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Russell Westbrook Fined $15k For Dropping F-Bomb In Postgame Interview

4/21/2017 9:10 AM PDT
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Russell Westbrook's potty mouth just cost him $15,000 ... 'cause the Thunder superstar just got slapped with a fine for his "I don't give a f*** about the (stat) line" comment. 

You've seen the clip ... Brodie was asked about his 51-point triple-double performance in Wednesday's loss to the Rockets and snapped back with the viral quote.

It's not the first time Russ has been fined for cussing ... and probably won't be the last. But the dude can afford it ... he's in the middle of an $85 million contract.

Russell Westbrook I'm Gonna Be a Daddy!!

3/1/2017 10:54 AM PST
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It's official ... Russell Westbrook's got a baby on the way!!

The NBA star announced his wife is with child and due in May. There have been rumblings behind the scenes for months ... now Russ has confirmed it's true. 

Russ and Nina got married back in 2015 -- and have been dating since their college basketball days back at UCLA. 

No word if the little fetus is a boy or a girl but one thing's for sure ... it'll definitely hate the Warriors. 

Kevin Durant Will Face EPIC HATE In OKC Return ... Says Kenny Smith

2/11/2017 12:35 AM PST

Kevin Durant will face hatred of LEGENDARY PROPORTIONS when he returns to OKC to face his old team Saturday night ... with Kenny Smith saying the crowd is going to destroy him!

It's KD's first time playing in OKC since defecting for the Golden State Warriors -- and Smith says there's NO CHANCE the fans are gonna let him off the hook easy.

Kenny says it's gonna be even worse than when LeBron returned to Cleveland after taking his talents to Miami.

Get your earplugs ready, Kev.

Oscar Robertson Russell Westbrook's a Hall Of Famer ... But Don't Compare Us

11/29/2016 9:45 AM PST

Time to clear out some space in Springfield ... because just 8 years into his career, Russell Westbrook is already a LOCK for the Basketball Hall of Fame ... so says NBA legend Oscar Robertson

FYI, Westbrook is averaging a triple-double this season -- which is incredibly impressive considering the only other player to carry that average further into the season is Robertson! 

So, we reached out to Oscar to get his thoughts on Russ ... and needless to say, he's VERY impressed -- saying there's "no doubt" Westbrook will join him in the Hall. 

As for comparisons ... Oscar says Russ is his own player -- but one HELL of a player at that. 

Oscar says there's only one thing holding Westbrook back ... but he's confident Thunder execs are working to remedy the problem. 

NBA's Cameron Payne Me & Russell Westbrook Freestyle Handshakes NO CHOREOGRAPHY EVER

11/27/2016 12:05 AM PST

Russell Westbrook has a hidden talent bigger than basketball ... handshake freestyling, that's according to an OKC teammate who says Russell and him make up their routines ON THE SPOT.

If you've ever seen one of these routines you'd think the guys spent HOURS coming up with them, but when we got Westbrook's #1 dance partner, Cameron Payne, out in BH he told us it's all on the fly.

Pretty damn impressive ... almost as impressive as averaging FREAKIN' TRIPLE DOUBLE.

Tracy McGrady Durant Would Crush Westbrook In 1-On-1 ... 'Not Even Fair!'

11/4/2016 6:50 AM PDT

Strip away the superteam. Kevin Durant would still DOMINATE Russell Westbrook if they took it to the park ... that's according to Tracy McGrady

In the wake of Thursday night's Warrior-led ass-kicking, McGrady told TMZ Sports it would be even worse if the two ex-teammates went mano-a-mano. 

"Come on. Is that even fair? Durant's 7-foot bro!"

There's more ... McGrady also explains why last night's game shouldn't scare OKC fans -- and predicts the winner of a LeBron vs. Steph 1-on-1 match. 

Russell Westbrook $85 MIL Turn Up ... Dinner with Mom!

8/4/2016 7:09 AM PDT

Russell Westbrook displayed even more loyalty after signing his huge deal to stay in OKC ... by taking his mom out for a nice meal in Bev Hills.

Sure, a lot of pro athletes would've hit a club or a strip club or fly to Vegas with his boys -- but we got Russell opting for dinner at Mr Chow with his mama, Shannon Horton.

News came out that the Thunder superstar guard had signed a 3-year, $85 million contract while he was inside eating. Russ was rewarded for passing on free agency -- like his old running mate Kevin Durant -- and Mom was rewarded ... for being awesome.

We're pretty sure R Dub picked up the tab.

NBA's Victor Oladipo I'm Already Gellin' with Russell Westbrook

7/15/2016 3:20 PM PDT

Good news OKC fans ... Victor Oladipo says he's already been in contact with his new teammate Russell Westbrook ... and they're already drawing up a battle plan for next season. 

