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Phil Mickelson Dances His Ass Off ... To Sell Dress Shirts

8/2/2018 7:44 AM PDT
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If Phil Mickelson ever gets tired of hittin' golf balls, he's got no shot at a career as a dancer -- 'cause Lefty put all of his moves on display for a new commercial ... and they ain't all that great.

The PGA Tour superstar is hockin' dress shirts these days in addition to sinking putts on weekends ... and for his first-ever ad with the shirt company -- he threw down a cascade of dad dance moves.

There was the worm ... a little John Travolta action ... and a bunch of other unrecognizable moves.

The label's called Mizzen+Main ... and Phil's got stake in it -- which explains why he's been rockin' the brand.

Mickelson's donned the shirts during golf tourneys ... and Tiger Woods burned him for it back in April ... telling reporters, "The only thing that was missing was a tie."

Guess ya can say Lefty has 2 left feet.

Laurence Fishburne Toeing the Line Between Comfy & Fashion

8/1/2018 10:01 AM PDT

Laurence Fishburne went on a late-night stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame ... but, don't worry, no fights broke out.

The legendary actor was outside Katsuya in Hollywood, looking pretty chill and especially comfortable in some casual toe shoes. Easy to see who's staying cool for the summer.

Laurence strolled past Susan Saint James and French actress Michèle Morgan's star ... which explains why it was pretty quiet on that stretch of the Walk of Fame. Not much controversy there.

Meanwhile, a few blocks down at Donald Trump's star ... it's virtually a UFC Octagon with all the brawls going down.

Beyonce & Jay-Z Their Touring Co. Stops Peddlers from Hocking Fake Gear

8/1/2018 6:48 AM PDT

The company handling Beyonce and Jay-Z's tour merch got a court order halting vultures gunning to sell fake B&J gear at an upcoming Boston-area concert ... according to new legal docs.

Three Ten Merchandising Services got a restraining order in advance of Bey and Jay's Aug 5 concert at the Gillette Stadium outside of Boston to prevent bootleggers from selling knockoff "On the Run II" merch.

In the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- the licensing company said it wanted to give local authorities the right to immediately seize any fake 'OTR2' merch on the spot when they see it -- otherwise, they say separate civil lawsuits would have to be filed in what they estimate would rack up to at least $450k in legal fees. 

The company said that the peddlers have already manufactured bogus tour gear, and this is their only means to put a stop to it. The judge agreed.

In the docs, they even cited other huge touring artists that have gotten this type of order greenlit across the country in the past, including P!nk, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga

Russell Westbrook Shows Off Thighs At Team USA Practice

7/27/2018 11:30 AM PDT

Ever wondered what Russell Westbrook's upper thighs look like??

Good ... 'cause the Thunder superstar gave all his Team USA teammates -- and the rest of us, courtesy of Bryan Salmond and Sharp and Shapiro from "The Vegas Take" radio show -- an eyeful of them on Thursday.

Russ had his Nike shorts rolled ALL THE WAY UP on the first day of Team USA camp out in Vegas ... showin' off the kind of skin we haven't seen since John Stockton.

Of course ... this ain't the first time Russ has made a fashion statement -- Gucci diaper bags, full-faced Jordan hoodies and whatever this was have been a staple of his closet.

So, keep doing you, Russ ... and thanks for the reminder to never skip leg day.

Janet Jackson Shoots New Music Video in Silence

7/23/2018 4:40 PM PDT

Janet Jackson sure knows how to build hype over her forthcoming studio album -- her first in 3 years -- and did just that by assembling a stealth rhythm nation in New York.

The "Unbreakable" singer was shooting a music video in Brooklyn Monday with a quartet of dancers draped in denim behind her ... as she herself donned quite a colorful getup made of a green headscarf, a long pink skirt and a yellow belt with jeans on. 

BTW, there was no music being played here as Janet and co. boogied. Unclear if she was simply getting some choreography down, or if this was the real deal. Seeing how there's a camera guy doing his thing ... probably the latter.

Janet confirmed this past May that she was working on a new record, but was still in the early stages of writing and gathering concepts. It's July now, so it seems she's had some fully fleshed out ideas since then ... hence, this. 

We know we're excited, even without some much-wanted playback. 

Michael Jordan Rocks Unreleased Jordans ... On Italian Vacation

7/23/2018 2:13 PM PDT

What's the only thing hotter than the stogie Michael Jordan lit up on his vacay in Italy this week?? HIS KICKS!!

His Airness was out in Positano on Monday -- coolin' it on boats and hangin' with his entourage -- rockin' a fresh pair of all white Js.

Our sneaker experts tell us they're some kind of Jordan lows ... without a swoosh and DEFINITELY not available for retail.

We're told the basketball GOAT really likes the kicks ... so Nike hooked him up with the one-of-a-kind pair.

This ain't the first time MJ has flossed super rare sneaks while on vacay -- 'cause back in December while in Barbados, he rocked special kicks we'd never seen before.

Life sure seems pretty good as the greatest.

Comic-Con 2018 Cosplay Playing Dress Up Serious Business!!

7/20/2018 7:34 AM PDT

Attendees at Comic-Con's 2018 Cosplay immediately kicked things into third gear Day 1 with their studio-quality costumes ... trust us, they're incredible.

