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Master P's Wife

He Owns 31 Properties, 13 Cars, & 45 Companies


4/24/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Master P
's estranged wife wants a $67 million parting gift from her marriage -- claiming she deserves a HUGE chunk of the rapper's empire ... which includes a small city worth of properties, a fleet of expensive cars, and more.

Sonya Miller just filed legal docs in the couple's bitter divorce, estimating the total value of community assets from the marriage at $178,743,300 -- including 31 properties, 13 cars, 45 companies, and other stuff. She wants nearly 40% of everything.

According to the docs, the real estate properties are spread across Cali, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia -- she wants eight of them. She also wants one of their three large chandeliers (valued around $300,000 a pop).

Sonya estimates the value of Master P's businesses -- including No Limit Records -- at $136,101,000 ... and wants $54 million of that. She also wants $10 million of Master P's "Make 'Em Say Ughh!" energy drink company. 

Other stuff -- Sonya wants her $28,000 wedding dress ... and ONE of Master P's 13 cars (the Escalade). Master P also owns a black Rolls, a green Bentley, a Porsche, a Jag, another Escalade, and several other ridiculous vehicles.

All told, Sonya is demanding $67,647,800 -- leaving Master P with a measly $111,095,500.



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Lol she won't get it or child support because the kids don't wanna be with her.. Pretty pathetic

180 days ago


What people don't realize is most of the things these people 'own' is bought with borrowed money. So technically he doesn't own crap. And if he keeps buying stuff for the sole purpose of keeping up appearances he's going to end up just like MC Hanmer. They always do...

180 days ago


Give her house number 3 and a daewoo or a ford pinto let her keep her dress and tell her kick rocks beggars can't be choosers well actually these days they can

180 days ago


How long were they married? Did they get married in CA?

180 days ago



180 days ago


give the pig the munny and then just patiently wait til her pigg heart explodes in her pigge chest cavity

180 days ago

Edddie Nash    

I said on the last Master P story that he owns a ridiculous amount of real estate when some lame swore he was broke. He spent the last 10 years buying nothing but real estate. He also owns several warehouse's all over L.A. that he rents out for photo shoots or filming. Some have recording studios in them.

180 days ago


Hiring a good hitman to off her is much cheaper than paying her anything. Most of these skanks should be shot for thinking that they deserve that kind of money from the men who made it. When are these idiots going to realise that a prenup is so easy to get?

180 days ago


So many musicians/celebrities blow their money in 3 years and then live beyond their means, while secretly being broke. It's pretty respectable and cool that he went from one hit record to really building an empire, and making a ton of money. He must be insanely smart.

180 days ago


And she doesn't need a man, just his money

180 days ago


I don't know why people on this site constantly attack women with no grasp of the actual story. They met in high school & he was a broke dude with NBA dreams that didn't get drafted. Then he wanted to rap & was still broke. She married him ANYWAY. Then TOGETHER they built an empire because what ambitious man wants a lazy ass woman in his life when he has nothing?? After over 20 years of marriage, they have amassed millions together and she now does not have a home of her own & is collecting welfare because Master P is a selfish *******. Of course the children want to maintain their standard of living. Their mom is not a "bad" person or a bad mother to them. She simply doesn't have any income separate from her husband, which unfortunately he controls. After that amount of time, he should've given her a house and car at least until this was settled.

180 days ago


He stated she is on drugs. That maybe explain why the children do not want to live with her. Just how much did she contribute. Being a spouse doesn't necessarily mean you contribute or were supportive. Unfortunately there are those would deserve very little but community property. .....

180 days ago

K South West    

Even if he owns all these things... accusing him of kidnap to TMZ is bogus...

180 days ago


Hope she gets her cut..she was with that Bamma dude from broke to rich..@ 20+ yrs...

180 days ago

The one    

Don't like master p at all...because of his warp view of his own race of women. You can date or marry any race you want, its when you put down and say the most disguising things about your own that's when it becomes a problem. Then when something goes wrong you expect your community to help you. The sad thing is you instill these messed up morals into your children and when they are old enough to make their own decision they still follow suite. So with that begin said no good is going to come by him or his seed until they see people for who they are and not how dark their skin is. sorry I used to think Romeo was the cutest thing until that ridiculous family open their mouth. How can you ever trust someone who says such hurtful and damaging things to the young girls that are growing up.

180 days ago
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