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Jennifer Hudson Still Not Ready to Work

12/13/2008 1:00 PM PST
Jennifer Hudson was scheduled to begin shooting the video for her next single, "If It Isn't Love" next week, but has put the brakes on going back to work.

Reports surfaced earlier this week that JHud had decided to return to work, because she had been on hiatus since the October killings of her mother, brother and nephew. A source tells Us Weekly, "The video was set up before the tragedy and she felt like she should finish what she started, but she's realized that she's not ready to go back to work."

A rep for Hudson, however, calls the original video plans speculation. Jennifer's brother-in-law William Balfour was officially charged with the murders December 2.

Jennifer Hudson Back to Work After Murders

12/10/2008 6:00 AM PST
Jennifer Hudson is headed back to work, six weeks after the her mom, bro, and nephew were killed in Chicago.

Hudson's record label says she'll be working on a new video for her single "If This Isn't Love," -- ironically, the same video she was supposed to film in L.A. when she found out her family had been shot at her childhood home.

Her estranged brother-in-law, William Balfour, has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder in the case.

William Balfour Troubled Youth

12/7/2008 7:15 AM PST
By the looks of WIlliam Balfour's troubled youth -- and his even more troubled family history -- he could be the poster boy for "a product of his environment."

Balfour -- who's been charged with the Hudson triple-murders -- was arrested by the time he was 14-years-old for possession of heroin and possession of a stolen vehicle, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The paper also says Balfour's father went to prison for murder, his grandmother was incarcerated in 1969 for manslaughter and his brother also has a lengthy record.

AJC also says William's mother was abusive, and in 1993 the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services found evidence she was abusing her sons -- including an incident in which she tied up Will's older brother, stuck a sock in his mouth and beat him senseless.

Not that any of this justifies what Balfour may or may not have done -- but it is interesting to see the circumstances that led to his present situation.

No Bail For William Balfour

12/3/2008 3:40 PM PST
Looks like William Balfour really isn't going anywhere anytime soon, as a judge just denied him bail at a hearing in Chicago.

Prosecutors revealed they found gunshot residue on the steering wheel of the car Balfour drove to the Hudson house. They also presented evidence that refuted several of Balfour's alibis, including his location at the time of the murders and his use of the subway to get to the Hudson house.

Balfour's lawyer still argued for bail on the grounds the state's evidence is largely circumstantial.

He was charged yesterday with three counts of first-degree murder and one count of home invasion.

Story developing ...

Balfour Charged in Hudson Murders

12/2/2008 5:02 PM PST
The Cook County state's attorney's office has just officially charged William Balfour with the murders of Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew.

He's been charged with three counts of first degree murder and one count of home invasion.

Balfour is scheduled for a bond hearing at noon Central time tomorrow.

UPDATE 4:21 ET: In their presser, which just ended, the State's Attorney and cops said they're "confident" about their case, which some unnamed sources have claimed is "mainly circumstantial." They said they do have physical evidence tying Balfour to the scene, and emphasized they did not cut a deal with Balfour's girlfriend to elicit her testimony.

William Balfour Arrested for Hudson Murders

12/1/2008 7:25 PM PST
Chicago cops have arrested William Balfour for the murders of Jennifer Hudson's mom, brother, and nephew.

Balfour was transferred to CPD custody today after they served an arrest warrant. Charges from the Cook County State's Attorney's Office are pending.

UPDATE: We're told the CPD had no new evidence against Balfour -- but they were finally able to scrape all the dirt on him into one pile, which was enough to make the arrest. Also, Balfour is still waiting to be formally charged -- and this could take a day, or up to a week.

Story developing ...

More Today in TMZ History

Witness Balfour Wanted to Split for Miss.

11/11/2008 10:00 AM PST
William Balfour called a Mississippi college student the morning of the Hudson triple murder -- so she says -- and asked if he and his "boys" could stay with her after doing "something real big" in Chicago that day.

