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Tony Dovolani Scientologists Followed Me ... Because of Leah Remini

11/30/2015 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tony Dovolani says the Church of Scientology was hot on his tail during his stint with Leah Remini on "Dancing with the Stars" ... looking for any dirt they could find to discredit her ... even by association. 

Dovolani was at LAX, toting around Leah's book, 'Troublemaker,' -- when our photog asked if the Church harassed him. Tony unloaded. 

He's not afraid at all ... as he says, you tend to cherish your freedom when you come from Kosovo.


Tyga No Deal On New Kylie-Adjacent Crib

11/30/2015 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1123_tyga_house_photos_launchTyga's dropping all kinds of excuses for not closing the deal on a pricey Calabasas home close to Kylie Jenner, but there are some strong signs why the sale keeps stalling out.

Sources tell us Tyga's been in escrow 3 times on the $10 million, 8 bedroom pad located in the same neighborhood where Kris Jenner, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian live.

We're told each time it gets close to closing, Tyga's got excuses -- such as being on the road or not getting paid -- for coming up short on cash.  

As we've reported, Tyga's got all sorts of money problems ... so he might be aiming high with a $10 million home.


50 Cent His Lawyers Are Living High Life ... Sex Tape Victim Gripes

11/30/2015 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1125-50cent-tmz50 Cent owes Lastonia Leviston millions for releasing her sex tape, so it makes sense she's upset his bankruptcy lawyers are living in the lap of luxury, and racking up huge expenses in the process.

Leviston, who won a $7 million judgement from Fiddy, filed docs calling out the rapper's legal team for dropping $57,241.76 on hotels alone while working on his bankruptcy case. Their legal research tab comes to $14,800.66, and a court reporter ran 'em $26,890. 

In the docs, Leviston calls these expenses unreasonable ... especially since 50 Cent filed for Chapter 11 in July. As part of his bankruptcy case, 50 has to regularly file his expenses with the court, and Leviston's not happy with the numbers.

She doesn't spell it out in her docs, but it seems Leviston's concerned 50 Cent won't have enough cash left to pay her if the lawyers are bleeding him dry. 

She wants a judge to reject the lavish reimbursements, and her message is pretty clear -- I'm watching where your money goes, Fiddy!  

Kim Fields 'RHOA' Can Wait ... I Got Math Homework

11/30/2015 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1123-kim-fields-rhoa-GETTY-01Kim Fields isn't making her new 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' gig a priority, according to co-workers who find her impossible to work with ... due to an inflated ego. 

Sources on set tell us some of Kim's co-stars are livid she's been showing up late and leaving early for shoots. In one case, we're told she left Kandi Burruss' baby shower early -- during taping -- so she could help her kids do math homework.  

Also, when they were filming in Jamaica, Kim showed up with her kids even though producers told the cast absolutely NO KIDS.

We're told Kim acts like she's better than everyone else, and still in her '80s heyday of 'Facts of Life.' Sources close to Kim say that's way off base, and she's a "consummate pro" who works with producers to ensure she meets her responsibilities to work and family. They also point out she shows up for every shoot on time and in good spirits. 

But with other cast members feeling like Kim disrespects 'RHOA' rules and schedules ... we'd say there's a juicy chick fight brewing.

Guess Who This Smiling Stud Turned Into!

11/30/2015 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1125_cute_kid_launchBefore this happy little man was living the good life as a big time rapper he was just another party boy growing up in Chicago, Illinois. Can you guess who this American boy turned into?

Kobe Bryant Announces Retirement I'm Ready to Let Go

11/29/2015 4:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


This will be Kobe Bryant's final season in the NBA ... he just made it official by penning a love letter to basketball.

Kobe says the 2015-16 season will be his last in the Lakers purple and gold -- and any other uniform. In the letter, posted on The Players' Tribune, Kobe writes ... "Dear Basketball, From the moment I started rolling my dad's tube sock and shooting imaginary game-winning shots ... I fell in love with you."

He also said, "This season is all I have left to give. My heart can take the pounding, my mind can handle the grind, but my body knows it's time to say goodbye. And that's OK. I'm ready to let you go."

The letter's pretty extraordinary, and kind of emotional.

37-year-old Kobe closed with -- "I'll always be that kid with the rolled up socks. Garbage can in the corner, :05 on the clock, ball in my hands. 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1. Love you always, Kobe."


In other news...

Chrissy Tiegen Has An INSANE Fear Of Showing This Part Of Her Body

The supermodel is known for her willingness to bare all, but there is one thing she NEVER wants you to see!


Fetty Wap Meet My Adorable New Trap Queen

11/29/2015 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1128-fetty-wap-dog-instagramFetty Wap's real life trap queen is a serious bitch ... but a freakin' cute one.

Fetty just got an American Bully, and TMZ has learned the puppy was a gift for his infant daughter. Tyrone Carter owns Different Breed Kennels in CA, and says he first reached out to Fetty months ago when he heard the rapper was in the market for a pooch.

