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Damon Dash Sues Ex-Wife

You Take My Kids ...

I Take You to Court for Millions

4/24/2015 9:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0424-damon-dash-rachel-ray-tmz-getty-02Screw a pound of flesh ... Damon Dash wants $2.5 MILLION in revenge on his ex-wife Rachel Roy.

Dash is suing Rachel for a slew of corporate crimes related to Royale Etenia LLC and Topson Downs -- 2 fashion companies they started together. In the docs, obtained by TMZ ... Dash accuses Roy of breach of contract and interfering with cash distributions due to him.

In layman's terms ... he's not getting paid for the biz. In pimp terms ... bitch better have my money.

Dash's lawsuit was filed on Thursday ... 3 days after he lost custody of their 2 daughters to Rachel -- who claims he's a bad influence on the girls.

Elton John

Don't Go Takin' My Heart Sunglasses!!!

4/22/2015 8:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The famous sunglasses that became Elton John's signature in the '70s have been mysteriously stolen right out of a famous museum. 

A pair of Elton's iconic heart-shaped shades -- which he frequently wore while performing songs like "Saturday Night's Alright," "Daniel," "Philadelphia Freedom," "Crocodile Rock," and "Tiny Dancer" went missing Tuesday from the Rock 'n' Soul Museum in Memphis. 

Cops tell TMZ, the manager reported someone opened the locked case which housed the spectacles, but they have no idea how it happened. Museum honchos say someone had to use tools in order to jimmy the lock. 

Surveillance cameras did not catch the thief. Cops are now on the hunt for a shady suspect. 

Elton John Sunglasses Stolen

Damon Dash

Loses Custody to Rachel Roy

4/20/2015 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Damon Dash
 just lost custody of the daughters he shares with ex-wife Rachel Roy, and it's probably all news to him ... since he didn't even show up for the hearing. 

Roy just got sole legal and physical custody of 15-year-old Ava and 6-year-old Tallulah. Dash also wanted full custody.

The former couple each accused the other of being an unfit parent. He claimed she drove drunk with one of the girls, and threatened to cut him with a knife. She claimed he smokes weed around the kids. She said all the women and drugs were a bad influence on their daughters.

The judge clearly sided with Rachel, ruling Dash only gets supervised visitation.

Roy also got a three-year restraining order against Dash.


Leo DiCaprio

They Think I'm Just a Newsboy

4/19/2015 7:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Leo DiCaprio's goatee went for a stroll in NYC Saturday ... the rest of him was undercover.

Leo picked up so many books at Assouline, a luxury book store that sells fancy coffee table books and other artsy stuff.

There's plenty of traffic, but it looks like Leo safely maneuvered around in his newsboy hat.

The perils of being a big star.

Who Wore it Better?

Jaden Smith vs. Paris

4/18/2015 8:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0418-jaden-smith-paris-hilton-pcn-akm-01 Jaden Smith and Paris Hilton got all gussied up Friday at Coachella.

Jaden's choice seems ... a little on the frumpy side, while Paris is going for the swank.

So we gotta ask ...

Selena Gomez

Swimsuit Upgrade

It's All About the Fit!

4/17/2015 7:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0417-selena-gomez-splashSelena Gomez ditched her ill-fitting pink bikini for a smoking hot black number as she partied again Thursday in the water while on vacation in Mexico.

Gomez took some flak for the previous day's photos -- haters said she looked like she put on a few pounds -- but swimsuit experts (in our newsroom) say this black one just fits her new body type WAY better than the pink one. 

Selena responded to the criticism on Instagram -- borrowing a page from the Cindy Crawford "post a hot pic after a bad one comes out" playbook -- saying she's happy with her body.

Based on the pics she's posting ... she's also very happy chillin' at Casa Aramara -- Joe Francis' estate outside Puerto Vallarta.


Chris Brown

I'm In The Pink With Royalty

4/16/2015 8:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0416-chris-brown-royalty-INSTAGRAM-01Chris Brown's not letting some thirsty boyfriend of his baby mama get in the way of his daughter, because he's daddying out in a big way. 

Chris posted a pic of him snuggling his 10-month-old daughter Royalty. It's a good assumption he dressed her ... because they're both wearing the same Pepto pink.

As TMZ reported, the boyfriend of baby mama Nia Guzman has made rumblings that he was taking over as the dad, but Chris has very clearly drawn a line in the sand.

Kid's got awesome hair.

Gigi Hadid

Marked Woman!!!

4/16/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


You can only see part of Gigi Hadid at Qatar's main airport, because a vigilant team is on hand to cover-up pictures of her erogenous zone.

We found this really interesting. Magazines that come into the country -- mostly from the UK -- are scrutinized by the government for "excessive revelations of bodily parts."  

The team has trusty magic markers ready to black out anything deemed offensive. If the pics really cross the line, the offensive images are ripped out entirely.

