Dru Hill's Smoke E. Digglera 'Internet is Undefeated' ... We Failed Bad at Sneaker Cover-Up!!


Dru Hill's new member ain't even tryin' to lie ... Smoke E. Digglera knows he and the group got busted -- hilariously -- for photoshopping his sneakers, but there's a funny story behind the flub.

Smoke, formerly lead singer for Playa, tells TMZ the mix-up started when he showed up for the photo shoot with Sisqo and the rest of DH, including fellow new member, Black. As the Internet immediately figured out ... those white Jordan 1 shoes on his feet were dropped in to cover up his, uhh ... wardrobe malfunction.

He says a miscommunication on what the shoot was supposed to frame (or not frame, more like) led to a last-minute change in editing ... and the rest is history.

As you probably know, fans roasted the poor Photoshop job with a bunch of "WHAT ARE THOSE?!" memes.

Despite the widespread jokes ... it sounds like Smoke would do it all over again. Comfort over everything, baby!

Sisqo Cheap Ass Execs Slayed My 'Dragon'


If you forgot Dru Hill and Sisqo put out comeback albums, there's a good reason -- 'cause the R&B stars say their record label botched the whole deal and cost them millions in the process.

According to the lawsuit, Dru Hill and its thong loving frontman signed separate deals with Kedar Entertainment Group back in 2009 -- Dru Hill would release 2 albums, and Sisqo would also drop 2 solo albums.

Sure enough ... Dru Hill's “InDRUpendence Day" came out in 2010 -- and Sisqo's "Last Dragon" came out earlier this year. Neither burned up the charts, and the artists say that's because KEG got chintzy.

They say the label promised to spend $300k on marketing, but failed to buck up. In the suit, Dru Hill also says they got shorted on royalties -- never seeing a dime.

Sisqo and his DH mates are both suing to get out of their contracts and for a million dollars each.

Dru Hill We're Still Singing ... To Feed Our Kids


Real talk last week after a Dru Hill show in DC -- the 90s R&B group said they're still kickin' for one reason and one reason only ... to put food on the table for their families.

The singers were sitting for an interview Wednesday with AOSTL media group reporter Donna Jones -- she tried to ask how the guys deal with the ups and downs of a music career ... and Sisqo tried to give a thoughtful response ... but his pal Nokio cut him off.

We won't ruin it ... but Nokio doesn't mince words.

Another highlight: "The rainbow led to the pot of hos." The video gets hilarious pretty quickly.

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