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'The Proposal' 1st Couple to Get Engaged ... Are Dunzo!!!

9/16/2018 4:38 PM PDT

The first couple who got engaged on ABC's 'Bachelor'-spinoff, "The Proposal," have called it quits just a few months after the show premiered this summer.

Amputee police officer Mike Crowe tells TMZ that his new fiancee, Monica Villalobos, broke things off with him while they were recently on a trip to Costa Rica. The split happened just last week in the middle of their vacation -- Mike says Monica told him she didn't have feelings for him anymore.

Mike's clearly still hurting from the fresh break-up. He says not only did he put himself out there in trying to meet that special someone on TV, but notes that a ton of people have gotten emotionally invested in their journey. Plus, he says the Costa Rica trip was supposed to be in celebration of his 30th birthday ... so this doubly sucks for him.

As to whether he feels like he was set up for failure by the premise of the show -- propose to someone you've never met within an hour-long program -- Mike says no. He tells us he didn't have any expectations and didn't feel any outside pressure on the relationship. It's unclear if Monica felt the same, but he implies she might've not loved the scrutiny.

There's a potential silver lining here though. We ask if he'd be open to being cast in "The Bachelorette" if producers come calling. Let's put it this way ... he ain't saying no!

Tamar Braxton's Ex Hospitalized With Gout ... Tamar Won't Visit

9/15/2018 12:35 AM PDT

Tamar Braxton's relationship with her estranged husband is apparently so far gone ... she won't even visit him in the hospital. 

We're told Vincent Herbert is hospitalized with gout in his elbow -- SUPER PAINFUL -- and Tamar has no plans to lift his spirits with a visit. 

Vincent has been in the hospital since Thursday, but she's been radio silent. We're told he and Tamar aren't talking anymore.

Tamar filed for divorce in 2017 after nearly 9 years of marriage.

Florence Nightingale ... clearly not her favorite character.

Get well soon, Vince.

Vanilla Ice's Wife Get the HOA Off My Back ... Pay For Our Home Repairs!!!

9/12/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Vanilla Ice doesn't live with his estranged wife anymore, but she claims he should still pony up for desperately needed home repairs ... 'cause the HOA is breathing down her neck!!!

VI and Laura Van Winkle are in the middle of a divorce ... and she's asking the court to make Ice open his wallet and pay for repairs on the home they share in Florida -- according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Laura lives in the home with their daughter, and she says the HOA is PISSED they have a dirty or mildewed roof and no fence around their pool. The horror!!!

Laura claims Vanilla blew off multiple notices by saying he wasn't the homeowner anymore ... but she says that's BS and adds Ice should fix everything because he says he's raking in $825K a year. 

Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst Files for Divorce

9/11/2018 4:44 PM PDT

9/12 11:13 AM -- According to the divorce docs, obtained by TMZ, Fred says they split on July 31. He doesn't want to pay his ex spousal support. 

4:00 PM -- Kseniya filed docs asking for spousal support. 

The nookie days are apparently over for Fred Durst and his wife -- the 2 are getting divorced ... TMZ has learned.

The Limp Bizkit frontman filed for divorce from Kseniya Durst after about 6 years of marriage ... according to new legal docs filed Tuesday in L.A.

The ex-couple don't have any kids together.

We broke the story ... Fred and the Ukrainian makeup artist tied the knot back in 2012, but kept their nuptials secret for years. We got suspicious in June 2015 when we saw them out together and she was rocking a giant ring.

Before Kseniya, Durst was married -- for just a little over a month -- to Esther Nazarov in 2009 ... before filing for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

CNN's Van Jones Wife Files for Divorce

9/7/2018 4:30 PM PDT

5:30 PM PT -- Jana and Van say, "Though we have decided to end our marriage, we still love each other very much. We will continue raising our kids together, running our businesses together and supporting each other's growth. There is no beef or drama -- just evolution."CNN political commentator Van Jones and his wife are breaking up ... TMZ has learned.

Jana Carter filed divorce docs Friday in L.A. County Court. They have 2 minor children together, both boys. Van and Jana got married in 2005, and according to the docs, obtained by TMZ, they separated back in May.

She's asking for joint legal and physical custody of the children, and spousal support.

Jana is an entrepreneur and attorney. 

Jones, who's also an attorney and author, worked in the Obama administration as the Green Jobs adviser. He's been a CNN personality since 2013 and, just this year, got his own show on the network. 

