Anna Faris Sure, I Love My New BF!!! But Will I Marry Him? Umm ...

3/31/2019 1:37 PM PDT

Anna Faris Suggests She Won't Marry Boyfriend Michael Barrett


Anna Faris doesn't seem so sure about getting hitched again -- but it's not because she doesn't love her new BF... she's just not in love with the institution of marriage.

The actress revealed her hesitations about getting married for a third time while sitting down with Disso Queen Laura Wasser for her podcast, "Divorce Sucks!" Laura asks her point blank -- wedding bells with Michael Barrett, Anna's new bae of about a year and a half?

Check out Anna's response ... she doesn't answer definitively one way or another, but does seem to be leaning more on the "no" side than "yes." 

Her reasoning ... Anna says she's got issues with the legal implications of getting married on paper, although she does note that she believes in monogamy and commitment. That idea's not so new -- tons of celebs have long-term relationships without ever tying the knot.

Anna's talk on another potential marriage comes a week after she told Laura that her ex-hubby, Chris Pratt, gave her a heads-up that he was gonna propose to Katherine Schwarzenegger.

Sounds like Anna's navigating post-divorce life pretty well all things considered. It also sounds like she doesn't want to do it again if she doesn't need to.