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Rapper YC

Ex-Fiancee Willing to

Take His Creeping Ass Back

4/16/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0415-yc-tia-anderson-tmz-01Rapper YC has been granted a stay of execution -- the ex-fiancee he cheated on the night before they were supposed to get married ... is willing to give him a second chance with one BIG condition.  

YC's lady, Tia Anderson tells TMZ ... the wedding could be back on IF he can stop creeping behind her back -- particularly when he's about to walk down the aisle! We broke the story -- Tia called off their Las Vegas ceremony last month when she caught him messing with a bartender.

Tia says she and YC haven't seen each other since things blew up less than 3 weeks ago, but they are texting and talking -- and he even sent her roses. He's gonna have to do way more than that.

She says the biggest issue is YC laying off the rapper lifestyle -- meaning, stop surrounding himself with groupies and THOTs. YC claims he's down to do what's necessary -- including couples counseling -- but Tia's still deciding whether she can trust him again.

Translation: His punk ass needs to suffer for a while.

Tip for YC: Record something romantic, instead of songs like "Racks." Also ... stop hooking up with random chicks.


Marco Rubio

He's Not REALLY About Hip-Hop

... Says Hip-Hop Legend

4/16/2015 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Liking hip-hop and LIVING hip-hop are 2 very different things according to rap legend Ali Shaheed Muhammad ... who's calling out Sen. Marco Rubio for saying he's about that life.

The republican presidential hopeful talks a lot about his love of EDM and hip-hop -- says Nicki Minaj is his current fave, and he's recited Tupac and Biggie lyrics to our camera guys multiple times.

But we got Muhammad -- a former member of A Tribe Called Quest -- in L.A. Wednesday, and he's not buying into Rubio's hip-hop claims just yet. Check out Ali's take ... he says there's at least one policy Rubio's gotta change if he wants real street cred.

It's a risk for Sen. Rubio -- if you keep trying to cozy up to hip-hop voters, hip-hop might call you on it. 



Kuwaiti Woman Sues Disney

I Want a Piece of Ice!!!

4/16/2015 6:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oil isn't the only worthwhile commodity in Kuwait ... one woman claims it's also the home to the idea for "Frozen" ... and she claims Disney stole it from her.

Muneefa Abdullah claims she came up with the idea that true love conquers evil, a central theme in "Frozen."

Abdullah has filed a lawsuit against Disney, claiming she wrote a book called "New Fairy Tales" which contained the short story, "The Snow Princess."

Abdullah says her story involves a princess who possesses magical ice powers that give her the ability to turn people and objects into ice ... which just so happens to be the plot to "Frozen." 

Abdullah fires off a number of similarities, including: 

-- A kingdom made of ice and surrounded by mountains
-- A sibling in search and rescue of the sibling possessing the magical ice powers
-- A journey up the mountain, snowy guards guarding an icy castle on the mountaintop
-- The idea that only love is capable of defeating evil 

Abdullah wants a barrel of money. 

Gigi Hadid

Marked Woman!!!

4/16/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


You can only see part of Gigi Hadid at Qatar's main airport, because a vigilant team is on hand to cover-up pictures of her erogenous zone.

We found this really interesting. Magazines that come into the country -- mostly from the UK -- are scrutinized by the government for "excessive revelations of bodily parts."  

The team has trusty magic markers ready to black out anything deemed offensive. If the pics really cross the line, the offensive images are ripped out entirely.

We're told the team actually roams the kiosks for new material. Passengers say they can smell the fresh ink.

A passenger at Qatar's Hamad International Airport landed Tuesday and saw another pic blacked out ... this one showing Bethany Hamilton, a professional surfer.  

Also interesting ... the cleavage portion of the photos are untouched.  

Qatar is one of the more progressive countries in the Middle East. Many others ban such pictures altogether.


MLB's Scott Spiezio

Tased By Cops

After Allegedly Smashing Window

4/16/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Former MLB slugger Scott Spiezio -- a 2-time World Series champ -- was TASED and taken into custody by cops last week following an alleged window-smashing rampage ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

We've learned ... cops were called to Spiezio's apartment complex in Ottawa, Illinois around 2:30 AM on Tuesday ... after his GF called 911 and reported that Scott punched out a neighbor's window. 

When cops arrived to the scene, Scott was gone -- so police called for K-9 backup to track down the 42-year-old. 

A few hours later, officials located Spiezio hiding behind a building -- and attempted to take him into custody. Law enforcement sources tell us Spiezio resisted -- and cops ultimately had to use a taser to take him down. 

We're told Spiezio was eventually taken into custody. So far, he has NOT been charged with a crime ... but the case has been kicked over to the district attorney for review. 

Spiezio was a World Series hero in 2002 -- when he smacked a key 3-run homer in Game 6 ... that helped the Angels defeat the Giants. He was known for being a pretty clutch player during his 11 seasons in the majors. 

We reached out to Spiezio for comment -- so far, no word back. 

Coachella Crackdown

Hundreds of Fake IDs Seized

4/16/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0415-fake-ids-facebook-01Kendall Jenner got lucky when she was turned away from a 21 and over event at Coachella -- she didn't bother trying to flash a fake ID because everyone knows she's underage -- but hundreds of other teenage scofflaws were humiliated in a series of fake ID seizures.

Festival security busted 354 IDs presented by kids who wanted to score drinks with the help of phony IDs. Although technically it's a crime to flash one, no one really gets prosecuted.

The bogus IDs are actually put to good use. They're sent to the California Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control so investigators can eyeball state of the art counterfeit documents.

