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Stars and Scars

You Be the Judge

6/1/2013 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0531-bynes-lohan-bieber-beyonce-johnson-nashCrazy week for celebrities ... and speaking of crazy, we gotta ask ...



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Stars and Scars
You Be the Judge.................THEY ARE ALL LOSERS !

512 days ago


i dont think the trouble keef had with the law was racial thing. there was no doubt he was breaking the law, he was caught in the act of breaking the law. i do think it hurt him when he got in the security mans face. maybe he wasnt thinking clearly and he had to act tough for his friends.

512 days ago


I can't believe how many people are still buying into Amanda Bynes' little act.
NOBODY was talking about this girl for years before she went "crazy" and now all of a sudden she's on every gossip site there is pretty much daily.
I'm guessing this whole act was planned. At some point she'll hit a fake low point or something and go to rehab or get mental help and a few months later will miraculously return to California and start making movies again and everybody will praise he for her turn-around and how nice it is to see Amanda Bynes acting again.

512 days ago


you guys need to take a magnifying glass to those amanda bynes photos. it could be an imposter. i was reading a dm commenter who had done that and the wrist tattoos don't match up. it is 2 different women.

512 days ago


chief keef and bieber are both idiots

512 days ago


where's the question about justine's vagina?

512 days ago


Chief Keef is not being treated differently than Bieber. He was just caught red-handed by the cops, and on film at that. He was also stupid enough to do it in Davenport, Iowa, where they won't give you a pass like in California.

512 days ago


Beyonce wasn't pregnant with the first baby, so why would she be now.

512 days ago


Where's the "Who Cares?" button?

512 days ago


How can so m any people say that the Bieber/keef-keef comparison is not racially related?
I'm not saying the Black kid didn't deserve to be arrested/prosecute, HE ABSOLUTELY DID!

But, let's be honest here the FACT pertaining to the American judicial system is that:
2 criminals arrested for identical crimes, the white person gets a lighter sentence majority of the time.

When the crime is drug-related, the sentencing discrepancies are even greater! #Fact

Pretending racial-prejudices do not exist, is not going to magically make it so.

512 days ago


did Bey actually drink or just pretend to drink...that is the question..

512 days ago


Beiber and's not's the difference in breaking the law in L.A. vs Illinois. Celebrities get off in L.A. not so much in Illinois where they actually enforce the law.
L.A. law enforcement needs to start doing their jobs.

512 days ago

Fast question WTF does Dina do for a living job wise or does she just sponge of Lyndsy but she doesn't work either?

512 days ago


This kind of childish behaviour by Bieber is the reason Selena dumped him. She doesnt wanna be seen around a narsassist and his merry pack of little goons.

512 days ago


Why can't these so called stars and celebs, stop speeding, throwing bongs out of windows and pay their child support.? Didn't cry like a baby when you wr smokin throwin or producin these kids, why cry now? Steve nash is a washed up bitter ex. Its about your kids not your ex. JB is just a total DB and AB needs to find a better stylist.

511 days ago
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