'Swamp People' Stars Beer Bottle Allegations Are BS That Guy Attacked Us

9/10/2013 7:30 AM PDT

'Swamp People' Stars -- Beer Bottle Attack is BS!


The father/son gator huntin' duo from "Swamp People" are no bottle-smashing bad guys ... in fact, they were the REAL victims in a mini-mart attack in Louisiana last week, so says a rep for the reality stars.

As we previously reported, R.J. and Jay Paul Molinere were arrested this weekend after an altercation with a 24-year-old man that began on a nearby highway. The guy claimed the Molineres followed him into a nearby market and broke a beer bottle over his head.

But the Molineres claim they did NOTHING wrong ... and their rep says they were merely the victims in an aggravated assault carried out by "someone who is now seeking fame and notoriety."

The rep adds, "It's important for their fans to know that the Molineres are the same good-natured, faith-based family they've always been."

It's unclear if the Molineres plan to pursue any legal action of their own.