Oladipo -- who was just traded to the Thunder 3 weeks ago -- joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs Friday night on FS1) and talked about how he's already bonding with his new squad. 

In fact, we asked if he was ready to take over for Kevin Durant -- you gotta check out his answer.

Make sure to watch the entire interview tonight on "TMZ Sports" -- Oladipo also explains why he HAD to dunk all over one of the kids at his summer basketball camp. It's pretty funny stuff. 

OKC's Serge Ibaka Durant Ain't Goin' Nowhere ... Everybody Calm Down

6/10/2016 6:51 AM PDT

OKC Thunder fans are gonna love this ... Serge Ibaka says he's not sweating rumors of Kevin Durant bolting the Sooner state ... proclaiming to TMZ Sports he's 100% sure KD's sticking around.

Rumblings of Durant eyeing the Lakers in free agency have been white hot lately ... but when we got Ibaka out in Beverly Hills he seemed certain KD -- and Russell Westbrook -- were lifelong Okies.

"Everybody's staying."

Look's like 4'11" enforcer Kristin Chenoweth got her point across ... don't mess with her.

OKC Thunder Co-Owner No Evidence Car Crash Was Suicide ... Cops Say

6/7/2016 3:14 PM PDT
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Cops say they can't find a shred of evidence that proves OKC Thunder co-owner was trying to kill himself when he slammed his SUV into a concrete bridge back in March ... despite a 2 month investigation. 

Aubrey McClendon had been charged with conspiracy hours before the crash for his alleged role in an illegal energy scheme ... and many people thought he took his own life out of shame. 

But the Oklahoma City Police Dept. says a team of detectives and accident experts looked into the crash ... and spoke with a bunch of McClendon's friends and say there's nothing that points to suicide. 

Now, cops also say they can't be 100% certain ... but at this point, they're convinced he didn't crash on purpose. 

The coroner determined McClendon died from blunt force trauma -- but his body was so badly burned in the fire that ensued, they needed to bring in a dentist to identify his body. 

He was 56 years old. 

Kristin Chenoweth Threatens Kevin Durant ... Stay In OKC Or I Kick Your Ass!!!

6/2/2016 12:45 AM PDT

Be careful Kevin Durant ... there's a 4'11" Hollywood star who says if you bolt Oklahoma City in free agency ... she'll KICK THE EVER-LOVING CRAP OUT OF YOU.

The pint-sized enforcer is Kristin Chenoweth ... who's an Oklahoma native and DIE-HARD Thunder fan (peep the lid she's wearing) who we just happened to get out at LAX recently.

We asked Kristin the question Thunder faithfuls have wondered since the Warriors pulled off that shocking comeback victory ... will Durant stay or go? 

Check out the clip -- Chenoweth doesn't have any answers to that question ... but she does say what will happen to KD if he flees OKC ... and it's pretty adorably feisty.

Be careful, Durant ... this chick is wicked. 

Riff Raff Don't Feel Bad for Kevin Durant ... He's Still Rich!

5/31/2016 10:58 AM PDT

Don't pity the loser ... especially when the loser's made more than $100 MILLION ... so says Riff Raff

The rapper (and NBA superfan) was out in NYC when we asked if he feels bad for Kevin Durant after the OKC Thunder failed to close out the Warriors, despite big leads in games 6 and 7. 

Long story short ... Riff says Durant's still his homie -- but it's hard to feel bad for a guy who's still RICH.

Also, Riff says it's not entirely KD's fault -- blaming Lil B for sticking him with the Based God curse. 

Check out the clip ... if only to see how truly difficult it is to talk with DOUBLE GRILLZ in ya mouth. 

OKC Thunder Co-Owner 'Tapped Brakes' Several Times ... Before Fatal Crash

3/14/2016 11:51 AM PDT
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OKC Thunder co-owner Aubrey McClendon "tapped the brakes" several times before his SUV crashed into a bridge ... but cops say they aren't clear if that means he WASN'T trying to kill himself. 

56-year-old McClendon died in the March 2nd accident -- after hitting an Oklahoma City bridge at such a high rate of speed, his SUV exploded in flames almost immediately. 

In a news conference in OKC moments ago, officials say McClendon's car was going 88 mph 5 seconds before impact ... and 78 mph at the moment of the crash. 

Cops say McClendon tapped his brakes several times during the final 5 seconds -- but cops aren't considering it "breakage" because he stopped touching the brakes 31 feet from the wall. 

The medical examiner says it doesn't appear McClendon had a medical episode in the final moments -- fueling theories the crash was a suicide. 

It's important to note that McClendon had been indicted on a conspiracy charge just hours before the crash -- and was facing prison time if convicted. 

Cops are still investigating the crash -- talking with people he was close with ... including co-workers.