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Kim Kardashian

Keep Rita Ora Away From Me!

9/1/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian Rita Ora VMAsKim Kardashian gave Rita Ora the cold shoulder at the VMAs last Sunday -- refusing to sit near her -- and sources close to the family say it's because Kim blames her for screwing with Rob Kardashian's head.

We're told Kim arrived at the awards show and discovered her seat was just a couple away from Ora's. Not wanting any drama ... she asked producers to find her a different seat. We're told she wasn't a diva, she just didn't want to have to be social with Rita.

0829-rita-ora-chair-TWITTER-01Sources close to the Kardashians tell us the family still blames Ora for some of Rob's issues ... since his ugly breakup with her in 2012.  

VMA producers had to scramble, but ultimately they found a seat for Kim ... with Kendall and Kylie.


Suge Knight

Released From Hospital ...

Nursing Wounds at Home

8/27/2014 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Suge Knight left an L.A. hospital early Wednesday ... just 3 days after taking SIX gunshots to the gut at a pre-VMA party -- and he's healing amazingly well.

Suge's rep tells TMZ ... the music mogul left Cedars-Sinai around 6 AM, and doctors say he won't need any rehab -- just a few follow up visits.

As we previously reported ... Suge got blasted Saturday night at 1Oak nightclub at a Chris Brown hosted event -- but he's refusing to cooperate with the police investigation.

We're told Suge is already back on a regular diet, and if he keeps his bandages clean ... he'll be good to go.

Only Suge makes getting shot look like it's no big deal.

Bryan Cranston

Neighbors Are the Ones Who Knock

To Say Congrats on Emmy

8/26/2014 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bryan Cranston is beloved by all his neighbors for playing a horrifying villain, and they let him know it by decorating the front of his house after his Emmy win.

After Bryan won for Best Actor ... the "Breaking Bad" star returned home to find balloons tied to his fencing and a handwritten note congratulating him.

But the thing is ... the note looks like it was written by neighborhood kids -- and we all know ... "Breaking Bad" is NOT fun family viewing.

Maybe they're just "Malcolm in the Middle" fans.


Suge Knight

I Ain't No Snitch

Not Talking to Cops

8/26/2014 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Suge Knight is NOT talking to cops about the 6 bullets that penetrated his body ... refusing to drop a dime on anyone.

Sources close to Suge tell us ... the wounded mogul is fully conscious, although on several occasions police were turned away on false info -- that he was supposedly sedated.

But during one visit cops were actually allowed to see Suge. A source tells us when they asked about the shooting ... Suge acted disoriented, asking, "I was shot?"

We're also told witness cooperation has been minimal. If no one steps forward it will be tough to identify who pulled the trigger ... even though the gunman is on surveillance video at 1Oak.

Paula Patton

Now Accepting Applications

8/26/2014 4:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0826-paula-patton-pcn-01A freshly single Paula Patton re-emerged back out on the scene Monday night, hitting up Craig's in West Hollywood for a post-Emmys bash ... the first time she's been seen out since her break-up from Robin Thicke.

Don't get it twisted, just because she's single ... it doesn't mean you have a chance.

Sarah Silverman

Yeah, I Got High

AFTER the Emmys

8/26/2014 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

082614_sarah_silverman_launchSarah Silverman brought weed with her to the Emmys, but that doesn't mean she was high during the show. Now LATER in the evening is a whole other story ...

On her way into the big event, Sarah showed off her pot vapor pen and when she won an award ... people thought her speech was a little all over the place.

But after the show, Sarah told our photog she didn't smoke before or during the show ... but planned on celebrating with it later on.

Cause that's what winners do.


Katt Williams

Suge Was Not the Target

In Pre-VMA Shooting

8/26/2014 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katt Williams says he was with Suge Knight when he was shot at the pre-VMA party ... and the comedian maintains Suge was trying to protect someone else when the bullets started flying. 

Our photog spotted Katt out in Malibu Monday, where he broke down the shooting of his friend Suge, like this: 

-- Suge was not the intended victim and he was merely trying to save someone else ... possibly Chris Brown?
-- Suge's shooting was NOT gang-related because ... has there ever been a gang-related shooting where the other side didn't shoot back?

As for who pulled the trigger, Katt uncorked a rant about "nobody" shooting Suge ... theorizing the shooter might never be caught just like MLK Jr. and Malcolm X's assassins -- which makes zero sense since their killers were tried and convicted. 

