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New Mexico Running Back

Graphic Details Emerge

In Alleged Rape Case

4/23/2014 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Crusoe Gongbay Arrest

University of New Mexico running back Crusoe Gongbay was in a car with 2 other men when he allegedly kidnapped and raped a UNM student earlier this month ... this according to court documents obtained by TMZ Sports. 

As we previously reported, the 20-year-old football player was arrested in Albuquerque on suspicion of rape stemming from an incident in the early hours of April 13th. 

According to court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, the alleged victim told police ... Gongbay, along with 2 other men, approached her while she was sitting in a car outside of a house party and  made her get into a waiting BMW.

While in the BMW, the woman claims one of the men began to force her to perform oral sex on him, and then undressed her, while Gongbay and another man were in the car.

The woman claims the 1st man then put on a condom, "Forced [her] on his lap" and had sex with her.  

After he finished, the woman claims Gongbay also forced her to perform oral sex ... before putting on a condom and raping her as well. 

According to the documents, Gongbay and the 1st man were dropped off at an unknown location -- and the 3rd man drove her back to campus. 

But before he let her out of the car, the woman claims he pulled out a gun, held it to her head and forced her to perform oral sex. She claims he proceeded to rape her as well. 

The woman claims she was eventually allowed to leave the car -- and later went to police, where she identified Gongbay and another man. The identity of the 3rd person was unclear.  

Gongbay was arrested on suspicion of rape and kidnapping. He has since been suspended from the UNM football team.

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No Avatar



I'm not surprised by any of this

190 days ago


He looks like a rapist

190 days ago

Julian Q Owens    

innocent until proven guilty soooo imma wait on this one besides word of mouth

190 days ago


Went to high school together. Not surprised-although talented, he's a loud mouth, arrogant, pushy person

190 days ago


It is just sad all the way around. Promising careers ruined because of stupidity. Even if the are not guilty, it was still poor decision making.

190 days ago


I know Crusoe personally and have since middle school. Any one that knows him knows although he is completely capable of being an utter *******, RAPE is not in his character. And yes that doesn't clear him of all charges, but it certainly plays a major role into damning someone of being capable of something so terrible! Anyone that knows Crusoe knows that he is a Christian man. Its plastered all over his fb, Twitter and Instagram and although he is young in his walk, rape would certainly go against everything he knows. And of course, Christians are not incapable of rape (*cough Catholic Church) it needs to be taken into consideration. He is not some gang banger or thug black guy. The media loves to quote the “LOL” tweet that he made (in poor judgement) after being released from jail, but not the hundreds of other tweets made over the years about his faith and beliefs as an acknowledged child of God.

-These allegations state in another article that the 1st man raped her and then switched spots in the car (from the front seat to the back). The car was a BMW, and Crusoe is 205 pounds and 6 feet tall, i venture to guess his "accomplice" Ruff is about the same time. Idk about anyone else, but I find it difficult to climb from the front to the back seat by myself as a female at 140 pounds and 5 feet (and change). So I would love to see how 2 grown ass men did so without stopping the car to open the doors

- No one has seemed to put 2 and 2 together that they allegedly picked this girl up at 3 AM from a party....does this not scream drunk to me. So she drunkenly gets in the car and has a train ran on her (allegedly)....why is no one considering that maybe now she's just really embarrassed and using this as a way to cover up for her trashy acts. Lets not act like its the first (or last time).

-In other articles it says (and this article manages to leave out) that when she got in the car (or as the article implies, the point in which she's "kidnapped") she did so in front of a friend. She was sitting in another football players car (hmmm i wonder how/why she knows so many football players, because they always have strictly platonic friendships with lots of girls) outside of the party. The was not a dark alley nor was the girl shoved in the car. She was approached by Ruff, Gongbay and ??? and Ruff said "She's coming with us". Now...idk about anyone else but unless I want to go with someone and I'm in a completely public place in front of a friend. IM GOING TO SAY NO! Clearly if they were sitting in a friends car that friend must be near by...so why did MS.Maam (that will be what i call her seeing as she is unnamed thus far) get in the car to begin with

-Why is Gongbay the leading person in all these articles. It will be impossible for him to receive a fair trial. And isn't that what you all are all screaming. Justice? But in articles like this that lead with him and mention the other participants only after sufficiently listing all the other facts, how is that possible. And I understand, inverted pyramid, catch the readers attention and then give the rest of the facts....but why is he so important...because he plays football. Is it his fault the other boys do not have the particular skills he has (football) to be able to do the same thing. Does this make his (alleged) participation in this disgusting situation any better or worse? People choose to put these football players at these high standards that they haven’t earned and then when something happens act shocked and disgusted. You didn’t know him to put him/them to such high standards int he first place. NOT RATIONALIZING RAPE BEHAVIOR AT ALL but you all are so quick to praise him/them when they’re doing well for you’re cause….but as soon as the allegedly mess up are gone,and giving no chance of doubt for someone you held in such revere a week ago.

- Regardless of whether he’s innocent of not this childs name has been dragged through the mud and will forever be affiliated with Rape, because of this woman’s ALLEGATIONS. If innocent will you all be as quick to damn her as you were to accuse and abuse him? Its her word against his/theirs and last time I checked consensual group sex was not illegal (yucky, but not illegal).

Im NOT saying he’s innocent, but Im also not quick to damn him to hell and say he’s guilty either. If you looks at the facts its real Bad for him…but its not over till he sits for 12

190 days ago


Well first of all you ignorant pricks you don't know if she's telling the truth. I guess convenient everyone wore condoms so not much evidence. Every woman that cries rape has not been.

189 days ago


College and NFL football has become the breeding grounds for rapists. No woman is safe from these animals.

189 days ago



189 days ago


I really hate how the "victim" gets to remain anonymous and this young guy (who more than likely is innocent) is plastered on a nationwide publication for everyone to see. All broads have to do is scream rape and the guy is immediately presumed guilty. Not fair.

189 days ago



189 days ago


If he was such a saint he would of never put himself in that nasty mess. He thought he was getting away because three were involed so it all against her ! He may have had talent ' but his head couldn't handle it .

189 days ago

Lisa ray    

Looks like a lot of assumptions without the other side of the story. The female is anonymous while they trash this young mans name. No past criminal record and a senior in the classroom. Both stories need to be heard

188 days ago


Never heard of him till now.wht a waste I mean u must not be all that if u had to take it.get money and don't know how to act.

186 days ago

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