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Aaron Carter DUI Refusal Arrest Photos ... Threatens to Sue Cops

7/17/2017 8:00 AM PDT

Aaron Carter's threatening to go after cops for his DUI refusal arrest because he's adamant they never saw him behind the wheel ... and believes they had no right to arrest him.

Sources close to Aaron tell TMZ ... the singer wants to sue over his weekend bust in Cornelia, Georgia where he refused a breathalyzer and testing of his blood and urine to determine if he was intoxicated.

TMZ's obtained photos of the moment Habersham County deputies searched through Aaron and his girlfriend's belongings in an AutoZone parking lot. Aaron says he was targeted because of his celebrity.

He had said he was at AutoZone to fix his car's alignment. His rep says there's surveillance footage to prove he wasn't in the car when he was arrested.

'American Idol' Haley Reinhart Friend Beaten and Bruised in Bar Brawl Photos Don't Lie

7/17/2017 1:00 AM PDT

"American Idol" contestant Haley Reinhart's friend suffered horrendous injuries the night she was arrested after a bar bouncer put him in a choke hold and allegedly beat him.

TMZ broke the story, Haley was arrested for allegedly punching the security guard in the face, but she says she was just trying to get the bouncer to release what she thought was a death grip.

Haley's friend, Alan Chislof, suffered a concussion, facial laceration near his right temple, a bad cut above his left eye, facial bruising and hematoma. The choke hold caused blood to flow to his eyes and he looks like he went 5 rounds with Mayweather. He says he's coughing up blood and complaining of chest pain.

Chislof's lawyer, Mark Brown, now promises a lawsuit.

We also got video of the confrontation, and gotta say ... it seems to support Haley's version of events.

Freddie Roach Pacquiao Got Old ... Rematch Horn Or Retire

7/15/2017 12:15 AM PDT

If he can't avenge his (BS) loss to Jeff Horn, Manny Pacquiao needs to retire IMMEDIATELY ... and that's not us saying it, it's his hall of fame trainer Freddy Roach who says Pacman "got old overnight."

We got Freddie leaving Craig's and asked him the big question everyone wants to know after Manny's shocking loss to Horn earlier this month ... a fight most viewers felt was a bogus decision.

What now?

According to Roach ... Pacman only has two options -- avenge the loss, or hang up the gloves. 

"Fight a rematch with Horn, otherwise retire. Fighters get old overnight, he did okay in the fight, but just okay, and just okay isn't good enough."

Michael Irvin I Want an MMA Fight ... I'm Dead Serious

7/17/2017 12:55 AM PDT

51-year-old Michael Irvin says he's itchin' for a fight -- a real MMA match -- telling TMZ Sports, "I would whoop somebody up!"

The NFL Hall of Famer is still in incredible shape and actually does MMA training at a gym by his home. But Irvin says he's a gamer -- and wants to test his skills in live combat. 

There's just one problem -- "My wife says I'm her mule. She can't have her mule out there getting hurt!" 

Irvin says he knows he'll never fight in the pro ranks -- but he's deadly serious about setting up a celebrity MMA tournament. 

"Let's get in the ring and do something."

We know Irvin is a HUGE fan of the UFC and Dana White -- so, don't rule it out.

Abby Lee Miller Snacking on $0.25 Ramen In Prison

7/17/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Abby Lee Miller went from dining at one of L.A.'s finest restaurants to $0.25 cent Ramen noodle packages overnight, but the good news ... she won't go without SPAM or du rags.

We got a copy of the commissary stocklist at FCC Victorville, where Abby just started her 366-day sentence for fraud. As you might guess ... there aren't a whole lotta healthy food options on it, but it's certainly affordable.

Hot & spicy pork skin chips -- $0.80 
Cookies and cream ice cream -- $2.10
SPAM -- $1.30
Canned albacore tuna -- $1.80
Cola -- $3.45
Mirror -- $2.20
Lotion -- $10.25
Ear wax removal -- $5.20
Afro pik -- $.45
Dominos -- $5.50
Acne cream -- $1.30
Mustache scissors -- $6.35
Du rag -- $2.35
Racquet balls -- $5.40

The most expensive item on the list -- an MP3 player that goes for $69.20.

Abby needs to think it through ... all sales are final once an inmate leaves the commissary.

Vic Mensa Cops Plea Deal In Loaded Gun Case

7/17/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Vic Mensa's gonna dodge jail time in his loaded gun case after cutting a deal, unless he chooses jail over cutting a check.

The D.A.'s office tells TMZ the Roc Nation rapper will get 2 years probation after pleading no contest to carrying a concealed firearm in his car. The second count of carrying an unregistered loaded firearm was dropped.

He could've gotten as much as 2 years in jail, but now he's free and clear if he pays $500. He does have another option -- serve 2 days in jail. Since he just dropped his new album, "The Autobiography" ... we're guessing he'll pay. He also has to cover $1,325 in restitution.

TMZ broke the story ... Vic was busted back in March for carrying a loaded gun after cops stopped him for running a stop sign in Bev Hills. He told cops he had a concealed gun permit, but it was for another state.

The Weeknd I Got Totally Ficused!!!

7/16/2017 1:00 AM PDT

The Weeknd has clearly learned from his famous friends, security gates are not all they're cracked up to be, so he's made his new home disappear with the help of a wall of ficus plants.