Pamela Anderson Sources Say She Dumped BF After He Proposed Marriage

9/7/2018 11:26 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Pamela Anderson broke things off with her soccer star boyfriend just days after he proposed the idea of marriage to her ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources connected to Anderson tell TMZ she's called it quits with Adil Rami after dating the World Cup champ for over a year. We're told he gave her a Cartier ring after winning the soccer tournament as a precursor to a proposal ... and recently talked about popping the question, but Pam said no.

Pam's still in France after moving out of the home the couple shared

Pam and Adil's relationship seemed to be healthy when he met Pam's mom in July, but apparently that wasn't enough to get them through the summer.

As for the ring ... our sources say Pam's given that to her oldest son, Brandon. 

Tisha Campbell-Martin My Ex Can Pay Support ... His Shirts Are Worth $750k!!

9/5/2018 3:04 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

"Martin" star Tisha Campbell-Martin is adamant her estranged hubby has the money to pay her spousal support ... and she says the proof is in his closet.

Tisha filed new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, and puts Duane Martin on blast for his wardrobe. In particular, she say he has more than 500 shirts that cost $1,500 a piece ... totaling a whopping $750k! Tisha says she knows this because Duane made a video bragging about it.

In docs, Tisha says she has $1.5 million in assets but right now doesn't have a steady source of income, and that's why she's asking for spousal support. She says her monthly expenses total at least $33k per month, and estimates Duane makes around $62k per month.

TMZ broke the story ... Tisha claims Duane was hiding money during their marriage. Tisha filed for divorce back in February after 20 years of marriage. 

Kourtney Kardashian's Ex Sisters Think He Set Up Pap Shot ... Grasping Onto 15 Minutes

9/5/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Younes Bendjima double-crossed Kourtney Kardashian by tipping off the paparazzi that she was having a secret meeting with him in a Malibu parking lot ... sources close tell TMZ.

We're told Kim and Khloe have solid reasons to believe the secret rendezvous photo -- obtained by TMZ -- was staged by Younes to squeeze out the last drops of his 15 minutes. 

We broke the story ... Kourtney was in the passenger seat of her Range Rover outside of a Malibu sushi joint Monday night, sparking rumors they were back together. Sources close to the exes quickly let us know that wasn't the case -- their chat was all about closure.

We're told Younes made the call to drive to that sushi spot -- a place the 2 had never been -- to park and have a talk. So, it seems awfully suspicious to the sisters that a photog was on scene.

Our sources say the Kardashians believe Younes frequently tipped off paps while he dated Kourt ... because they would show up at random places where the 2 were hanging out, and there's no way they would have known in advance.

We're told the sisters think Younes knew his relationship with Kourtney was over ... and this was his Hail Mary for the last bit of publicity.

Our sources also say ... the girls are more than happy Kourtney has moved on.

Kourtney Kardashian & Younes Not Back Together Your Eyes Are Deceiving You!!!

9/4/2018 2:00 PM PDT

There's an old saying ... Who ya gonna believe? Me or your lyin' eyes? Well, in Kourtney Kardashian's case ... what you see in the photo taken this weekend of her and Younes Bendjima, just isn't what it seems.

We got the pic of Kourtney and her ex on the down-low in Malibu over the weekend -- in the parking lot of a sushi joint -- and by all outward appearances it seemed they got back together.

Not so. Sources close to the former couple say Kourtney is happily single and is not back with her 25-year-old ex.

We're told YB's been in L.A. for weeks now wanting to meet up with his ex for closure, and Monday's rendezvous was just Kourtney giving him that chance to wrap it in a bow. It's the first time they've met face-to-face since she dumped him earlier this year. 

The good news for everyone else ... both of these hotties are still very much on the market. 

Kourtney Kardashian So, About That Breakup ... Hanging with Younes Again!!!

9/4/2018 8:30 AM PDT

Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima's split is not a done, DONE deal just yet ... based on the fact they're getting closer again in public.

Kourt chopped it up with Younes Monday night outside a Malibu sushi joint. Unclear if they actually dined together, or just hooked up post-meal, but they were sitting in her Range Rover while they chatted.

They had plenty of time to talk reunion, especially because Younes was behind the wheel of Kourt's whip when they drove off together.

As we reported, there were rumors Younes was caught cheating after pics surfaced of him last month in Mexico with Jordan Ozuna.

Our sources connected to Kourt said the breakup was more about distance between them, since they'd always had a long-distance relationship.

Kourtney has NOT looked the least bit heartbroken since then -- but after this weekend rendezvous in the 'Bu ... they're clearly less distant. 

