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Shawne Merriman

I Did Not OD on Drugs

6/10/2013 9:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Retired NFL star Shawne Merriman is adamant ... he did NOT overdose on drugs at an L.A. nightclub last night ... telling TMZ he was simply dehydrated. 

The 29-year-old -- who was transported from Colony nightclub to an L.A. hospital around 9:30pm Sunday night -- tells us ... "I didn't feel well and they called the ambulance for me to make sure I was good."

Merriman says he doesn't know who called the ambulance.

We're told the person who called 911 reported that Shawne was "barely conscious."

After Merriman was admitted to the hospital, the ex-NFL star says, "They told me to drink some fluids and sent me on my way."

Shawne says he's been running himself ragged recently -- "I've been finishing my MBA, shooting a bunch of films, launching my LightsOut [company] and still training."

In fact, Shawne says he had just gotten off a plane from Canada ... and went straight to the clubs last night.

Shawne's rep tells us, "At the hospital, he got fluids and felt fine ... so he went right back to the club."

As for reports that Shawne was treated for a drug overdose, the rep tells TMZ ..."That's absurd ... if you had a drug overdose, you wouldn't be at a club right after."

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Hey TMZ! Those stupid ads at the top of the page that play a video EVERY time I reload or change the page SUCK!!! I will stay off your site for a few days, hopefully when I come back you will have stopped with that those types of annoying ads.. Google "cookies", it might help.. Cya in a few

509 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

absurd ... if you had a drug overdose, you
wouldn't be at a club right after."

Lindsay Lohan would be.

509 days ago


Well ``` alrighty then!!

509 days ago


He doesn't do drugs. I am the Pope. Lindsay is not an addict. Amanda is sane.

509 days ago

Pet rock    

Noooo. People that are exhausted and or dehydrated go home and rest up, drink water. People that are on drugs go to the club, over do it, get their asses dragged to a hospital, get put on a drip, go back to the club for more drugs. His rep is a dummy for disclosing that piece of info.

509 days ago


Just flying and being tired is enough to wipe someone out, being in a hot club and having a drink or 2 after flying will knock ya out. I hate flying.

509 days ago


I'd buy that for a dollar

509 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

First step towards getting off the dope is admitting you're on dope. This fat loser needs to admit to reality.

508 days ago


It's ABSURD to go back to the club after being carted off to the hospital in an ambulance. There is something wrong here...

508 days ago


I guess he was afraid to drink the water in Canada... arggh.

I am sick to death of "dehydrated" being trotted out as a euphemism for OD'd on something. We all know what it means, so why do publicists and celebs still use it? If they were found in the middle of the Mojave after 3 days, I'd buy it. Other than that, not so much.

508 days ago


Lil Wayne has a seizure every time he's intoxicated, but that doesn't stop him lol

508 days ago


That dude sexy as hell

508 days ago

Derek F.    

I'm a recovering addict and I'd bet all my money on an opiate OD more specifically H, and the hospital administered Narcan (Naloxone) which counteracts any opiate in your body and sets you into withdrawals as a side effect of saving your life, he went back to score again more then likely at the club where it he probably scored some good stuff (good enough to OD earlier) so he could stop the sickness the Narcan brought about by saving his life... Been there done that... In my town "Hollywood Exhaustion" = out of control drug addiction... Remember his frequently "exhausted" trainwreck girlfriend Tila Tequila? He must have picked up her "work ethic" and its just tiring him out lol! Yeah a 29yo former NFL star in top shape couldn't possibly have the physical stamina to handle launching some bogus a clothing line, flying on a plane, and clubbing all in the same day... nonsense

508 days ago


You would be back in the club if you were Nikki Sixx.

508 days ago

The Madd Gabber    

Sounds more like diabetic. Low blood sugar can look like being drunk. Once a person gets some sugar in their system they can bounce back very quickly. WHICH also explains retirement at 29. Needless to say players have been asked to retire or be traded when diabetes was a factor.
Everyone needs to stop thinking the worst. It isn't always drugs, sometimes is medical.

508 days ago
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