Wiz Khalifa Amber Has Our Son Living in Filth Here's Proof [PHOTOS]

2/19/2015 12:40 AM PST

Wiz Khalifa -- Amber Rose Has Our Son Living in Filth ... Here's Proof (PHOTOS)


Wiz Khalifa will offer photo evidence Amber Rose's home is too dirty and unsafe for their toddler -- which is why Wiz wants to change their custody agreement.

TMZ broke the story ... Wiz is gearing up to demand an increase in the amount of time he gets with their 1-year-old son Sebastian -- and we're told these photos will be part of his case.

One of the images shows dog poop strewn across a backyard patio. As we told you one of the complaints from Wiz's camp is Amber's dog eats its own feces and then licks Sebastian's face.

Other pics include a knife left out on a counter top and loose garbage in the yard. 

Amber hasn't responded to calls for comment. She's been kinda busy ... much like Wiz.