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Ariana Grande Be Big, Be Bold ... Be Smelling Good with My Perfume!!!

9/18/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Ariana Grande wants folks smelling sweet and dandy with a new line of perfume that's got her name slapped all over it in GRANDE letters ... TMZ has learned.

AG's company, GrandAri Inc., recently filed paperwork to lock up the rights to the phrase "Be Grande" for use on a number of fragrance products, including perfume, cologne, body lotions, bath gels, shower gels, body scrubs, body souffles and body mists.

In other words ... it looks like men AND women could "Be Grande" if her application is approved. That's a sweet(ener) gesture on her part -- especially since she's already got a gender-neutral fragrance on the shelves. In fact, Ari's got a total of 5 perfumes under her belt ... with a new one called "CLOUD" that just dropped this week. She teased "CLOUD" on IG earlier this summer.

Presumably, "Be Grande" would be her sixth fragrance installment. Sounds Smells good to us!

'Black-ish' Star Jenifer Lewis Rocks Nike to Emmys ... 'I'm With Kaep'

9/17/2018 3:30 PM PDT
Breaking News

Forget Dior and Chanel ... "Black-ish" star Jenifer Lewis was all about NIKE at the Emmys -- rocking a Swoosh sweatshirt to support Colin Kaepernick

"I am wearing Nike to applaud them for supporting Colin Kaepernick and his protest against racial injustice and police brutality," the actress told Variety. 

Lewis says she was swimming the other day when she started brainstorming fashion ideas that would be "meaningful" on the red carpet ... and that's when Nike came to mind. 

"I'll wear Nike to say 'thank you' ... thank you for leading the resistance. We need more of corporate America to stand up also."

She added, "Thank you, Colin. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for being brave. Thank you for taking a knee. Thank you."

Nike signed Colin to a new deal recently -- and will be dropping everything from a new custom shoe to a Kaepernick-themed apparel line. 

J. Alexander Slick Woods & RiRi Changed Fashion With Near-Runway Birth

9/17/2018 4:15 PM PDT

J. Alexander says the pregnant model who went into labor during Rihanna's fashion show has changed the runway game for good -- which will help models of all sizes.

We got America's favorite runway coach and judge from 'ANTM' at LAX, where we asked if Slick Woods revolutionized the fashion industry by walking the Savage x Fenty runway at 9 months pregnant, going into labor backstage and delivering her baby all in a 14-hour time span.

J. says she absolutely has, and RiRi's responsible for putting her in a position of trailblazing.

He explains because Rihanna doesn't play by the rules and hires models with varying body types -- and at varying stages of life (in and out of the womb) -- designers will follow suit, and models will get more gigs. It's a win-win for everyone, really.

There's also this -- J. tells us he wants to see a delivery right there on the runway floor next time ... just to up the ante.

Here's our reaction to that suggestion. 

DeSean Jackson I'm Fitzpatrick's Stylist Now! Gotta Keep Him Conor McGregor Fresh!

9/17/2018 10:42 AM PDT

DeSean Jackson says Ryan Fitzpatrick looked SO GOOD in his borrowed clothes after Sunday's game ... he's gonna make it his mission to keep him fresh all season long!! 

TMZ Sports spoke with the Bucs star WR after he lit up the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday -- a team he takes great pleasure in torching ever since they let him go back in 2014. 

"It felt like no other, bro" DeSean said when asked about that 75 yard TD on the first play of the game ... "It was like surreal. It was a great feeling."

Jackson says the whole team is in a good place after the win -- but tells us they're staying focused on the long-term goal, "We're not peaking too soon."

As for Fitzpatrick, DeSean says he's been getting high praise for the way he dressed up his QB after the game ... some even compared Fitz to Conor McGregor ... so DJ says he's gotta keep the tradition going! 

"I had him looking fresh ... I might [have to dress him] every week!" 

We also talked about Jameis Winston -- and how he's handling watching the team kill it while he serves his 3-game suspension

Jackson says Jameis has been nothing but supportive and the team can't wait to have him back. 

As for who will get the starting nod once Jameis returns ... DJ says, "I'm not sure how that's going to play out."

DeSean's a busy man these days ... he's also launching his own podcast, "One-on-One" -- where he drills down on everything from the national anthem demonstrations to Serena Williams

Rihanna Bright Like a Diamond for NYFW

9/14/2018 7:15 AM PDT

Rihanna is a shooting star in the fashion world, and her NYFW shindig proved she is the straw that stirs the drink.

RiRi threw her 4th annual Diamond Ball bash Thursday night at Cipriani Wall Street and TONS of celebs came out in droves. It's a special event for her -- it's benefiting her Clara Lionel Foundation, which helps impoverished communities around the world.

