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Floyd Mayweather Bros Down with Tekashi69 ... I'm a Big Fan!!

7/18/2018 6:07 AM PDT

Tekashi69 was stopped in his tracks at a celebrity basketball game at UCLA on Tuesday -- and the guy responsible for the encounter ... was Floyd Mayweather!!

Turns out, Floyd is a FAN of 6ix9ine -- and, while the rapper was walking around the stands at The $50K Charity Challenge taking pics with the crowd, the boxing legend approached him for a brief, friendly conversation. 

You gotta see the smile on Tekashi's face when he realizes it's Floyd -- he's super stoked. 

Tekashi tells Mayweather he's also a fan -- and came to the event to show him some love. 

He also tells Floyd he'll hollar at him after the game. 

Of course, Floyd was surrounded by a team of TMT bodyguards -- because you can never be too careful ... especially around Tekashi. 

Anthony Joshua Wilder Superfight Will Happen ... Even If I Lose to Povetkin

7/17/2018 4:00 PM PDT

Anthony Joshua tells TMZ Sports he's not planning on losing his upcoming bout against Alexander Povetkin -- but even if he did, it wouldn't affect his plans for a SUPERFIGHT with Deontay Wilder.

Joshua was in NY to promote DAZN -- which streams sporting events including his Sept. 22 clash with Povetkin, a fight many people believe could be a trap for the undefeated heavyweight champ. 

Of course, Joshua vs. Wilder would be the biggest fight in the sport -- but, a loss on AJ's record could kill the hype ... and make the fight MUCH less lucrative. 

But, AJ's not worried ... explaining, "I'm not focusing on losing but if I did, that fight is still big because people know what I'm about. They know I'm a worthy challenger."

He added, "The athletes make the superfight. Me and Wilder are big punchers, we can both fight."

As for Povetkin ... Joshua says he's planning on destroying him in as brutal of a way as possible ... especially coming off the heels of a widely panned (and boring) fight against Joseph Parker

But, don't get it twisted, Povetkin is no tomato can -- he's 34-1 and his only loss was to Wladimir Klitschko

Floyd Mayweather Gets Butt Kicked In Court ... Over Katie Couric Interview

7/16/2018 2:42 PM PDT

Floyd Mayweather just got ripped a new one in appeals court -- with a panel of judges saying there's a ton of evidence showing the boxer lied to Katie Couric in a '15 interview about his domestic violence case. 

Remember, Floyd's ex, Josie Harris, is suing Floyd for defamation ... claiming the boxer fudged the facts and lied about her to Couric when discussing his 2010 domestic violence arrest

In the interview, Floyd told Couric he did NOT "kick, stomp and beat someone" ... and explained, "Did I restrain a woman that was on drugs? Yes, I did."

Floyd was convicted in that case ... after her son told cops he saw Mayweather "hitting and kicking her." An emergency room doctor also noted Harris had multiple contusions to the head, face and left forearm.

Floyd had filed court docs to get Josie's lawsuit thrown out -- but, a California appeals court just ruled her defamation case CAN move forward because the evidence appears to be in her favor. Here's the opinion from one of the judges on the panel ... 

"Since this evidence is unequivocally at odds with the assertion that Mayweather was simply restraining a drug-addled Harris by only twisting her arm, it may reasonably be inferred that Mayweather acted with malice or reckless disregard of the truth during the Couric interview."

Long story short ... Josie now has the green light to move forward with her case -- and it could cost Floyd a LOT of money. 

Logan Paul Aaron Paul's a 'Bully' ... I'd Beat Your Tiny Ass!

7/15/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Same last name ... but NO love between Logan Paul and "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul -- with Logan telling TMZ Sports he would beat Aaron's ass if they ever came face-to-face. 

Their beef goes back a few months ... when Aaron trashed Logan for his video stunt gone wrong in the suicide forest in Japan. Aaron told Logan to "go rot in hell."

Now, Logan is firing back ... calling Aaron an "Internet bully" -- and warning the actor that if he REALLY wants a piece, he'll end up getting hurt. 

Of course, Logan is training for a real boxing match against video game/YouTube superstar KSI next month in England ... and Logan tells us it's going to be one of the biggest pop culture events of the year. 

Floyd Mayweather Olive Branch To Atlanta ... Talks With Trae Young!!