Nice try kids.

In other news...

Sadie Robertson Is Absolutely STUNNING In This Strapless Teal Gown

Sadie Robertson dropped jaws when she hit the camouflage carpet for the Las Vegas premiere of the "Duck Commander Musical."


Ray J

Big Pimpin' ...

Orders Super-Sized Stripper For Hollywood Hillbilly

4/16/2015 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ray J Stripper Party

The epic bachelor bash Ray J threw for "Hollywood Hillbillies" star Paul "Tha Pimp" Conolon was so big and beautiful ... it apparently got him banned from Paul's future in-laws' home.

We're told Ray J and David Weintraub were in the hot seat with fiancee Dee Dee Peters' family after they threw a dicey stag party for Paul, who's obsessed with big women. So to fulfill his wish, there were plenty of over-sized strippers at the venue, Pinz Bowling Alley in the San Fernando Valley.

Who said strippers don't come cheap? The whole thing cost $750.

The good news ...  Dee Dee and Paul still got married.

We love happy endings.




Catcalling Truck Driver in



4/16/2015 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0415_thelma_and_louise_trucker_now_launchMarco St. John is best known for playing the twisted truck driver who repeatedly catcalls from his 18 wheeler -- opposite Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis -- in the 1991 buddy adventure film "Thelma & Louise." Guess what he looks like now!


TMZ Live

Lindsay Lohan:

Parents at War!

4/15/2015 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

  • Floyd Mayweather Rejects Jay Z!
  • Lil Wayne Has Another Legal Issue on His Hands
  • Chris Hansen is Back Catching Child Predators
  • The Thirstiest Celebrity Ever Gets NAKED
In other news...

Kelly Clarkson Shares Adorable Photo Of Baby Girl

Kelly Clarkson showed off her super adorable baby girl at a hockey game this week.


Sister Sister

If We Can Reunite ... The 'Predator' Guy

Can Do It Too! [TMZ TV]

4/15/2015 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Full House" is doing it ... "X-Files" is doing it ... so why shouldn't everyone's fave sitcom twins from the 90s do it too?! Yep, we got Marques Houston and he says a "Sister Sister" reunion could be on the horizon.

Which reminds us -- another TV reunion's about to go down ... between Chris Hansen and seriously creepy dudes. Allegedly.



Meek Mill

Dares Car Dealer to Sue ...

Y'all Still Selling Shaaady Rides!!

4/15/2015 3:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meek Mill Sued Car DealerMeek Mill kept it so gangsta when a high-end car dealer threatened to sue him for dissing the guy's biz on social media -- he's now been sued .... still, Meek's response to the dealer was hysterical.

As we first told you ... Euro Motor Sport owner Gene Morales got majorly bent when Meek went on Instagram and accused the South Fla. dealer of "selling expensive cars with salvaged titles and lemons." Meek also called him a thief.

Gene sent the rapper a letter demanding he delete the post or else -- but Meek chose to double down. According to legal docs, Meek fired back in an email ... "You guys still selling cars with salvaged titles. Shaaaaaaaaaady."

It's funny, but keeping it THAT 100 got Meek slapped with a defamation lawsuit. 

Meek's lawyers must've told him to tone it down, since the IG is now gone. It's unclear when he deleted it, but nonetheless .... the lawsuit has been filed.



In other news...

You'll Never Guess The Truth Behind Kylie Jenner's Hip-Hugging Dress

You will likely be shocked to find out about this fitted dress young Kylie Jenner was spotted rocking.


'Empire' Sued

You Stole My Life Story!!!

4/15/2015 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


A friend of the Jackson family is suing Terrence Howard, Lee Daniels, "Empire" and others, claiming the hit show is a carbon copy of his film about his life as a "gangster, pimp and drug dealer."

Ron Newt, who describes himself as a "known ghetto player" claims he met with Terrence at the Four Seasons hotel a while back and they discussed Ron's documentary, "Bigger than Big." Ron says Terrence connected to it, and said he wanted to play him in the film. 

Fast forward to January, when "Empire" debuted to huge ratings. Ron says the similarities are more than suspicious.

-- "Empire" ... 4 drug dealers killed. "Bigger than Big" script: 4 drug dealers were killed.

-- "Empire"  ... Lucious shot his long-time friend. BTB: Prince shoots his friend.

-- "Empire" has a roundtable. BTB: Roundtable!

-- "Empire" ... Cookie goes to jail for drugs. BTB: China Doll goes to jail for drugs.

-- "Empire" ... Cookie is released from prison. BTB:  China Doll released from the big house.

-- "Empire" ... Cookie with hat. BTB:  China Doll with hat.

Ron has a colorful history. He says in 1989 he signed a multi-million dollar deal with MCA, and also deals with Michael Jackson's family and Death Row Records.  

As for the "Empire" lawsuit ... he wants a billion dollars. 

Chanel West Coast

Throws Epic Tantrum

After Coachella Denial

4/15/2015 12:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chanel West Coast pulled a Justin Bieber at Coachella -- minus the chokehold -- and flipped out on camera when security guards turned her away from a VIP area.

According to our sources, the rapper and "Ridiculousness" star was with her boyfriend and another friend Saturday when they tried to get into the "artist's entrance" area, which of course requires a special wristband.

Problem was ... she had the wristband, her boyfriend had the wristband, but the friend did not. Security wouldn't give in, despite Chanel dropping Drake's name and Young Money (that's her label).  

She stormed off, but Chanel tells us she and her friends did make it through the proper entrance a short time later, and partied the night away.


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