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Whitney & Bobby: What About Baby?

9/14/2006 9:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown may finally be moving on with their lives after a tumultuous 14-year marriage, but sources familiar with the family from their time in New Jersey tell TMZ say that the real victim in the divorce battle will no doubt be daughter Bobbi Kristina, and that she might actually be better off living apart from her parents altogether.
Bobbi Kristina Brown with her parents Whitney and Bobby.
In court filings obtained yesterday by TMZ, it is not clear what Whitney's intentions are concerning the 13-year-old Bobbi Kristina, pictured here with her parents at a film premiere in 2004. But even though the teen's parents have always showered
their only daughter together with love and affection, the New Jersey sources tell TMZ that the child may now be in particular danger of losing the guidance she needs through these difficult and crucial years, especially given Whitney's past struggles with substance abuse and Bobbi's focus on reviving his career – and his "tenderonis" – not to mention his two other children from previous relationships.

Anna Nicole Lost Memory of Son's Death; Police Tried To Resuscitate Daniel for 23 Minutes

Today, both Anna Nicole Smith herself and the Royal Bahamas Police Force issued separate statements concerning the death of Daniel Smith. According to the police report, Daniel was last seen moving about his mother's hospital room at 6:30 am and was asleep by 7:30 am on Sunday, as were his mother and Howard K. Stern, Anna's lawyer and confidant, who was the heretofore unindentified "third person."

Nurses responded to a call from the hospital room at 9:38 am, and doctors and medical staff attempted to resuscitate Daniel for "approximately 23 minutes," but they were unsuccessful and Daniel was pronounced dead at 10:05 am, according to the police statement. Police also said in their report that the cause of death is still not known, which is of particular interest because the coroner in the case confirmed to TMZ that she does know the cause of death. The autopsy results were not released.

Earlier in the day, Smith herself issued a statement through her Bahamian lawyer Michael Scott. In that statement, she says that Daniel came straight from the airport to her hospital room on Saturday night and stayed there the entire evening. Moreover, Smith says that Daniel helped his mother to the bathroom on several occasions. The account of Daniel's sudden death is similar; after Daniel's death, however, Anna Nicole became so distraught that she had to be sedated, and as a result suffered a loss of memory concerning the incident, which made it necessary for Howard K. Stern to inform her of Daniel's death.

Meanwhile, sources tell TMZ that there was definitely no heart attack or external injuries involved, and that a critical clue may lie on the plane he flew on to the Bahamas. We're also told that flight personnel have been interviewed by police. Something happened on that plane, though sources would not say if it involved drugs or alcohol. TMZ is also told that the hospital did everything by the book.



Dr. Laura to Women: You're "Unpaid Whores"

Acid-tongued talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger, never one to back down from a fight, has taken on the entirety of American womanhood, calling typical American females a bunch of sluttacious hussies in her new book, according to Page Six. Dr. Laura, of course, when she was in her 20s, let her then-boyfriend snap nude photos of her and then had a relationship with a California doctor who was married with three kids -- who subsequently left his wife for the therapist.

In "The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage," to be published in January, Dr. Laura claims that now "it is difficult to find the male who values virginity, purity, and innocence when females dress like babes and perform oral sex and intercourse without even having to be fed dinner ... men see women as sex objects when women act like unpaid whores."

World Waits As Paris Eats, Applies Lip Gloss

There may have been a huge crowd of celebrities and fashionistas waiting for the Heatherette show to start Tuesday night during New York's Fashion Week, but when Paris Hilton wants a sandwich to quell her hunger, the expectant masses just have to sit tight. As Lloyd Grove recounts in his column, the lodging heiress was just about to hit the runway when a publicist began yelling for sandwiches, which Paris and sister Nicky had requested.

Then, as the crowd idled, Paris disappeared with a sprint, reappearing minutes later, explaining that she had to put on lip gloss. And Grove also reports that Nicky Hilton had to have a last-minute alteration done on her dress, perhaps a circumstance brought on by those emergency sandwiches.

Party Favors: Carrey Fires Agent, Nicole Calls It Off "For Good" With DJ AM

As TMZ's Claude Brodessor-Akner first reported yesterday, Jim Carrey has fired his longtime agent at the United Talent Agency, Nick Stevens, sending shockwaves through Hollywood. Speculation this morning is that Carrey may move to Creative Artists Agency. According to Carrey's rep, "Mr. Carrey has shared an enormous amount of success with UTA over the years for which he is truly grateful. It was a difficult decision to make but he felt it was time to move on." ... Nicole Richie, recently seen gallivanting around LA with Brody Jenner, has finally shut the door completely on ex-boyfriend Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein, according to Us Weekly (via MSNBC), even changing her cell phone numbers because Goldstein was calling too much. Goldstein's rep says the story is "utterly ridiculous."