Rashia Whitlock told investigators Balfour called her at 4:00 AM on October 24, the day the murders occurred, and, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, told her he and his "boys" were "getting ready for something real big that's going to go down tomorrow." Balfour then asked if they could come visit her, says Whitlock, which she refused.

Whitlock also said Balfour asked her whether she knew Jennifer Hudson and, more ominously, if Whitlock could be "loyal." She said she had met Balfour on MySpace.

Balfour: I Had Nothing to Do With the Killings

11/10/2008 4:35 PM PST
William Balfour is flat out denying any involvement with the Hudson family triple murders -- and in today's parole hearing, officials say Balfour seemed "disturbed" by his girlfriend's accusation she saw him with a gun similar to the murder weapon.

According to Illinois Prisoner Review Board Chairman Jorge Montes, Balfour will remain in jail until at least December 3. The decision was based on the alleged gun connection as well as probable cause on a number of other alleged parole violations.

Balfour Remains in Custody Still Not Charged

11/10/2008 12:58 PM PST
The parole hearing for William Balfour, the main suspect in the Hudson family killings has ended, and he will remain in jail at least until December.

We're told the key evidence against Balfour came from a former girlfriend, who said she saw him with a gun that appeared to match the murder weapon. He will have another hearing on December 3.

The parole board did not make its decision because of the murders, although it's curious why it mentioned the weapon.

The board also said it made its decision because he was in a place where drugs were sold.

Balfour has been in custody since October 24.

Nancy Grace Goes 1-On-1 With Balfour's Mom

10/29/2008 2:14 PM PDT
The mother of William Balfour -- the "person of interest" in the murder of Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew -- was a guest on "Nancy Grace" last night. Like any good mother, she had a perfectly good reason for everything people are saying William did.

Hudson Killings Did Balfour Have Help?

10/29/2008 6:45 AM PDT
There's evidence this morning suggesting there may have been another person involved in the murder of Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother, and nephew.

Investigators have honed in on William Balfour's movements after the killings on Chicago's South Side, according to the Chicago Tribune, and "are trying to determine" if someone else drove the prime suspect to the West Side, where the body of 7-year-old Julian King was found.

Witnesses have told cops they saw Balfour drive a teal Chrysler to the Hudsons' block on Friday morning, and that car was eventually found about a mile away. The SUV in which Julian was discovered ended up about 13 miles away from the Hudson house.

Balfour Recently Busted Parole Not Revoked

10/28/2008 6:55 PM PDT
William Balfour -- the "person of interest" in the murders of Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother, and nephew -- was arrested for drug possession earlier this year, but did not have his parole revoked.

Back in June, an officer responded to a shots fired call on the same block as the Hudson family home. When the officer arrived on the scene, he came across Balfour in his car. Balfour exited the vehicle and approached the officer, who detained him. When the cop checked Balfour's car, the officer "observed in plain view a knotted baggie filled with a rock like substance."

He was cited for possession of less than 15 grams of cocaine, a felony. The charges were eventually dismissed. The arrest report noted Balfour was on parole, but said "no warrant will be issued at this time."

Corrections Department spokesman Derek Schnapp told the AP that officials reviewed the case but determined "the evidence that was presented during that time wouldn't have necessarily warranted a violation."

Balfour is currently being held on an unrelated parole violation and he has not been officially named a suspect.

Balfour Has Anger Management Issues

10/28/2008 12:05 PM PDT
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ why officials believe William Balfour violated his parole -- he had missed anger management counseling and substance abuse courses that were required as a condition of his release from prison.

Balfour had served time for attempted murder and carjacking. The anger management lapse is ominous, given that he's a "person of interest" in the murders of Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew. As for the substance abuse courses, the Chicago Sun-Times quotes a witness as saying they saw a man resembling Balfour exiting the infamous white SUV "carrying what appeared to be a bottle of liquor."

Several law enforcement sources tell us Balfour could be charged in the murders as early as today, but no timetable is definite.
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