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Russell Westbrook How's Dad Life?? ... It's All Gucci

6/21/2017 7:23 AM PDT
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If you thought Russell Westbrook's swag would drop off after becoming a parent ... THINK AGAIN!! ... 'cause the OKC Thunder star is stuntin' on every daddy out there with his diaper bag game.

Russ -- whose wife gave birth to their son back in May -- is already rockin' the couture dad gear ... sporting a $1,500 Gucci diaper bag while strolling through the streets of Paris.

Brodie's insane swag has never been in question ... now he's proving you can still be fresh while carrying around everything you need to clean your kid's ass.

Drake's Dad Where in the World is Dennis Graham?

6/18/2017 8:01 AM PDT

Drake's dad must have a thing for adventure, mystery and international intrigue, because he's dressed exactly like a character who specialized in just that.

Dennis Graham was seen leaving the Nice Guy in WeHo Saturday night with his girlfriend looking just like the famous '80s video game baddie Carmen Sandiego ... red trench coat, fedora and all. Just one step up from his usual stylish outfits

Unlike Ms. Carmen ... Dennis doesn't seem like he's trying very hard to avoid the spotlight. Besides, how can he?

Khloe Kardashian Destiney Bleu, You're a Liar I Didn't Jack Your Catsuit!!!

6/13/2017 1:44 PM PDT

Khloe Kardashian has lashed out at the woman who claims Khloe blatantly stole her design for a catsuit, saying the Kardashian design is a cat of a different color.

Khloe's lawyer, Marty Singer, fired off a threatening letter saying Destiney Bleu has been lying on social media when she claims she sent Khloe a catsuit that she then copied and sold as part of her line, Good American.

Singer acknowledges Khloe's stylist did request several catsuits back in December, but none resembled the one Khloe ultimately designed. The letter, which includes photos, notes the catsuits Bleu sent were full body, long sleeve and lined with crystals distributed evenly.

The one Khloe designed is a sleeveless leotard, like a corset, with crystals concentrated in the bust area.

The letter shows indignation from the get-go, calls it "a cheap publicity stunt in order to garner attention for herself and generate sales of her merchandise."

The war has become a big deal ... Bleu designs for the likes of Beyonce.

Converse Sued I Chucked My Chucks ... They Tore Up My Toes!!

6/10/2017 12:10 AM PDT

Converse's classic shoes aren't made for walkin' as much as they're made for hurtin' your feet ... according to a new lawsuit.

A California man says he bought a pair of Chuck Taylors as work shoes -- he walks around to advertise his website -- but the sneakers couldn't protect his dogs from getting seriously corny.

In the docs, he says he got a nasty corn on his left foot that was so bad and so deep ... it "interferes with the nervous system of my toes." Seriously.

He wants $10k to cover his long-term foot care, and to pay for a footwear upgrade. We'd suggest a comfy pair of orthotics, perhaps?

We reached out to Converse, but no word back.

Nasty Gal/#Girlboss Author Divorce Final Pays Ex a Pittance

6/9/2017 11:01 AM PDT

Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso is officially single again, and it hardly cost her anything.

We've learned a judge just granted her a divorce from Joel Jarek DeGraff. The couple was only married for a year, and they had an ironclad prenup before marrying in June 2015.

Sophia, who is repped by disso queen Laura Wasser, will pay DeGraff $30,000. In return, DeGraff agreed to waive spousal support. She also paid him $18k for rent on his new pad.

DeGraff gets to keep his 2014 Volvo, and that's about it.

Sophia, who also wrote #Girlboss, created Nasty Gal before the couple married, so that money was always off the table. The prenup kept all of her earnings separate.

Girl boss to the core.

Selena Gomez Braless in Her LBD Beware the Camera Flash

6/7/2017 7:25 AM PDT

Looks like the only support Selena Gomez is getting these days is from her bf, The Weeknd ... based on the braless shots of her leaving dinner in NYC.

They're in town for his shows at Barclays Canter, but did dinner Tuesday night at Carbone in the West Village. On the way out, the paps started snapping ... and the flashes turned her little black dress see-through. It's the curse of the LBD, really ... and Selena knows it well

Sometimes in showbiz, there's accidental exposure ... and then there's Bella Thorne.

LeBron James Snatches Kobe's Sole ... for Cavs Practice

6/6/2017 11:54 AM PDT
Breaking News

LeBron James is turning to Kobe Bryant for a little help in the NBA Finals -- rockin' the Mamba's signature Nike shoes in preparation for Game 3. 

King James showed up to Cavs practice at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland wearing the Barcelona Kobe 11s instead of his own signature Nikes.

No word on why Bron picked the sneakers -- maybe hoping Kobe's playoff swag rubs off on him. 

Hey, at this point ... try anything, right?! 