That aside, watch the clip ... Katt makes more solid points than not.

Katy Perry

Parading Around with Riff Raff

The Ultimate Dark Horse

8/26/2014 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No one believed Riff Raff when he told us he was hooking up with Katy Perry -- but when they showed up at the VMAs together … in matching outfits … we started to reconsider.

And then we came to our senses and realized there's NO WAY this could possibly be more than a publicity stunt!!! Right? 

Jimmy Fallon

Kanyes Colbert's Emmy Speech

8/25/2014 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

082514_steven_colbert_launch_v2Jimmy Fallon just hijacked Stephen Colbert's Emmy awards acceptance speech -- and it was either the first shot in a new late night war ... or a totally planned bit.

Colbert's crew won for 'Outstanding Writing in a Variety Series' ... and after Gwen Stefani butchered Colbert's name, Fallon ran up on stage trying to deliver his own acceptance speech.

Colbert's reaction is pretty funny -- especially considering he's taking over for David Letterman on CBS when he retires ... and he'll be battling Fallon for ratings. 

Of course it might have all been scripted.

VMA Party Gunman

Caught on Tape

But No One's Talkin'

8/25/2014 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

082514_vma_shooting_launch_v2The man who shot Suge Knight and 2 others at a pre-VMA party early Sunday is on tape clear as Knight -- problem is ... so far the eyewitnesses are clamming up.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... 1Oak has a sophisticated surveillance system that covers almost the entire club, and at least one of the cameras clearly shows the gunman firing the shots. We're told the shooter's facial features are clear enough to make out.

As TMZ first reported ... cops are zeroing in on gang rivalry as a motive. Suge and Chris Brown -- who were inside the club -- make no secret of their Bloods affiliation. The Game -- who was denied entry -- also wears his Bloods affiliation on his sleeve.

We're told none of the witnesses want to be the person who fingers the gunman -- for obvious reasons.

We're told cops still have others to interview -- including Suge, who is currently sedated.

If all else fails, authorities may release the video so someone in the public can come forward -- almost certainly anonymously.

Nicki Minaj

BS No Time to Zip

Wardrobe Malfunction STAGED

8/25/2014 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicki Minaj CLAIMS her dress was unzipped during her performance at the VMAs because she didn't have enough time to get ready ... but that's BS -- she pulled the same stunt during rehearsals.

Eyewitnesses who watched Nicki's rehearsal Sunday morning tell TMZ ... she walked on stage wearing the same dress -- unzipped. One eyewitness says it caught her eye because she initially thought Nicki had come out in a robe.

We're told Nicki was wrapping her arms around the dress in a "weird" sort of way ... trying to manipulate it to see how much would be exposed.

And we're told ... the VMAs created a make-shift dressing room right off stage -- draped with black sheets -- so she would have enough time to change.

Whatever, it worked ... everyone's talking about it.

VMA Party Shooting

Hot Model Hit

'My Ass Took A 9mm' Bullet!!!

8/25/2014 8:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fashion model Megan Hawkins just earned her street cred ... but it may hamper her career ... she took a bullet apparently meant for Suge Knight at Chris Brown's VMA party ... and took it in the butt.

The 5'11" blonde-haired, blue-eyed model posted photos -- showing her in a hospital bed and using a walker to get around -- with the comment, "my ass took a 9mm and I'm keeping it as a souvenir."

Megan -- who's just 19 -- was one of 3 people shot inside 1Oak nightclub early Sunday morning.

Here's an unspoiled view of Megan pre-wound. Enjoy.



Riff Raff

See, I Told You I Was

Dating Katy Perry!

8/25/2014 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

082514_katy_perry_riff_raff_launch_v2Riff Raff tried telling us he was dating Katy Perry months ago and we didn't believe him ... but Sunday night, the two looked like quite the couple -- the key word being ... LOOKED.  

Following the VMAs, our photog spotted the happy couple leaving Mastro's wearing matching denim outfits. They were both clearly tipsy and joked about picking baby names. 

But when you see the car door close ... and Katy's hand press against the window -- this all starts to look like they're both trying way too hard. It's not that we don't want RR to land a chick like Katy ... it's just that their gushing stinks of a publicity stunt. 

Back in March, Riff Raff told us he and Katy were a thing, but check out the other girl in the video ... we assumed he was just kidding. Based on last night's video, we were probably right.


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