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Dominic Monaghan Still Threatened, Sexually Harassed By Alleged Stalker

5/11/2018 1:28 PM PDT

Dominic Monaghan hasn't been able to escape the harassment of an obsessed fan -- despite a restraining order -- so now cops are taking steps to track her online.

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... Meredith McLarty has continued to violate the criminal protective order by repeatedly emailing the "Lost" star and even mailed a letter to his house. McLarty allegedly sent 54 unsolicited emails to Monaghan from October 9, 2017 to November 7, 2017 ... some containing disturbing poems, partial nude photos, links to porn sites and "various sexually explicit messages."

McLarty allegedly wrote in one email ... "I could show up in New Zealand tomorrow and you [sic] I could rip off your clothes and f**k the British out of you and you couldn't use the restraining order against me because it's in L.A. County, not New Zealand."

According to the docs, Monaghan told detectives he's had to delete his public email and change the way he interacts with fans due to the harassment. He's also concerned for his safety because McLarty sent an envelope to his L.A. residence.

Cops now have a search warrant to gain access to McLarty's email addresses and social media accounts.

We broke the story ... McLarty was arrested in September 2016 at LAX for making death threats against Monaghan after he got a restraining order. Cops say she's been harassing and threatening him since 2004.

Blac Chyna Judge Says Don't Blame Kardashians For Failed Reality Show

5/10/2018 4:39 PM PDT

Part of Blac Chyna's lawsuit against the Kardashians is about to get shut down by a judge, who says she can't blame the family for her reality show getting axed.

According to docs, the judge is leaning toward tossing Chyna's claim Kris Jenner and some of her daughters strong-armed E! to cancel "Rob & Chyna." The judge said the network had every right, under the contract -- which Chyna signed -- to NOT continue the series.

Chyna argued in her suit, E! had "effectively" exercised the option for season 2 when it announced it would air, and started shooting scenes. The judge says that's not enough, though, and Chyna will need something in writing to prove E! was obligated.

It's not all bad news. She can amend the lawsuit ... plus her other claims, such as defamation, are still alive and kicking.

Teairra Mari from 'L&HHH' My Sex Tape Leaker Seems Obvious ... Buuuuuut

5/10/2018 2:33 PM PDT

Teairra Mari is really conflicted over what to do about her recently leaked sex tape -- so much so, she hasn't even dumped the guy she believes is responsible!

The "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star told us on Thursday's "TMZ Live" ... she's convinced her current boyfriend is behind the pornographic images getting posted online. She says he's claiming his phone got hacked, but she's definitely not buying it.

Still, Teairra shocked us by revealing she's still with him, and explained why she's hesitant to leave him. What makes that even more bizarre is the fact she ALSO admitted she's lawyered up.

The one thing she was crystal clear about is ... trouble's brewing.

David Ogden Stiers 'M*A*S*H' Star's Will Leaves Over $300k to Charity!!!

5/10/2018 12:40 AM PDT

The man best known for playing surgeon Major Charles Winchester on "M*A*S*H" wanted to help people in the real world too ... or so it seems, based on his will.

David Ogden Stiers -- who died in March after a battle with bladder cancer -- left hundreds of thousands of his fortune behind to various charities ... and also donated valuable collections to his local library and symphony orchestra in Newport, Oregon.

According to the docs ... Stiers earmarked $50k each to 5 different charity organizations, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, My Sister's Place and Newport's Children's Advocacy Center.

He also left all his CDs and DVDs behind to the Newport Library, donating his vinyls, artwork and wine collection to the Newport Symphony Orchestra ... and gave another $50k to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore to establish a scholarship program for someone planning a political career.

As for some of Stiers' more flashy gifts ... the Newport Symphony music director gets his Tesla Model X, and his Oregon home is left to the man he named his conservator -- Jeremy Robinson.

David was 75.


Cristiano Ronaldo I'm a Superhero Now! ... Launching Cartoon

5/9/2018 12:19 PM PDT
Breaking News

Cristiano Ronaldo ... to the rescue?!

The soccer superstar just announced he's launching animated series called, "Striker Force 7" ... starring himself. 

"In the same way football connects cultures and people around the world, I believe great animated characters and heroes can do the same," Ronaldo said in a statement. 

