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Lakers' Larry Nance Engaged to College Sweetheart ... Proposes with HUGE Ring

9/13/2017 11:30 AM PDT
Breaking News

L.A. Lakers rising star Larry Nance Jr. is officially off the market ... 'cause the NBA baller just proposed to his college sweetheart with a MASSIVE diamond ring!!

The 24-year-old and his longtime girlfriend, Hailey Pince -- a fellow U. of Wyoming alum -- announced the big news on social media Tuesday by showing off the huge rock.

LNJ and the aspiring model have been dating for over 3 years ... and he explained his decision to pop the question by channeling his inner Beyonce, saying "I liked it, so I put a ring on it."

Nance can reportedly make up to $7 million over the next 3 years ... so yeah, dude can afford to splurge on his girl.

Eric Benet I Got No Beef With Jay-Z Over '4:44' Name Drop

9/13/2017 7:01 AM PDT

Eric Benet is AWESOME ... and this clip proves it.

It's the first time we've seen him since Jay-Z dropped his name in "Kill Jay-Z," so obviously we wanted to know how it sat with him. Jay made Eric the poster child for cheating men who screw up their relationship with women -- "You almost went Eric Benet/Let the baddest girl in the world get away."

Eric laughed it off ... clearly amused by reports that he banged down Jay's door to express his dismay.

He's so cool about it ... and sees a silver lining.

And his parting shot at Ted Cruz is epic!

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Close to Striking Custody Deal

9/12/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are close to an agreement for custody and child support, but they're not there yet.

Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ, lawyers from both sides as well as Rob and Chyna themselves have been hashing out a joint custody arrangement for months. We're told they are not far apart over the division of physical custody -- each is fine giving the other substantial physical custody.

It's significant because the Dept. of Children and Family Services opened a case even before Rob and Chyna split over her alleged drug use. We're told it's still an open case in L.A. County Dependency Court.

Our sources say Rob believes Chyna can handle parental responsibilities. We're told, however, the Kardashian women are not as understanding and believe there are serious questions about Chyna's fitness because of the drug allegations.

We're told there's something more problematic ... child support. Our sources say Chyna wants a lot ... way more than Rob thinks she deserves, but it appears there's been some movement toward a compromise.

Because there's an open case in Dependency Court, we're told any custody agreement must be signed off by that judge.

Short story ... they're getting a lot closer to hashing things out.

Scottie Pippen & Larsa Marriage Back On ... Move to L.A. Together

9/12/2017 12:10 AM PDT

Scottie Pippen is back with his wife Larsa -- and they just moved to L.A. as a family to "figure things out" ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

In fact, the two are already having couples outings in Beverly Hills -- where they got his and her manicures on Monday. Doesn't get more "together" than that.

Here's the deal ...  it's been almost a year since Scottie filed divorce docs after 19 years of marriage. Since then, the two have been on-again, off-again in an effort to work things out. 

It seemed things were finally dunzo in April when they mutually decided to move forward with the divorce -- but once again, things changed. 

The two recently moved the family from Miami to L.A. -- in part due to the fact their basketball star son Scotty has transferred to Sierra Canyon, one of the top basketball programs in the country. 

Fun Fact: Kenyon Martin's son also hoops at S.C. and it's also where the country's #1 high school player, Marvin Bagley, played ball. 

We're told both Scottie and Larsa are really trying to make things work this time around.  

Good luck! 

Leonardo DiCaprio Clutch Move Holds on Tight to Model Ex

9/9/2017 12:33 PM PDT

Leonardo DiCaprio's still holding on to old flames ... until he notices he's been spotted by the paps.

Leo was seen leaving 1 Oak in NYC early Saturday morning -- around 5 AM -- tightly holding hands with ex-gf and Victoria's Secret model Toni Garrn. We're told he arrived at the club earlier with a couple other gal pals, but left with Toni ... and a bodyguard.

We're told the 2 quickly separated once they saw their pic being taken ... but got back together later.

Leo and Toni starting dating back in 2013, but broke it off after about a year ... then she started dating NBA star Chandler Parsons. Garrn and Parsons split in November.

Nice rebound for Toni.

Avril Lavigne Performs for First Time in Years With Nickelback, Ex Chad Kroeger

9/9/2017 7:08 AM PDT

Avril Lavigne did something Friday night she hasn't done in more than 3 years ... take the stage.

Avril was at a Nickelback concert at the Greek Theatre in L.A. when she grabbed a mic and performed "Rockstar" with her ex-hubby and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger.

You may recall, they got hitched in the South of France, a month after they started dating back in 2013. It did not go well. They were single again within 2 years. 

Apparently, no hard feelings.

Katie Holmes Foxxy Lady All Smiles in NYC

9/7/2017 4:28 PM PDT

Katie Holmes is beaming now that she and Jamie Foxx have gone public, and her look should make you green with envy. 

Katie was smiling ear to ear in NYC Thursday, the day after TMZ posted the pics that finally confirmed her longtime romance with Foxx. We're guessing she's attending Fashion Week events, and she'll fit right in with a form-fitting dress like this one.

As we showed you, JamKat packed on the PDA in Malibu Monday. Doesn't look like she has any regrets about their coming out party. Besides, we all knew.