Comic-Con kicked off Thursday in San Diego and tons of fans flooded the city showing off their super fashion sense. It's pretty awesome ... from some freakishly realistic-looking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Flash to an adorable family rocking The Incredibles' costumes. 

Don't call them nerds anymore. They look like they can kick your ass ... and in style. 

Swae Lee Our Hired Muscle's Best in the Game ... So is My Fashion!!!

7/19/2018 8:06 AM PDT

Swae Lee's making a statement with his fashion and his security -- no one comes close to him, on both fronts.

We got one half of Rae Sremmurd leaving Rockefeller Center Wednesday and hit him up about getting bum-rushed onstage by a fan last weekend in Ottawa. Swae quickly gave his hired muscle major props for saving Slim Jxmmi with a nasty NFL-style tackle.

Swae's outfit also stopped our guy dead in his tracks. The rapper tells us what he's wearing is fashion as we know it ... and we dig it!!  With all this success, he admits sometimes security's gotta protect them from civilians.

Still, he's thinking about the future and told us he thinks hologram concerts could be their thing ... 'cause why wait until you're gone.

2018 ESPYs Fashion Best and Worst Athlete Swag

7/18/2018 3:32 PM PDT

It's that time of the year -- when the biggest ballers in the world show off their awesome (and not so awesome) fashion tastes at the ESPYs ... and we've got all the pics!!

Adam Rippon -- to no one's surprise -- showed up and slayed in his eye-popping fit ... and NFL brothers Shaquem and Shaquill Griffin took twinning to a whole 'nother level with their matching custom suit lining!!

JaVale McGee was all Gucci'd out ... rockin' a red fanny pack with his custom suit for quite the unique look!!

As for JuJu Smith-Schuster ... we really don't know what to say.

Everyone from Chloe Kim to Cris Cyborg to Kareem Hunt put their style to the test for Wednesday night's show hosted by Danica Patrick ... so be sure to check out the dope (and nope) swag!!

Will, Jada, Jaden, Willow & Trey Mr. and Mrs. Smith Take Kids Out For La Spesa

7/18/2018 7:17 AM PDT

Will Smith doesn't travel lightly when he does Italy -- he brings the whole fam along for the ride ... and makes sure their threads are up to par. 

Will was out and about in Capri Tuesday with Jada Pinkett Smith, their two kids Jaden and Willow ... as well as his other kid from his first marriage, Trey. They were shopping at Autori Capresi -- a high-end fashion boutique well known to locals.

You can tell how serious everyone's taking their new duds -- not a whole lot of smiles here inside the store ... except for Will, of course, who was smiling from ear to ear.

Hey, fashion's no joke for the Smiths. Like they say ... when in Capri.

Paris Jackson Invisible Ink ... No Tats for Photo Shoot

7/17/2018 6:05 PM PDT

Paris Jackson didn't quite look like herself as she took a smoke break Tuesday -- turns out ... it's because she's hiding something.

Michael Jackson's daughter was spotted Tuesday stepping out of her hair and makeup trailer for a photo shoot in L.A., and it looks like she got a lot of extra makeup ... on her arms to cover up her tattoos.

As you can see, Paris usually flaunts her ink with pride, but for whatever reason ... tats were a no-go for this shoot. Looks like her chest art got the cover-up treatment, as well.

Despite going with a more classic look than she's used to, Jackson looked amazing in an off-the-shoulder red dress ... and still managed to show off some leg.

T.I. Buys $225k Birthday Benz for Tiny!!!

7/16/2018 3:29 PM PDT

T.I. pulled a fast one for his wife, Tiny, getting an Atlanta customizer to soup up a $225k whip in less than 24 hours ... so he could hand her the keys on her 43rd birthday.

T.I. hooked up Tiny with a convertible Benz S550. The ride alone costs about $130k, but Tip had another $95k in bells and whistles added.

True Cooper from Atl Custom Auto Sales tells us they added a custom black wrap with an all-black-everything finish, and put it all on 22" wheels.

They had to work fast ... True says he got the call a little after 2 PM Friday, and T.I. said he need it by Saturday, which was Tiny's birthday. A crew of three was able to complete the order by 1 PM the next day.

As for the giant Christian Louboutin bags in the backseat waiting for Tiny -- those were not included. Score a few hundred more hubby points for T.I.

Tommy Hilfiger Kate Upton Has Open Invite to Model Pregnant!!!

7/15/2018 6:57 AM PDT

Kate Upton will not be sidelined from modeling during her pregnancy ... at least if Tommy Hilfiger has his way.

Sources directly connected to the famed designer says he would love it if Kate would model his clothes while she's carrying her first born.  

We're told Tommy just said the following ... "Our business is all about inclusiveness and diversity, and not just about 90 pound models."  We're told Kate has an open invitation to model for him throughout her pregnancy.

As we reported, Kate and hubby Justin Verlander announced they are going to have a baby.

 Kate and Tommy have history.  She honored Tommy on HBO's "Night of Too Many Stars" last November.  The show was an autism benefit, and Kate congratulated Tommy -- a longtime advocate to help people with autism -- for releasing a line of clothes for "the differently abled."

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