7/12/2018 7:55 AM PDT
Breaking News

Here's Floyd Mayweather trying to make peace with the city of Atlanta -- a place where, the last time he was spotted, he was SHOT AT!!

Floyd sat courtside to watch the Hawks' Summer League game in Vegas on Wednesday ... and, when their newest superstar, Trae Young, balled out -- the boxing legend invited him for a postgame chat.

Unclear what the convo was actually about ... but, Floyd didn't seem to have any problem taking pics with ATL's newest hero ...

Trae's only 19 ... but, if he turns into Atlanta's next big thing -- perhaps their newfound relationship saves Floyd's bodyguards a bullet to the legs the next time he's in A-Town?? 

Errol Spence Jr. Breaks Down Pacman's Brawl ... Offers Advice

7/11/2018 2:15 PM PDT

Errol Spence Jr. -- one of the top boxers in the world -- has a tip for Pacman Jones the next time a dude runs up on him ... stop lunging so much!!

We got Spence out at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles and showed him the tape of Pacman's airport brawl ... and Errol provided analysis and a message to the NFL cornerback to take into his next bout.

First ... the boxer gives Jones props for the "mean right" that put the ABM employee, who police say instigated the fight, to sleep.

Next -- Errol commends Jones for handling business in an airport with no preparation.

But then, Spence keeps it real ... saying Jones needs to stop with the lunging punches -- otherwise HE might be the one takin' mugshots in a hospital bed after the fight.

"If the dude could really fight, he probably would have caught Pacman with a shot -- step back and hit him with a straight right or something like that."

All in all, though ... Errol's good with Jones' performance.

As for the instigator -- Spence didn't have much to offer there, saying, "It's a bad look. That's a major L."

Boxer Victor Ortiz Allegedly Violates Probation Warrant Issued

7/11/2018 9:21 AM PDT

Boxer Victor Ortiz is a wanted man ... after officials said he violated his probation in his DUI case -- and now a warrant has been issued for his arrest.  

As we previously reported, the former WBC welterweight champ -- and "Dancing with the Stars" contestant -- was busted for drunk driving back in 2016 and was later sentenced to 3 years probation.  

Well ... according to court docs, he was supposed to check in with his probation officer on June 20 -- but failed to do so -- and was then ordered to appear in court on July 10. 

He blew that off too ... so a violation of probation warrant was issued. 

It's not like cops will be out hunting Ortiz down -- but if he has a brush with the law, he'll be arrested and hauled into court. Bail has already been set at $5,000. 

We reached out to Victor's camp -- but so far, no word back. 

Sylvester Stallone Gets Action-Packed Bday Message ... Arnold, Carl & Co. Say Happy 72

7/8/2018 4:24 PM PDT

Sylvester Stallone turned 72 years old this week, and got proper action hero birthday wishes from some of the best in the biz. 

Sly made an appearance Friday at London's O2 arena -- the same day he hit the big 7-2. While answering questions from the crowd, a video message was played to honor his born day ... with well-wishes from A LOT of his old action flick buddies. 

Guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Michael B. Jordan, Al Pacino and Dolph Lundgren (the Russian in 'Rocky IV') all gave a shout out to Rocky Balboa for hitting a new milestone in his life ... and continuing to punch back.

You'd think this would be the greatest gift ever ... but, apparently, not for Sly. He told the audience that the best present he'd ever gotten was his three daughters, who were present.

Awww ...

Floyd Mayweather Allegedly Pulls Money Scheme In Nigeria ... Sued for $2 Mil

7/3/2018 6:29 AM PDT

It's the opposite of those online scams -- a Nigerian company claims it was screwed out of a fortune by a wealthy American ... and now he's suing Floyd Mayweather to get his money back. 

The company behind the lawsuit is Zinni Media -- which claims it booked Floyd to make 5 appearances in Nigeria and Ghana in June 2017 ... for the low, low sum of $375,000!!!!

The company says it got Floyd to make a video confirming the appearances -- so, they thought they were good to go! They even wired him $210,000 in advance. 

But, days before the first event, Floyd bailed -- and the company was left holding the bag. 

In the suit, Zinni claims Floyd's reps offered to reschedule for Dec. 2017 -- and added more appearances to the list -- but, he also raised the price to $550,000. Zinni claims they were told they could use the $210k toward the new booking price. 

