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Kanye West

Gives Graduating Fashion Students a Reality Check

5/30/2015 6:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Kanye West was the inspiration Friday night for the graduating class at a prestigious fashion school.

Kanye was front and center for the runway show held by graduating fashion students at L.A. Trade Tech College,  we're told he went backstage prior to the event to give the students encouragement, sat in the front row during the show, and then spoke in classic Kanye style.

The most memorable line ... "When you're the best you get hated on the most."

The school is the same place Kanye did his community service for his assault case involving the LAX attack on a photog.  But we've learned Kanye already completed his community service, so he didn't have to show for the event.  He just wanted to.

Allen Iverson


I'm Back In Endorsement Game

5/28/2015 12:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Allen Iverson's endorsement drought is finally over -- the ex-NBA superstar just landed a brand new deal with a sock company ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Iverson was one of the most marketable guys on the planet during his heyday -- but lost a bunch of his deals during his infamous fall from grace. 

But A.I. has been on a serious rebuilding campaign recently -- appearing on morning shows and promoting a new documentary -- and now, he's got a new endorsement campaign to boot. 

The deal is with Stance -- which signed the 39-year-old to a multi-year contract to be a spokesperson alongside NBA stars Dwyane Wade, Klay Thompson, Chandler Parsons and Andre Drummond

A rep for the company tells TMZ Sports, "We're excited to welcome Allen Iverson to the Stance family, and we look forward to working closely with him."


Classic Smoke Screen On FIFA Scandal

5/27/2015 7:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Adidas -- All Day I Dream About Stalling. 

In the wake of several FIFA execs being arrested for allegedly taking more than $150 MILLION in bribes, we asked Adidas if it would continue its relationship with the soccer organization. 

Here's the answer we got ... 

"The adidas Group is fully committed to creating a culture that promotes the highest standards of ethics and compliance, and we expect the same from our partners. Following today’s news, we can therefore only encourage FIFA to continue to establish and follow transparent compliance standards in everything they do.

adidas is the world’s leading football brand and we will continue to support football on all levels."

Classic misdirection ... issue a statement that really doesn't say anything.  

Long story short ... FIFA is a big deal and Adidas doesn't want to do anything rash. Instead, issue an ambiguous statement until the dust settles.  

Mission accomplished?  

Audrey Hepburn

Sons Battle It Out

Over Glittery Clothes and Fancy Hats

5/27/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0526-audrey-hepburn-GETTY-01Audrey Hepburn's sons are at legal war over her hats, scarves and jewelry.

Audrey left a storage locker full of memorabilia.  Among the items ... posters, costumes, gloves, photos, scripts and awards.  

The "Breakfast at Tiffany's" star gave her 2 sons -- Sean Ferrer from her first marriage and Luca Dotti from her second -- a 50/50 cut in all the items. But she didn't say who got what ... she expected they would divvy it up. Problem is ... they can't agree. 

So the treasure trove is just collecting dust at the Los Angeles Fine Arts & Wine Storage Company, and now a judge has to divide the goodies.

Kylie Jenner

Blac Chyna Shade Game

Is Still Strong

5/26/2015 6:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0526-blac-chyna-kylie-instagramKylie Jenner must follow Blac Chyna's Instagram page like a hawk ... because she once again mimicked her boyfriend's baby mama ... with a catty caption and all.

BC posted the innocuous selfie ... and KJ posted her own just two hours later, in similar getup, with the simple caption, "Snap." 

Kylie pulled the same stunt a few months back when Blac Chyna posted a photo of a watch ... and Kylie snapped a pic of her same watch and captioned it, "Currently." 

Stay classy.

David Letterman

Drops Thousands

On Staff's Parting Gifts

5/22/2015 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


David Letterman's former employees didn't walk away empty-handed this week -- he dropped thousands of dollars hooking them up with ... wait for it ... custom-made letterman's jackets. 

Letterman's final gift to his staff  have the words, "Thank you and good night" scrawled across the front. Dave scooped up more than 200 of them ... according to the owner of Golden Bear Sportswear.

Dave's been buying staff swag from GBS for 15 years, and the owner tells us they were contacted last winter, after Letterman announced his retirement plan. She says Dave designed the jacket as a final gift. 

GBS wouldn't divulge exactly how much Letterman spent, but the jackets run AT LEAST $300 each ... so you do the math.

Safe to say, Dave can afford it.


Floyd Mayweather

My Crocodile Bag

... Is Worth $150,000

5/20/2015 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0519-floyd-mayweather-twitterFloyd Mayweather is flossin' a ridiculously rare man-bag ... and it costs more than your CAR!!!! 

The boxer just touched down in Georgia this morning ... flaunting one of his favorite expensive purchases -- a diamond Hermès HAC 50 bag made out of crocodile skin. 

We spoke to someone from Hermès who told us the bag isn't being sold in stores -- and therefore, it MUST be a custom job (Pharrell had a custom Hermès bag made in 2007). 

So, we went to the The Money Team looking for answers ... and one of Floyd's top TMT guys told us Floyd paid around $150k for the bag, which is accented with 245 diamonds on the metal hardware. 

It's a drop in the bucket for Floyd who claimed he made around $200 million for the Pacquiao fight. 

