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Michael's Rehab Plan for Lindsay:

Get Medieval

5/11/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's life is hardly a fairy tale, but her father's rehab plan for her is straight out of Brothers Grimm -- because it involves locking her in a lavish castle in the middle of ... Long Island.

Michael Lohan & Lindsay Lohan

As we first reported, Michael Lohan asked the judge in Lindsay's DUI case to send LiLo to inpatient rehab in lieu of sending her to jail for missing alcohol education classes ... and the place Michael suggested to send her is the very pricey Oheka Castle.

Only two problems: First, the castle isn't a rehab facility, it's a lavish hotel and resort where celebs like Kevin Jonas get married. 

Second, a rep for Oheka tells TMZ it would cost $10,000 a day to rent the top section of the castle -- the only part that's isolated enough to serve as a rehab getaway. 

That's a little steep for Lindsay these days, but Michael claims, "several family members have come forward" to help pay for Lindsay's treatment.  He's also hoping the castle's owner will give him a friends and family discount.

Once upon a time, indeed.


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Girl wake up we know the truth but you aren't helping any with the drugs, cutting and partying to not feel the pain but get the hell away while you can from this man he is a monster just like Brittanys dad and so many other girls in fame there dads force them to be sex objects and make money off them. Thats why he wants to put you at a private facility that can be controlled and sick sick people come brain wash you to be just like gaga and the other sex zombies. Run go get help real help without anyone knowing for yourself go somewhere unknown or very hard to follow you to someplace that they could care less who you are cause thing sin there own life's are to dire to care. Live the life you were made to don't let your dad and this "family really f*ck you up. You can do it it won't be easy but can I know you don't know it but God is in love with you and He will have your back you can do it. Fight for your life.

1593 days ago


its pretty easy to see he has been approached by this family probably offered a lot of money from them to get to you and control you what have they got to loose your reputation is been trashed if you don't follow along they will take you out its that serious tmz and these other jokers don't care about you. they haven't any others they have played the game with and trashed and then reported on there fake suicide/real murders. Your human though you deserve to live and have a real life free of the pain and control there are people out there to help. again and again you can do it. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1593 days ago


Lindsey needs a dose of Reality. Judge, send her to work in a morgue. Or, send her to work in an enviornment where there are no fancy trappings. No luxury. No Michael and Dina

1593 days ago


snort...Uh, I mean SNORE! ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Get with the program already you snobby spoiled bitch. Seriously. I'm sick of reading about you AND your dad AND your dysfunctional lesbian relationships.

1593 days ago


All celeb xtapes here
All celeb xtapes here

1593 days ago


Her dad probably wants it at the castle so he can have his marriage there as well, under the guise of rehab.

1593 days ago

Good riddance!    

Typical Ego filled response. Demands the best, but insists that someone else foot the bill. Michael, what happened to all that money you stole from all those innocent people in the past? Surely they didn't find it all when you were arrested! Or maybe you can sell some of the stuff she's stolen from various people and businesses.

1593 days ago


Seriously, this guy is deluded. All he wants is to control everything about Lindsay. He threatens her friends, her assistant and even her mother. He sends a letter to the judge involved in her probation case telling her what he wants her to do. No doubt he wants to lock her away and have a film crew there to observe the whole sickening process. He is dangerously obsessed with Lindsay. The further she is away from him the better.

1593 days ago


A much better idea would be to put him on the space station and turn off the radio so she and all of us don't have to hear from him,or see him ever again. Knowing he was in space would probably have a significant healing effect on her and save us from any more of his idiot ideas.

1593 days ago


It's a little too late to care what happens to Lindsay now. Michael and Dina should have been concerned a long time ago. Had she been able to have a childhood, she wouldn't be trying to make up for it now. They made her the family breadwinner. They should have taken care of her, not had her take care of them.

1593 days ago


A day without a posting about any of the Lohans would be a day with lots of sunshine. They are so yesterday's news...Please give us a Lohan break.

1593 days ago


A day without a posting about any of the Lohans would be a day with lots of sunshine. They are so yesterday's news...Please give us a Lohan break.

1593 days ago


Lindsay is not a princess and does not deserve a castle. She is an addict and needs rehab. She is a criminal and deserves punishment in jail. Give her what she deserves. And can someone give Daddy Dearest what HE deserves???

1593 days ago


Maybe if I click my heels twice and blink my eyes the whole family will just go away

1593 days ago


I met Michael at a local picnic and he seemed like a nice and normal guy -- nothing like how he is made out to be on TMZ...

But, if you are reading this, Michael, please do not bring a media circus to Oheka Castle, one of the only nice places left to have a wedding at on Long Island. Take her to a proper rehab facility. Or, just let her go where she wants to go since she is an adult and this is not the era of "locking people away" because YOU feel like it. She is an adult.

1593 days ago
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