Slash I'll Help Ex-Wife Out if She Agrees to Divorce Deal ... She Fires Back

8/30/2018 4:40 PM PDT

4:41 PM PT -- Perla's attorney, Marty Singer, tells us unlike what Slash may think, ending the marriage won't be that easy. Singer says, "Slash is well aware of the significant claims that have been made by Perla as to why the divorce documents cannot be finalized at this time." 

Singer says, "These include claims reflected in Perla’s court filings that there was a multi-million dollar audit settlement that was concealed from Perla, not paying in excess of $1,500,000 in child and spousal support payments, and significant advances received by Slash that will affect his future spousal and child support payments."  

He continues, "Even though Slash reported over $45,000,000 of income last year, my client’s court papers allege that he refused to pay for a $1500 drum set that was requested by his son, a musician in a band, so that he could have a drum set at his mother’s home where he spends approximately 90% of his time. The other drum sets are at Slash’s home and studio where Slash does not allow his teenage son to remove them.”Slash says his estranged wife is holding up finalizing their divorce for a bunch of trivial reasons -- the latest of which he says he's happy to help with ... if she agrees to close the book on their marriage.

The Guns N' Roses rocker filed new divorce docs responding to Perla Ferrar's latest claim in their ongoing war -- that Slash is hiding money from her, and that his new girlfriend is possibly responsible for harassing her and their kids online.

In the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Slash shoots down the notion he's concealing income, saying he's got cash coming in from multiple sources ... lots of which had been earned before they ever got hitched.

He also raises a pretty hilarious scenario -- that Perla allegedly asked him to buy one of their boys a third drum set, then bought a fourth drum set on her own ... and demanded Slash reimburse her. He says that's another reason she's holding up their divorce.

In addition to that, Slash says Perla is griping about ways they stay in contact -- insisting she be allowed to call him directly for custody scheduling or emergencies. He says they'd already agreed to use a program that eliminates the need to talk directly ... but she's insisting she be able to get on the horn with her ex whenever she thinks the need arises. 

Lastly, Slash addresses Perla's accusation that his live-in girlfriend created an IG account and was posting personal info about their family that could be harmful to their kids. Slash says he was alarmed at first, but quickly realized the account was aimed at Perla, not their boys ... and that a lot of the stuff being posted was from Perla's own account.

He says he's willing to help her get to the bottom of the IG harassment ... IF she agrees to the terms they struck in their divorce deal ... and IF she finally agrees to get divorced.

Originally Published -- 8/30/2018 10:32 AM PDT

Ex-'Real Housewives Of OC' Star Divorce Final ... Back on the Market!

8/28/2018 11:56 AM PDT

Alexis Bellino is officially back on the market ... 'cause the former 'Real Housewives of OC' star just finalized her divorce with now ex-husband Jim

Alexis and her former fling, Jim, filed docs in California Monday officially signifying their marriage is a wrap.

TMZ broke the story ... Jim filed for divorce in June, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple married on April 16, 2005.  

It's the second divorce for Alexis, who joined 'Real Housewives' in season 5 before leaving the show in 2013. She married her college sweetheart in 2002, and they split in 2004.

Jim is also going after 'RHOC' stars Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador ... filing a lawsuit against the women last month and suing for more than $1 million in damages for allegedly lying about his trampoline business and calling his divorce fake. 

'Floribama Shore' Kortni Gilson Ex-BF Arrested for Stalking After Sending Creepy Texts

8/24/2018 3:10 PM PDT

The ex-boyfriend of "Floribama shore" star Kortni Gilson blew off a judge who ordered him to stay clear of her and started sending her creepy messages ... and that just landed him in jail.

Logan Fairbanks has had a hard time letting go ... and that's a ridiculous understatement. He threatened to cut Gilson into pieces and even showed up at a bar she was at with a knife ... this according to the police report.

Gilson already had a restraining order on him, so she could have had police lock him up right then and there, but for some reason she didn't.  

Gilson breathed a sigh of relief in April when Fairbanks went radio silent on her, but the silence was broken in June when he reappeared. He started sending her text messages, including ...

"I still love you it's never gonna change, bye for now baby momma." He went on to text he didn't care if he went jail.  

That was enough because Gilson gladly obliged, called the cops and informed them he had violated the restraining order. Problem was ... cops couldn't find him.

Fast forward to Wednesday ... police located Fairbanks and arrested him for aggravated stalking, stalking and violating the restraining order. 

As of this post he's still in custody.

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