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NFL's Melvin Ingram Drops $22K On Iced Out Grill White Gold, 700 Diamonds!!

6/11/2016 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

San Diego Chargers linebacker Melvin Ingram just dropped $22,000 on a RIDICULOUS custom grill ... complete with 700 DIAMONDS ... and TMZ Sports has the pictures.

In addition to the 6.88 carats of flawless, handcrafted diamonds ... there's also 14 carats of white gold.

We talked to Zahir Jooma -- owner of Icebox Diamonds & Watches in Atlanta -- who tells us Melvin LOVED the piece so much he told him he'd "never take it off."

Grill > Mouthpiece


Third Eye Blind Paddling to Rescue

6/11/2016 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610_third_eye_blind_beach_save_launch_2Third Eye Blind frontman Stephan Jenkins and drummer Brad Hargreaves are "Baywatch" certified after saving 4 kids off the Carolina coast.

Stephan and Brad were surfing Wednesday on Carolina Beach when they heard the boys -- ages 12 to 15 -- screaming for help and struggling to get out of a rip current that had sucked them about 100 yards out to sea.

We're told the bandmates paddled to the boys, then let them rest on their surfboards ... before padding safely back to shore.

The band's manager, Luke McNees, tells us ... other than being winded and really scared, the boys were fine and grateful. Look out, Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson.

Dustin Diamond Busted for Oxycodone

6/10/2016 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Dustin Diamond, from "Saved by the Bell," violated his probation by failing a drug test ... TMZ has learned.

According to docs ... Screech's urine tested positive for oxy during a test administered last month. Diamond told his parole officer he'd recently taken "a painkiller" for a toothache -- but he also admitted to not knowing what kind it was ... because it was an old prescription.

That's his story, he stuck to it ... and that's why he got thrown in jail for the violation. Diamond was released after 2 days behind bars.

He told cops he's "cleaned out" his medicine cabinet.


Amber Heard No Depo for Me I Got a Costume Fitting

6/10/2016 11:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0603-amber-heard-TMZ-02Amber Heard is not available to have her deposition taken before her big domestic violence trial next week ... because she has to fly to London for a 3-day costume fitting.

Johnny Depp's lawyer, Laura Wasser, was in court Friday demanding that Amber show up so she can grill her about the alleged May 21st attack. Amber has not made herself available and that's why Wasser went to court.

Amber's lawyer, Samantha Spector, told the judge Amber is now in New Jersey for her best friend's engagement party, and from there she's flying to London for a costume fitting for her movie, 'Justice League.' Spector said Amber won't be back until next Thursday night, hours before Friday's trial.

Sources connected to Johnny are scoffing, claiming the costume fitting is a lame excuse to avoid having to answer hard questions about the alleged attack. The sources say no one ever mentioned the fitting until Friday's court hearing.

TMZ has also learned both sides are still in settlement discussions.  We're told Johnny's team has made a financial offer but Amber has not responded.

Lawrence Taylor Bloody Injuries After Wife's Domestic Violence Arrest

6/10/2016 11:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610_lawrence_taylor_injuries_launchLawrence Taylor had a bloody gash in the back of his head after the alleged domestic violence incident that lead to his wife's arrest.

TMZ Sports obtained these photos, taken by police who responded to the Taylors' home last week in Pembroke Pines, FL. In the pics you can see a "3-inch laceration" in the back of the NFL great's head.

The pics also show Lawrence with extremely bloodshot eyes. Police have said alcohol was a factor in the argument. LT did not want to press charges, but Lynette Taylor was arrested anyway and booked for battery and resisting arrest.

She's entered a not guilty plea.


Kevin Hart Hey Biebs Here's How You Take Down a Big Dude

6/10/2016 10:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Hart has some sound and effective advice for Justin Bieber and all other vertically challenged males who find themselves on the receiving end of a punch.

We got the 5'4" actor in NYC Thursday and he has 2 surefire ways to thwart an attack by large men.

Justin Bieber Today's Lesson Don't Call a 6'5" Fan a Motherf*****

6/10/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0609-justin-bieber-fight-lamont-richmond-tmz-02update_graphic_red_bar8:20 AM PT -- Lamont now says he's NOT the guy who fought Bieber ... even though he totally owned it on Thursday. He says he's been getting death threats from Beliebers and even got fired from his job.

Remember, he posted a video on Thursday talking about the fight. He's now saying he lied, though it's unclear WHY he did so.update_grey_gray_barJustin Bieber incited the 6'5" man who brawled with the singer by calling him a motherf***** ... this according to the very large guy himself.

Lamont Richmond is the guy with whom Biebs picked the fight. We're told this is how Lamont's story goes ... he'd just left a bar when he saw Justin outside the Westin in Cleveland. Lamont says he and his 2 chick friends chilled with Bieber for a short time.

Check out the photo below. Lamont says he dared to ask Bieber if the women could take a pic and get a John Hancock. Lamont says Bieber snapped back, "No autographs tonight, motherf*****."


Lamont says Justin reeked of alcohol and got all Quien Es Mas Macho on him, "puffing his chest up," and then took a swing. That was enough for Lamont.

You see Lamont restrain Bieber in the video ... and says he's sure, if he went full force, he would have killed him. 

We're told Lamont has already met with a lawyer and plans to sue. For what is anyone's guess.

