Chris Brown Completed Head Tattoo ... It's In the Stars!

Chris Brown's decided one ridiculously large tattoo on his cabeza isn't enough -- unveiling the sequel to his Greek/Roman goddess ink, but this time his inspiration seems more obvious.

CB got a big ole bull inked right next to the Venus de Milo(ish?) chick he got the other day, and captioned his Instagram ... "I do what the f**k I want!"

We don't know if Chris is big on astrology, but he IS a Taurus ... so the bull makes as much sense as a head tatt possibly can.

At this point, even Mike Tyson is cringing.

Chris Brown Now Two-Faced

Chris Brown got himself a fresh new haircut ... to clear a path for what looks like a Greek goddess. Some people in the office think it's Venus de Milo. Others are wondering who Venus de Milo is.

Chris clowned with his pals and worked on a song while the artist, King Rico, inked him up.

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Chris Brown My Tat's NOT Rihanna!!! It's a Day of the Dead Skull

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Chris Brown's new neck tattoo is NOT Rihanna's face ... or a battered woman for that matter -- at least according to the singer's rep -- who insists it's actually a Mexican-themed skull in commemoration of Dia de los Muertos.

Chris' rep tells us, "His tattoo is a sugar skull (associated with the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead) and a MAC cosmetics design he saw. It is not Rihanna or an abused woman as erroneously reported."

According to the tattoo artist, CB brought him the "sugar skull" design from a MAC ad the singer had seen.

Chris Brown Did He Tattoo Rihanna On His Neck?

Chris Brown insists his brand new neck tattoo is NOT a bizarre homage to Rihanna -- but if you look closely, the resemblance is uncanny.

The last photo we've seen of Chris without the tat is dated August 30th and the above photo was taken on September 1st, so CB got the ink job at some point between those two dates ... nearly a week before Rihanna kissed him at the MTV VMAs.

Sources really close to Chris tell us any similarities the tat has with Rihanna's face are purely coincidental -- "It's a random woman."

But we still gotta ask ...

Chris Brown Check Out My Huge New Neck Tattoo


Chris Brown found an empty spot on his body that wasn't inked up ... and inked it up ... getting a sick new piece done on the side of his neck.

Chris hit up Black Banditz on Melrose last night to get the work done by Peter Koskela (aka PeterTattooist). The new ink was described to us as "an indian chief transforming into a wolf."

Whatever it is ... we wouldn't want be caught throwing bottles in a crowded nightclub at a guy with that tattoo.

Rihanna and Chris Brown Go Tit for Tats

Rihanna and Chris Brown really need to stop denying their relationship -- we're not buying it anymore!

They had a not-so-subtle night out, causing a major scene with fans, cops and bodyguards when leaving a NY tattoo parlor -- and were spotted hitting a bar together after that. Seriously guys, give it up already.

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