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NFL's Shiloh Keo Pleads Guilty in DUI Case ... Dodges Jail Time

7/1/2016 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0701-shiloh-keo-GETTY-01Denver Broncos safety Shiloh Keo just pled guilty to a misdemeanor DUI charge stemming from his arrest back in February ... but he won't spend any time behind bars.

Keo -- who recovered the Patriots' onside kick during the AFC championship game and helped send the Broncos to the Super Bowl -- was popped for DUI on February 13th in Ada County, Idaho.

Today, he pled guilty to one count of misdemeanor DUI -- and, in exchange for his plea, the 28-year-old got 1 year probation and a suspended license. He also has to speak at 8 high schools and pay a $952.50 fine.

If he completes all the terms, the case will be expunged from his record. 

2 Chainz You Found My Ring? Here's a Couple Benjamins!

7/1/2016 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

2 Chainz is a ring fan ... so much so he rewarded a fan with cash when she found the missing bling.

The rapper performed Thursday night at Club La Vela in Panama City Beach, Florida and showed fan appreciation by spraying the crowd with water. Check out the vid ... it appears 2 Chainz's ring flies off his finger.

You can see staff and fans search for the jewelry ... when a girl pops up with the ring, flags down the rapper and returns it. For her honesty, we're told 2 Chainz handed over $200.


NBA's Meyers Leonard Courted By Raptors Coach ... In Bev Hills Meeting

7/1/2016 12:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0701-meyers-leonard-dwane-casey-talking-hotel-TMZ-SPORTS-01Some NBA movin' and shakin' in Bev Hills Friday -- with Toronto Raptors head coach Dwane Casey meeting with 7'1" Meyers Leonard ... and TMZ Sports has the pic. 

Leonard was a 1st round pick by the Portland Trailblazers in the 2012 Draft -- and has been a solid player. But now he's a restricted free agent and looking for a payday. 

Enter the Raptors ... they could be looking to replace free agent center Bismack Biyombo -- who could bolt Toronto to chase bigger money in the free agent sweepstakes.

Stay tuned ... 

Mexican Singer Ana Barbara Wells Fargo Cost Me Over $1 Million!!

7/1/2016 12:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0701-ana-barbara-wells-fargo-INSTAGRAM-01Wells Fargo has enabled two crooked employees to fleece a famous Mexican singer out of her hard-earned money ... so claims the performer in a new lawsuit. 

Latin Grammy winner Ana Bárbara accuses the bank and two of its employees of opening up several accounts and then taking more than $416k. Bárbara, who speaks limited English, says she trusted them when she signed up for the accounts.

Bárbara -- who's sold over 6 million albums -- claims one of the employees fessed up to the theft. And now the singer also wants Wells Fargo to pay nearly $900k for loss of income after claiming she had to cancel concerts in Mexico and Bolivia to deal with this mess.

Bárbara accuses Wells Fargo of creating a corrupt business culture that presses its employees into fraudulent practices to meet unreachable sales. The lawsuit points out the L.A. City Attorney's Office has gone after the bank for these practices.

We reached out to Wells Fargo, but got no comment. 

Bebe Clothing Creator You Can Live as Large as Me ... For $40 Mil

7/1/2016 10:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0701-Manny-Mashouf-Bebe-creator-selling-house-launch-3Women's clothes can make you super rich ... and if you had any doubt look at the estate the creator of Bebe clothing wear is selling.

Manny Mashouf has just put his Holmby Hills estate on the market for a cool $40 million. Everything about it is spectacular, especially the grounds.

The house itself is 20,000 square feet and has 8 bedrooms, 13 baths, a tennis court, billiards room, card room, and on and on.

There's also a lease option for $150,000 a month.

The agent is the ubiquitous Mauricio Umansky and David Parnes from The Agency.

Anyone who ever bought a blouse from Manny ... he says, thanks.

Rick Ross House Arrest Never Looked So Chill

7/1/2016 11:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rick Ross has always been an industrious guy -- figuring out ways around the word "no" -- so it's no surprise he figured out a way to get a luxurious spa treatment in the confines of his palatial ATL cell, ankle bracelet and all.

The rapper had celeb massage therapist Loyale, of Green Room Massages, stop by for a 4-hour poolside session.

The video's hysterical, watching Loyale maneuver around the bracelet.

Loyale tells us she customized RR's session to lower his blood pressure. The price tag ... $1k, and he left a big fat tip. 

Blowing money fast ... it’s Ross' thing.

Lifetime Sued The Fempire Strikes Back

7/1/2016 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

070116-fempire-lifetimeWhat do you get when you combine chicks and "Empire"? A lawsuit.

Alta Tseng and Jessica Corbin claim they launched their Fempire brand in 2004 to encourage female empowerment and promote female trends. They cemented their brand by snagging a trademark for what has become a mini-empire, which includes apparel and blogs.

