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Bobby Shmurda Early Prison Release Possible But, Ain't Gettin' Off Easy

4/16/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Bobby Shmurda could be walking out of prison sooner than he (and most people) expected ... thanks to some simple math.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Bobby will have a parole hearing in August 2020, and could be eligible to be paroled by December 2020 from Clinton Correctional Facility in Upstate NY.

Quick timetable: Bobby was sentenced to 6-7 years in 2016, so, theoretically, he wouldn't get a whiff of freedom until 2022 at best. However, a little something called time served is gonna push that date way forward.

The 23-year-old rapper sat in jail -- awaiting his murder conspiracy trial -- from December 2014 until his eventual sentencing. We're told he's getting credit for 685 days behind bars. That number, nearly 2 years, gets added to his prison time and equals ... 2020 parole, instead of 2022. 

The math won't matter, though, if he keeps screwing up in prison. He's racked up 11 violations, including drug possession, fighting and having a shank -- and good behavior weighs heavily with the parole board.

Viola Davis' Hubby on Break-In Those Prowlers Got Lucky Our House is Locked ... & Loaded?

4/15/2018 3:46 PM PDT

Viola Davis' husband says they've made necessary adjustments after their home was almost broken into last month, but it sounds like he was already prepared to defend his family. 

We got Julius Tennon Saturday at LAX, and asked about a recent attempted break-in at his and Viola's home ... during which they were home and fast asleep in their bedroom.

Julius says he was able to scare off the prowlers with his "Lion King" voice, and that he and V got rid of the ladder the dudes used to climb up to their second-floor balcony.

Then he drops an ominous warning for anyone considering to pull something like that again ... DON'T, 'cause he's got something more lethal than his voice. Guns, perhaps? You tell us.

Azealia Banks Claims She was 'Lowkey' Raped ... On Since-Deleted IG Posts

4/15/2018 11:25 AM PDT

Azealia Banks was breaking down and sobbing on her Instagram story Saturday night, claiming she'd been sexually assaulted ... and threatening to quit music over it.

In since-deleted Instagram videos posted to the NYC rapper's Story, Azealia can be heard crying over being "low key" raped by a man she claims pressured her into sex.

In the posts -- which were captured by a third party and posted online -- she starts off with a disclaimer saying she fells "like dirt." She also partially blames herself for the alleged rape, and goes on to threaten deleting her social media accounts until she's okay again.

Azealia was clearly affected by the incident -- the details of which are left ambiguous for now. She doesn't say where this happened, but presumably it occurred Saturday night. She also doesn't name the alleged perpetrator. 

You never see her face ... only her voice, which at one point says someone "got the best of me." She eventually asks someone to come pick her up -- but the posts were later deleted off her account. She did, however, allude to roofies in later posts ... and added she was "good" from the night before and that her show on Sunday was still on. 

It's unclear where she'll be performing tonight. 

Justin Bieber Punches Man Who Grabbed Woman by Throat ... At Coachella Party

4/15/2018 10:16 AM PDT

We're told the guy Bieber punched was NOT arrested. No one reported the choking incident.Justin Bieber punched a guy in the face and threw him against a wall after the man grabbed a woman by the throat at a Coachella party, and would not release his grip on her ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us Justin and a friend showed up at a party Saturday being attended by Patrick Schwarzenegger. Justin was talking to some people when a guy walked in, spotted a woman ... and went ballistic. Sources at the party say he appeared to be on drugs -- and it looked as if the woman may have been his ex-GF. 

We're told the guy suddenly grabbed the woman by the throat and would not release her. Justin and his friend started screaming at the guy to let her go, but he only screamed back "Go f*** yourself" ... maintaining his grip. At that point, Justin hit the man in the face and pushed him against the wall ... allowing the woman to break free. 

We're told the guy was thrown out of the party and a short time later, was chasing an SUV ... apparently believing Justin was inside. He was screaming Justin's name as he began hitting the vehicle. We're told cops eventually came and arrested him. 

