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Darren Sharper


NFL Star Allegedly Drugged Multiple Women

2/14/2014 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0124-tmz-darren-sharperDarren Sharper has just been charged with 2 counts of rape in L.A. ... after the former New Orleans Saints superstar allegedly drugged multiple women and raped them in his hotel room ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Among the charges ... two counts of rape by use of drugs, four counts of furnishing a controlled substance and one count of possession of a controlled substance, all felonies.
Sharper -- who had a Hall of Fame-caliber NFL career as a safety -- is accused of drugging the women with zolpidem (Ambien).

Officials say Sharper met the two women in a West Hollywood nightclub on October 30th and invited them to another party.

On the way, officials say they stopped at Darren's hotel room and he gave them each a shot.

The women then passed out and hours later one of the women claims she woke up with Sharper sexually assaulting her.  The second woman says she woke up and "interrupted his actions."

Officials say Sharper STRUCK AGAIN on January 14th ... when he returned to the same West Hollywood nightclub and found two more women.

Sharper allegedly pulled the same scheme -- inviting them back to hs room, gave them a shot, they passed out, he raped them.

Officials say both women left his hotel and sought medical treatment.

Sharper was arrested on January 17th. He was released on $200k bail.  In addition to the rape, officials also say he was illegally in possession of morphine.

If convicted, Sharper faces more than 30 YEARS in prison. Officials are recommending the judge set his bail at $100 MILLION.

(Update: We're told the $100 million bail was a typo ... officials meant to request a $10 MILLION bail).

Officials say Sharper is also accused of raping women in 3 other states -- including Arizona, Nevada and Louisiana.

As we previously reported, Sharper has addressed the allegations in Louisiana ... claiming the sexual encounter was consensual.

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Sharper should have plied his craft at Florida St... or when you're retired, you lose the Jameis level of immunity

248 days ago

devil's advocate    

This is so ridiculous. Why would a guy that looks like Darren,, has with his fame and money, have to "rape" a woman? He could go to any bar any night of the week and pick up a free piece of ass with no problem. If he wanted, he could probably get a cougar who would pay him for his services.

248 days ago


a plack thug rapes people shocking! I bet the girls were white too

248 days ago


It's ok as long as he is NOT gay!~~'Merica

248 days ago


The problem Darren is going to have is that multiple women who presumably don't know each other are reporting the same attack. The details are specific. I've dated NFL players and they are naturally aggressive and extremely competitive ---- ingredients that make a rapist. Football is an aggressive sport and players are often given sleeping pills and narcotics like morphine to help them deal with pain. Sad .... Darren doesn't need to take sex - he can get it any day of the week. I know personally women throw themselves at him constantly because I travelled in those circles ... but maybe that whole scene became boring. Tis a shame.

248 days ago


These are just the women we know of...

248 days ago


Yikes ! A football player drugging/controlling/having power over women. Sad he resorted to derogative negativity when he certainly could get a prostitute . He deserves jail time and being a court jester!

248 days ago


Any man who has to take it from a woman by force is not a man at all! I will never understand for the life of me why some people who are rich & successful do this KNOWING odds are they can go to any bar or club and flash some cash around & the chicks will come running in flocks. If these allegations are true, please throw the book at him in court. One less monster on the streets, right ladies?

248 days ago


Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackkson come defend Obama could of had a son like him rapist

248 days ago


I agree.. Rape is wrong and sick.. But sorry.. Why then do these women /girls go to his hotel room.. Just party in the club with friends.. But don't go to his hotel room.. Makes no sense.. And I'm not saying they were asking for it for making a stupid decision to go to some strangers hotel.. Just because he's rich and famous.. These women need to think a little harder.. But rape is horrible either way.

248 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

WOW, i have to recant my statements if this is true. I tell guys all the time, "dont use drugs when getting with woman because its not consent" if a person is impaired by anything other than alcohol(ironic cause its a drug as well) you will get a rape charge. ALWAYS have sex with sober woman and if they say no at anytime, dont proceed until you hear yes or we can have sex out of her mouth. No telling what really happened but, if you have separate cases, were theres smoke theres fire. I dont think Sharper "THOUGHT" he was committing a crime but, thats how LIFE Is, sometimes we cant see our own faults but, can clearly see others faults!!! WOW, i hope this isnt true because those woman are traumatized if the allegations are true and being he is being charged, prosecutors feel they have a strong case, if not, the wouldnt have moved forward, hes better of make a plea deal, its less to none of a chance he can win with several of the same accusations being made in other states. WOW, no Hall of Fame for him!!!! LGNM

248 days ago


Ball players do this all the time. Girls just don't tell because they always feel to blame for even being around the guy and society encourages the shame. These men have a sense of entitlement that will not quit. it is sickening and evil.

248 days ago


But hey, at least he's not gay!

248 days ago


What club was this? The white girls are super dumb here it would appear. ....

248 days ago


Rape is an act. Of violence. It has nothing to do with looks, money, etc. It's about anger and control.

248 days ago
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