And he's not done spending yet ... Floyd tweeted to his people in Atlanta -- "Anyone know what time the stores open up? I need to pick up a few items for the [Atlanta Hawks] game tonight."



Hiding in Plain Sight

5/16/2015 7:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0516_rihanna_camo_pcnRihanna failed miserably Friday in a feeble attempt to blend into the scenery.

RiRi wore her best camo, which might have worked in the jungles of Afghanistan, but she was leaving the Bowery Hotel in NYC, and she was plain as day.

That said, what a recruiting tool she'd be.

Richie Sambora

Sues Ex

You Extorted Me Over Fake Death Threats

5/15/2015 1:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Richie Sambora is striking back with a lawsuit against his ex Nikki Lund, who he alleges extorted him to the tune of more than $150k and then tried to frame him for allegedly making death threats.

Sambora says he’s been dishing out wads of cash – first $50k, then $45k, then $35k and finally $25k – to keep her and her publicist, Sean Borg, from going public with claims he threatened them. When Sambora cut them off in March, he says Lund unsuccessfully tried to get  him prosecuted.

Sambora says Lund illegally and secretly recorded him and then heavily edited the tape to make it appear he was threatening to kill her.

Lund tried again a few days ago to get Sambora prosecuted but the D.A. wasn't having it and rejected the case.

According to the lawsuit, Sambora's relationship with Lund fell apart after he invested $4 million into their joint-fashion venture, Nikki Rich. He says she used the company as her personal piggy bank and ultimately drove it into the ground. Sambora stopped funding it in September of last year … and says that’s when Lund went postal.

Sambora's suing both Lund and Borg for extortion, defamation and illegally recording a phone call.


4:06PM PT: Lund's lawyer calls the allegations "unfounded," and says she'll file her own lawsuit soon.


Melissa Rivers

Kathy Griffin 'S*** on My Mother's Legacy'

5/14/2015 6:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Rivers believes Kathy Griffin is self-centered beyond words ... so worried about saving her own ass that she would crap all over the legacy of Joan Rivers.

Rivers was at the 92nd Street Y in NYC where she sat down with Hoda Kotb to talk about her new book. When Hoda zeroed in on "Fashion Police" -- Melissa had trouble harnessing her anger.  

Melissa believes Kathy more than disrespected Joan in the way she handled leaving the show, saying she "s*** on her mom's legacy."  And she didn't stop there.

Our photogs got Griffin out Tuesday night and asked her about Melissa's comments ... but she wanted no part of it. 


Metallica's Lars Ulrich

Thong-Gate Mystery Solved!!!

5/12/2015 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0512-lars-ulrich-twitterMetallica fans can rest easy -- the Lars Ulrich underwear saga known as thong-gate is finally coming to an end and the bare-assed truth is ... the thong is all an illusion.

For any non-headbangers out there -- the Mighty Met drummer was photographed fluttering away on his hi-hat and snares at Vegas’ Rock in Rio concert over the weekend  ... and it sure looked like he was sporting a sexy red thong while he did it. 

Turns out Ulrich, 51, was just a victim of butt shadow. Yes, butt shadow – it’s a real thing, that can strike anyone.

A rep for Ulrich tells us what appears to be red undies in the viral pic is just the shadow of Lars' shirt -- created by stage lighting. In fact, Lars is actually going commando in the shot, so what you're really staring intently at ... is his ass crack.

Mariah Carey

Diamonds Get Her Every Time ...

Fan Sucks Up with Jewelry

5/11/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0508-main-mariah-carey-instagram-01Mariah Carey is smiling from earhole to earhole because one of her fans -- with money to burn, apparently -- laid a cool 4 Gs worth o' jewels on the diva as a pretty sweet thank you gift.

Sources tell TMZ ... Mimi invited jeweler Eric Meier to her opening Vegas show at Caesars Palace, and to prove he's her biggest fan -- he handed her a pair of black diamond drop earrings in an 18 ct. rose gold setting.

We're told the Orion earrings are worth nearly $4k, but we're guessing he got a decent discount since they're available at his store, Diamonds Don't Lie. Still, it's the thought that counts ... as you can tell from Mariah's face.

Now imagine what Eric would have given to be the guy she cuffed and blindfolded onstage.

50 Cent

Jeweler Says Rapper's Crew Brutalized Him

Stole Expensive Jewelry

5/10/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0508-50-cent-TMZ-0150 Cent is smack in the middle of a criminal investigation after a guy claims 50's goons pistol whipped him and stole a quarter of a million dollars in bling.

Robert Marin, who owns LAX Jewelry Co., tells TMZ he went to Vegas during fight weekend because he wanted to sell the rapper a watch and chain worth $250K.  Marin says he met 50 at Drai's nightclub, showed him the jewelry and 50 was in, but they needed to negotiate a price.

Marin says they stayed at Drai's  until the wee hours Saturday and 50's crew invited him to see Floyd Mayweather's gym ... an offer he couldn't refuse.  Marin claimed when they arrived things turned ugly.  He says 2 of 50's guys pistol whipped him, stole the jewelry and fled. 

Marin has filed a robbery report and Vegas cops are investigating.

50's people say the story is BS ... his attorney Scott Leemon tells us, “On behalf of 50, I can adamantly deny that he or his security had anything to do with these baseless and false allegations.”


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