Eagles Cornerback Daryl Worley Reportedly Tased and Arrested ... Found Passed Out in Car

4/15/2018 12:08 PM PDT

3:02 PM PT -- The Eagles have officially released Daryl Worley from the team. Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Daryl Worley was reportedly tased and arrested by police after he was found passed out in his car near the team's practice facility.

According to reports, Worley was arrested early Sunday morning after cops discovered him in a vehicle -- which allegedly contained a gun inside -- around the Eagles' South Philly facility. He allegedly became combative with officers, was reportedly subdued by taser. 

An Eagles spokesperson says the team is in the process of gathering more info about Sunday's incident. 

Yung Berg Blows Weed Charge Off His Record ... 9 Years Later!!!

4/15/2018 12:10 AM PDT

Yung Berg finally took care of business in his weed case ... took him 9 years to get it done, but IT. GOT. DONE.

The rapper got busted in October 2017 after cops responded for an altercation in the Miami hotel where Berg was staying. Cops ran the 'Love & Hip Hop' star's record, and found he had a warrant for blowing off a court date from a weed bust 9 years ago ... so they arrested him

Six months later, law enforcement sources tell us the weed charge, a misdemeanor, was dismissed after YB kept his nose clean and completed 8 hours of community service at an Atlanta rehab center. 

Case closed.

Coachella Security on the Lookout ... Final Warning, Counterfeiters!!!

4/14/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Everyone at Coachella this weekend better make sure their credentials are on point, because there's a serious crackdown this year, more than ever ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the music fest tell us all staffers have been instructed to meticulously check everyone's wristbands and passes -- especially for VIP areas -- because they've had issues in the past and don't want anyone where they don't belong.

We're told security's also keeping a watchful eye out for phone thieves -- a big problem last year -- and a zero-tolerance policy's in place for anyone caught jacking personal property. All perps will be arrested on the spot.

We broke the story ... there will also be intensive surveillance at Coachella, including drones that will blanket the festival grounds, scanning for ominous looking packages and people.

And as we reported ... the fest's still a no-go on weed.

Albert Belle Charges Dismissed In Indecent Exposure Case

4/13/2018 1:51 PM PDT

Albert Belle is off the hook for allegedly shaking his genitals at a 15-year-old girl while peeing outside of a soccer stadium ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Belle was arrested in Scottsdale, AZ on March 24 and charged with 2 counts of indecent exposure (1 felony, 1 misdemeanor) after officials said he shook his penis at a man and his daughter while relieving himself next to an SUV. 

Cops said 51-year-old Belle reeked of alcohol and had been yelled at by the family to stop urinating in public because there were kids present. Belle allegedly responded by shaking his dong at them and yelling at them to stop looking. 

Now, officials tell us ... both indecent exposure charges have been dismissed -- but we don't know why. 

Belle had also been arrested for DUI during the incident -- but officials never moved forward with that charge. 

Bottom line ... Belle is in the clear. 

Stan Lee Sues Ex-Business Manager for $20M

4/13/2018 12:07 PM PDT

Stan Lee just sued his ex-business manager, alleging the guy swindled him out of more than $1.4 million ... and sources tell us Stan wants $20 million to make him pay.

Stan's lawyer, Jonathan Freund, filed legal docs claiming Jerardo Olivarez set him up in disastrous business deals but more importantly ... Stan's pointing the finger at him as the guy who bought an $850k condo without Stan's permission and also may have forged a $300k check.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Stan also claims Olivarez had a nurse inject Stan with a syringe and extract his blood to sell it in Las Vegas as a collectible. What's more ... Stan claims Olivarez got him into crappy deals to sell his name and likeness. Stan claims that's caused him to get sued for millions of dollars.

TMZ broke the story ... several "Black Panther" comic books had a "Hand-Stamped Signature of STAN LEE using Stan Lee's Solvent DNA Ink" without Stan's approval, and were discovered by his friend and partner, Keya Morgan. We also first reported Stan was missing $1.4 million out of his account ... a huge chunk used for the condo. 

