrell never begged to become a Clipper."

The rep says Terrell WAS at the Clippers practice facility over the summer, but only because Jasen Powell -- T.O.'s good friend -- is the team's head trainer.

Still, the rep notes, "As everyone knows, [Terrell] can play a serious game of ball."

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No Avatar


Sure sure sure, broke azz.

687 days ago


I love you terrel.. one of the nicest men in sports. so all you haters who r going to reply with hate. have no clue. there just gonna rant rant rant. with no research just there close minded cave dwellers who are just very very envious..

687 days ago


Mmmmm betcha not sooo arrogant now, being a broke azz helps with that.

687 days ago


Told ya... here comes the dirty cave dwellers

687 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Probably not even good enough for the Euro league.

687 days ago


Yeah the next balls T.O will playing with will be in a gay porno. **** bills gotta get paid right..I kid I kid

687 days ago


"...but only because Jason Powell, the head trainer for the Clippers, is the team's head trainer"

WHAT??? Besides the obvious redundancy issues with this sentence, it doesn't tell us why T.O. was there everyday...

687 days ago


Come on T.O. let it go!

687 days ago


T.O you ruin your own career. If you didn't burn bridges you could be working some in or around the NFL.

687 days ago


Blake also said "i'm not going to dunk anymore" or words to the effect. Of course THAT NIGHT he jammed down 5, so his honesty is questionable.

687 days ago


Stop lying ho3.

687 days ago


T.O., Chad Johnson et al. wouldn't have to grovel if they had just learned civility. T.O. thinks he's a sex machine---spill his seed to anything that strokes his ego and Chad Johnson, is just... ugh!! I know these guys still want to live the life of consumption to impress the folks in the hood. But if you want to save face and make folks think you're a good guy, get a job coach high school or finally do something beyond a photo shoot for your community. Sure it won't be as good as the money you pissed away, but at least you won't have to beg.

687 days ago


T.O. doesn't even see his kids so I have little respect for him

687 days ago


TO needs to start learning humility. He shows off his body and sends out tweets with half naked photos of himself and claims he is God's gift to women. What a ghetto mentality. The fool needs to know women were only interested in his money and not his body. He needs to stop behaving like a man whore. I knew of ppl with access to NE patriots. Bill Belichek was this close to picking up TO last year. But after TO made a public workout Bill has decided not to touch him. A public workout! Whoever put that idea into his head! Bill has no problems with problem players or diva guysbut he won't touch ghetto show offs like TO. If TO can get rid of all the bling and stop behaving like a NBA star and start behaving like a NFL star teams would still pick him up. That is why teams picked Randy Moss on the spot. He has all the diva traits of TO minus the ghetto stuff like TO does - having a blond trophy gf, doing clowinsh reality shows, hating on white QBs etc. I simply can never imagine Randy Moss appearing on a reality show.

687 days ago


If u don't like the pics, why do u follow him on Twitter?

686 days ago
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