Abel is planting more than 100 giant shrubs to shield his Hidden Hills home from public view. As we reported, he bought the home in May for $20 million after Kylie Jenner passed on it because she didn't think it had enough privacy.

The home is in a gated community but as we know -- from intruders who got past the gates of Kris Jenner, Drake, Demi Lovato and others -- good gates still aren't enough.

Carmen Electra Fears Obsessed Man After Creepy Encounter

7/16/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Carmen Electra no longer feels safe in her own home after a man showed up there ... convinced he's engaged to marry her.

Sources close to Carmen tell us Daniel Lablanc showed up at her house back in June. She noticed him sitting in his car outside her house, and after a while she got worried and called cops.

Law enforcement sources tell us officers took Lablanc into custody for mental evaluation. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Lablanc's friends say he has anger issues, and frequently got angry when anyone tried to convince him Carmen isn't his fiancée.

Carmen got an emergency protective order forcing him to stay 100 yards away, but it expired July 7. We're told she's filing for a restraining order.

Model Krislian Rodriguez Calvin Harris' Ex Oozes Sex on the Beach

7/16/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Krislian Rodriguez got booted off last season of "America's Next Top Model" for "oozing sex" a little too much ... but that feature works just fine at the beach.

The model and former 'ANTM' contestant -- who once dated Calvin Harris -- flew solo to the Santa Monica beach this week to get some sun, splash around, and rinse the sand off afterward ... all in a smoking hot bikini.

As we reported, Rita Ora slammed Krislian for oozing sex on 'ANTM' ... and the model thinks Ora 86'd her out of spite because they both banged Harris back in the day.

That's all irrelevant to these beach pics, though ... so just enjoy 'em.

Denver Broncos WR Pepper Sprayed In Strip Club Fight ... Video Released

7/16/2017 12:35 AM PDT

Broncos receiver Cody Latimer was pepper sprayed by a bouncer during a fight outside an Ohio strip club ... and TMZ Sports has the insane footage.

We're told 24-year-old Latimer was trying to get into Diamonds Cabaret strip club near Dayton at the end of February with his uncle and a friend ... but got into a disagreement with the bouncer about the dress code.

We're told the group asked to speak to the manager and then moved outside. That's where the video starts.

In the footage, you see Latimer with his arms out between his group and the bouncer. Things escalate when Latimer slaps the bouncer, who then sprays C.L. with pepper spray. Latimer's uncle then lunges at the bouncer and is knocked out. 

We're told Latimer's group left immediately after the fight and cops were never called to the scene. Law enforcement sources tell us there's no pending criminal investigation.

We spoke to Latimer who tells us he was involved in the scuffle, but was simply trying to deescalate the situation. He says he's moved on and is focused on preparing for training camp. 

Wrigley Sues Stop Using Our Gum To Sell E-Cigs!!!

7/16/2017 12:30 AM PDT

Wrigley is suing a Chicago e-cigarette company for using its Juicy Fruit and Doublemint gums to double smokers' pleasure. 

In their lawsuit, Wrigley says Chi-Town Vapors has been selling vape juices that copy the packaging of its 100+ year-old gum.

Wrigley says it contacted Chi-Town Vapors in July 2014, telling the company to stop selling the products and Vapors backed off, but only for a few months. Wrigley says the company then resumed its operation in November 2015, copying the gum's green double arrow design on the packaging but abbreviating the e-liquid's name to Dbl Mint.

Wrigley sent another cease and desist letter it went ignored. Then Chi-Town Vapors began selling a Joosy Fruit e-liquid flavor.

Wrigley wants Chi-Town Vapors to stop all sales of the e-liquid products and to collect any profits it's made off them.

We reached out to Chi-Town Vapors ... so far no word back.

Greg Oden On Return to College: 'Homework Sucks'

7/16/2017 12:25 AM PDT

Greg Oden is finding out that college life ain't easy at age 29 -- but he's soldiering through like a boss! 

We got the 2007 #1 overall NBA draft pick leaving lunch at L.A. Live ... and asked what it's like being back at Ohio State -- strictly as a student this time around. 

"Still tough," he told TMZ Sports.

And the homework?

"It's homework. It sucks."

Oden -- who's taking sports industry classes -- has previously said that he's accepted his basketball career is over so he's returning to school to set up a better life for himself and his family. 

He re-enrolled last year and he's sticking with it -- and for that, respect. 

'Game Of Thrones' Star Uses NY Jets to Save His Role ... Allegedly

7/16/2017 12:15 AM PDT

Here's "Game of Thrones" star Alfie Allen -- aka Theon Greyjoy -- rockin' a NY Jets hat in L.A. this week. 

When pressed about his favorite player on the Jets, Allen didn't know a damn thing about the NFL team and instead jokingly named soccer legend Thierry Henry

There's only one explanation -- George R.R. Martin, the mad genius behind 'GOT.'

Martin's a huuuuge NY Jets fan -- die-hard -- and often blogs about how his team drives him absolutely crazy. 

So, here's the theory: Allen's going Green to kiss Martin's ass so he won't kill off his character ... because as EVERYONE knows -- no one is safe on that show. 

Will the hat work? New season starts Sunday, so we'll find out soon enough ... 

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