We're told the team actually roams the kiosks for new material. Passengers say they can smell the fresh ink.

A passenger at Qatar's Hamad International Airport landed Tuesday and saw another pic blacked out ... this one showing Bethany Hamilton, a professional surfer.  

Also interesting ... the cleavage portion of the photos are untouched.  

Qatar is one of the more progressive countries in the Middle East. Many others ban such pictures altogether.


Kyrie Irving

I'm In the Underwear Biz

... Trust Me With Your Junk!

4/14/2015 2:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0414-kyre-irving-psd-underwear-getty-01Cleveland Cavs star Kyrie Irving wants to get into your pants ... as the latest NBA star to launch his own mens underwear line ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

We're told Irving has struck a deal with the PSD underwear brand -- which already has endorsement deals in place with NFL stars like Marshawn Lynch and Stevie Johnson

According to PSD, Irving will "work directly with PSD’s designers developing his own underwear line, becoming the face of PSD for the foreseeable future."

Irving is hoping to launch his undie line later this year. 

Underwear is the hot trend with jocks lately -- with everyone from Cristiano Ronaldo to Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook getting in the game. 

Good luck.

Apollo Creed's Grandson

Screw Hugo Boss

We're A Nike Fam Now!

4/13/2015 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0413-sylvester-stallone-instagramHugo Boss is out ... Nike is in -- at least that's the way it seems when it comes to the "Rocky" franchise ... with Apollo Creed's grandson decked out in Swoosh gear on the set of the upcoming "Creed" movie. 

But get this -- there's no official sponsorship deal in play ... it's as simple as Nike sent over a bunch of free stuff to the set and essentially said, "Feel free to use this in your new movie."

A rep for Nike tells us ... their "entertainment team" will often send merch to movie productions hoping producers will use their stuff on camera. If they do, it's great free publicity. If not, no big deal. 

Well, the Rocky people bit ... with Michael B. Jordan dressed in Nike clothing in the first official picture from the set -- which Sylvester Stallone eventually posted on Instagram. 

FYI -- it's not the first major apparel company to get some love in the Rocky flicks ... Balboa famously cradled a dying Apollo Creed in a Boss hoodie in "Rocky IV."

0413-rocky-4-movie-screenshot-Tommy Gunn sported an Adidas track suit in "Rocky V" ... and Mason "The Line" Dixon was partial to Under Armour in "Rocky Balboa."

Your move, Reebok. 

Adrien Broner

Check Out My 50 Karat Chain!!

Drops $750k at Jeweler

4/12/2015 4:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adrien Broner only knows one way to celebrate a dominating win -- well 750 ways ... cause TMZ Sports has learned he just scooped up a ton of fresh bling. 

"The Problem," still feeling euphoric over his butt whipping of John Molina last month ... hit up Avianne and Co. in NYC and treated himself to $750k worth of ridiculous jewelry.

Avianne and Co. has hooked up the likes of Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, but AB's haul of custom pieces has to rival anything they bought. 

Owner Joe Avianne tells us he copped 10 icy pieces -- some of the highlights:

- 50 karat diamond chain
- 10 karat diamond and platinum ring
- 30 karat custom Avianne watch with AB's initials
- 10 karat diamond earrings

Understatement of the century alert -- Avianne says Broner is one of his best customers.


Lane Bryant Models

Magic Box Campaign Targets

V.S. Angels [TMZ TV]

4/8/2015 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The plus size beauties of Lane Bryant are dogging the more diminutive angels of Victoria's Secret -- and the clear winner is us! The battle's already plenty sexy, but it couldn't hurt to throw a Playboy chick in the mix.

Asking for a pillow fight would just be greedy, but ... fingers crossed!tmz-on-tv-3

Christian Audigier

Ed Hardy Founder Battling Cancer

4/7/2015 8:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


9:15 AM PST -- TMZ spoke with Christian Audigier who says he was diagnosed with MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome) in January. It is the same bone disease GMA anchor Robin Roberts was diagnosed with back in 2012.

Audigier was on chemotherapy until he received a bone marrow transplant on March 19th.

After the successful transplant, he now goes to Cedars-Sinai 2-3x a week for checkups and is currently doing much better.

update_grey_gray_barChristian Audigier -- the iconic fashion mogul behind the success of Ed Hardy and Von Dutch -- is fighting cancer... but he may be winning.

The legendary designer surprised our photog Monday as he was leaving Cedars-Sinai in L.A. by revealing he had the disease and just finished another round of treatment -- presumably chemo.

He didn't specify the type of cancer ... but indicates he's cancer free. 

Audigier -- who has a net worth of nearly $250 MIL -- has worked with Guess, Levi's, Diesel, American Outfitters, Bisou Bisou, and XOXO ... his own brands are currently available in over 40 countries.

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