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Nicolas Cage Leaving Las Vegas ... Hitched??? Applies for Marriage License

3/25/2019 1:05 PM PDT

Nicolas Cage is ready for wife #4 ... he's asking the state of Nevada to greenlight a marriage to his GF ... in Las Vegas, no less.

According to court record, Nic applied Saturday for a marriage license in Clark County, and he listed his new-ish girlfriend, Erika Koike, as the second party. Nic lives in Sin City, BTW ... and his marriage license is valid for one year from the time it's approved.

Nick and Erika have been together since April 2018. They were seen hanging out in Puerto Rico at the time while Nic filmed a new movie -- although, not much more is known about his potential bride-to-be. She appears to be a makeup artist with at least one credit on IMDb. 

They've been seen out together in public since then as well, including hitting the town together in Bev Hills last May. 

If Nic pulls the trigger and ties the knot with Erika, it'll be his fourth marriage in just under 25 years. He's previously been married to Alice Kim, Lisa Marie Presley and Patricia Arquette.

Interestingly enough ... Nic's got a couple of Vegas flicks under his belt, and one of them kinda fits this real-life story almost perfectly.

"Honeymoon in Vegas 2," anyone? Much better than "Leaving Las Vegas 2" ... for obvious reasons.

Peloton CEO Pulling Classes with Lawsuit Songs ... But We Have Plan B

3/25/2019 1:34 PM PDT

Your next Peloton ride could be really quiet -- it's recalling any classes featuring the songs the company's accused of using without permission.

John Foley -- Peloton's founder and CEO -- sent a letter to his more than 600k subscribers Monday, letting them know the company is yanking any classes that use the songs ID'd in that lawsuit a handful of music publishing companies filed. 

TMZ broke the story ... the publishers claim Peloton was using a bunch of hit songs from big-time artists without permission -- upwards of at least a thousand tracks, apparently -- ranging from Rihanna's "Umbrella" to Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot."

Those companies are suing for major damages ... up to $150 million. 

In his letter, Foley says the fitness company is only doing this as a precaution ... and assures users that their cycling experience will not be affected by the change. He says Peloton has deals in place with lots of other music publishers and labels that give them access to a "broad catalog" of music that he suggests will be able to replace the temporarily silenced tunes.

On the lawsuit itself, Foley says it's unfortunate that it had to be filed ... since he claims Peloton was in talks with at least a few of the publishers before they pulled the trigger.

Sandra Bullock Oceanfront Estate Hits Market ... For $6.5 Million

3/25/2019 11:07 AM PDT

Sandra Bullock is looking to unload her oceanfront property in Georgia ... and you can enjoy the island lifestyle, if you've got a boatload of cash!!!

We've learned the Oscar winner is listing her 3-acre estate on Tybee Island for a cool $6.5 million, and it just went on the market. Our sources tell us Sandra is selling her Georgia home because she's raising her family on the West Coast, and she doesn't see herself spending much time back East anymore. 

As you can see ... the property is amazing, and it's got tons of privacy. There's a private entrance to the beach, and if you don't feel like getting sandy or salty, you can take a dip in the pool. The baller beach house also comes with a basketball court, and a home gym! 

The main house is huge ... we're talking 3,360 square feet of luxury surrounded by screened porches, perfect for enjoying those ocean breezes! 

You'll probably have tons of visitors -- who wouldn't want to check out Sandra's old digs -- so the guest house will come in handy ... it's 2,848 square feet of fun, with a game room and a crows nest to take in the breathtaking ocean views! 

Ruthie Lynah of Sotheby's has the listing. 

L.A. Marathon Exoskeleton Helps Paralyzed Man Have 'Greatest Weekend of My Life'

3/25/2019 1:12 PM PDT

1:12 PM PT -- Adam tells TMZ walking 17.2 miles at the L.A. Marathon was the greatest weekend of his life. He says he's still beat up from the experience but clearly it was worth it. Check out the vid ... he tells us exactly how a paralyzed person can walk with help from the ReWalk Exoskeleton.

