Meghan Markle Before Harry, There Was Cory ... Who Sure Looked in Love

11/25/2018 12:50 AM PST

Meghan Markle Cozied Up with Old Boyfriend Before Prince Harry


We already knew Meghan Markle had prior relationships before meeting Prince Harry -- but we didn't know just how lovey-dovey she was with her old boyfriends ... until now.

Here's a photo of Meghan cozying up with her old celeb chef flame, Cory Vitiello, while they dined in Toronto. In the pic, obtained by TMZ, you see Meg sitting on Cory's lap with his arms wrapped around her waist ... and him laying a big smooch on her cheek.

We're told this pic was taken at Atlas Restaurant in May 2016 -- which wasn't too long before she started seeing Harry across the pond. Remember ... Meghan and Harry reportedly began dating in the summer of '16, so something must've happened between this picturesque moment and whatever summer month Meghan got fixed up with Harry.

Even more interesting ... both Meghan and Cory went on to get hitched. Oh, and Cory's got a kid now too ... Meghan, of course, is expecting her first child with Harry.

Sounds like a great case of "Good Luck Chuck" that goes both ways.