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Cory Monteith

Double Life

Sober for 'Glee', Wild in Vancouver

7/16/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cory Monteith
was leading a double life -- a hard-working, "Glee" star in L.A. struggling to stay clean ... a hard-partying substance abuser in Vancouver.


Our sources say Cory's GF Lea Michele and his "Glee" cast knew his struggles all too well and spent a lot of time keeping him clean and sober.  We're told Cory never showed up on the set under the influence of anything and most of the time abstained from drugs and alcohol.

The pic above shows the last trip Cory and Lea took together -- it was taken on June 18th in Fire Island, where they visited a friend on a movie set.  We're told Cory was sober the entire time.

There were, however, lapses, which is why he checked into rehab in April.


Our sources say Cory's resolve to stay clean dissipated whenever he returned to his native Canada.  That's where he became a drug addict with a serious drinking problem.

Corey went back to Vancouver many times, and hung out with many of the friends who helped fuel his addiction.  We're told alcohol and drugs were always involved. 

Our sources say Cory's family was aware he reverted back whenever he went North of the border, and they tried in vain to help.  We're told as family members became alarmed recently and began making a full-court press ... Cory became distant.

Somehow, Cory was able to compartmentalize his life into a tragic tale of 2 cities ... and the city where he slipped became the city where he died.



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Highly doubt Lea Michele is actually his girlfriend. To be boyfriend and girlfriend you actually have to be physically intimate... Hello, yeah, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to do this fake bf/gf thing because now all of a sudden it all becomes very real. Stop getting played by these fake celebrities. RIP.

462 days ago


Never have believed in the Devil, but the effects of drug addiction are changing my mind. People give up everything - fame, adoring fans, lovers, kids, family, fortune - all for chasing that next high, until that last, fatal one.

462 days ago


It really is very sad when someone so young, who has everything going for them feels drugs are the most important thing and can't go a day without them.

462 days ago

Scott Levy    

It's hard to be sad for someone who brought this on himself. Don't do drugs!

462 days ago


Your "sources"? How neat and simplistic. And what a load of crap.

462 days ago


Drugs are very hard to beat when you start so young. It's like your body develops with it and the body continually needs it as you grow. Was wondering why he was staying in a hotel instead of his family home - could be to hide his drug habit. He seems like a nice guy. I hope other youngsters that are experimenting with drugs learn from this.

462 days ago


Some'd think a friend would realize if you just got out of rehab, you needed to stay out of bars and find something else to do. Unbelievable *******s! You helped him kill himself. Hope you're happy.

462 days ago


I d not care who it is how talented or famous they are. An addict is an addict and the same end awaits them all. Just because this one was famous how does it make it any more tragic then some poor unknown. He did drugs he died of it. To bad, tough luck, self inflicted stupidity, bury him move on.

462 days ago


Everyone is talking about drugs, but a recovering alcoholic who starts drinking can easily die, very few want to admit that this legal drug is a killer.

462 days ago


Can't we all just wait until the autopsy results come out? Then you can crucify him as a drug addict or honor him as a wonderfully talented singer/actor.. Until then, it's just so much gossip.

462 days ago


The 12-Step religious AA/NA cult is a FRAUD, and so is its "HIGHER POWER" nonsense!

462 days ago


This is so irresponsible. Shame on you, TMZ. Trying to create a story and vilify someone. What you should be reporting is that the police and the coroner's office have reported that there is no sign of foul play OR signs of substance abuse playing a role in his death.

462 days ago

train wreck    

I told you fools! VANCOUVER is to blame!

462 days ago


Wow great friend to have that kill you with drugs and booze. They should be charged and sent to prison for his death.

462 days ago

Spunky Funk    

Vancouver and British Columbia, in general, are full of druggies. Where do you go when you have a habit in Canada - Vancouver.

462 days ago
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