YouTube Shooter Body Cam Vid Cops Ask If She's Dangerous And Why She Left Home

4/13/2018 11:58 AM PDT
Breaking News

The YouTube shooter told cops she wasn't planning to hurt anyone hours before she continued her trip to carry out the attack ... according to new police body cam footage.

Nasim Aghdam's seen calmly talking to Mountain View, CA cops in the early morning hours of April 3. She explains why she left her family in San Diego before answering "No" to a series of questions about whether she wants to hurt herself or anyone else.

It's pretty eerie ... the cops are half-joking around with Aghdam by the end of their talk before deciding to let her go. Hours later, she shot and injured 3 people at the YouTube campus before killing herself.

As we reported ... Aghdam's father says he reported her missing in Southern California before her run-in with Mountain View cops, and when they contacted him they said they found her and everything was "under control."

Aghdam had posted videos before her attack expressing frustration with YouTube, claiming the platform unfairly censored her content and discriminated against her.

Orlando Brown Arrested in His Undies by Bounty Hunters ... Crazy, Intense Video!!!

4/13/2018 9:40 AM PDT

Orlando Brown was arrested for an outstanding warrant, but not by cops -- by determined bounty hunters who busted into a man's house and found the former "That's So Raven" star hiding ... in his underwear.

We're told the crazy video footage -- obtained by TMZ -- is from a raid by Lucky the Bounty Hunter in Las Vegas around 6:30 AM Friday. It starts with Lucky and his team trying to enter, but getting pushback from the homeowner, who claims they have no legal right.

Lucky tells us he had legal paperwork and warrants so they were allowed to enter the home and look for Orlando ... so they made it happen by force. After an intense search, they found Brown hiding in a bedroom closet in a t-shirt and boxers and made the arrest.

As we reported ... a judge issued a warrant for Brown when he failed to appear in court last month for another case -- for allegedly striking his girlfriend last year in Torrance. 

The owner of the Vegas home tells us he was letting Brown stay there as a favor for a music producer neighbor, but he got concerned about harboring Brown when his fiancee showed up Thursday night ... saying he was a fugitive.

The homeowner's pissed too ... he believes his home was entered unlawfully and claims his door was damaged and his shoulder was injured. He plans on contacting authorities soon about the raid to see if his rights were violated.

Aldon Smith Being Transferred to Substance Abuse Facility

4/13/2018 10:05 AM PDT

NFL star Aldon Smith is being transferred from county jail to an inpatient substance abuse facility after officials say his blood alcohol level registered at .40. 

TMZ Sports spoke with San Francisco District Attorney spokesperson Alex Bastian who said Smith is currently being moved. We're told the facility is located in California. Officials believe Smith clearly suffers from alcoholism. 

No word on how long Smith is expected to stay in the facility. His next court hearing is May 3. 

As we previously reported, Smith was arrested on domestic violence charges stemming from a March 3 incident with his then-fiancee. 

As part of his bail, the judge ordered Smith to stay completely sober and wear a SCRAM alcohol monitoring device. 

But, things went sideways last Friday when the device showed his B.A.C. was at .40 ... which is an alarmingly high number. In fact, many studies show a .40 could lead to a coma or even death. 

Smith's fiancee has since left the NFL star -- but hopes he can clean himself up. 

Meek Mill Speaks from Prison ... I Was Doomed by 10 Yrs. Probation!!!

4/12/2018 3:26 PM PDT

Meek Mill is speaking from the prison where he's serving his controversial sentence -- and insists the judicial system set him up to fail ... from jump street.

Meek talked by phone to Lester Holt of NBC Nightly News about the 2-4 years Judge Genece Brinkley gave him, and he says the real problem started way back in 2008 when he was convicted on gun and drug charges. 

Meek feels the 10 years probation he got way back then made it nearly impossible for him to avoid getting tossed in prison. As he puts it, a simple jaywalking ticket would've been enough for Brinkley to lock him up ... under the law.

The Philly rapper's case is drawing national attention now -- and he's getting tons of high-profile support -- as critics question Judge Brinkley's sentence. Despite the pressure, she's refused to recuse herself or grant Meek a bail hearing.

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