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Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet We've Got the Lay of La La Land

6/15/2018 7:35 AM PDT

"Aquaman" star Jason Momoa might be a fish out of water, but the guy's still chilled -- and hot AF -- doing a romantic picnic date with his wife, Lisa Bonet.

Momoa got to kick it with the missus Thursday in L.A. ... a nice break from all the work he's been doing lately in and around the water. Most recently he was in Hawaii doing reshoots for his superhero blockbuster, and showing off his "Aquaman" skills

The couple got married last year after 12 years together. They have 2 kids together -- 10-year-old Lola and 9-year-old Nakoa-Wolf -- but the picnic was all about some QT. Adults only.  

As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder ... and they're looking really fond of each other.

Cardi B Shaq's Jacked Up Toes Got Glitter!!! I Like Them Like That

6/15/2018 6:40 AM PDT

Shaquille O'Neal's flossy toes are now Cardi B approved ... but they're still soooo messed up.

The NBA Hall of Famer's legendarily bad feet got some MUCH needed TLC Wednesday at a mani-pedi spa -- and, while the nail techs went to work, Cardi's music was blaring in the background.

Warning: shield children's eyes from this video unless you WANT them to have nightmares.


A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on

Shaq opted for some gold glitter nail polish, which is definitely an improvement over what he's usually rocking -- but, honestly, there's not enough lipstick in the world for these piggies.

Still, Cardi said ... "I like them like that" ... but we're guessing what she really approves of is her music playing in the background.

She definitely can't love those feet.

Drake 'Degrassi' Vid Wasn't Smoke Screen From Pusha T Beef

6/15/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Drake's new music video for "I'm Upset" -- with his 'Degrassi' castmates -- wasn't a clever distraction from his beef with Pusha T ... but it was a bad, and unavoidable, coincidence.

Drizzy took a ton of heat for releasing the video while fans were dying for him to respond to Push. It came off like he was using the whole 'Degrassi' reunion thing as a smoke screen for the drama.

However, sources close to production tell us they started planning for the single's release and video weeks before it was even shot.

As we reported, Pusha T released "The Story of Adidon" -- a diss track that revealed Drake has a secret son -- on Tuesday, May 29. We're told the "I'm Upset" shoot schedule was set for last weekend, before Push's track came out, and neither Drake nor his team felt it needed to change.

Drizzy revealed Wednesday night he'll release his new album, "Scorpion," on June 29 -- so, it's still possible he'll fire back then.

However, as we've told you, powerful people around him are advising against it.


Riff Raff I Get Women 3 at a Time ... I'd Never Force Drugs or Sex!!!

6/15/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Riff Raff's going all out to defend himself against recent sexual misconduct allegations, and he's doing it in a very cocky way. It's what he does.

The eccentric rapper shot this video, with his lawyer watching and listening, and adamantly denies doing anything illegal with women. He could have stopped there but, instead, he bragged about his sexual exploits.

As Riff puts it ... "Never once have I ever had to drag a girl to the car, never once have I ever had to drag a girl to a hotel, up flights of steps, to have sex with a dead starfish in my room."

The rapper's Australia and New Zealand tour was canceled 2 weeks ago after he was accused of drugging and raping a Melbourne woman at one of his shows in 2013. Another woman then came forward and accused him of sexual misconduct when she was a minor in 2015.

Riff started to tell us he's just like his heroes -- Hugh Hefner and Dan Bilzerian -- and that's when his lawyer cut him off, and simplified their defense ... denying the allegations and labeling them defamatory.

He says this video "defense" will be in an upcoming short film called "Trial By Media" ... about "how false allegations are the new easy way for people to lie and get their name in the media ... at the expense of actual artists, athletes & high-profile easy target party moguls."

President Trump's Lawyer Please, Your Honor ... Silence Avenatti on TV & Twitter!!!

6/14/2018 8:56 PM PDT

The judge shot down Cohen's request, saying Avenatti talking would NOT cause irreparable damage to Cohen's case.President Trump's attorney Michael Cohen's seen about 120 too many TV appearances by Stormy Daniels' lawyer, Michael Avenatti... so he's begging a judge to make him stop talking.