Along came Lifetime, which launched a slate of women-driven shows it refers to as "Fempire."

You know the drill.  Alta and Jessica want Lifetime to stop ... and, of course, they want moolah.

Lisa Vanderpump Restaurant Sued Would You Like Glass in Your Calamari?

7/1/2016 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0701-lisa-vanderpump-tmz-facebook-02Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant is being sued by a customer who claims their garnish messed him up something fierce.

John Santos claims in a new lawsuit he was chowing down on calamari at Pump in WeHo when he felt a sharp pain in his mouth.

Santos says he realized in short order he was chomping on shards of glass, and it didn't take long for blood to ooze from his mouth.

John alleges he instantly alerted the manager, who scurried over and removed the plate.

Santos says he has medical bills from Urgent Care to prove his injuries. He's gunning for more than $25k.

Lisa's hubby, Ken Todd, tells us they serve 500 meals a day and nothing like this has ever happened. Ken seems suspicious, saying Santos came to the restaurant asking for a king's ransom.

Ken adds, Pump has an A rating.

Rapper Bun B Kevin Durant's My Homie You NEED to Sign with Houston!!

7/1/2016 9:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Did you know ... rap legend Bun B is longtime homies with Kevin Durant???

It's true -- and now the rap legend is reaching out to the NBA superstar to convince him to sign with his beloved Houston Rockets. 

With Durant officially on the market, the Trill OG made this video pitch to KD -- explaining why Houston is the PERFECT fit for a 27-year-old multimillionaire.

Good luck ... 

Chris Brown Cops Boot Singer from Ibiza Vomit and Urine Everywhere

7/1/2016 9:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0701-chris-brown-TMZ-01Chris Brown is once again in the crosshairs of cops, but this one's weird.

Chris rented a villa in Ibiza for the last week in June, and the landlord went to police and accused Chris of trashing the house. According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Chris or someone in his crew either threw knives at the wall or carved them up.

And the alleged damages gets worse ... the landlord says someone peed the bed and there was vomit everywhere.

As for why cops got involved, according to the report, Chris was supposed to be out hours ago and wouldn't leave, so the landlord got police to help give him the boot.

The landlord says Chris is also on the hook for $26k in rent, and with damages the landlord is now gunning for around $60k. A source close to Chris says the rent issue has been resolved, and was a banking problem on the landlord's end. 



NFL's Tarvaris Jackson I Have No Cash ... I Need a Public Defender

7/1/2016 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0701-tarvaris-jackson-getty-01NFL quarterback Tarvaris Jackson -- who reportedly made more than $13 MILLION during his 9 year career -- requested a public defender in his assault case ... claiming he has no cash to his name. 

It's all laid out in court docs obtained by TMZ Sports ... stemming from a June 24th incident in which the ex-Seahawks QB allegedly pulled a gun on his wife and threatened to shoot her. 

33-year-old Jackson was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and faces prison time if convicted -- but instead of locking up an expensive high powered attorney, Jackson requested a public defender ... which costs exactly $FREE-99. 

In the court docs, Jackson says he has no income, no savings, no banks accounts, stocks, etc ... all he owns is a $100,000 car. 

But the judge didn't buy TJ's broke claims -- denying his request for a free public defender -- essentially forcing the QB to pay for his own lawyer. 

By the way, the judge also ordered TJ to not drink ANY booze while out on bond and to stay away from all bars. He was also ordered to hand over all of his guns. 

Birdman Threatened Garment Guy Wants Respek ... Or He'll Sue

7/1/2016 7:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0701-birdman-TMZ-02Birdman demands respek from others, but isn't a giver ... so claims a guy who owns the now-famous phrase and is threatening a lawsuit.

A guy named JV, who owns a clothing company, got a trademark for the word "Respek" back in 2005 and has been hawking shirts and hats with the word for years on his website


JV is indignant that Bridman's rant, "Put some respek on it," has caught fire and the mogul has reportedly made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling jackets, shirts and other schmatas with the phrase.

JV's lawyer fired off a letter to Birdman, threatening to sue. In the letter, obtained by TMZ, the lawyer doesn't specifically ask Birdman to stop selling the items, but just says "call me."

Translation ... he wants a cut of the action.

Sophie Tweed-Simmons I’m Not Faking It In My Sexy Snapshots

7/1/2016 7:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sophie Tweed-Simmons is scoffing at the haters who think her sultry lingerie shoot was photoshopped to a fare thee well.

The curvy daughter of Gene Simmons and ex-Playmate Shannon Tweed was out and about in Santa Monica Thursday and put her hips on display to prove her point.

Sophie says her "Adore Me" photos are the real deal.

sophie_tweed_simmons_subPeople thought that her butt had been plumped up. 

Judge for yourself ...

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