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Marc Anthony

Child Support Case

I Make $1.25 Millon ... A MONTH

2/25/2014 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Marc Anthony
may be 110 pounds wet ... but in the money department he's a world champ, because he's just acknowledged he rakes in $1.25 million every single month.

Anthony filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- in his nasty child support fight with ex-wife Dayanara Torres.  The former Miss Universe wants her monthly support for their 2 sons upped from $13K a month to $113K a month.

Marc had to disclose his income, and his portfolio is impressive.  He says he's worth $20.8 million ... of which $260K is in cash.  And none of that is in stocks or bonds.

He says he's paying $18K a month in child support in other relationships ... we're guessing that's for the twins he had with Jennifer Lopez.

Dayanara has bitched in legal docs that she was forced to sell her home and live in a crappy, 1,200 square foot San Fernando Valley apartment while Jennifer Lopez was living high on the hog.

Marc Anthony responded in his own legal docs ... Dayanara is a piss poor money manager because she can afford way better than a hovel since he gives her $28,416 a month in spousal and child support. 

She was especially ticked that Marc pleaded poverty during their divorce but the week it became final he bought JLo a $4 million ring.


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Hey bitch! Get a job! There is a reason Jennifer Lopez is living it up and it ain't Marc Anthony. Don't use Lopez to make your case because the money she has she worked for.

207 days ago


Mr. skeletor aneorexia has a baby out of wed lock. He cheated on Tores while they were married and made a kid out of wedlock. So, he is supporting that kid too. IMDB it. Kohls must pay very very well. Who knew those cheap rags would sell so well. American have no taste nor do the South Americans who buy his Spanglish crap music for the most part. I hope Torres takes his loser but to the cleaners.

207 days ago


28K a month? Girl needs a reality check. Good lord

207 days ago


If the father of my kids made that much, DAMN RIGHT I would want him to pay what the courts calculated it out to be!

207 days ago


how much money did she contribute to the marriage? I have no sympathy for her. If she can't live on 28,0000 a month she has big problems.

207 days ago


Jlo makes her own damn money... Why in the hell are you comparing your ****ty financial status to a self made millionaire?

207 days ago


If one chick (not JLo) is getting $18k for one child and his ex JLo is supposedly getting $113 k for the twins yet she is only getting $13k for her 2 kids she had during their marriage I would be mad. People saying she doesn't need more have to remember that child support probably has to pay for travel expenses to see their dad. Clothes food and a place to live. Also probably some security since they are children of a celebrity and probably private school tuition x. 2. It adds up. I'm not saying she is or isn't greedy but she has the right to ask for more if they have those extra expenses and his other children get way more than her children do. She was his first wife not just some slut like the second baby mama or JLo.

207 days ago


How does Skeletor make that much??

207 days ago


Um, get a job Dayanara?

207 days ago


Um, editing department shut down? This article is bad.

207 days ago


Get a job Dayanara and the reason JLO was living high is because she's loaded.

207 days ago


JLo makes her own money.

207 days ago


In the 15 years my son was on this earth I got $228 in child support. You would never hear a complaint out of me if I got $13,000 a month like this lady. Greed is not cute.

207 days ago


If you are making 1.25 million per month and are only worth 20 million it means you spend way too much money.

207 days ago


If she wants that much money than $100,000 of that should be put in a fund for the kids future therapy. Not used for spa treatments and plastic surgery.

207 days ago
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