Cohen filed for a restraining order Thursday because he says Avenatti is bad mouthing him, in general ... and specifically, calling him a criminal who's about to be indicted. According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Cohen's biggest issue is the frequency with which Avenatti is flapping his gums.

By Cohen's count ... Avenatii has made 121 TV appearances, over the last 3 months, mentioning Cohen or the lawsuit Stormy filed back in March trying to get the infamous "hush" agreement tossed. He adds, Avenatti's also tweeted 439 times about him or the case!

With those kinda stats, you could say Avenatti's out-Trumping Trump. 

Cohen says Avenatti's loose lips could sink any potential jury -- because he's constantly on TV or on social media blabbing about the case, it could be impossible to find impartial jurors.

Cohen wants an immediate restraining order barring Avenatti from talking about him or the case.  The judge hasn't ruled yet, but cable news channels might have a lot of time to fill if it's granted.

O.T. Genasis No Guns at My Bday, Just Booze!!! What Gives, LAPD???

6/15/2018 12:30 AM PDT

O.T. Genasis says he has no clue why cops crashed his birthday party with shotguns out, 'cause there was no sign of trouble inside the event ... just lots of bottles.

We asked O.T. if anyone drew a weapon Wednesday night, as it was reported to cops -- and he said he knows nothing about anything like that.

He does have a funny theory though. The rapper thinks cops caught wind of his poppin' party, and simply wanted to join in on the fun. Not sure if we buy that, but it's a nice thought.

Either way, the whole thing resolved itself. Cops weren't able to find any evidence of guns at the party ... and nobody was arrested.

As Shakespeare put it -- much ado about a rapper turning 31.

In other news...

Chris Hardwick's Ex-GF Accuses Unnamed Boyfriend of Emotional & Sexual Abuse

Her abuser established rules within two weeks of their relationship beginning.


Conor McGregor Family Bike Ride ... After NYC Court Hearing

6/15/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Here's Conor McGregor in the middle of a serious PR offensive ... because, hours after trying to show a judge he's not a violent monster, he took his adorable family out for a cute bike ride in the park!

Conor -- along with his girlfriend, Dee Devlin, and their adorable son, Conor Jr. -- peddled out into Central Park on Thursday afternoon ... flanked by Conor's security team and entourage.

One of the entourage members is Cian Cowley -- who also appeared in court with Conor on Thursday for participating in the attack on a UFC bus back in April.

After the hearing, Conor told the media he regrets his actions and he's taking the case seriously. 

Conor's facing up to 7 years in prison for the attack -- but, c'mon, you think a judge is gonna look at pics like these and really throw this doting bike-riding family man behind bars??

McGregor is one of the most calculating people on the planet. He knows exactly what he's doing.

Greg Wuliger on 'Everybody Hates Chris' 'Memba Him?!

6/15/2018 12:01 AM PDT

Vincent Martella is best known for playing the neighborhood friend, Greg Wuliger -- opposite Tyler James Williams as Chris -- on the hilarious family comedy "Everybody Hates Chris." Guess what he looks like now!

TMZ Live 50 Cent's Revenge Porn Case ... Judge's Odd Loophole

6/14/2018 10:45 AM PDT

  • Jay-Z Sued Over 'Reasonable Doubt' Album 
  • Drake's Dad: Controversial #MeToo Comments 
  • John Cena & Nikki Bella: Somber Date Night 
  • O.T. Genasis: Cops Draw Guns At Bday Party 
In other news...

Kim Kardashian West, attorney at law?

"Everyone who knows me knows that I'm so passionate about it."


Kellen Winslow Jr. Arrested for Kidnapping and Rape ... Faces Life In Prison

6/14/2018 3:29 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

4:10 PM PT -- Officials say Winslow is being charged with 9 criminal charges including kidnapping with intent to commit rape, forcible rape, forcible sodomy, burglary, indecent exposure and more. 

