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Kendall Jenner Single Again? Cannes Do!!!

5/23/2019 6:57 AM PDT

Kendall Jenner's far away from her family and chilling in France, and it might be a sign of a fresh start for the supermodel ... in the dating world.

Kendall was soaking up some sunshine Thursday in Cannes with Kardashian family friend and Kourtney's former fling, Luka Sabbat. It looks super casual, but the timing is interesting ... because Kendall and her NBA star boyfriend, Ben Simmons, have reportedly broken up.

They haven't been seen together much lately, so people were starting to wonder and although there's been no announcement ... splitsville's looking very real. Kendall flew into France Wednesday -- presumably to hit up some Cannes Film Festival premieres, and attend the amfAR Gala later Thursday.

That busy schedule explains why she missed out on Kylie's big skincare launch and roller skating party.

She was the only one of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters not in attendance. From the looks of it ... they all found a way to soldier on without her, though. Roller skates will do that for ya.

Cardi B Postponed Show's a Win-Win ... I'm Healing and Dealing!!!

5/23/2019 12:50 AM PDT

Cardi B's cosmetic surgery complications have led to an unintended bonus ... skyrocketing ticket sales!!!

We broke the story ... the rapper had to cancel her headlining gig at the 92Q Spring Bling Festival Friday night in Baltimore so she could properly recover from her recent liposuction and breast augmentation ... at the encouragement of her doctors.

Cardi admittedly had been pushing it to the limit to honor her commitments despite having work done, telling a Memphis crowd on May 5 she should have canceled because "moving too much is going to f*** up my lipo" ... but she rocked it anyway.

Same goes for performing at Rolling Loud and twerking at her Fashion Nova launch party.

She finally had to postpone this time, though ... but TMZ's learned the whole ordeal's been a blessing in disguise. Event organizers quickly announced a September 8 makeup date, and it's generated way more buzz ... and a better bottom line.

Sources close to the event tell us after Cardi made the call to postpone for health reasons, organizers were worried there would be backlash and the rescheduled show wouldn't sell ... but it's done the exact opposite.

We're told within 30 minutes of our story going up, nearly 2,000 tickets sold ... and an additional 2,600 and counting have sold since. Add these totals to the tickets previously purchased -- which will be honored in September -- and it looks like the show will have no problem selling out its 13k capacity venue.

All publicity is good publicity, right???

Mayor Pete Watch Me Flex My Maltese Muscle!!!

5/23/2019 12:40 AM PDT

Mayor Pete Buttigieg had the most interesting convo Wednesday on the streets of New York City -- problem is ... it was all in Maltese!

The presidential candidate ran into a dude who happens to be a president himself -- president of a Maltese club in Astoria, NY.  

The South Bend Mayor speaks the official language of Malta, which is not surprising because it's a derivation of English, Italian and French ... languages in which he's fluent. 

We have our Malta spies, so we know roughly how the conversation went down. The guy asks Pete if his family is from the island of Gozo. Pete says his fam is from Hamrun, where his grandparents lived a few doors down from Anton Buttigieg -- no relation -- and he became Prez of Malta.

Sounds like Buttigieg is like Smith in Malta.

Anyway ... the guy invites Pete to speak to his org, and sweetened the pot by offering him pastizzi from an Astoria restaurant -- it's a Maltese national snack.

This is only a partial clip of the conversation. You can only handle so much Maltese on TMZ.

BTW, in addition to Maltese, Italian and French, hizzoner speaks Norwegian, Spanish, Arabic, Dari and, of course, good ol' English.

Dennis Rodman Accused of Slap Attack ... Cops Investigating

5/23/2019 12:30 AM PDT

Dennis Rodman allegedly slapped a man at his own birthday party in Florida last week ... and cops say the key witness in the case is DAVID LEE ROTH!!!

... unfortunately, it's just not THAT David Lee Roth

It's all spelled out in the police report obtained by TMZ Sports ... in which the Delray Beach Police Dept. describe an alleged battery on May 17 at the Buddha Sky Bar. 

The alleged victim is 30-year-old Jeff Soulouque -- who says he was hanging at the party when Dennis "unprovokedly turned around and smacked him," right in the face. 

Soulouque claims Rodman immediately began apologizing for the incident and invited him out to dinner the following night in an attempted peace offering. 

But, Soulouque tells TMZ Sports he was really hurt -- and went to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a left corneal abrasion. He went to cops the day after the incident and filed a report. 

Cops launched an investigation and called up a witness named David Lee Roth -- who, shockingly, is NOT the Van Halen singer. Still, cops say DLR corroborated Soulouque's story. 