'Covfefe' Undies, Beer, Coffee or Merch ... The Choice Is Yours!

6/6/2017 12:40 AM PDT

The race is on to nab Donald Trump's typo word of the year, "covfefe" ... and that means it could end up plastered on everything from boobs to beer.

More than a handful of would-be entrepreneurs have filed legal docs to lock down the right to slap covfefe on shirts, sweaters, tank tops, pants, socks and all the other typical clothes for men, women and children. That's the standard stuff.

There's also talk of cranking out covfefe leisure suits, PJs, panties, thongs, bras and even clogs. Also, at least one brewery has also filed to attach it to a beer -- while another guy wants it for a coffee brew.

Gotta say, covfefe clogs seems like a front-runner. If you're into that sorta thing. 

Khloe Kardashian Former Friend Robbed Me Blind!!! ... Allegedly

6/5/2017 11:45 AM PDT

Khloe Kardashian says she's the victim of theft and betrayal by her former friend whom Khloe considered part of her family.

Khloe took to Twitter over the weekend shedding some light on the incident and asking followers, "What would you do if you found out a friend was stealing from you?"

Khloe hasn't yet filed a lawsuit or police report, but, sources close to the situation tell us she's already talked to her lawyers, claiming the friend charged tens of thousands of dollars in designer clothes to Khloe's credit card ... clothes that didn't end up in her closet.

We're also told Khloe believes high-end designers sent her all sorts of stuff but the friend never turned it over to her.

In all, Khloe believes a small fortune was taken.

We're told Khloe's mulling over a lawsuit but hasn't decided yet. Her friends are urging her not to sue, because it will ruin the friend's career.

We reached out to the friend for comment ... so far, no word back.

NBA's DeMarre Carroll Call Me 'Swag Daddy' ... Check Out My Pants!!!

6/4/2017 12:20 AM PDT

Drake might be the rap king of the 6 but the "Swag Daddy" is none other than Raptors star DeMarre Carroll, who proved it to us by wearing a pair of insane joggers when we got him at LAX.

Carroll told our guy his joggers were Dolce & Gabbana ... and while we scoured the Internet trying to find them, we couldn't, which tells you all you need to know about his swag.

He also told us that among his Raptors teammates he's known as the "Swag Daddy," a name he's apparently earned for his impeccable style.

Impeccable, and expensive, the cheapest pair of joggers we could find on the website was around $400 ... that's expensive lounging, at least for us swag orphans.

Kanye West Gunning for Yeezy Jersey Deal ... With Calabasas High

6/3/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Would you let Kanye West design your high school football uniforms?? Would you let him pick your team name???

Those are the questions Calabasas High School is now asking itself -- because Yeezy wants to take control of the CHS sports uniforms and help to re-brand the entire program.

We're told Yeezy's team recently met with school officials to pitch a collaboration between Yeezy and CHS.

Our sources say he wants to change the school's colors and rename them from the Coyotes to the Wolves ... fitting, considering he has a song with the same name.

As part of the deal, we're told Kanye would make a sizable donation to improve school facilities -- including major upgrades to the gym.

So, why get into the high school sports fashion world? Calabasas athletics have exploded over the past few years ... and some of the basketball and football players have become very high-profile.

Plus, the school currently has a deal with Adidas, which owns the Yeezy brand -- so, the pairing makes perfect sense. Also, Kanye and the Kardashians have deep ties to the area.

We're told the school has not made a decision yet -- but it seems like a no-brainer.

Akon Spray Happy in Monte Carlo

5/28/2017 12:03 PM PDT

Akon must've been really excited for the Monaco Grand Prix to start this weekend ... or maybe he just likes spraying champagne in Monte Carlo for the hell of it.

Whatever the case ... Akon was definitely getting his Cristal shower on Saturday night while attending an after-party for fashion designer Philipp Plein, who just had a show in Cannes. 

Eyewitnesses tell us the singer was basically spraying the audience all night inside Jimmy's nightclub, where he was also performing. No harm, no foul though ... the crowd was doing the same.

Blame it on Akon? 

Russell Westbrook Reaches Fashion Limit NO ON MALE ROMPERS!

5/26/2017 6:05 AM PDT

NBA superstar and fashion icon Russell Westbrook says there's one fashion risk he REFUSES to take -- the male romper.

The OKC Thunder star is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to style -- he's rocked everything from overalls to heavy metal chic ... even did an Urkel theme. 

But when we saw Brodie leaving Il Pastaio in Bev Hills on Thursday, Russ made it clear you'll NEVER see him rockin' the rompHim ... the new fashion craze UFC champ Stipe Miocic can't stop talking about

In other news, Westbrook is pumped about being a new dad -- and can't wait for his first Father's Day!

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