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'Pokemon Go' Cemetery Warns ... Let Rosa Parks and Others Rest in Peace

7/13/2016 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0712_rosa_parks_grave_pokemon_getty-3Rosa Parks has a God-given right to rest in peace ... but go tell that to "Pokemon Go" gamers.

The company that owns the Detroit cemetery where the civil rights icon is buried has had it with groups of players looking to do battle on their sacred ground. Midwest Memorial Group, which owns 28 cemeteries including Woodlawn Cemetery where Parks' gravestone prominently lies, has issued a warning.

It's become all the more disruptive because the players have invaded the grounds during funeral services. And we're told this is happening at numerous cemeteries around the country. 

"Pokemon Go" ... the craze is enough to wake up the dead.



The Game, Problem Rich Homie Shoulda Known Alamo's a Car Rental Joint!!!

7/13/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Game and rapper Problem ragged on Rich Homie Quan for screwing up Notorious B.I.G.'s "Get Money" at VH1's "Hip Hip Honors" ... but they don't think it's career suicide.

Game and Problem went on "Raq Rants" Tuesday and showed how it's done ... making it clear it's "Cease and Nino" and not "Cease and Alamo."

And the 2 rappers were jokingly incredulous ... even these West Coast guys nailed it better than RHQ.

Quan profusely apologized, saying he meant no disrespect to Biggie.


Estella Warren You Punched Me In The Face ... After I Decorated Your Boat!

7/13/2016 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0712-estella-warren-tmz-02Estella Warren's jaw was crushed and she was knocked out cold after she was attacked by a man she repeatedly rejected ... according to the actress.

The "Planet of the Apes" star got a temporary restraining order after she says a man whose boats she helped redecorate began harassing her ... first breaking into her apartment and threatening her life, shoving her and spitting at her before jumping off the balcony.

Estella says a week later she was jogging near her home and spotted the man waiting for her outside. She says she shouted at him to stay away and called a neighbor for help.

That's when the man started cussing her out, punched her from behind and knocked her out. Estella claims she was left with a concussion from the blow.

Estella also says she was harassed with numerous voicemails ... plus 63 texts sent within an hour. The man ultimately was charged with misdemeanor assault and making annoying phone calls.

He remains in custody.

Browns RB Isaiah Crowell Pledges Money to Police Org. After Cop Killing Post

7/13/2016 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell is donating this season's first NFL game check to a Dallas police organization after facing intense backlash over an Instagram post ... TMZ Sports has learned.

The post was an illustration of a police officer having his throat slashed by a masked man. Crowell immediately deleted it, but not before it spread across social media.

Crowell apologized, but as we first told you ... police organizations felt the apology was empty, and one threatened to organize a police boycott of Browns home games this season.

Now, Crowell's putting his money where his mouth is, vowing to donate an entire game check to the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation, which supports families of officers killed in the line of duty.

FYI -- Isaiah will reportedly make $600k this season, and a game check is typically 1/16th of a player's salary ... so the donation should be about $37,500.

Check out the video ... it's clear Isaiah realizes he made a big mistake.

Tyrese #BlackLivesMatter Made Me Declare Peace with My Ex

7/13/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0712-tyrese-family-cute-pic-INSTAGRAM-01Tyrese has buried the hatchet in his custody war with ex-wife Norma, and he says the catalyst for peace was the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Tyrese tells us last week's horrendous events had a huge impact on both of them, and they had a long, heartfelt talk for the first time in memory ... about all the hatred in this country. They realized by waging war with each other, they were part of the problem.

Tyrese feels strongly ... black families need to band together, and the place to start is home.

As we've reported, it got so bad beteween the 2 Tyrese was accusing Norma of planning to disappear with their 9-year-old daughter, Shayla.

Things have changed in a big way in the last few days. Tyrese posted a picture Monday with Norma and Shayla where they were all smiles.

As for the future, Tyrese insists this doesn't mean he's getting back with Norma ... it's about putting their differences aside to co-parent Shayla, and it's working.  

Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato Concert Venue Evacuated (UPDATE)

7/12/2016 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF



4:47 PM PST -- Law enforcement in NJ tells TMZ their first report that the arena had been evacuated was an error. We're told the sergeant who initially confirmed those details was mistaken by what he heard over dispatch and what was in their reporting system. We are told the arena was never evacuated and only a building located in close proximity to the package was cleared out. Tonight's concert is still set to go forward without incident. 


Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato's New Jersey concert was nearly cooked when cops cleared out the arena for a suspicious package.

They're playing at the Prudential Center in Newark Tuesday night, but around 3 PM ... police evacuated all staffers inside and out while they removed the package which was found near an exterior wall of the arena.


Turns out ... it was just a microwave. Unclear why someone left the appliance there, but we're told cops are on high alert due to last week's tragic events.

We don't know if Nick or Demi were inside at the time of the evacuation, but Nick was there at some point today for soundcheck.


Cleveland Browns Police Threaten to Pull Protection Over Player's Dead Cop Post

7/12/2016 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0712-isaiah-crowell-cleveland-police-GETTY-01Cleveland Browns player Isaiah Crowell's apology for a tasteless social media attack on cops is falling on deaf ears -- and in fact, police tell TMZ Sports ... they'll pull out of the Browns' stadium in protest.

Crowell got blasted for posting an illustration last week of a cop getting his throat slashed by a masked person. He posted it on Wednesday -- after Alton Sterling and Philando Castile's deaths, but the day before 5 Dallas officers were shot and killed.

The running back deleted the post and the Browns demanded he publicly apologize, which he did.