Adam Gorlitsky -- who is paralyzed from the waist down -- provided one of the most uplifting stories from the Los Angeles Marathon ... walking a stunning 17.2 miles.

As we first reported ... Adam walked with help from the $95k ReWalk Exoskeleton. His journey began Friday at midnight at Dodger Stadium, and by 7 PM ... Adam had made it to mile marker 11 at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, walking for a whopping 19 hours straight.

The hills at Chavez Ravine and managing traffic before the race course was completely set up proved to be big obstacles for Adam. Exhaustion and pain on his wrists also forced him to take a breather.

He returned Sunday at 7 AM in Westwood at the brand new start line for the "ReEnabled Division" at mile marker 20. The new start line's something Adam and the foundation, I GOT LEGS, helped create for others like him who want to take part in the elite marathon with a little help from the course.

Adam walked the remaining 6.2 miles and crossed the finish line at around 4 PM. He started the race with a support group that included friends traveling from other states to walk with him. Adam finished with a bigger group as others inspired by his story decided to walk the final stretch with him.

While Adam didn't walk the entire 26.2-mile course ... he vows to keep trying until he becomes the first paralyzed person in history to complete a full marathon on U.S. soil. When you see his determination in this video, it's hard to doubt he'll do it.  

Originally Published -- 9:53 AM PT

NBA's Shawn Bradley Tacko Fall, Call Me ... Advice On The 7'6" Life

3/25/2019 12:01 PM PDT

Gigantic college basketball star Tacko Fall just got a huge mentor (literally) ... because ex-NBA great Shawn Bradley says he wants to talk to the 7'6" youngster to help him get ready for the league.

Bradley knows what it's like to be the big man on campus ... he's 7'6" himself and was a superstar in college at BYU before going on to have a 12-year NBA career. 

Fall's UCF squad ALMOST beat Duke in the tourney this past weekend, and in doing so the enormous senior made a lot of people believe he has a real shot at being a 1st-round draft pick.

We got Bradley out at LAX and he told our guy that while he hasn't been able to see too much of Fall's game, he'd love to help him fill in any gaps.

"Tell him to call me if you see him. I'll give him some advice."

Might wanna call him, Tacko ... Bradley made close to $50 million during his NBA career, and that was 20 years ago, before the contracts got as stupid silly as they are now.

Shawn did share with us one piece of advice he'd share with Fall.

"Don't try to become something that they're trying to make you."

All due respect, Shawn ... dude's 7'6", no one's trying to make him a hoops star ... nature already did that!

Rapper Sheck Wes No Charges For Attacking Ex-GF ... No Evidence It Ever Happened

3/25/2019 12:11 PM PDT

12:10 PM PT -- A rep for Skye tells TMZ, "A judge in the Superior Court of California granted a restraining order against Sheck Wes that is still in effect and the correlating case is still pending."

They continue, "However, it is unfortunate that the Los Angeles District Attorney decided to not pursue any further action at this time but that is often the case with many victims of domestic violence which is why incidents like this go unreported much of the time."Sheck Wes can ball out like Mo Bamba again ... he's off the hook in his physical abuse case. 

We've learned the "Mo Bamba" rapper won't face any charges for allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend last summer at the Montrose Hotel in West Hollywood. According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the L.A. County D.A.'s office is rejecting the case due to a lack of evidence. 

As we reported ... Sheck's ex, Justine Skye, put him on blast back in February, calling him pathetic and claiming he had a history of putting his hands on her. The model, actress and singer claimed Sheck once threw her phone across a hotel room at the Montrose, slapping her in the face with a wad of cash and berating her. 

Justine also claimed Sheck and his crew stalked her and attacked her friends

Right off the bat, Sheck vehemently denied abusing Justine or jumping her friends. Now it looks like he can put the case behind him.

Originally Published -- 10:48 AM PT

Soulja Boy Gucci is Racist!!! I'm Not Playing My Song

3/25/2019 9:18 AM PDT

Soulja Boy isn't wearing Gucci bandanas anymore, and he sure as hell ain't about to rap about them ... because he thinks the brand is "racist as f**k!!!"