Kim & Kanye's Surrogate I'm Fit, I'm Fun ... And I'm Kid-Friendly!!!

9/7/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sure know how to pick 'em -- surrogates that is -- because the woman they found to carry their third child sounds like the perfect choice.

Sources familiar with the pregnancy tell us ... the couple's surrogate is an African-American woman in her 20s -- same with her husband. We're told she and her hubby have been married for 5 years, and their marriage is solid.

She's also had experience in the labor department. She's the mother of 2 small boys, so she knows the drill.

The surrogate's a college grad, so maybe the kid will pick up some of that through osmosis.

She's also in great physical shape, which helps with a smooth pregnancy. As we reported, she's halfway along and the baby girl is due in late January.

One more thing ... she's a registered Democrat, so it looks like the names Ivanka and Melania aren't in the cards. 

Mel B Claims Estranged Hubby and Nanny Had Repeated Sex In Sham Marriage Scheme

9/6/2017 5:01 PM PDT

Mel B's estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte, and their former nanny, Lorraine Gilles, engineered a phony marriage for Gilles so she would not be deported, which would allow the 2 to carry on an affair behind Mel B's back and rob her blind ... this according to explosive new legal docs.

Mel B just filed legal docs, obtained by TMZ, in which she lays out the sordid scenario. You'll recall, Gilles has said they had 3-ways but she never had sex alone with Belafonte. The docs include a portion of Gilles deposition, in which she admits she had sex with Belafonte alone 10 to 15 times.

Gilles also admits she had sex with Belafonte at least twice around the time she got pregnant and had an abortion. She has denied it was Belafonte's child but the depo calls that into question.

Mel B also says Gilles marriage to Michael Bleau was a sham ... designed to keep the nanny in the country. Mel B includes Bleau's deposition, in which he admits he bought the engagement ring for $30 on eBay. Gilles and Bleau never posted a single pic of their engagement on their Facebook pages.

And there's more. In Gilles depo, she admits to using cocaine. Immigration officials can deny a visa for someone who uses illegal drugs, so this could have deportation implications. In the depo Gilles says she only used coke supplied by Mel B.

And on the subject of sex tapes -- which Mel B says Belafonte and Gilles used to blackmail her -- Gilles admits in her deposition they not only exist, but she watched them as recently as July 2016 on Belafonte's laptop.

In the new legal docs, it shows Bleau was once arrested for a sex crime and convicted of felony false imprisonment (it was reduced to a misdemeanor and later expunged). Mel B says Belafonte got her to invest $60,000 in a business run by Bleau but no one ever told her he was a convicted felon.

Jamie Foxx Katie and Me? AYYYYYY!!

9/6/2017 1:16 PM PDT

Jamie Foxx knows silence is golden when it comes to talking about Katie Holmes ... but he still wants everyone to know they're all good as a couple.

Jamie was in Malibu Wednesday morning when a photog asked him all about Katie and their very first PDA on the beach. TMZ posted the first pics ... showing them strolling on Monday -- and, as we reported ... the relationship has been the worst-kept secret for years.

So, why go public now and what does her ex and his pal, Tom Cruise, think?

Jamie kept his response brief ... and mostly nonverbal.

Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes We're Not Hiding Anymore

9/6/2017 12:00 AM PDT

Until now, seeing Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes out together as a couple was as common as a Bigfoot sighting or riding a unicorn ... but not anymore!!!

It took 4 years, but Hollywood's most top secret couple finally packed on the PDA Monday in Malibu ... hand in hand in the sand. Though they've allegedly been together since 2013 -- about a year after her split from Tom Cruise -- this is the first time they've been seen doing what lovebirds do.

As we reported ... Katie was seen with a ring on her finger in March 2016, but Foxx's rep said it wasn't from him. A year before that, Jamie denied they were even a thing. Still, the relationship was no secret to most in Hollywood -- JamKat just never let on in public.

JamKat? Can we slap a ™ on that ... just in case? 

Anna Faris No Wedding Ring But Divorce on Hold

9/6/2017 7:22 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Anna Faris is drowning her breakup sorrows ... in pizza and a diet coke?

Photogs spotted Anna for the first time since she and Chris Pratt announced their split after 8 years of marriage.

Sources connected to the couple tell TMZ, neither Anna nor Chris have filed for divorce. Based on what we know neither Anna nor Chris have even lawyered up.

Anna and Chris announced their split on August 6. One source tells TMZ there was a "serious" underlying issue between Anna and Chris, but the source said there's definitely a chance this will not end in divorce.

For what it's worth, Chris wasn't wearing his ring one week after the split.

'Hot Felon' Jeremy Meeks PDA Session In Israeli Surf

9/5/2017 9:56 AM PDT

"Hot Felon" Jeremy Meeks is all in for his new lifestyle -- balling out in Gucci trunks on a beach in Israel ... with his billionaire heiress GF. 

These pics of Meeks and Chole Green all over each other in Tel Aviv ... make it real easy to forget this guy was in prison less than 2 years ago. Based on how much PDA they're putting down, we'd say Chloe's definitely forgotten.

Y'know the story ... Jeremy started dating Chloe, who's father owns Topshop, while he was still married. He quickly filed for divorce from his wife of 8 years ... shortly after pics of him making out with Chloe went public.

The life of Meeks.

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