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Kim and Kendall All Gussied Up For 'Ocean's Eight'

1/17/2017 6:36 AM PST

0117-launch-kim-kardashian-kendall-jenner-cceans-eight-splashIt's Kim Kardashian like you haven't seen her ... since October.

Kim and sister Kendall dressed up like they were going to one of Kanye West's fashion shows Monday night, only it was for a cameo in the upcoming "Ocean's Eight," which is currently shooting in NYC.

Your move, Julia. 

Steph Curry Rocks 'Obama Sneakers' ... to Dominate Cavs

1/17/2017 7:21 AM PST
Breaking News

0117-steph-curry-shoes-in-game-getty-02Yes he can. 

Steph Curry paid tribute to his favorite president Monday night ... rockin' a special pair of Obama-themed Curry 3 sneakers to play the Cavs ... complete with #44's signature on the bottom! 

Steph and Barack have been tight for years -- and the Golden State Warriors star felt MLK Day was the perfect occasion to honor the first African-American POTUS. 

The shoes are dope -- red, white and blue in color with the presidential seal and #44 on the tongue ... along with the words, "Back2Back."

It seems to be a reference to the 2 terms B.O. served as Commander-In-Chief. 

Curry also tweeted about the kicks, "Honoring our President Barack Obama today on court! He embodies the inspiration, faith & hope Dr. King stood for! We R Forever Grateful! #44."

FYI, Curry dropped 20 in the Warriors 126-91 domination of LeBron James and the Cavs.


'Hollyweed' Sign Prankster Makes $68k Off Merch In 24 Hours

1/17/2017 12:10 AM PST

0116-weed-shirts-jesushandsworkThe guy who put the 420 twist on the Hollywood sign is now seeing a different kind of green by charging an arm and a leg for merch inspired by his prank.

As we previously reported, Zach Fernandez, who goes by the tag "Jesushands," turned himself into LAPD last week for making the iconic Hollywood sign read "Hollyweed." Sunday night he launched an online shop and within the first 24 hours it's already made about $68k!!!

There are only 5 items, but they don't come cheap. Average cost for a "Hollyweed" sweatshirt is about $150, while a t-shirt costs $100. Zach's also selling 100 signed and numbered photos of his handiwork ... at $1k a pop.

Zach's rep tells us he's also receiving 4-figure offers to speak at art events.

As for what he'll do with the money, we're guessing some of it will help with legal fees.


'Project Runway' Finalist I Need to Be a Skinny Bitch ... I'm Getting Lipo!!

1/14/2017 12:10 AM PST

Michael Costello, fashion designer to the stars, is slimming down to comply with what he calls the industry standard -- "skinny bitch" -- and he's using lasers to do it.

Michael finished 4th on Season 8 of "Project Runway" and told us about the moment at a friend's wedding when he knew it was time to fight the fat. One button can change a lot.

He went to Dr. Rollins at Elite Body Sculpture in Bev Hills on Friday to get Airsculpt Laser Liposculpture on his stomach and waist. The procedure uses lasers to soften up your fat, then they vacuum it out. Michael says he dropped 2 sizes instantly.

Michael recorded the good doc going to work on him. Check it out ... if you can stomach it.


Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth You Forgot Purple

1/13/2017 10:50 AM PST

0113-miley-cyrus-liam-hemsworth-flaming-lips-party-photos-launchMiley Cyrus and fiance Liam Hemsworth were like a walking rainbow Thursday night as they headed into the Flaming Lips album release party, and only one color was MIA. 

Red? Check. Pink? Check. But no purple.

BTW ... Liam turns 27 Friday, so those hangover earrings she's wearing were likely just a premonition.

Rihanna Lock'd Up Hair Don't Care

1/12/2017 3:07 PM PST

0112-rihanna-dreads-akmDon't let Rihanna's casual getup fool you -- chick's rocking $5k worth of gear to go with those super thick locks.

RiRi was leaving her NYC apartment to head to the set of "Ocean's Eight." She's co-starring with Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway and Sandra Bullock -- none of whom will be wearing anything this dope. Her Vetements hoodie, Gucci socks and Louis Vuitton backpack don't come cheap. We're guessing the hairstyle's for her character.

We know what you're thinking -- that's a lot o' leg for a winter day, but temps hit the 60s there Thursday.

Behold ... global warming's silver lining.

Marie Claire Image Makers Hollywood Stars Catch Up With the Folks Who Make 'Em Pretty

1/11/2017 6:47 AM PST

0111-image-maker-awards-after-party-craigs-photos-launchThe stylists and makeup artists behind Hollywood's most glamorous looks were honored this week ... and some big stars even showed up to show some gratitude. 