The female pup is almost 3 months old -- born on 9/11 -- and Carter says Fetty hand-picked her. Carter took to calling her Trap Queen while she was weaning, and he says Fetty decided to keep the name. He'll call her Queen for short.

Carter's usual price is between $3k and $5k, but he says Fetty got the hook-up ... gratis.

We're told Fetty and his baby mama will share custody. Looks like baby Zaviera and Queen are already BFFs. 



Jahlil Okafor 'I'm Not Proud Of My Decisions'

11/29/2015 1:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1128-jahlil-okafor-getty-01NBA star Jahlil Okafor says he vows to get his life together and NOT be a distraction to his team ... after being involved in several concerning off-the-court incidents ... including a street fight in Boston.

Click here... it's not over yet

Sinead O'Connor Angry Suicide Note... My Family Betrayed Me

11/29/2015 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1128-sinead-oconnor-gettyupdate_graphic_red_bar10:55 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources confirm Sinead has been found "safe and sound" somewhere in Dublin, and she's getting medical attention.update_grey_gray_barSinead O'Connor has taken an overdose of pills in response to a "horrific set of betrayals" ... at least according to an emotional message she posted blasting her family and blaming them for her suicide.

The note, posted Sunday morning, alleges "appalling cruelty" on the part of her husband, her children and even her son's girlfriend -- and she says it all started when she had a hysterectomy in August. Sinead claims they've been keeping her babies from her, and she just couldn't take it anymore.

The 48-year-old singer wrote, "I have taken an overdose. There is no other way to get respect. I am not at home. I'm at a hotel, somewhere in Ireland, under another name."

She adds she's been, "Howling crying for weeks. And been told by them all to go f*** myself. I'm invisible. I don't matter a shred to anyone."

1128-subasset-sinead-oconnorSinead has four children, ranging in age from 9 to 28. She's currently married to Barry Herridge -- the therapist she married in Las Vegas after meeting on the Internet.

It's unclear if family or friends have begun searching for Sinead. We've reached out to her reps, but no word back yet.

In other news...

Hazel E Takes It ALL OFF... And We Mean EVERYTHING

'Love And Hip Hop' star Hazel E reveals just about EVERYTHING imaginable in her latest photoshoot. And she looks incredible!


Kendall Jenner Take that Lady Godiva!!!

11/29/2015 6:39 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1128-kendall-jenner-instagramKendall Jenner just attempted to up the Kardashian's game by posting a nude shot -- but turns out she's guilty of social media horseplay.

Kendall put up the equestrian themed pic with no caption, and more importantly ... no credit ... because that ain't her on the horse! Of course.

It's a French model named Elisa Meliani (@elisajazz on iG) ... who originally posted herself and her fav stead last year. Elisa isn't pissed about Kendall jacking her photo though.

1128-subasset-kendall-jenner-instagram-02We can hear TheFatJewish now -- Why does she get a pass?


Ryan Seacrest NOT Off the Market GF Not Owner of Huge Diamond

11/29/2015 12:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1128-ryan-seacrest-renee-hall-akmgsi-02It looked like Ryan Seacrest was OUT of the dating pool, but the hot chick traveling with him -- with the big ole rock -- is NOT Seacrest's one-time girlfriend. 

Ryan hopped a flight in London today with a woman who looks a lot like model Renée Hall -- so much so, the photo agencies identified her as Renée. But TMZ has learned the lucky lady sporting the massive diamond ring is Sarah Much. She's reportedly engaged to mega celeb realtor Kurt Rappaport.

Seacrest's reps tell us Ryan was traveling with Kurt and Sarah in Europe.

It's unclear if Renee and Ryan are still a thing -- they haven't been seen together for some time.

1128-subasset-ryan-seacrest-renee-hall-akmgsi-02So, false alarm -- Ryan NOT engaged, and ... congrats to Sarah and Kurt?

Still, this is as good a reason as any to revisit Renée's hotness.  


In other news...

Courtney Love Posts 'SHOCKING' Photo

Nobody would EVER expect this from Courtney Love!


Pregnant Anne Hathaway This is How It's Done!!!

11/29/2015 7:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Anne Hathaway looked great as she showed off her subtly pregnant self during a walk in L.A.

Anne and hubby Adam Shulman strolled along Saturday after breakfast.  It will be their first child ... they married in 2012. 


Mary-Kate Olsen Marries Boyfriend ... And She's Smokin'!!!

11/29/2015 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1128-mary-kate-olsen-getty-01Mary-Kate Olsen has tied the knot with her boyfriend, and the reception was held in a cloud.

The 29-year-old married 46-year-old Oliver Sarkozy during a small NYC ceremony.  According to Page Six, the 50 guests were treated to bowls of cigarettes and everyone lit up the entire night.

Fun Fact:  Olivier is the half-bro of former French Prez Nicholas Sarkozy.

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