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Floyd Mayweather Hey, Conor McGregor ... I'm In L.A. Now, Too!

2/23/2017 6:10 AM PST

Floyd Mayweather wants everyone to know he's here in L.A. -- which is interesting ... since Conor McGregor is, too. 

The boxing legend hit up Catch in West Hollywood Wednesday night -- the hottest restaurant in town where Floyd KNOWS the paparazzi would go crazy for him. He was right ... it was madness.

What's interesting is Conor is also in town -- we saw him in Bev Hills the other day and he's been posting photos all over town ever since.

Last time they were in the same city (Vegas), Conor declared it his own and mocked Floyd for refusing to sit down with him.

Will things change in L.A.? Stay tuned ... 

Boxer Yusaf Mack Beats Down Twitter Troll In Barber Shop ... After Gay Attacks

2/20/2017 9:00 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Openly gay boxer Yusaf Mack unleashed a barber shop beatdown -- attacking a man he claims has been harassing him online over his sexual orientation.

TMZ Sports confirmed paramedics were called to the L A Clippers shop in Philadelphia Saturday evening ... after Mack wailed on the man in front of customers and employees.

Witnesses tell us Mack attacked the dude while the victim's head was in a sink in the middle of a wash. 

Mack tells us he got sick and tired of the online harassment and decided to confront the guy face-to-face. Mack is unapologetic and says the guy got what he deserved.

We also reached out to the victim who didn't want to talk ... but has since issued several homophobic statements on his Facebook page, including:

"I rather have a video of some beating me up then a video of someone seeing me take a d*** up my a** any day."

The man says he will retaliate against Mack ... "Me and him gonna fight again."

Mack says he's not scared.

Floyd Mayweather Gives McGregor Ultimatum for Megafight

2/15/2017 6:13 AM PST
Breaking News

0215-mayweather-mcgregor-tmz-01Floyd Mayweather says he's not the reason for the hold-up on a superfight with Conor McGregor -- and is pointing the finger at the UFC.

"Listen, Conor McGregor, if you really want to get this fight done ... take care of your business with the UFC and then have your people get in touch with my people," Mayweather wrote.

For the record, Dana White has already offered terms -- $25 mil per fight plus a Pay-Per-View split. Floyd laughed it off and never countered.


As for Conor, he's in Vegas -- which he now calls "My City" -- despite the fact Floyd lives there. 

The drama continues ... 

Floyd Mayweather Also Says 'NO DEAL' With McGregor

2/14/2017 3:39 PM PST
Breaking News

0214_floyd-mayweather-tmz-conor-mcgregor-2Finally, Floyd Mayweather is on the same page as Dana White -- and says there is NO DEAL in place for him to fight Conor McGregor

Floyd -- like Dana -- is shooting down reports out of Ireland that Floyd and Conor had agreed on terms for a megafight ... and were working things out with an unnamed 3rd party before signing the contract. 

"Although there has been several rumors circulating through media suggesting that I will have an upcoming fight, I'd like to set the record straight and state that there has been no deals made on my behalf in regards to a bout with any fighter at this time," Floyd said.

"I am happily retired and enjoying my life! Rest assured that if any changes come about, I will be the first to let the world know!"

Dana White On Conor vs. Floyd: 'There Is No Deal'

2/14/2017 1:29 PM PST

0214-dana-white-TMZ-01Dana White tells TMZ Sports plain and simple ... when it comes to the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight, "There is no deal."

There was a report out of Ireland that Conor and Floyd have agreed on terms for a megafight -- but it hasn't been formally signed because of a "holdup" from an unnamed 3rd party.

The UFC boss didn't get into specifics ... only saying point-blank, "No deal."

White has previously told us the chances of the fight coming to fruition are small -- and earlier this month told us negotiations were not going well.

Then again, anything's possible.

Conor McGregor Hits the Boxing Gym ... Watch Me Stick & Move!

2/8/2017 10:45 AM PST

Conor McGregor is staying in fighting shape -- brushing up on his boxing skills just in case that superfight with Floyd Mayweather actually happens. 

He looked okay. Throwing some decent shots. Flashing good power. 

Wonder what Floyd thinks? 

Mayweather vs. McGregor Outlook Still Terrible ... Says Dana White

2/3/2017 3:34 PM PST

Dana White is currently in Houston.

