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Lamar Odom

The NBA Drug Trail

8/27/2013 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0825-lamar-tmz-odomLamar Odom was deep into drugs while he was playing for the Dallas Mavericks and there is evidence he was doing the exact same thing while playing for the Lakers ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to a Westin hotel in Memphis tell TMZ ... in March of 2012, shortly before Lamar was cut from the Mavs, he stayed in one of the guest rooms while his team was in town playing the Grizzlies. 

Our sources say when Lamar left, hotel employees found major carpet damage ... including quarter-sized burn marks. The damage was so bad, the hotel had to replace the carpeting in the room.

Our sources say hotel employees also found white powder on the desk blotter and the room reeked of noxious smoke.  Our sources say it was obvious there was serious drug use going on in the hotel room. 

The Westin is one of numerous hotels where NBA players stay when they're on the road. TMZ has contacted a number of these hotels in various cities. We've learned from several hotel employees ... they had complained about the state of the rooms when Lamar left -- similar to what happened in Memphis -- and this was while he was playing for the Lakers. 

Our sources say no one on the Mavs knew Lamar was a substance abuser while he was on the team, but everyone knew something was seriously wrong with him.

We're told that during at least part of the time he was playing for the Mavs, Lamar was smoking Oxycontin and cocaine.

Odom's problems were so severe, he was cut from the Mavs mid-season and paid in full just so he would go away.

TMZ broke the story ... the drug use escalated to crack -- and we're told Lamar's level of crack use is now alarming and life-threatening.


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No Avatar


Don't they do random drug tests in the NBA????

389 days ago


Some of these comments are absolutely disgusting! I hope all you cretins who are posting nasty stuff never have to cross this kind of thing in your family or with your partner if you actually have one as your disgusting behaviour may suggest you don't! Some evil people in this world! If this is true & LO is suffering a drug problem then I wish him the best of luck to get better & hope Khloe who is okay too! This has to be soul destroying and a lot of you are like vultures! Vile...Don't how TMZ are allowing some of these comments to be posted, absolutely shocking!!!

389 days ago


Hope you are proud TMZ! For your great contributation to society. Coke to crack... and you put in writing that he didn't start crack until you [the "media"] broke the story. maybe they should of took him into via hospital/cops like the "Baker Act" in FL ? Not sure CA laws...

389 days ago


The more I hear about how bad Lamar's addiction was/is, the more impressed I am with Khloe. I've never heard of her saying anything negative about him throughout their marriage. She was always defending and supporting him. That's a real wife. Lamar should get help; his marriage to Khloe is worth saving.

389 days ago


Come on. This story should not be surprising. What man in his RIGHT mind would marry the ugly Kardashain? EVER? Answer? A crackhead.

389 days ago


is there no drug testing in the NBA?

389 days ago


I would like to hear what Lamar has to say about all this. TMZ doesn't have much credibility anymore.

389 days ago


Tmz and thier bullsh*t story

389 days ago


saw snippets of the interview of KRIS and Harvin of TMZ,there were like two snakes circling over a dead rat

389 days ago


The Katrashians are like the witch family who aim to ruin all the men in their lives
Rob Kardashian driven to death with stress induced cancer,he was a broken man wen he died.
Rob Kardashian junior driven to food (he is a wreck,called useless everyday by the four red lipped witches)

BruceJenner diven to Plastic Sugery,do you know how hot he used to be ?he was an Olympian for Christsakes..anyway he hasnt gotten(shagging) any for years now..he looks like he would beg for it,while Witch Mama flirts with hotter and younger men.

Lamar Odom driven to drugs and women...sigh..

Kanye West driven to career obscurity,anger and Airport meltdowns..his carrer is sinking faster than a basket in the ocean.

Scott Discik...smart Geminan..will you be the last man standing,can you beat these witches at their game ...
Reggie Bush got away..lucky MOFO

Kris Humphries got away by the skin on his teeth...probably doesnt know frigging lucky he is.. He should go on his knees and thank God everyday of his life for Saving him..TRUTH!!!!!!!!

389 days ago

Peter Popoff    

I still don't believe this fake Azz story

389 days ago


saw snippets of the interview of KRIS and Harvin of TMZ,there were like two snakes circling over a dead rat.
the rat was the lamar story..

kris jenner had cold snake eyes and a smiling lip,

harvin had cold snake eyes and smiling lip..
it was like watching two demons make out ..creepily evil

389 days ago


Sources from the Westin Hotel chain say there were times when the peanut butter smears on the sink were so hard to wipe up, they had to use a wet cloth...hotel employees said there were definitely PBJs being made in Lamar's rooms

389 days ago

South Beach    

Boy, talk about going after someones throat. I feel sorry for Lamar after seeing this completely unverifiable "our sources" BS.

389 days ago


yeah the mavs payed Lamar to just go away when they could have him drug tested and fired. yeah.....

389 days ago
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