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Ex-New England Patriots' Star

Parents Threaten To Sue

For Outing Hooligan Kids

9/20/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A former star player for the New England Patriots has been threatened with a lawsuit by delusional parents who claim he's ruined the lives of their kids by exposing a drug/alcohol fueled party at his home.

Brian Holloway tells TMZ, "I blew way past furious" when he discovered several hundred teenagers broke into his vacation home outside Albany, NY over Labor Day weekend. 

The kids started tweeting and Instagramming madly inside, posting photos of what looked like a scene out of "Animal House."

Holloway went ballistic, created a website -- helpmesave300 -- and started posting pictures of the damage, as well as the tweets from some of the partygoers -- and those tweets ID'd the kids.

Holloway tells TMZ ... he's been told by the Sheriff's Dept. some of the parents are furious because their poor kids have now been exposed.  Some bitch that it will hurt their chances of getting into college.  Others whine their poor kiddies are being harassed at school.  And they actually have the audacity to threaten a lawsuit.

Holloway says there was plenty of evidence of drugs at the party, including crack and meth.  And, of course, a river of alcohol.

He says it's gonna cost $20 - $40k to repair the damage.

The parents should try and bottle their chutzpah and sell it.  They could make enough to pay for the damage.

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No Avatar


THOSE PARENTS are whats WRONG with America today. THEIR kids broke into a house, THEIR kids did drugs, THEIR kids destroyed the house, and they file a lawsuit against the homeowner for what THEIR kids DID??????

400 days ago


this is the exact reason why things are wrong in this country. parents take a little responsibility for your kids. its not this guy's fault that your losers picked his house to "break-in", "do drugs" and "drink alcohol". discipline your kids!!!!!!! dont blame other people!!!!

400 days ago


These lousy parents should pay for the cleanup and damages and shut up.

400 days ago

Angel Eye     

As a parent myself if any of my kids ever did that so someone else property I would make them clean it up and apologizes for the damage that they have cased and I would make sure my child even helped pay for it.

400 days ago


I'm right there with you TMZ, but is it necessary to use the word b*tch and use other inappropriate language in the story?

400 days ago


they see a rich pro football player with a 2nd house and are looking for a get rich quick lawsuit. I really hope this football player sues them for the damage where their parents have to pay for it. if i were him i'd be so pissed at the audacity of these parents that i'd do my damnest to make them pay just because they have that type of nerve.

400 days ago

The world is disgusting    

The parents should be sued for raising disrespectful morons and unleashing them onto the world!

400 days ago

Wow ...    

No parents. The victim in this case, the homeowner, did not do anything to harm your children. Your children did, the night they broke in, partied, stole items and vandalised a house. To boot, they were so proud of their work, THEY put it out for public consumption on that little thing called Twitter.

400 days ago


I can hear it now, "What the kids did was wrong, BUT..." Some people should sterilized.

400 days ago


Juvenile delinquents come in all shapes and sizes -- even Upstate Entitled College Bound Brat. These parents MAKE ME SICK. Rather thn defend, they need to get down and start scrubbing the mans floors & walls with their kids. what a bunch of jackass parents

400 days ago

George Bush    

Those parents should be sued. I mean if a dog attacks a person the owner of the dog is responsible for whatever damages caused by the dog so I think it should be the same for the parents of the kids if it's not already.

400 days ago

Buck Boy    

Something mighty fishy with this story. MARK MY WORDS. This football jock admittedly knew this was going down. He was watching it on YOUTUBE but did NOTHING to stop it. WHY? He has thrown parties in this house for this same kids. I think he is trying to collect on insurance or something. This doesn't add up.

400 days ago

Iris Myandowski    

of course what their children DID had nothing to do with this....morons

400 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I took a look at the website and one of the things I think should be mentioned to the parents that whoever is trimming the eyebrows of the boys in the area is probably doing it as a joke because not one of them looks like a straight guy. Really people, get a grip.

400 days ago


Yes I'm sure the kids didn't want to ruin there reputations that's why they posted those pictures all over the internet. The parents have no right to sue but they can discipline there kids instead.

400 days ago
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