"Roth stated he was about twenty feet away and he saw Rodman turn around and open hand smack Soulouque two times," the report states. 

Cops are now on the hunt for video of the incident and have listed Rodman as an official suspect in an alleged battery. 

As for Rodman, his attorney, Lorne Berkeley, denies his client slapped anyone, telling TMZ Sports ... “I’ve spoken with people who were with Dennis the entire night of the alleged incident at Buddha Sky Bar. No one saw any such incident occur and Dennis was sober the entire night.”

“Currently the matter is in its preliminary stages but we fully expect after a thorough investigation that no such incident will be substantiated. Dennis denies any such incident occurred.”

It's just the latest in a string of bizarre incidents involving the NBA legend -- who is also being investigated in California for his role in an alleged clothing heist at a Newport Beach yoga studio. 


Hayden Panettiere's BF Charged w/ Felony Domestic Violence

5/23/2019 10:23 AM PDT

10:20 AM PT -- Hickerson appeared in court this morning and pled not guilty to the charge. His bail was set at $50k. The judge also issued a protective order that prohibits Hickerson from being 100 yards near Panettiere or contacting her. He'll be back in court next month.Hayden Panettiere's boyfriend is in serious trouble following his arrest for domestic violence ... 'cause TMZ's learned he's now facing a charge that could land him in prison.

The L.A. County District Attorney's Office has charged Hayden's BF, Brian Hickerson, with 1 count of felony domestic violence. If he's convicted, Brian faces up to 4 years in prison.

TMZ broke the story ... Brian was arrested earlier this month after an argument with Hayden allegedly turned physical. As we told you ... the couple had been out drinking before an argument ensued at their pad. Law enforcement sources initially said the injuries were marks and redness, but we're now told the injuries were far more serious. 

Cops arrested Brian almost immediately after the altercation after determining he started the fight. Hayden and Brian have been dating since last summer.

Originally Published -- 12:20 AM PT

'Little Women: LA' Star Has to Doggy Paddle for Life!!! After Poolside Argument

5/23/2019 12:10 AM PDT

"Little Women: LA" star Christy McGinity got a sad double whammy courtesy of her costar, Tonya Banks ... who metaphorically threw Christy under a bus, then literally into a swimming pool.

Christy and Tonya got into a heated argument after Tonya yapped to all their castmates that Christy was NOT gonna make it to Jasmine Sorge's vow renewal ceremony.

This, of course, pissed off Christy because she didn't get to break the news privately to Jasmine -- and instead was totally embarrassed in the middle of Jasmine's bachelorette party.

Check out the clip ... Tonya was NOT having it and you can pretty much guess what happens next. The scene will play out in Thursday's episode. We'll just say this ... doggy paddle + unicorn horn = hilarious. Every time. 

It's been a tough year for Christy, who has also had to deal with drama from her estranged hubby. It was a simpler time in 2018 ... when Christy and Tonya went from upgrading their lady parts to getting in the middle of a massive fooooooood fiiiiiiiiight!!!

In other news...

Tamar Braxton, 42, Smooches With Her BF & Shows Off Her Rock Hard Bikini Body In Steamy Beach Video

The singer’s hot n heavy clip was cut short when her 5-year-old caught her getting sexy with her man!


Guess Who This Brown-Eyed Baby Turned Into!

5/23/2019 12:01 AM PDT

This cute little chubster was born in Champaign, Illinois but is known as one of Atlanta's favorite sons. He started rapping when he was just 9 years old. His famous cousins include Monica and Katt Williams. He was an intern at Hot 97.5 before rising as one of Atlanta's hottest rappers who went on to become the founder of his own record label.

He's got 3 Grammys under his belt, but he's also earned awards for his acting skills in hugely successful action films. He's been a host of a reality show and starred in several prominent commercials, including and most recently for Mercedes-Benz.

Can you guess who he is?

TMZ Live 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Fighting Uphill Battle for Her Kids

5/22/2019 10:55 AM PDT

  • A Showdown Over Nipsey Hussle's Fortune
  • George Clooney Describes His Horrific Motorcycle Crash
  • Margot Robbie Wins Over Sharon Tate's Sister in New Role
  • Wendy Williams' Husband Gets in a Brawl with Her Son!

Kim Kardashian & North West Let's Go Party ... At Disneyland!!!

5/22/2019 5:40 PM PDT

Kim Kardashian and North West are getting their party on before Memorial Day Weekend ... hitting up Disneyland for a best friend's birthday bash!!!

Kim and her oldest daughter spent their Wednesday at the Happiest Place on Earth ... cutting loose on some rides, hanging out with Mickey Mouse and grubbing down on some Mexican food. 