The rapper is still raging mad over Gucci's blackface scandal -- and we got this video of him stopping his Sunday performance at the High Times Dope Cup in Adelanto, CA ripping the company a new one.  

Soulja starts rapping "Gucci Bandanna" before stopping the show and bashing Gucci over its disastrous decision to sell a sweater resembling blackface. SB doesn't hold back, calling the sweater "racist ass s**t" and telling Gucci to "suck my d**k!"

Young Drako is still on board with the Gucci boycott, and that's gotta suck for them ... because he says he's spent over $1 million on Gucci in the last 10 years!

Yeah, Soulja's days as a walking, talking Gucci billboard are over. For now.

Michael Madsen Arrested for DUI Smashed SUV into Pole!!!

3/25/2019 5:39 AM PDT

Michael Madsen is behind bars ... after wrecking his Land Rover in Malibu, he got arrested for driving under the influence.

The veteran actor of Quentin Tarantino flicks like 'Kill Bill,' 'Hateful Eight' and "Reservoir Dogs" got into a single-car crash, hitting a pole, Sunday around 8 PM ... according to law enforcement sources. We're told the L.A. County Sheriff's Department deputies responded and, when they arrived, immediately suspected Madsen had been boozing.

We're told Madsen smelled of alcohol, so he was given a field sobriety test and, according to law enforcement, it didn't go well -- his BAC was .10.

The legal limit is .08, so Madsen was arrested for misdemeanor DUI. His bail has been set at $15k.

Madsen was also busted for DUI in Malibu back in 2012, when his BAC was twice the legal limit. He entered a 30-day rehab after that arrest, and the judge also ordered him to get outpatient treatment.

R. Kelly I Didn't Torpedo Azriel's Family Meeting ... She Called the Shots

3/25/2019 1:00 AM PDT

A meeting between R. Kelly's alleged "sex slave," Azriel Clary, and her family wasn't dictated by the singer himself, nor was it his fault the whole thing fell apart ... so says his lawyer.

Clary was supposed to meet with her family -- for the first time in years -- Saturday night in Chicago. R. Kelly's attorney, Steve Greenberg, tells TMZ the plans fell through after Azriel insisted on changing the location last minute. We're told she wanted the meeting with her family to take place at Trump Tower Chicago in a conference room on the hotel side of the building -- not in R. Kelly's residence there -- as opposed to a previously decided spot.

The previous location was a different hotel, one block away, but Greenberg says Azriel made the switch the day before the scheduled meeting. It's been reported that Kelly was the one who pushed for the change -- supposedly wanting his security there too -- but Greenberg says that's false.

He tells us Azriel is the one who suggested Trump Tower as a means to control the media circus she thought her family would orchestrate around the meetup. She wanted say over who could get into the building by having it at Kelly's place, where she lives with him.

When her family got word on that, they pulled the plug entirely. Greenberg says the singer was never going to be at the meeting.

Michael Avenatti -- who reps Azriel's family in this matter -- tells TMZ ... "On Friday, R Kelly’s camp tried to abruptly change the terms of the meeting at which time my clients and I decided not to participate because the terms were not acceptable. We are now attempting to reschedule the meeting on agreeable terms so my clients can see their daughter."

You'll recall ... Joycelyn Savage's family meetup also got canceled for the same thing -- supposedly, she too insisted it take place in Chicago. Both sides clearly couldn't come to terms on a location, as you can hear in a heated phone convo between the parties.

'L&HH' Star Tommie Lee Stress Caused Her Alcohol Relapse ... Friends Stunned By Drunken Court Appearance

3/25/2019 12:40 AM PDT

Tommie Lee shocked her closest friends when she showed up to court drunk ... they say she was in the process of getting sober before her recent relapse. 

We broke the story ... the former 'Love & Hip Hop' star is back in jail for being wasted during a court hearing in her child abuse criminal case. We're told her BAC was 0.16 -- double the legal limit.  

Sources close to Tommie tell TMZ ... she was trying her best to sober up in recent weeks, staying away from alcohol even though she was surrounded by vices. We're told Tommie was going out with friends who were drinking, and even stayed at a friend's house with a stocked bar inside, but she stayed off the booze. 