Her famous friends showed her plenty of love -- Meek Mill, Gucci Mane, Gayle King, Trevor Noah, Paris Hilton, La La Anthony, Tiffany Haddish, Issa Rae, Odell Beckham Jr., James Harden, A$AP Rocky and on and on ...

Childish Gambino performed ... slipping outta his shirt for "This is America."

No word if anyone went into labor at this event.

Rihanna Fashion Show Pregnant Model Goes Into Labor After Runway!!!

9/13/2018 11:25 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Rihanna's fashion show was eventful, both on and offstage, because we've learned one of the models went into labor.

It went down Wednesday night at the Savage X Fenty show in Brooklyn, NY. Slick Woods was super pregnant as she rocked black pasties and lingerie with cutouts ... along with nude-colored, thigh-high pantyhose.

The crowd loved it, but just as the 22-year-old walked backstage, we're told she went into labor. We're told paramedics showed up to help Slick along. She was taken to the nearest hospital.

The baby boy's name will be Saphir.

The dad is Adonis Bosso, who's also a model.

Jason Wu on Meghan Markle Not Sure If She's Pregnant ... But, She's Easy to Work With!!!

9/13/2018 11:25 AM PDT

Meghan Markle is a royal, so you could forgive her for being high maintenance when it comes to picking an ensemble, but designer Jason Wu says she's easy like Sunday morning when it comes to fashion.

We got Jason Wednesday at LAX ... and he tells us Meghan simply picked out a dress from his upcoming spring collection to wear to a charity concert in London. 

There's been speculation Meghan might be pregnant based on the fit of that dress, but Jason says he isn't privy to that royal secret ... IF it's true. 

The royal clothing budget for Meghan, Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton has reportedly increased by $2 million to a whopping $6.5 mil -- which certainly doesn't sound low maintenance, but Jason says that ain't on Meghan. 

Meghan is a fashion icon now and has been compared to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana

View this post on Instagram

06 August 1986: Princess Diana looks at fabrics and design sketches during a meeting with designer couple David and Elizabeth Emanuel in her sitting room at Kensington Palace to prepare for the first royal tour to The Arab Gulf ■ 06 أغسطس 1986: اﻷميرة ديانا تجلس على اﻷرض لرؤية نماذج من اﻷقمشة الملونة والتصاميم، وذلك خلال اجتماعها مع المصممين ديفيد وزوجته إليزابيث إيمانويل في غرفة المعيشة بقصر كنسينغتون لتحضير مجموعة جديدة من اﻷزياء قبل انطلاقها في أول جولة ملكية رسمية إلى دول الخليج العربي ■ #princessdianaforever #humanitarian #princessofwales #princessdiana #gb #hertruestory #kensingtonpalace #uk #thebritishroyalfamily #theroyalfamily #thebritishmonarchy #queenofhearts #instagood #instaroyal #instalike #di #fashionicon #peoplesprincess #style #glamorous #icon #foreveryoung #uk #الأميرة_ديانا #أميرة_ويلز #أميرة_القلوب #الأميرة_ديانا_لﻷبد #بريطانيا #لندن #قصتها_الحقيقية #أميرة_الشعب

A post shared by Princess Diana Forever (@princess.diana.forever) on

Di famously poured over fabrics and designs in Kensington Palace -- but Jason says Meghan's just not that picky. Everyone's different.

Still, it's easy to see why Jason is dying to work with Meghan again.

Lena Dunham Revolve Screwed Me With 'Fat is Not Beautiful' Sweatshirt

9/13/2018 9:54 AM PDT

9/14 -- Revolve issued an apology, saying, "We messed up big. We are SO SORRY for hurting and offending you." They go on to say they have canceled the line and are donating $20k to Girls Write Now -- the charity that was going to benefit from sales of the sweatshirt.

Lena Dunham is backing up the bus over Revolve ... saying the company essentially stabbed her in the back when it put her "Fat is not Beautiful" sweatshirt on a skinny white chick.

Lena says she had teamed with Revolve to roll out the shirts which read, "Fat is not beautiful it's an excuse." She says the intent was to reclaim the hateful phrases Internet trolls use -- a la rappers using the n-word.

But, she says that all backfired when the clothing company "presented the sweatshirts on thin white women." Lena says that destroyed any attempt to reclaim the phrase because ... well, now it just seems mean. She's right. It ain't a great look.

The backlash was immediate, and even though plus-size model Tess Holiday seemed to laugh it off -- Revolve pulled the ad featuring the skinny white model ... then started the damage control. It says it's donating $20k to a young women's charity.