"That’s why I am excited to bring together these passions of football and superheroes through this project and share it with my fans."

Cartoon Ronaldo will be rolled out in comics, publishing, gaming and digital content, according to

Ronaldo's media empire is on fire right now ... he also just locked up a deal for a scripted drama on Facebook Watch about a high school girls soccer team in NY. 

Michael Rapaport LeBron Shut Me Up ... 'Can't Talk Sh*t'

5/9/2018 9:52 AM PDT

LeBron James got Michael Rapaport to cut the trash talking and shut his mouth ... and even Rapaport says he's pretty damn impressed. 

Look, Rap has said a lot of crap about Bron over the years -- he famously called him a "motherf*cker" for dissing his kids back in the day. 

But now, Rapaport says LeBron is playing on such another level ... he's been rendered speechless. 

"I've never seen anybody do what he's done this playoffs," Rapaport says ... "The biggest sh*t-talker, myself. I've got nothing to say. He's been unbelievable."

There is one guy who's still getting the wrath of Rap -- Drake -- who didn't show up to Game 4 of the Cavs vs. Raptors series to watch his team get swept out of the playoffs.

Rap didn't like that one bit. 

'The Amazing Race' Caleb Reynolds & Rachel Reilly Packing For 'Big Brother' Edition

5/9/2018 12:30 AM PDT

"Big Brother" alums Caleb Reynolds and Rachel Reillyare taking their backstabbing and bitching to the road ... TMZ has learned they're among the former houseguests who've signed on for the new season of "The Amazing Race." 

As we previously reported, the show got some inspo from last season's winners -- Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf -- who previously met and became a couple on "Big Brother," so production decided to pool contestants from past seasons of "Big Brother" for the new season.

Caleb, who's also known as Beast Mode Cowboy, appeared on season 16 of "Big Brother". He was also on Seasons 32 and 34 of "Survivor," so he's got some good experience for the around-the-world trek.

As for Rachel ... she's one to watch, too, after appearing on Season 12 of "Big Brother", and then winning Season 13 during which she met now-husband Brendon Villegas. Brenchel then went on to come in third place on 'Amazing Race 20' and 'All-Stars.'

No word if Brendon is Rachel's partner this time around, but we wouldn't put it past them.

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Star Sorry, Caitlyn Jenner ... You're Not the LGBT Mother Teresa

5/9/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Caitlyn Jenner should be stepping up her game repping the transgender community in the U.S. before she jets to the U.K. to address Parliament ... according to "RuPaul's Drag Race" star Carmen Carrera.

There's been backlash over the diversity speech Caitlyn is supposed to give Wednesday because some people in the LGBTQ community, including Carmen, don't think she's a great flag bearer. Facts are ... Cait's a white, rich, conservative woman who's also world famous.

Carmen's point is Caitlyn's gotta connect better with the common trans woman. Y'know ... put some thigh-high boots on the ground in the community. 

She thinks the Parliament trip is more about Caitlyn's celebrity, but Carmen has a few suggestions on how she can make some headway here in the states. And one of 'em is return Carmen's calls.

Nancy Grace Scott Peterson's a Lost Cause, Y'all ... No Hope to Change Him

5/8/2018 10:04 AM PDT

Nancy Grace is heated about Scott Peterson, who she believes has NO shot at rehabilitation ... but she says granting him a new trial would be a travesty of justice.

We got the famed legal analyst Tuesday in Atlanta, and talked to her about Peterson's current appeal ... which could give him a slim shot at freedom. So, we asked Nancy the big 'if' ... as in, IF Scott were released after 13 years in prison -- could he be a reformed criminal?

We barely got the question out before Nancy started going off.

She also thinks Peterson doesn't really give a crap about his appeal, because he's living the high life in San Quentin State Prison.

Nancy had more to say about the chance of his appeal going through, and made a pretty deft pivot to plug her A&E show with Dan Abrams ... "Grace vs. Abrams." They're tackling the Peterson case on Tuesday night's episode.

She fired one more heater when we asked if she'd ever be a defense attorney ... for someone like Peterson. Spoiler alert: It's a big fat NO, but ya gotta see it in Nancy's words.

Zachery Ty Bryan Trump & Kanye Inspire Me ... Here's $25k for 'Apu' Contest!!!

