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Lamar Odom

The NBA Drug Trail

8/27/2013 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0825-lamar-tmz-odomLamar Odom was deep into drugs while he was playing for the Dallas Mavericks and there is evidence he was doing the exact same thing while playing for the Lakers ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to a Westin hotel in Memphis tell TMZ ... in March of 2012, shortly before Lamar was cut from the Mavs, he stayed in one of the guest rooms while his team was in town playing the Grizzlies. 

Our sources say when Lamar left, hotel employees found major carpet damage ... including quarter-sized burn marks. The damage was so bad, the hotel had to replace the carpeting in the room.

Our sources say hotel employees also found white powder on the desk blotter and the room reeked of noxious smoke.  Our sources say it was obvious there was serious drug use going on in the hotel room. 

The Westin is one of numerous hotels where NBA players stay when they're on the road. TMZ has contacted a number of these hotels in various cities. We've learned from several hotel employees ... they had complained about the state of the rooms when Lamar left -- similar to what happened in Memphis -- and this was while he was playing for the Lakers. 

Our sources say no one on the Mavs knew Lamar was a substance abuser while he was on the team, but everyone knew something was seriously wrong with him.

We're told that during at least part of the time he was playing for the Mavs, Lamar was smoking Oxycontin and cocaine.

Odom's problems were so severe, he was cut from the Mavs mid-season and paid in full just so he would go away.

TMZ broke the story ... the drug use escalated to crack -- and we're told Lamar's level of crack use is now alarming and life-threatening.


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You sure he wasn't snorting Oxy instead of smoking it? Who really knows what this fool up to... His stats since leaving LA the last 2 have been garbage at best... He was paid millions by Cuban to leave town.. And of course... Cocaine is hell of a drug...

419 days ago


Go Pacers

419 days ago


This is the reason (drugs) he rode along on those NBA championships. No talent.

419 days ago


He's just going to blam it on basketball issues. Father like son . Khole needs to get rid of that base head and stop playing god ! You ain't smart enough to handle this. Another failed marriage you wouldn't be the first.

419 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Such a disgrace of a man. Can't handle his marriage, can't manage his money or his woman or his dope. Not much of a man at all, really.

419 days ago


Who would not turn to drugs if you are married to big foot?

419 days ago


No respect for him! Loser major loser

419 days ago


What crack head leaves extra crack on on a table at a hotel ?? .. Come on this is getting ridiculous

419 days ago


Anyone who gets with that family gets in drugs or alcohol ,look on the lazy brother, Kourtney hubby ,all that family is dysfunctional a pimp mother, and a cheater ,a sex tape sister, that made her rich and famous, the other having babies from a man who doesn't want to marry ,Kloe married this man in two weeks, Kim having a baby from a egomaniac who is not going to marry her either , what a dynamics in this family they are the poster dysfunctional family .....is a curse ,remember their father was OJ defense lawyer ,is all bloody money Karma is working!

419 days ago


Sorry, I must be missing something ... the article says there is evidence he was "doing the same when he was at the lakers"

Helluva call (when you can't even prove he was doing anything at any other time: "sources say" ! That's not evidence, it's not even journalism when you say "our sources suspect, our sources say, our sources conjecture".

And that is ALL you do TMZ ... weigh up how likely you are to get sued versus what you can dare to publish. And it's ALL crap, not a word you say is EVER backed up by any credible source. EVER.

You're just a pariah source, raking money from internet hit ratings ... and no-one cares if you've ever told the truth about anything !

That's not a sad reflection on society - most of western society doesn't know you, doesn't read you. It's just a really cheap slutty way to make money if you're you. And looking at ratings, I don't think we have to worry about you much longer. And thank God. If you can't add value, p*ss off, that's a good rule of thumb.

419 days ago

Ed Clark     

If you was related to Kris Jenner you would do drugs to..

419 days ago

Yuk Suk Tu    

Why would she try and save him? If my spouse was on crack like this idiot is, I'd say "Adios Cabron! Don't let the door hit your azz on the way out!" And don't come back. FK LO! FK Khloe for trying to save a crack addict. You can't "Save" a crack addict, that's a horrible drug you can't just walk away from. FK him.

419 days ago


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419 days ago


Eminem rules !

419 days ago


It is very sad to me that the vast majority of Americans do not look at addiction as a disease. When in fact viewed in the medical model which is practiced by doctors and treatment providers it is just that, a disease. If Lamar had cancer, we'd all be sendin him heartfelt well wishes, prayers, and loving support. Anyone who chooses to bash him for the serious and life-threatening disease that he is facing has clearly never worked with or studied individuals facing this type of obstacle. Trust me, no one and I mean no one ever says as a child, "When I grow up, I want to be a drug addict." It is destructive, deadly, and eventually ruins every positive aspect of ones life. It is very easy when you are on the other side of this monster to throw out harsh names, advice, and a total disregard for Lamar's life! No matter which substance he is or is not using, all highly addictive substances more often than not lead to tragedy and travesty in a blink of an eye. Millions of Americans face the same exact disease that he allegedly lives with. It is a shame that just because he is in the public eye that he cannot receive the treatment desperately needed to curb the destructive behavior slowly killing him. I do not think that any of you would be so curt with your words if he had overdosed, which is a strong probability if he doesn't get the help that he desperately needs. What those of you who clearly know nothing about this disease are so quick to throw out your opinions. All I can say is that I hope it's never your life partner or child! Believe me, live through the horror of loving someone with an addiction and you will most definitely choose your words FAR more wisely. So Lamar and Khloe, know that not everyone out there is so ignorant, nieve and thoughtless. I will be praying for you and your family through this difficult time! Keep the faith!

418 days ago
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