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Justin Bieber

I'm A Bad Ass Behind Bars

2/26/2014 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber had his ass up in the air during his short stint in jail ... impressively doing 23 1/2 pushups in 28 seconds.

The jailhouse video -- obtained by TMZ -- shows Justin in his cell after being busted last month in Miami Beach for DUI and resisting arrest.

It's unclear what possessed him to show off his physical prowess, but he seemed excited about upping his cred.

Law enforcement tells TMZ ... there's one part of the 9 hours of video which shows Justin clearly under the influence.  Frankly, we've looked at the video and Justin doesn't seem obviously under the influence ... at all.


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If he's not careful, it's is ass that's gonna be bad. And he won't be doing pushups. He's be crying in the corner like a little girl. Shape up, son!

239 days ago


Justin is tough bruh

239 days ago


lmao he such a thug wannabe. Lil rich whiteboy with serious identity crisis. Hilarious

239 days ago


ZzZzZzZ.. Geez TMZ, what's next?? A bear sh*tting in the woods???

239 days ago


*****Hello are the Miami Police DPT on Crack, they called that evidence, it's laughable"""""

I think the Miami PD have been drinking too much Kool-Aid are they serious, if they think that video help prove that Justin was drunk, than they are a bunch of buffoons. The only thing I saw watching that video was a sober dude slowly walking. There is absolutely no proof from that video that Justin was under the influence. I'm starting to think that Miami PD were the ones who were drunk that night.

I hope for their own sake they drop this ridiculous charges against that prick Justin, or they will be laugh at by the jurors. As much as I hate Justin, I unfortunately have to call it like I see it. That video showed absolutely nothing, I just hope they just admit to their error and move on. They are looking foolish by day, each a suppose new evidence show up, it only helps that crypt "Justin" thug.

TMZ, I hope you stay on top of this story, I really want to know why the Miami PD are not putting their resources on solving all these drug killings that are taken place daily on the street of Miami, and wasting the tax payers money on cases they can't win. Please Google crimes taken place in Miami and how many people are getting killed on a daily basis, and how many murders have gone unsolved. The Miami police Department are embarrassing themselves by continuously going on about having evidence to support their claims, when they don't have a shred of evidence to convict him. Let me see:

Lying cop
Falsify police report
Lied about drag racing
Have history of lying
Video actually helps Justin Claim

Please do yourself a favor and divert that money you are going to waste on trying a case that you will lose on solving real crimes.

239 days ago


Well, he's an ass.

239 days ago


ive eaten steak that was tougher than this panty waist

239 days ago


How can TMZ say The Bieb doesn't look under the influence? He's high 24 hours a day now. Maybe that's what confused you people. He looks normal. But that doesn't mean he isn't under the influence.

239 days ago


He was imagining Drake underneath him

239 days ago


You know he saw the camera.

239 days ago


What a twinkie.

239 days ago


How cute! I remember I could do a lot of pushups too, back when I was 5'4" and weighed 98 pounds. Good times...

239 days ago


why is this news? he's doing push-ups, why is it a big deal? you guys would judge him even if he was wiping his ass.

239 days ago

boo boo    

Step 1: put your elbows closer to your body. Step 2: pause when your nose touches the floor. Step 3: count slowly 1...2....3 then explode up on 4. Step 4: fire your trainer because you don't know how to do a proper push-up. The end.

239 days ago


This is not a jail...I've been held in this same facility and it's what is called a "holding facility" there's like 5 cells and they can only hold you for 6 hours before transport to the real jail at the county... There's no shower, food service or scary places... When beeb got to the county jail he bonded out and that was it.

239 days ago
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