KK's pushing a stroller ... but newborn baby boy Psalm West isn't the one getting an assist from mama. Guess the latest addition to Kim and Kanye West's growing brood isn't quite ready for his first trip to the Magic Kingdom.

Hey, Psalm wouldn't be able to go on the fun rides anyways. Sorry little buddy, Kim and North are having all the fun this time.

Sage Northcutt My Face Is Healing ... Still Hospitalized After Surgery

5/22/2019 6:20 PM PDT
Breaking News

Sage Northcutt is on the mend ... and he's giving a positive update on his health after undergoing surgery on facial fractures he suffered when he got his ass knocked out in his ONE Championship debut. 

The ex-UFC posted this picture from his hospital bed in Singapore on Wednesday night ... thanking all his fans for their prayers and letting everyone know he's recovering and getting better, day by day. 

Sage looks to be in good spirits, given the circumstances ... he's giving two big thumbs up, and doing his best to smile -- which has gotta be difficult when you have surgery to fix 8 FRACTURES!!! 

Check out that shiner under Sage's left eye ... that's gonna last a while. 

As you know ... Sage's debut was a disaster. The 23-year-old got his face punched out by Cosmo Alexandre, crumbling to the canvas with a thunderous face plant 29 seconds into the match. 

Sage went under the knife over the weekend ... and his coach, Urijah Faber, told us the fighter's injuries were way worse than originally thought because Sage also shattered his cheek into 30 different pieces. 

But, it's good to see Sage getting better. 

Amber Heard Fighting Revenge Porn's a Bitch ... Help Us Out, Uncle Sam!!!

5/22/2019 4:25 PM PDT

Amber Heard has gone from Queen of the Sea to a real-life superhero ... fighting to make revenge porn a federal crime.

We got Amber out Wednesday afternoon on Capitol Hill where she was advocating for the SHIELD Act ... a bill that would make sharing nude pics or videos of a person without their consent a crime, punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

Amber, of course, experienced a similar nightmare back in 2014 when hackers posted a topless pic of Amber that was clearly a message to her then-fiance, Johnny Depp. Check out the clip ... Amber makes a passionate plea about why she's speaking up to put a stop to revenge porn. 

Slipknot Percussionist Daughter Died From Apparent Overdose

5/22/2019 2:11 PM PDT

Slipknot cofounder Shawn Crahan's daughter died from what appears to be a drug overdose ... TMZ has learned.

Police and the fire department responded to a call for a possible OD at a Hollywood home Saturday night, and found the body of the heavy metal percussionist's daughter, Gabrielle.

We're told CPR was administered, to no avail ... she was pronounced dead on the scene by paramedics.

Law enforcement sources tell us there was drug paraphernalia and evidence of narcotic use on scene, and Gabrielle has a history of drug use. Authorities are still investigating, and her cause of death is pending toxicology testing, but the outward signs point to drugs. 

Shawn -- who goes by the stage name "Clown" or #6 and is the last founding member to remain with the group -- announced that her funeral will be held Sunday in Iowa, which is where they're from.

He also thanks fans for their love and support, saying, "You have all proven that there is empathy, positivity, & strength in this community that we call humanity here on Earth."

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Gabrielle Crahan (@crahang6) on

Gabrielle's most recent Instagram post -- from just a couple days before her death -- suggested she was 5 months sober.

She was 22.


Elizabeth Warren Bran Shouldn't Have Won the 'GoT' ... He Didn't DO Anything

5/22/2019 3:22 PM PDT

Y'know that meme about Bran Stark not contributing anything to the group project, but still getting an A? Well, Elizabeth Warren is here to tell you why that's 100% correct.

We got the Massachusetts Senator and presidential hopeful Wednesday on Capitol Hill, where she elaborated on why she thinks Bran was totally the wrong choice for the crown ... an option no one seems happy with ... other than meme creators, of course.

Senator Warren explains it rather simply -- Bran was boring as hell in the series and didn't actually offer much of anything to the action OR the story ... unless you count a lineage discovery (that didn't go anywhere, ultimately) as mighty important.

Even if he did serve as solid representation for the disability community, Warren says that alone just doesn't cut it as far as development and arc over the whole series.

Sounds like EW's doubling down here on her shared rant with AOC from the other day -- a character more folks were invested in (like, say, Dany or Sansa) should've won the throne ... rather than just being written off as either crazy or complacent in the end.

Speaking of writing off females seeking powerful positions, Sen. Warren assures us she ain't gonna go down like any of the ladies in 'GoT.' Her story's in her hands, it seems.

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