UFC's Valentina Shevchenko Breaks Silence On Peru Shooting ... 'It Was Us or Them'

6/10/2016 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"You go ... or they go."

That's how UFC fighter Valentina Shevchenko feels about her trainer's decision to pull his gun and fire at gun-toting thieves last month during an armed robbery in Peru. 

Shevchenko joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show and broke her silence about what was going through her mind when 3 armed men stormed the restaurant where she was having dinner. 

As we previously reported, her trainer, Pavel Fedotov, pulled his gun and fired at the robbers, killing 1 -- but was shot in the stomach during the exchange.  

Shevchenko says Pavel is still hospitalized-- but hopes he'll be able to travel to Chicago to see her fight Holly Holm at UFC on FOX 20 on July 23. 

** Make sure to watch the ENTIRE interview on "TMZ Sports" TONIGHT on FS1 -- it's compelling stuff 

'Finding Dory' Cash Cow for Fish Stores ... Deadly for the Fish

6/10/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0607-finding-dory-getty-disney-01Disney's "Finding Dory" is causing a rift in the exotic fish community ... which believes the movie could bring a financial boom -- but also massacre the fish population.

We called a bunch of fish dealers who say they've stocked up on blue tangs -- Dory's species -- expecting a rush once the movie premieres. The same spike happened for clownfish after "Finding Nemo."

Tangs ain't cheap -- one goes for $40 to $60 ... So there's big money to be made.

But many experts told us they're worried tons of blue tangs will die when parents flock to buy the fragile fish for kids because tangs require a very specific, exotic tank setup. As one enthusiast put it ... fish novices "will kill these creatures."     

One store owner sounded like he had PTSD from the 'Nemo' craze, and said he's stocking ZERO blue tangs ... just to avoid the "screaming kids."

Shop wisely.


Axl Rose Sweet Sex Cane O' Mine

6/10/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0609-axl-rose-cool-nude-cane-sculpture-metal-with-arrow-TMZ-AKMGSI-01This is NOT your grandfather's cane -- unless your grandfather is super pervy or Axl Rose.

Rose has been hobbling around England this week using a walking stick, but little did we know what's under his hand is the most badass, rock 'n' roll senior citizen accessory ever.

The stick's sterling silver handle features a naked couple doing, um ... what naked couples do.

Axl's slowly recovering from his broken foot, but once he's fully healed -- he's gotta keep this thing handy. 

Limping's never been so pimpin'!


Next R&B Stars Reunite ... It's Nothing Butta Love!

6/9/2016 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

'90s R&B trio Next sat down at a table and broke bread -- or rather pizza -- to celebrate their long-anticipated reunion, and then jumped on a stage to make it official!

We got Tweet, T-Low and R.L. on their way out of Pizzeria Mozza in L.A. ... their first get-together since R.L. was tossed from the group. They started talking again after they were approached for the TV docu-series "Unsung Revisited."

Of course, they're famous for their hit, "Too Close" ... and they explained why their closeness as a group started the beef, which seems to be completely squashed now.

Wednesday night they were onstage singing another hit, "Butta Love," at the 'Unsung' screening ... partially shirtless. Some things never change.

Amber Heard 'Homophobic' 'Misogynistic' Cop ... a Gay Woman

6/9/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0608-beverly-leonard-facebook-05Amber Heard's ex-girlfriend, who just claimed Amber's 2009 arrest for domestic violence was bogus because the cop was a homophobe with a hint of misogyny ... couldn't be further off the mark, because the officer is an openly gay woman who also contributed money to a domestic violence organization.

Amber's ex-domestic partner, Tasya van Ree, minimized their altercation at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, saying it was "misinterpreted and over-sensationalized by two individuals in a powerful position." She's referring to the cops who arrested Amber for allegedly grabbing and hitting Tasya.

Officer Beverly Leonard was the actual arresting officer. She proudly posted pics of herself and her partner a few years back. She's also posted pics of herself at Pride weekend.

Leonard also supported an organization in Seattle that helps women who were victims of domestic violence.

A source close to Beverly says the now-retired officer is indignant ... saying the arrest had nothing to do with homophobia ... she was arrested for breaking the law.

Although Tasya claims the incident was minor, police documents show there was actual property damage ... Tasya's pendant was broken during the scuffle, and the documents also show Tasya was extremely upset with Amber for the alleged attack ... so claim the responding cops.


Deion Sanders Son Accused In Brutal High School Attack

6/9/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0609-deion-sanders-getty-01A Dallas high school employee claims Deion Sanders' teenage son brutally attacked him on school grounds ... beating him so badly, he needed spinal surgery ... this according to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports. 

The alleged victim is John Darjean -- who claimed Sanders was breaking school rules in Sept. 2015 by using his cell phone on campus during school hours ... and he tried to confiscate the phone.

But instead of handing it over, Sanders allegedly got violent -- giving Darjean serious enough injuries that he was transported to a local hospital ... and later needed spinal surgery. 

The insurance company that paid out his workers comp claim is now suing Deion and his ex-wife Pilar -- claiming they knew their son had a history of reckless conduct and never did anything to curb his behavior. The insurance company claims Deion and Pilar should reimburse them for the $26k payout. 

We reached out to Deion for comment -- so far, no word back. 

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