Zinni says they ACCEPTED the new deal -- but, when they asked Floyd to make a new video confirming the new dates, he bailed again ... and never returned the original $210,000. 

Now, Zinni is taking legal action in federal court in California -- claiming Floyd damaged their reputation and defrauded them. Zinni wants at least $2 MILLION to make things right. 

Should be couch-cushion money for Floyd ... but, he does like a good fight. 

Blac Chyna Dating 19-Year-Old Boxer Devin Haney ... Has Been for Months

7/3/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Blac Chyna is dating another teenager -- pro boxer Devin Haney -- and has been banging him for a good while now ... which might be a surprise to YBN Almighty Jay.

Sources close to the 19-year-old athlete tell us he first hooked up with Chyna 2 to 3 months ago, hitting her up on IG after learning they had the same lawyer. We're told Chyna was into him ... and started seeing him regularly soon after.

Looks like #BlacChyna has a new man in her life!

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Chyna isn't dating Devin for any type of "clout" -- as many have speculated online after she tagged him in a photo and said "Hi babe" on IG. On the contrary, we're told BC simply likes the dude. He's successful, mature for his age ... and ain't bad looking either.

As for the messy timeline on how long Chyna's been with Devin, it's clear she was seeing him while dating her ex, Jay, while he himself was pursuing different women ... and allegedly knocking up at least one while linked to BC. The pair officially broke up last month. 

All's fair in love and DM slidin'. 

Floyd Mayweather Sr. Fathered 1-Year-Old Girl ... Paternity Test Shows

6/30/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Floyd Mayweather has a brand new baby sister -- this according to a DNA test which shows the boxer's famous father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., is the daddy to a 1-year-old girl! 

65-year-old Floyd Sr. -- who famously trained his son during his legendary career -- has been in a paternity dispute with a woman named Purisa Farris, who filed for child support earlier this year. 

Now we've learned, as part of the case ... Floyd took a DNA test back in April which showed the probability of paternity is 99.99%. 

In other words (Maury Povich voice) .... YOU ARE THE FATHER!!!

By the way, Floyd Sr. reportedly has at least 5 other children ... including 41-year-old Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

A rep for Floyd Sr. had no comment. 

Paris Hilton Loves Mayweather's $18 Mil Watch 'Looks Like One That I Have!'

6/28/2018 6:19 AM PDT

50 Cent said Floyd Mayweather is a FOOL for snatching up an $18 MILLION diamond watch -- but Paris Hilton tells TMZ Sports ... Fiddy is wrong, she actually likes it!!

"It looks like a watch that I have actually," Paris said at LAX. 

Floyd claims he picked up the famous "Billionaire Watch" from a jeweler in Japan -- a watch that contains 239 huge diamonds!!!


50 Cent clowned Floyd for the purchase -- saying, "Man they done found the 1 fool in the world,dumb enough to buy that watch. LOL get the strap."

As for Paris, she defended Mayweather's spending habits, saying -- "It's a lot ... but I think he works very hard, he works for his money and he can buy whatever he wants!"

And, if you're curious how much Paris' diamond watch is worth ... it ain't cheap either!!

Floyd Mayweather My New Watch Costs ... $18 MILLION!!!

6/27/2018 9:00 AM PDT
Breaking News

Forget your Sanyo ... Floyd Mayweather says he just bought a brand new diamond watch -- WITH AN $18 MILLION PRICE TAG!!

"This my new timepiece, it's called 'The Billionaire Watch,'" Floyd says ... "If you don't know about it, google Billionaire Watch."

The watch is super famous -- made by Jacob & Co. back in 2015, it features 239 emerald-cut baguette diamond stones, each weighing up to 3 carats. 

Jacob & Co. describes the watch as a unique piece that "truly epitomizes the brand’s passion for breaking boundaries."

"As the tourbillon caliber brings dynamism to its bejeweled enclosure, or the ballet of light of 260 carats of diamonds illuminates its exquisitely revealed heartbeat."

"The Billionaire is a dazzling representation of the courageous and rebellious Jacob & Co. spirit."

Floyd says he bought the watch from a Japanese jeweler named Tadashi Fukushima -- and says he'll never buy any jewelry from anyone else ever again. 

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