Adam DeVine Showing My Junk ... It Ain't HARD!


"Workaholics" star Adam DeVine is so comfortable with letting his junk hang free in his new comedy, "Game Over, Man!" ... he says he's bringing his mom to the film's premiere, and it doesn't look like he's kidding.

The movie, which does look hilarious, also stars his fellow "Workaholics," Anders Holm and Blake Anderson, but word on the movie-nudity street is Adam's the only one who went full frontal for the project.

When we got Adam at LAX, he told us that although he didn't have a problem putting it all out there, "Game Over, Man!" might spell 'game over' for his genitals getting closeups in Hollywood.

Hard to tell if that's based on quality or quantity.

Speaking of which ... as for whether fans should expect more of a Ken Jeong or Michael Fassbender vibe? Let's just say Adam doesn't beat around the bush on that one.

'Workaholics' Blake Anderson Wife Calls it Quits ... Files for Divorce

"Workaholics" star Blake Anderson has more time to get weird, because his wife has filed for divorce.

Rachael Finley filed legal docs last week in Los Angeles, citing irreconcilable differences.

The couple married in 2012 and have a little girl. It's Blake's first marriage.

We're told the couple has been separated for at least 6 months so the divorce petition is not a shock. Our sources say the 2 are getting along, to the extent that they're able to work out the whole co-parenting thing.

'Workaholics' Star Hit by Drunk Heckler ... 'Call the Police on Her Dumb Ass!'


Comedian Erik Griffin got into it with a drunk heckler during his stand-up act and things turned violent.

Sources at The Laughing Derby in Louisville, KY tell TMZ ... Griffin had nearly finished his set when he finally addressed a woman in the front row who'd been heckling him all night.

We're told she refused to leave despite pleas from the audience and multiple warnings from the club owner that cops were on the way.

The video is ridiculous ... the heckler got so riled up, she took a swing at Griffin. Club staffers tossed her just as cops arrived. Luckily for her, no one pressed charges ... and she left quietly on her own, instead of in handcuffs.

We reached out to Griffin who told us the woman was indeed "a hot mess."

'Workaholics' Stars Invited to Live Porno Taping ... For Pimping XXX Site

The guys from "Workaholics" better give a big thank you to co-star Adam DeVine ... 'cause a porn site is offering to let them watch a smut session IN PERSON -- for giving it public props.

DeVine told Rolling Stone last week he has trouble writing at home because of Porn Hub ... adding, "they know what guys like" ... so the site reached out extending its open offer.

The letter says the company has partners who film close to the "Workaholics" set ... so Adam, Anders and Blake can cruise by anytime to check it out.

That's so tight butthole.

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