But, Tommie fell off the wagon before last week's court appearance ... and our sources claim the stress of the case caused her relapse. She was indicted on child abuse charges earlier this year, and she's facing up to 54 years in jail if convicted on all 7 charges. 

Tommie has since apologized for being drunk in court, admitting she needs help and promising to seek treatment. 

Tony Ferguson's Wife Warned 911 Operator 'I Don't Want Cops to Get Hurt'

3/25/2019 12:50 AM PDT

TMZ Sports has obtained a 911 call made by Tony Ferguson's wife during an incident in February -- and the way she handled the call may have saved Tony's life ... and the lives of several cops. 

As we've previously reported, Tony's wife, Cristina, called police to their Santa Ana, California home several times over the past couple months when the UFC star was having manic episodes and acting erratically. 

Cristina has made it clear she loves Tony and wants him to get treatment -- but during a Feb. 16 incident, things got to a point where she was scared and needed police to intervene. 

During the call, Cristina says she needs help -- but warns police that Tony is a professional fighter. She notes, "I don't want no cops to get injured."

The operator responds, "We don't want anyone to get hurt."

Of course, Tony is not just a pro UFC fighter, he's one of the greatest mixed martial artists in the world ... currently, the #1 ranked contender in the UFC's lightweight division. 

When cops arrived to Ferguson's home, officers used the information from the call to help diffuse the situation ... and according to the police report, Tony told officers he would seek help. 

Unfortunately, cops were called back to the house a few days later -- but the good news, Tony has since agreed to get serious about treatment and appears to be doing better. 

In fact, just last week, Tony posted on social media that he's seen a psychologist and that it "went well."

He added on Wednesday, "Strong Mind Strong Body. Staying Focused Thanks For the support everyone."

Lil Wayne Lyrics Notebook from '99 For Sale at $250k!!!

3/25/2019 12:30 AM PDT

Lil Wayne's a lyrical genius who freestyles on all of his tracks, but there was a time when he'd put pen to paper for all of his lyrics ... now a notebook filled with them can be yours for a pretty penny.

The notebook -- written in 1999 when Weezy was an up-and-coming 17-year-old rapper -- is on the market for a cool $250k. The folks over at Moments in Time are handling the sale of the rare collection ... featuring lyrics from "We On Fire" and "I Feel" during Wayne's time with the rap group "Hot Boys."

We're told the person who owns the notebook says he found it in a car that once belonged to Cash Money Records. He says when the dealership he works for took ownership of the whip, the guy rummaged through what was left behind and took possession of the notebook.

Check out the pics and notice the notebook has some water damage. That's because, according to the owner, the notebook came close to getting destroyed when Hurricane Katrina hit.

He says he stored the notebook in a box in his garage. When Katrina hit, he evacuated and when he returned, his home was all but destroyed ... as were most of the things in his garage, except for a few items, including the notebook.

Suffice it to say ... whoever scores the notebook's getting his hands on rare hip-hop history.

Hollywood Undead Frontman Thank God, Myspace Lost Our Early Stuff ... But It's Still Not Cool

3/25/2019 12:20 AM PDT

Add Johnny 3 Tears -- singer and bassist of Hollywood Undead -- to the list of musicians relieved their old songs have been wiped from Myspace ... but he feels bad for other artists ... and Tom.

The rocker tells TMZ ... the old social media network's massive screwup -- it deleted roughly 53 MILLION music files uploaded from 2003-15 -- was actually a good thing for his band, but it sucks for artists who lost songs important to them.

Johnny also has his doubts the Myspace blunder was completely on accident, and echoes a tech blogger's theory it was a cost-saving measure.

3 Tears tells us his old buddy, Tom, the co-founder of Myspace, wouldn't have tolerated this ... and it tells a sad tale of the company's downfall.

As we told you, another rock star -- Mike Hranica from The Devil Wears Prada -- is pretty much in the same boat as Johnny in regards to Myspace ... but doesn't have the same sympathy for those who lost their material.

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