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'Star Trek' Actress

Companion Busted at LAX

In Meth Suitcase Blunder

10/31/2014 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nichelle Nichols
, who played Uhura in the 60's TV version of "Star Trek," did better on spaceships than planes because her travelling companion was busted at LAX after meth fell out of his suitcase ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We've learned the 81-year-old actress was with a male companion in his 20's at the American Airlines terminal. We're told he had attached his luggage to hers and her name tags were on his bags.

Here's the rub. Law enforcement sources tell us, his suitcase fell to the ground, opened and a bag of meth and drug scales spilled out.

The guy was arrested for drug possession. The unsuspecting Nichols was in the clear and allowed to make her flight.

Nichols rep tells TMZ ... the companion is her assistant and all cops found was an e-cigarette.  Our law enforcement sources beg to differ ... they say they found meth.


'Hollywood Hillbillies'

Hicks Divided

On Mama June Scandal

5 minutes ago BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood Hillbillies Mama June ScandalThe women of "Hollywood Hillbillies" are standing firmly behind Mama June ... saying she's a good mother ... but the men on the show say June's a crappy mom.

Our photog got the cast as they headed into House of Pies in Los Feliz ... and there was a clear gender divide over the Boo Boo situation.

Mema was quick to defend Mama June ... but Michael (aka "The Angry Ginger") seriously bashed her.

Which hicks take the cake ... and the pie? You decide.


What's The Big Frigin' Difference?!


15 minutes ago BY TMZ STAFF

1027_frigin_difference_post_launchThere's a little bit of trick included in these Alfonso Ribeiro treats... Can you creep through these almost identical pics and find the Minnie differences we've hidden for you to spot?

**HINT -- there are THREE differences in the above photographs!** 

Johnny Manziel

Curses Out Referee

At Cavaliers Game

10/31/2014 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Johnny Manziel
 went on a cursing rant an NBA referee during LeBron James' homecoming game in Cleveland last night ... and his rage was captured on video.

Johnny "Football" was pissed off after what he clearly felt was a BAD call, and repeatedly yelled -- from his court side seat -- "Bulls**t" and "F**k" ... for a solid minute. 

Here's the question though -- is Manziel really that passionate about Cavaliers hoops ... or does the Browns backup QB just want Cleveland fans to THINK he loves 'em that much?

Katy Perry

That's a Spicy Costume!

23 minutes ago BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Hudson’s Halloween party started getting outta hand when Katy Perry showed up looking hot (flaming hot, actually) -- and went over the edge with Lily Allen's getup.

The shot she took at famed music producer Dr. Luke was neither trick nor treat ... for him -- but Kesha might be laughing. tmz-on-tv-3

Amanda Bynes

Shut Down in Court

The Conservatorship Stands

10/31/2014 2:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes
just got shut down in court ... and her parents' conservatorship is still in place. The problem is ... they can't control her.

Amanda said she was going to Ventura Court Friday to wage legal war to end the conservatorship ... but the last we saw of her was in Hollywood during lunchtime where she was munching on watermelon.

A lawyer claiming to rep Amanda showed up, but the judge ruled she could not hire him because under the conservatorship she lacked capacity to enter into a binding contract. So the hearing ended even before it began, and the conservatorship stays in place.

Here's the problem. Amanda is roaming the streets of Hollywood and clearly delusional. She has intense dislike for her parents, so they can't control or influence her conduct.  It seems it's only a matter of time before she hurts herself or others.   

A desperate situation.

In other news...

We're Not Used To Seeing Kate Hudson Like THIS

Kate Hudson threw her annual celeb-packed Halloween party where she was pictured in bondage-type outfit exposing way more skin than we've ever seen!



Cold on Harry Potter's Rap Skills

10/31/2014 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Common caught some of Daniel Radcliffe rapping on 'Jimmy Fallon' the other night ... and gave us his honest review. But that wasn't enough to distract some people from something else -- Common's severe lack-of-Serena-ness.

Yes, sometimes break-ups (even ancient ones) can be really hard on total strangers. 


Amanda Bynes

Pleads with Judge

To End Conservatorship

10/31/2014 1:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Amanda Bynes
's lawyer started without her ... showing up in court at 1:30 PM Friday and making a beeline into the judge's chambers trying to free his client of her parents' conservatorship.

Amanda's parents showed up. Our sources say they will say little if anything. This is Amanda's hearing to convince the judge she's stable enough to live on her own.

Amanda didn't show up on time ... she was otherwise occupied eating watermelon in Hollywood less than an hour before the hearing started in Ventura County.

TMZ broke the story ... Bynes was released Thursday from the psychiatric facility where she had been held for more than two weeks. A judge overruled the doctors and felt she should NOT be held against her will.