5/8/2018 12:40 AM PDT

The actor who played Tim Allen's eldest on "Home Improvement" wants to end the stereotype associated with "The Simpsons" character Apu, and he's donating a lot of money to make it happen.

Zachery Ty Bryan gave $25k to the Apu Screenwriting Contest, which is being spearheaded by producer Adi Shankar. Shankar's contest is crowdsourcing short scripts for Apu that do NOT involve Indian stereotypes.

The contest got a big up from Kanye West, who shared Shankar's contest announcement on social media, and Zach, who just worked with Adi on a film, has more in common with Kanye than just saving Apu. He's also a massive Trump fan, and says it's time for all Americans to get behind 45.

BTW, Adi will submit the winning script to 'Simpsons' writers in hopes it will be folded into an episode.

'Stranger Things' Star Sadie Sink Newbie Character Makes Newbie Cash Compared to Child Costars

5/7/2018 12:03 PM PDT

"Stranger Things" child actors need to put their time in before they can hit the 6-figure payouts, as one actress is learning after being added as a new character just last year.

Sadie Sink -- who was newly introduced as Max in season 2 -- isn't making nearly as much money as her very famous costars -- namely Millie Bobby BrownGaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard, etc. -- according to her minor's contact. She's raking in about $25k per episode.

According to the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Sadie's S2 episodic compensation was a little over $23,000 per episode, with at least 7 episodes guaranteed. The season ended up producing 9 episodes, so she took home an extra $46k, more or less. Not bad.

For season 3, however, she got a raise of about $1,000 per episode -- and is set to get similar raises if the show continues until season 8. As we've reported ... the OG child stars of the show were on the same schedule at first, but reportedly negotiated HUGE increases as of late ... upwards of $200k per episode and possibly even more

If Sadie's smart -- or has a good agent -- she'll also get to the negotiating table soon enough. Gotta be tough knowing your coworkers are making roughly 10 times more than you daily.

'Tonight Show' Racial Lawsuit Challenges NBC's Treatment of Brokaw & Lauer

5/7/2018 7:21 AM PDT

Two white cameramen who are suing NBC -- claiming the network is racist -- allege the network has a pattern of protecting itself and sweeping misconduct under the rug ... and they are pointing to the Tom Brokaw and Matt Lauer cases.

Kurt Decker and Michael Cimino were cameramen on 'The Tonight Show' with Jimmy Fallon, until they got fired for receiving racist text messages from a 'Tonight Show' stagehand. They claim they were singled out by Questlove, the band leader, who protected a black NBC employee who also received the text message, but allegedly told NBC bigwigs to fire the 2 white cameramen. The 2 were fired for not reporting the text messages to their bosses.

They say in new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, there's a culture at the network to cover up misdeeds of some. They raise the Tom Brokaw case where a former NBC correspondent accused him of sexual harassment. Scores of women, many of whom work at NBC, came out in a public show of support.

Decker and Cimino say many of the women were pressured by the network to sign the petition supporting Brokaw. They add the letter was being circulated at the NBC offices and the women feared retaliation if they didn't sign.

They also raise the Matt Lauer case, where they say many employees knew Lauer was a serial sexual harasser, but never reported it. Decker and Cimino say none of those employees were disciplined.

The two former cameramen also say Questlove himself is guilty of racist and misogynistic language and behavior -- especially involving women and people of Asian descent -- yet the network has never disciplined him.

Ryan Seacrest Have Hot Chick, Will Travel ... Pay Doesn't Suck Either

5/7/2018 7:00 AM PDT

Ryan Seacrest's grueling "American Idol" commute ain't looking all that rough -- considering he gets to make out with his hottie gf, before AND after going wheels up.

Ryan and Shayna Taylor were out shopping and grubbing over in Venice, CA ... the day after they jetted from NYC to LA for his little $10 million weekend gig. They did lunch inside Gjelina, and did PDA outside the hot spot.

Now that all the 'Idol' episodes are live, Ryan has to make this cross-country trek every weekend. Soon as 'Idol' ends Sunday nights ... the couple hops back on a jet plane -- private, of course -- to be back in NYC for 'Live' and his radio show.

Looks like they've got a great cure for jet lag.

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