Here are the charges in total: 

-- 2 counts of kidnapping with intent to commit rape
-- 2 counts of forcible rape
-- 1 count of forcible sodomy
-- 1 count of forcible oral copulation
-- 2 counts of residential burglary
-- 1 count of indecent exposure.

If convicted on all charges, he faces LIFE in prison. 

Officials tell TMZ Sports ... Winslow was arrested by the Sheriff's Major Crimes Division at 1:05 PM on Thursday. 

He's being booked into custody at the Vista Detention Facility -- a county jail in San Diego. 

Officials say a search warrant has been executed for Kellen's home. 

Ex-NFL star Kellen Winslow Jr. was arrested in San Diego -- again ... this according to the San Diego County District Attorney. 

Details surrounding the arrest are unclear but law enforcement sources tell us Winslow is facing multiple criminal charges. 

We don't know if this has anything to do with his arrest last week when he was accused of breaking into a home in a mobile home park in the San Diego area. For that incident, he was arrested for felony burglary. 

But moments ago, the San Diego D.A. told TMZ Sports ... "A warrant was issued this morning for Kellen Winslow II’s arrest and he was taken into custody by San Diego Sheriff’s Deputies Thursday afternoon."

"Arraignment is anticipated Friday, June 15 ... Charges will be announced at that time."

We've reached out to Kellen's camp for comment -- so far, no word back. 

34-year-old Winslow played in the NFL from 2004 to 2013 -- and made the Pro Bowl in 2007 as a tight end for the Cleveland Browns. 

Tito Jackson Proud of Paris for Protecting MJ ... Leave the Stars Alone!!!

6/14/2018 5:02 PM PDT

Tito Jackson's sad someone tried to disrespect his little brother ... but he's happy Paris Jackson stepped up to make things right.

We got MJ's older bro at LAX Thursday and asked about someone tagging a Michael Jackson star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week before his niece showed up to scrub it clean. Tito tells us he's proud of her, because it shows she takes pride in her father's legacy ... just like him.

Tito's not sure if the graffiti was a personal attack on Michael this time around or just a random act of vandalism, but the funny thing is ... the perp who tagged the star really failed if their intention was to hate on the King of Pop.

Turns out ... the star that got tagged was actually Michael Jackson, the 84-year-old British radio personality.

Regardless, Paris still took care of the cleanup ... and Tito's got some words for anyone thinking about vandalizing celeb stars in the future.

In other news...

Jim Carrey shares VULGAR anti-Trump artwork tweet

The actor is at it again.


Drake's 'Degrassi' Music Vid Reunion Planned in Like One Week! Costars Give Drizzy Props

6/14/2018 5:13 PM PDT

Drake got his old 'Degrassi' costars to reunite for his new music video on just about a week's notice ... so say two of his former cast/classmates.   

Shane Kippel and Ephraim Ellis -- who played Drake's best friend and fateful shooter on the show, respectively -- tell us Drizzy's new treatment for "I'm Upset" was literally shot this past weekend, and that they'd only gotten a heads-up mere days before that.

That's pretty crazy, considering Drake dropped the video Wednesday night ... less than a week after filming. In fact, Ephraim says he got an email about the production last Tuesday.

Sounds like it's been a while since everyone from Degrassi Community School has had a chance to fully get together too ... especially when it comes to seeing their beloved Jimmy. Shane says he hasn't seen the dude in 5 years ... and it's been WAY longer for Ephraim.

Yeah, we're not upset about this at all. 

Naya Rivera & Ryan Dorsey That's a Wrap ... Divorce Final!

6/14/2018 3:47 PM PDT

Naya Rivera is officially back on the market ... her divorce from Ryan Dorsey is final ... TMZ has learned.

According to court docs ... the L.A. Superior Court judge signed off Thursday on their split. As we first reported ... Naya filed divorce docs back in December ... shortly after she and Dorsey allegedly got into a physical fight over Thanksgiving.

The "Glee" star got arrested for domestic battery, but the charge was later dropped.

Ryan and Naya have one child, 2-year-old Josey Dorsey. As Naya requested ... they will have joint physical and legal custody.

Neither will pay spousal support.

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