But in the hours since her release, Amanda has resumed her bizarre conduct ... wandering the Sunset Strip and throwing a fit when she couldn't get a hotel room ... then unleashing one of her trademark Twitter rants

We're in court, so stay tuned.


Virgin Galactic SpaceShip


Pilot Dead

10/31/2014 11:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

103114_virgin_galactic_fox_launchA Virgin Galactic spaceship exploded during a test flight Friday over California's Mojave Desert  ... leaving one crew member dead and another severely injured.

Virgin Galactic says their SpaceShipTwo experienced "an in-flight anomaly" after it launched at 9:15 AM.

103114_virgin_galactic_nbc_launch_v2The spacecraft is launched after it is released from another aircraft in flight.  According to reports the spaceship blew up shortly after the release and it's engines ignited.

The plane that released the spacecraft landed safely.

The spaceship is designed to go 62 miles above Earth. It's unclear how high the doomed craft was when it blew up.

A bunch of celebs have reportedly signed up for the initial launch already -- including Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt and Justin Bieber.

Virgin Group founder Richard Branson tweeted about the incident, saying he planned to fly to Mojave immediately to be with the team.

Story developing ...


In other news...

Who Did This Little Girl Grow Up To Become?!

This little curly-haired girl got her start in the business on "The Cosby Show," and grew up to become a mega superstar singer with a killer voice. Know who she is?!


Amanda Bynes

Back to Mel's Drive-In

Late for Court

10/31/2014 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes
likes what she likes ... she went to another Mel's Drive-In at around noon ... which has made it impossible for her to show up in court on time in her bid to regain her freedom.

Amanda went to Mel's in Hollywood -- several miles from another Mel's she dined at last night. This time she chowed down on watermelon ... bird food compared to last night's feast which included fried chicken, salmon and a Caesar.  

This time she was with a dude, who drove her to the diner in a sports car. The waitress tells us Amanda was chatty, talking about her plastic surgery and requesting a hair tie.

At one point Amanda started chatting with people at nearby tables, and when one person said "Hi," she responded "I'm fine."  

The waitress tells us she stepped out of the way several times for an imaginary person.

Amanda paid the tab with a $100 bill. It's unclear how she's getting the money.

Amanda left the restaurant at around 12:55 PM, which is going to make it impossible for her to be in court at 1:30 in Ventura County where she's making a play to end her parents' conservatorship.

TMZ Staff Halloween

Roger Goodell, Bynes and Lorde

... Ya, Ya, Ya

10/31/2014 11:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

(To the tune of Monster Mash)

We were working in the newsroom around sunrise, 
When some TMZ staff showed up in disguise

Roger Goodell raised from his slab, with covered eyes
And suddenly, to our surprise ...

We did the Mash ... with our own Riff Raff!
We did the Mash ... with the Caddyshack cast!
We did the Mash ... Mama June wants a snack! 
We did the Mash ... with a Black Panther pack! 

Happy Halloween!

Now enjoy filling up on candy corn while looking through the pics -- and make sure to see them all in action tonight on "TMZ on TV."

Click here to check your local listings.

In other news...

Hot! Kelly Osbourne Is Busting Out Of Her Dress!

Kelly Osbourne showed up to an event wearing this super tight black dress that showed off all the right curves!


Amanda Bynes

Makes it Rain in Hotel Lobby

10/31/2014 9:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes Makes It Rain Hotel

Amanda Bynes made it rain on the Sunset Strip Thursday night ... but not at a strip club -- in the middle of a hotel lobby.

Sources tell us Bynes attempted to snag a room at the London hotel as she meandered the streets on the Sunset Strip Thursday, but when she got there she was turned away. Amanda has stayed there before and caused big problems.

We're told Amanda became angry, grabbed a giant wad of cash, and tossed the bills into the air in the direction of the front desk.

As we previously reported ... Bynes plans to go to court today to get control of her life. She's trying to 86 her parents' conservatorship.


Casey Kasem

Lawsuit Over Who Gets

HUGE Life Insurance Check

10/31/2014 9:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The dogfight over Casey Kasem's estate is now going to court -- his kids are waging war with his widow over a $2 million life insurance policy.

MetLife actually filed the lawsuit ... telling the judge it's stumped. Both Jean Kasem and Casey's 3 kids have laid claim to the loot and the insurance company doesn't want to make the wrong decision and then have to pay out twice. So MetLife wants a judge to decide who gets the money.  

Casey's kids hired a lawyer who fired off a letter to MetLife saying Jean essentially killed Casey by neglecting his care, which resulted in fatal bedsores and dehydration. The kids say someone who causes someone else's death can't inherit their money.

Casey's kids said when he was alive that the feud was not about money. It's always about money, right?


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