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Terrell Owens' Wife

Yes, Those Are My Nude Pics

... But Only T.O. Had Them

3/27/2014 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Nude pics of Terrell Owens' estranged wife have popped up on the Internet ... and she's hinting that T.O. may be responsible for leaking them.

The photos of Rachel Snider hit Twitter today showing the ex-postal worker posing for bathroom selfies ... some topless, some bottomless ... and some that look like they're straight out of Hustler.

Gotta say ... some of 'em do make ya think T.O. should try to patch things up.

Snider confirmed the pics are definitely her, but adds they were taken for T.O. ... and intended for his eyes only.

Translation: she thinks he could be connected to the the Twitter handle sending out the pics.

Rachel says she's contacted Twitter HQ to report the user behind the x-rated tweets, but so far they're still up.

T.O.'s rep hasn't responded to our calls for comment.
update_graphic_red_bar2:40 PM PT -- Rachel's pics are down ... Twitter shut down the account.

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Mr Barcliff    

at my age, if i knew then what i know now, oh boy, how many decisions would i make differently!!!!! This woman reminds me of most woman(good woman exclude yourself, this comment isnt for you, only get offended if its you, if not, ignore this comment because there are some good woman out there)! Woman, the bad ones always want something more. They always have a reason they feel out of LOVE or a reason they had to leave or he was abusive or something. The good ones, they NEVER talk(hence Tiger Woods ex wife) you NEVER hear them gossiping and gossiping, the drama NEVER ends with the bad woman. Why is she still trying to gain attention? For money in her divorce? Is she after 15 minutes of fame? What is it. I have no issue with criminals, those who tell you thats who they are. WHY? Simple, there at least honest enough in there criminal ways to say <"hey, I steal or rob or lie" so they arent fake and I can respect anyone like that! That said, the worse is like this woman, Terrell Owens probably LOVED this woman and at the end of the day, he got hurt again. She thought Terrell was going to take care of her and when she saw it was a MARRIAGE and not a sugar daddy situation, the real her appeared. Shes doing very little to make us feel for her and its ashame because as a man, I can admit, most men arent worth a penny with a whole in it, were mostly dogs and cheat and worse. This woman has woman and men saying shes wrong, make that make sense. LGNM

210 days ago


Either she tok the selfies or he released them. Either way, she is probably going to use this as the reason to release pictures of him

210 days ago


So many saints here ! Although judgmental saints . My prayer is none of you ever have a whirlwind romance and ur life is scrutinized under a microscope . God bless you all . The Best thing about being me is you don't have to be me!

210 days ago


i can smell the yeast from here

210 days ago


Something isnt right. Didnt they just marry not too long ago? The old somebody stole pics from my hubby's phone bit huh. But hey im not mad at her, she is gonna go for it. Im just anticipating a big ol crash in the near future

210 days ago


what is TO ? A homo ? Look at that fine piece of booty. Get your woman back TO !

210 days ago


I've have to start going to the post office!!!

210 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

No no no!
You're doing it all weak.
Look, just call...
Ray J's Make Yo Ass Famous Services

210 days ago


unless their Christians right. you blowhards are always telling everyone to be tolerant, and how tolerant you are, until someone says something you don't like, then your in a big uproar crying like you just got bullied. why don't you just not watch the shows you don't like and quit demanding shows get taken off. a lot of people like the show and don't give a crap whether you do or not. grow up cry baby.

210 days ago


That photo on the left has got to be photoshopped. Unless there are some really funky perspective/visual distortions, those proportions and general anatomical structure aren't humanly possible. The torso is too long, the distance from her hips down to her knees is way too short, and her waist is barely thick enough for a spine AND internal organs. It looks like something that would come through Escher Girls on tumblr... the result of a comic book artist with no real knowledge of anatomy trying to draw a "sexy" woman.

210 days ago


Mama alway said not to write down on paper what you don't want the whole world to know. This same logic could apply to nude selfies. Once you take that photo of your naked self- you are subject to get Pam & Tommy'd regardless of whom you sent them to.

210 days ago

paul a.    

She has NOTHING to be ashamed of!

210 days ago


what kind of phone is she using? wow horrible blurry pics! would of thaught she would have a better one.. http://www.techpulsemag.com

210 days ago


She took it well. They were not super extreme pics. Honestly I didn't think she look that good until now.

210 days ago


...and what we're supposed to feel sorry for her. Pleazzz!

210 days ago
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