A gaggle of celebs showed up at Catch Tuesday night for the Marie Claire Image Makers Awards party, after creatives like Chris McMillan, Olivier RousteingPati Dubroff and others were presented with awards for making those same celebs look beautiful.

Some of the stars in attendance included Kylie Jenner, Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber, Chris Hardwick, Lydia HearstKatheryn Winnick, Shay Mitchell, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Carly Chaikin and Nina Garcia

It's a good-looking group here.

Ivanka Trump's Fashion Brand She's Out, But Her Name Will Live On ... Panties and Undies

1/11/2017 1:00 AM PST

0110-ivanka-trump-intimates-tmz-getty-2Ivanka Trump's fashion company wants to slap her name on bras, panties and other forms of underwear ... even though Ivanka herself won't be in on the deal.

Ivanka Trump Marks LLC just filed legal docs to expand its product line to almost anything someone could wear under a shirt or skirt.

According to the doc -- obtained by TMZ -- Ivanka Trump Marks LLC wants to start using the name on tights, socks, stockings, leggings, lingerie, underwear, bras, panties, shorts, briefs, shapewear, camisoles, tank tops, corsets, chemise, hosiery, undergarments, teddies and sleepwear.

We're told the company will continue to partner with apparel group G-III for the new clothing line, which will roll out this Spring. Our sources say the trademark application was filed to protect the IT brand from poachers.

Sources tell TMZ ... Ivanka will definitely resign from the company before her dad becomes prez.

The Kardashians DASH Store Hit by Thief

1/10/2017 12:54 PM PST

0110_cops_at_dash_store_mega-main-2Kim Kardashian has a new crime to deal with -- this time it's her family's DASH store that was hit, and it went down shortly after the Paris suspects got busted.

Law enforcement sources tell us a woman strolled into the Melrose Ave boutique Monday, grabbed a bunch of clothing and perfume and fled in a silver sedan. We're told the woman made off with around $1,600 in DASH gear ... and so far, cops haven't been able to locate her.

Odd coincidence -- since Paris cops announced Monday they'd arrested 17 people in connection with Kim's robbery in October.

New year. Same s***. 


Kim & Kanye All Torn Up For Sushi Night

1/10/2017 7:59 AM PST

0110-kim-kardashian-kanye-west-dinner-date-night-photos-launchHours after the Kim Kardashian robbery suspects were busted ... she and Kanye West had a celebratory dinner, and Kim's looking more and more like she did pre-robbery.

Kimye hit up a Shu Sushi near Bel-Air Monday night. Looks like they're slowly coming out of hiding ... on the heels of his breakdown and her Paris ordeal.

Kim's still wearing very little makeup and still kinda dressing down -- if down means rocking lace tights with destroyed denim.

She's so beyond the distressed look.

Antonio Brown Playoff Cleats to Honor Slain College Football Star

1/6/2017 4:57 PM PST

0106_jasper_howard_custom_cleats_sports_wmWhen Antonio Brown takes the field this weekend, he'll being wearing special cleats honoring Jasper Howard ... the UCONN cornerback who was killed after a game in 2009.

TMZ Sports spoke with cleat artist Corey Pane who says Brown knows Howard was born in Miami and felt it was right to pay tribute this week while the Steelers were playing the Dolphins.

Howard's story is well known ... he was killed on campus after a homecoming dance where he and his teammates were celebrating a victory over Louisville.

He was only 20 years old.


Colin Kaepernick Donates SICK Nike Collection ... to the Needy

1/6/2017 9:12 AM PST
Breaking News

Cool move from Colin Kaepernick ... who decided to clear out a BUNCH of shoes from his insanely expensive Nike collection and donate them to homeless shelters and orphanages.

Kaepernick -- along with his girlfriend, Nessa -- raided the QB's closet, packing up shoes, clothing and hats to donate to a couple of places, including the Dorothy Day House in Berkeley.

And he didn't just give them his worn-out crap -- we're talking Air Max, Jordans, Timberlands, etc. Just from eyeballing it ... it appears to be thousands of dollars worth of gear. 

Good stuff.

New Year's Eve 2017 Hollywood Says Sayonara to 2016

1/1/2017 7:52 AM PST

0101-celebs-new-years-INSTAGRAM-01Hollywood's finest were dressed to impress with one last thing to say to 2016 ... don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Celebs like John Legend, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton and Conor McGregor were looking sharp for their respective NYE shindigs, with everyone rockin' tuxes and dresses.

It's been a rough year for our stars, and they seem to be happy to be done with it. 


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