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"Doctor" Laura is not a doctor. Nor is she a therapist. She's a hypocritical windbag who thinks so much of marriage she wrecked one. She calls herself doctor because it sounds better, but it doesn't make her a real doctor. Of
I wonder if she's ever thought that SOME women act like unpaid whores because women like her set the standard- those nudie pics from when she was 20 or so- gross!

2970 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Harry Sez: " And your point is what Dr. Laura?"

2970 days ago


ok Dr Laura thinks we are hussies/whores?

ok lets see she got nude pics snapped of her that went public. she slept w/a married man who has 3kids. and we are the whores? ok sweetie laura you need help you need to put down the crack pipe and needle from the herion and get into rehab.
your rose colored glasses are out of focus. time to get a new prescription!

2970 days ago


so a paid whore is better than an unpaid whore?
so we are to dress 'little house on the prairie' and feel good about ourselves? why do we have to cover up? maybe men and women are to blame? if women dont let men treat them like crap then men will stop.
you lie your gone
you cheat your gone
you play me your gone.
no matter if its a woman or a man doing it.

Dr Laura how was the married man you screwed? did his wife and kids enjoy the fact that you are an unpaid whore?

2970 days ago


WTG Sherri...the doctor needs a reality check.

2970 days ago


sherri lol.. tell the bitch!! this old hag is whacked!! i;ll show her whore..right up her ass with her broom stick she flew in on. she reminds me of an even nuttier version of judge judy/joan rivers.

2970 days ago


I've never been a Dr. Laura, but there is an element of truth when she says females dress scantily and act frivolously. It starts with all these celebrities and music videos. Paris Hilton is a 'role model' for many young women and look how she behaves in public. Look at all the women on 'Flavor of Love' running around fighting each other and throwing themselves at Flav. This all boils down to how many behave because this is what they're seeing and emulating. She's right, men only see women as sex objects when they behave this way. Obviously not every woman in America acts like this but the behavior has become acceptable.

2970 days ago

Travis Bickle    

WHo better to talk about this than someone who actually did it like Dr.Laura? You immoral sluts on here say she is an idiot but she's experienced it. Why then is her opinion not worthy? That's how people change. They experience something in life that makes them understand that their actions were hurtful to their life. Maybe you should read her book and THEN come to your conclusion instead of having a knee jerk reaction like most of you emtional lefty kooks have. Think with your head and not your genitals, you infidels!

2970 days ago


#6 i dont give a crap how women dress on or off television.. this old bitter broad is nasty and bashing! lets not start dragging the men down now lol. yes there are men who pant at the site of women dressed such as you mention , but there certainly are many gentlemen as well.

2970 days ago


Dr. Laura did make a point. SOME of these girls now do not care who, where, or what they have sex with now a days. If you have a nice car. I'll give it to you. If you are a rapper. I'll give it to you. If you have some money in your pocket. I'll give it to you. I'm sorry but girls are easy anymore. SOME. Flavor of Love. Girls gone wild. Girls need to stop and as for respect and make these men wine you and dine you a little. Just don't give it up so fast. Stop looking for what he has and start looking for what he is...

2970 days ago


Dr. Laura needs to meet Dr. Phil.

2970 days ago


Look, I workout and eat right to maintain my body, so what's wrong with wearing something nice. I'm not talking about cleavage down to there, you can be sexy without being trashy. Dr. Laura is nothing but a old hypocrite! Was she thinking about that guy's wife when they were sleeping together. Where were her family values when she was posing nude? Only a damn fool would look to Paris or any other TV personality to be a role model. Kids aren't that stupid...give them some credit.

2970 days ago


Alissa, you're missing my point. Of course, there are a lot of descent men and women out there. But, look at all the postings this site gets when people like Paris Hilton get into trouble - they support her, they look up to her. That's the problem - the shows on tv today and in the tabloid mags all inadvertently promote this kind of behavior and there are just as many not moral men and women that follow it. You and I many not give a crap what people on tv are wearing, but a lot of impressionable people out there do and try to follow suit.

2970 days ago

Travis Bickle    

Dr. Laura points out good reasons why women are not the smarter gender and why the Taliban has good ideas on dealing with the sluts they call women.

2970 days ago


I think Long Duck is Dr. Laura.

2970 days ago
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