But Stephen Loomis, President of Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association, thinks the "store-bought apology" isn't enough. "He needs to go to Dallas, help the families who lost their loved ones last week, write them a check, look them in the eyes and give a heartfelt apology."

Loomis says Crowell's post was as "offensive as putting a picture of historical African-American men being hung from a tree in the 60s." He adds that if Crowell doesn't go to Dallas and make a donation, "I will pull Cleveland officers, sheriffs, state troopers out of First Energy Stadium this season if he doesn't make it right."

As for Crowell admitting he was wrong and acted out of rage -- Loomis says, "You're a grown ass man, and you claim you were too emotional to know it was wrong? Think we'll accept your apology? Kiss my ass." 

Crowell did meet with Cleveland's police chief, but Loomis isn't satisfied. He's demanding the Browns and/or the NFL drop the hammer.

Fat Joe New York Knicks All The Way Up to Eastern Conference Finals!!

7/12/2016 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Knicks fans, you're no longer an NBA laughingstock ... with Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony, Fat Joe says the the team is one of the BEST in the NBA!

TMZ Sports ran into Joe in L.A. and asked about his beloved Knicks ... who've added ballers D. Rose, Brandon Jennings, Joakim Noah and Courtney Lee this off-season. 

Still, the team was 32-50 last year ... how much better can they be?

A LOT ... according to Joe, who says the Knicks are going to the Eastern Conference Finals. He even knows which superstar player they'll have to battle for a spot in the NBA Finals.

Check out the clip!

Brad & Angelina Son Gets Breakfast of Champions (Birthday Edition)

7/12/2016 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0712_brad_and_angelina_breakfast_tmz_wmBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie spoil their kids ... in much the same way lots of other parents might.

The couple celebrated Knox's 8th birthday Tuesday morning at The Griddle Cafe in West Hollywood. The kid's got a major sweet tooth -- we're told he filled up on Oreo-filled pancakes topped with whipped cream and powdered sugar.

While Knox's mom and dad can afford private jets and French castles, they're actually known for being very down to earth parents.

Unclear why twin sis Vivienne wasn't there. Maybe she's more of a lunch person.

Racial Tensions Amazing Program to Repair Relations

7/12/2016 1:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


There's an incredible program in L.A. that's made a huge difference in the lives of scores of African American kids, courtesy of cops ... and it's all flown under the radar.

It's called Operation Progress, where LAPD cops donate their time, go into Watts and mentor kids throughout their education. The cops do it all on their own time, without pay. 

The program has been largely funded by Rick Caruso -- owner of The Grove in L.A. and former L.A. Police Commissioner -- and his wife Tina. They've poured millions of dollars of their own money into the program since it launched 3 years ago.

Rick appeared on "TMZ Live" Tuesday to talk about the incredible success of the program ... and how the kids have thrived with the help of the cops in difficult surroundings.

Check out what Rick has to say ... this should be done everywhere.

Rich Homie Quan Cut Him a Break on Biggie Flub ... Says Faith Evans

7/12/2016 12:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Biggie's ex wife, Faith Evans, is defending Rich Homie Quan after what some are calling a career-murdering flub during the VH1 "Hip Hop Honors," but she also says he needs to bone up on hip-hop history.

RHQ hopped onstage for Lil Kim's Junior M.A.F.I.A. classic, "Get Money" ... but forgot most of the Biggie lyrics he was supposed to spit. It started when RHQ rapped "Play Nintendo with Cease and Alamo" ... instead of "with Cease and Nino" -- and it all went downhill from there.

Faith says if RHQ had a clue about Junior M.A.F.I.A. members Lil' Cease and Nino Brown ... he wouldn't have screwed up that lyric.

Still, Biggie's ex-wife thinks people should let Quan off the hook because everyone makes mistakes.

Hip-hop fans, especially in NYC, haven't been that forgiving, but hey ... it wasn't "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the Super Bowl. 

Lamar Odom Drunk, Vomiting and Removed from Delta Flight

7/12/2016 6:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0712-lamar-odom-plane-puke-before-and-after-02Lamar Odom was taken off a Delta flight Monday night after getting wasted in the airport lounge and vomiting on the plane ... TMZ has learned.

Lamar went to the Delta lounge at LAX before boarding a red-eye for NYC, and according to eyewitnesses was pounding down beers and whisky. By the time he got on the flight, we're told he was wasted. 

Two passengers in first class tell TMZ, Lamar went to 4B and sat down, but as the plane was about to pull back he bolted for the front, threw up in the galley and then walked in the bathroom and with the door open threw up again. When he came out of the bathroom, we're told he had vomit on his clothes.


The passengers tell us the flight attendants "gently" escorted Lamar off the plane, and a cleaning crew came on board to deal with the mess. The flight attendants put Lamar's carry-on belongings in a plastic bag and removed them from the plane.

Ten minutes later, Lamar suddenly reappeared and walked down the aisle -- with vomit still on his sweatpants -- and took his seat again. Minutes later, we're told Lamar got up and went back to the bathroom, using the heads of people in their seats to steady his balance.  

One of the passengers told the flight attendant, "Don't you know his history? I don't want a dead body at 30,000 feet." Lamar was again removed from the plane and the flight took off, arriving to NYC 40 minutes late.

Tyga Sorry, Kylie ... You Ain't No Pikachu!

7/12/2016 11:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0712-kylie-jenner-tyga-playing-pokemon-go-TMZ-01Now we know what it takes for Tyga to ignore Kylie ... Pokemon Go fever.

The rapper got caught up in the mobile app game that's taken the world by storm ... snatching digital creatures while in line Tuesday morning at the Budapest airport.

Hey ... at least Tyga used the buddy system.


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