Floyd Mayweather is also currently in Houston.


Yes ... says Dana White who says there's been ZERO progress made in the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor negotiations.

"I think the odds of this happening are like the odds of me being the backup QB for Brady on Sunday."

So ... not good then?

Tito Ortiz McGregor Would Have NO CHANCE Against Mayweather Or Pacquiao

1/31/2017 8:49 AM PST

Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao?

Tito Ortiz says it doesn't matter ... 'cause Conor McGregor would get his ass kicked by either guy in a boxing match.

The Huntington Beach Bad Boy was at ArcLight Hollywood for the "John Wick: Chapter 2" premiere when he told us straight-up ... MMA fighters don't stand a chance against boxers in a BOXING MATCH!

Tito says it's like comparing checkers to chess ... we say, LET'S SEE IT ANYWAY!!

Boxing Champ Anthony Joshua Sucks At Dunking Basketball

1/30/2017 1:23 PM PST

Heavyweight boxing champ Anthony Joshua is a freak of an athlete. 

6'6", 234 lbs and explosive as all hell. 

Yet he sucks at dunking a basketball.

Here's video of the K.O. king getting rocked by the rim at the Under Armour headquarters in Baltimore -- where he's been promoting his upcoming superfight with Wladimir Klitschko

Don't worry AJ, even superfreak athletes like Dez Bryant get stuffed by the rim every now and then. 

Still funny though. 

Floyd Mayweather Of Course I'll Fight Conor ... Give 'Em What They Want!!!

1/29/2017 7:26 AM PST

Floyd Mayweather says he's all about giving fans what they want ... and they want him in the ring with Conor McGregor.

Floyd added fuel to the fire Saturday night as he yakked with Showtime's Jim Gray, after Conor said his sights are set on fighting the boxing champ. 

Floyd hedges for sure, but keeps coming back to the central point ... he's more than open to the fight.

As for Conor ... he said the next time he steps into a ring will be with him wearing 8-ounce boxing gloves.  He's essentially saying he's putting his UFC career on hold, which is kinda shocking.

Khabib Nurmagomedov 'I'm MMA's Mayweather' ... And I'd Beat His Ass, Too!

1/26/2017 12:45 AM PST

UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov says he's the Floyd Mayweather of MMA -- and if the boxer wants a REAL fight ... he'll happily meet him in the street!!!

TMZ Sports spoke with the 28-year-old Russian who says he's ready to BREAK Tony Ferguson when they face off at UFC 209 in March ... and then he'll smash Conor McGregor

In fact, Khabib warned Conor and Floyd Mayweather that he's a force to be reckoned with ... and if either one gets in his way, he'll destroy them. 

He eats sleeps and breathes MMA -- and refuses to even THINK about any other sport. 

Be afraid. 

Oscar De La Hoya On His Alcoholism: 'This Is a Monster'

1/25/2017 3:09 PM PST

Here's a 2014 interview with Oscar De La Hoya addressing his alcoholism head-on -- saying the daily battle was a "monster" that he was constantly trying to control. 

De La Hoya opened up to Graham Bensinger ... saying he started drinking at 8 years old and things became a problem in his early teens. 

At the time, Oscar -- who had been to rehab twice before -- said he had a grip on his drinking but admitted it was a day-to-day struggle. 

Oscar relapsed this week and was arrested for DUI in Pasadena. 

You can see in the video, De La Hoya knows what he's up against when it comes to staying sober.

Oscar De La Hoya Arrested for DUI

1/25/2017 11:26 AM PST

0125_oscar-de-la-hoya_tmz-2Oscar De La Hoya was arrested for DUI in Pasadena, CA Tuesday night ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Law enforcement sources tell us the 43-year-old was pulled over for speeding in a Land Rover around 2 AM and during the stop, officers suspected he was drunk.

We're told Oscar bombed a series of field sobriety tests and was arrested for DUI. He was cited and released to his manager.

Earlier in the evening, Oscar was seen at multiple bars in the area, including Barney's Beanery in Old Town Pasadena where he posed for a pic with a fan.

0124-oscar-dela-hoya-at-bar-instagramOscar has struggled with substance abuse for years -- and has been to rehab for alcohol and drug issues in the past. 

Story developing ... 


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