By the way, the sweatshirt cost $168 and had already sold out by the time the ad was pulled.

We haven't seen a clothing retail PR disaster this big since way back in early 2018 ... when H&M pulled this racist "monkey" business

Gigi & Bella Hadid Lingerie, Fishnet Stockings & Heels Rihanna Knows Wassup!!!

9/13/2018 7:35 AM PDT

If there was a lingerie superhero league, Gigi and Bella Hadid would be the most dynamic duo, with their powers being ... getting you weak in the knees. Duh!

The supermodel sisters threw on some racy lingerie for Rihanna's Savage X Fenty fashion show in Brooklyn. Exactly what NY Fashion Week needs. Thanks, RiRi!!!

Gigi wore racy lingerie with fishnet stockings and a cool cape that'll have you asking ... Superwoman who? Not to be outdone ... Bella wore some lace bottoms and slipped on some sheer gloves. Deadly touch. She's been on fire lately ... slaying over the weekend with busty ensembles.

BTW ... Rihanna's show also featured 2 pregnant models, including Slick Woods

Cristiano Ronaldo My New Undie Ad's Got Balls

9/12/2018 6:33 AM PDT
Breaking News

Honest question ... what's the first thing you looked at when you saw this picture?

Thought so. 

Anyway, here's Cristiano Ronaldo stripping down to his skivvies for his brand new CR7 underwear campaign ... which features the soccer superstar trying to look sexy in a ball pit. 

Is it working? (Spoiler: Yes)

It's the 10th season of Ronaldo's line which started in 2014. Clearly, the Juventus striker believes there's nobody better to model his high-quality underwear than himself. He's right. 

“This was one of the most fun shoots ever! I'm a big kid at heart and it's not every day you get to jump into a giant ball pit," Ronaldo says.

"CR7 Underwear makes you both look and feel good, so I wanted the new campaign to capture that and have a fun and light-hearted feel!”

"My new Fall/Winter range combines optimum fit with cool, edgy design in some of my favourite colours."

Disclaimer -- CR7 underwear will not help you look or play like Ronaldo. 

Madonna's Daughter Pimps Half Off Sale

9/12/2018 6:43 AM PDT

Madonna's daughter got RIPPED at NY Fashion Week ... her denim, not her performance.

Lourdes Leon made her runway debut with this getup Tuesday at the Gypsy Sport show. Lots to unpack here so let's start from the top -- that green thing you see is a palm leafy feathered hairpiece. The other accessory is a pair of some tiny sunglasses.

The top is a beaded seashell chain followed with some excessively ripped jeans. Rounding out the outfit ... some bulky dad kicks. The 21-year-old's dabbled in modeling before with several ad campaigns but this is the first time we see her stroll down fashion lane.


Travis Scott I'm Ready for S.P.A.C.E!!!

9/12/2018 12:50 AM PDT

"Astroworld" was just the start ... Travis Scott's now looking to take his brand to another world, like a true space cadet.

The rapper recently filed paperwork to acquire the rights to "S.P.A.C.E" ... and it looks like he wants to plaster that term all over a wide variety of merchandise.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Travis has earthly plans to produce "S.P.A.C.E" branded clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, non-alcoholic beverages and an online retail store to sell it all.

Scott also filed docs to lock down "S.P.A.C.E 1991" and "S.P.A.C.E 2001." What's not clear in the docs is what the hell it stands for, if anything. It's possible he's just a Stanley Kubrick fan.

Either way, keep an eye out for the new brand from Travis, as he boldly goes where no man has gone before ... with consumer goods.

Oakley Founder Naked Dude Busted into My Mansion But Thought It Was Paris Jackson's

9/11/2018 12:31 PM PDT

The 3 little bears got nothing on the billionaire behind Oakley sunglasses ... 'cause he says he found a naked man lounging in his bed hot tub, and things got even weirder when Paris Jackson got dragged into it.

James Jannard, who's worth about $3 billion, didn't actually find the naked guy -- he's got people for that -- and, according to docs, Jannard's peeps have found the same perpetrator lurking 3 times on the property of his Beverly Hills mansion.

Jannard says the first time his housekeeper found Terry Purifoy having a naked soak in the spa -- and another time Purifoy broke in and really made himself at home. Cops found him on a couch watching TV and drinking beers.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Jannard says Purifoy broke in through a rear window to the home. He adds ... Purifoy seems to think he's breaking into Paris Jackson's home, and claims he has the right to be there. 

Not that it would really matter, but Paris doesn't live anywhere near Jannard's crib.

A judge granted the eyewear mogul a temporary restraining order, which forces Purifoy to stay 100 yards away ... or else.  

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