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'Basketball Wives' Star

My Jeweler Jacked My Necklace

And My Insurance Co. Is Screwing Me

2/14/2014 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0213-latasha-marbury-vh1Former NBA megastar Stephon Marbury's wife is at war over nearly a million bucks worth of jewelry which she claims was stolen right out from under her.

Latasha Marbury had a pair of diamond earrings, a diamond pendant and a diamond necklace which she claims she had to sell to reduce the insanely expensive insurance premiums she was paying for her $2.5 mil jewelry collection.  Yes, even rich people get cash-strapped.

Latasha claims she took the 3 items -- worth $900,000 -- to an NYC jeweler to sell, but she claims he outright stole them from her.

So Latasha filed a theft claim with her insurance company.  Now here's the snag.  The insurance company says the only way it would pay on a theft claim is if the jewelry were taken by force or stolen from a safe place. 

The insurance company claims in Latasha's case she voluntarily handed the goods over so it's a case of tough luck.

Latasha is now suing the insurance company for a cool mil.  The jeweler is nowhere to be found.


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It sounds shady.

190 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Those were zircons.
Where the real stuff at?

190 days ago


On a scale of important celebrities this woman is somewhere between Roger Clinton and the teenage magician that made balloon animals at your kid's 10th birthday party.

190 days ago


Must have been some truly reputable jeweler...he can't be found? Did she find him on Craig's list? Rich but stupid apparently.

190 days ago


She s such an idiot. Hey loser go get a 9-5 job like everyone else.

190 days ago


Theft by deception is still theft.

190 days ago


She probably couldn't afford to pay the insurance to be able to take it with you all the time. There. Are different policies that you can purchase for jewerly. Sounds to me that she purchased the cheapest one. If she took it out of the safe she was suppose to notify her carrier of this,

190 days ago


Typical of an insurance company. Their purpose is to collect premiums and never pay for a claim. Usually buried in the fine print is a clause that says that they don't pay for anything stolen on a day that ends in a 'Y'.

190 days ago


I hate insurance companyies

190 days ago


Sounds like she was trying to defraud the insurance company. I smell scam.

190 days ago


Did she call the cops?
Don't take the law into your own hands;
you take them to court. The People's Court.

190 days ago


I hope she has the license plate number of the "jeweler".
Don't take the law into your own hands;
you take them to court. The People's Court.

190 days ago


Sadly, the insurance company is right. It's in most policies. People just do not read their policies. She can sue the jewelry company though, but she has to proved that she delivered the goods to them and they didn't return them and she was not compensated for them. She also has to have a receipt or appraisal to prove their value. Theft in insurance polices is call THEFT not theft by deception. They are two different things. The policy describes what a theft is so there can't be any misunderstanding. Insurance companies aren't going to cover every situation. You couldn't afford a policy that did that even if it was available and it's not. There are always some exclusions.

190 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

No police report, just a letter to her insurance agent that she wants $900,000.
Honestly TMZ don't you find this a little far fetched?

190 days ago


Did she really think an nsurance company what hand over money with that story? If so, she needs a brain check...

190 days ago

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