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Jason Aldean

I'm Banging The Girl

Who Broke Up My Marriage

3/17/2014 12:26 PM PDT UPDATED: 3/18/2014 11:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jason Aldean is dating the "American Idol" alum who broke up his marriage -- and we're told they've been hooking up ever since he filed for divorce.

Brittany Kerr -- the A.I. floozie -- was photographed backstage in the wings of Aldean's concert Friday night ... and now we're told it's official ... they're a couple.

It's pretty stunning ... in September, 2012, the two of them were photographed making out at a bar on the Sunset Strip -- it was so obvious they could be seen from the street.

Aldean said at the time it was a one time deal -- a drunken mistake -- and he took a taxi home alone.

Aldean filed for divorce last May.

So now the question ... did they ever really stop seeing each other?  No one is saying, but we do know Kerr was in the crowd at his show on January 10th in Austin.

She didn't make it far on "Idol" but she's clearing home base with Aldean.



No Avatar


Why is she a floozie for this? HE was the one who was married! HE was the one who continued hooking up with her after everyone found out!

158 days ago


I could not tell you 1 song this man sings,however from what has been all over the internet the last couple days he has 2 young daughters. I would hope he has the common sence not to bring this girl around them. Making out with a married man in a very crowded bar is not the bet example for them. Besides the fact they will forever be able to see their father cheating on their mother i wrong on so many levels!!!!

158 days ago


I can not tell you 1 song this man sings as I am not a country music fan. However this story has been all over the internet the last couple days & from what I have read he has 2 young daughters. I would hope he does not put them around this girl. Making out with a married man in a very crowded bar is not the best example to set for the young ones. And how sad it is that they will be able to always see pictures of their daddy cheating on their mom!!!!

158 days ago

Vegas baby girl    

I was a Jason Aldean fan from day one but not anymore. All I hope for is Karma for him and Brittany. How could he be such an a$$. True, no one knows what goes in in another's marriage but if he was unhappy them he should have left before he touched that skanky whore, Brittany. God help them if they ever have a child together poor kid will have to know what a cheater and low life his dad is and how his mom was a cheap whore looking for her 15 minutes of fame by getting with a married man. I hope the 2 of them are happy that they destroyed a family with 2 little girls.

157 days ago


They're both trashy and he 's a dang fool for thinking THIS could work out "well" for him

157 days ago

jimmy cannon    

Jason is Single! Get Over It! Wasteoids! Hes my Boy!

157 days ago


homewrecking ****

157 days ago


I love country music but to start off with Jason aldean is a wanna be every song he has made has came from another artist. Jason is dirty it is more his fault then it is hers. He said it was a one night stand and he was drunk. She was just stupid enough to lay down with him. They are both messed up.

157 days ago


She's a whore and he is a whore man

156 days ago


I would LOVE to fill Brittany with gallons of baby-goo!

156 days ago


"Jason Aldean: "I'm Banging The Girl Who Broke Up My Marriage"

This guy is a PIECE OF S*H*I*T and I'm sure he had a lot to do with it.
I'm sure he disclosed, IN THE LEAST, that he WAS married, his marriage was on the rocks and he and his wife possibly considered divorce.
I would BET, that HE made the first move and "Hit Up" on her.

What's SAD, is that Brittany has severely tarnished her career.
She's making a bad situation worse, by staying with this sleazebag redneck. He's just using her until he gets bored and then moves on.

He's going to drag her down.

156 days ago


So for all of you saying you won't listen to Jason's music anymore because of his personal life/cheating scandal means you don't listen to Keith Urban, Willie Nelson, Leeann Rimes, or Kenney Chesney anymore either right? Or watch movies with any famous celeb who was involved in a cheating scandal either? Or what about your own personal decisions that many other people would not agree with... Give you're head a shake. You're not perfect either.

156 days ago


oh please it takes two and he was the one that was married not her.... his the one that wrecked his home

149 days ago


it takes two and his the one married not her his the one that wrecked his own home....

149 days ago


Went to the first annual iHeartRadio music country music festival. The first pre party was on Friday at the Ranch in Austin. Aldean had a spot reserved and everyone was so excited , even I was. Then he showed up....with her. Ridiculous He was completely rude and had his tongue down her throat the whole time. Were not allowed to take pics 'with flash' cause she kept covering his face or his body guards would get in your face. THEN WHY SHOW UP!?!?! I didn't want her pic anyways I liked him as a singer but not anymore he is heartless to his fans. People tried to say hi and he tottaly brushed them off too. I got a couple photos but honestly I wish he was a better man.

144 days ago
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