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Hillary Clinton 'Thinking' About NYC Mayoral Run

3/15/2017 11:21 AM PDT

0315_hillary-clinton_new_york_composite-2Hillary Clinton was at a small gathering recently with some politically connected people in NYC, and it seems she's noodling the idea of running for mayor.

A source who was at the gathering last month says Hillary brought up the topic of running and made it clear she was honestly considering it.

We're told she was talking to people in her close circle to gauge the level of interest and support in a Clinton candidacy.

Our source made it clear ... judging from the meeting, so far it's just talk.

We attempted to reach Clinton, but no luck.

Anheuser-Busch Sued You Can't Have Spuds MacKenzie He's Our Party Dog Now!

3/15/2017 10:46 AM PDT

Anheuser-Busch has no business using the ghost of Spuds MacKenzie to sell Bud Light because that doggy don't bark for the beer giant anymore ... according to a new lawsuit.

Spuds Ventures says it currently owns the rights to the beer-drinking party dog from the late '80s, and Anheuser-Busch completely screwed them by bringing Spuds back for a Super Bowl 51 ad without getting permission.

According to the docs ... A-B abandoned its Spuds MacKenzie campaign more than 20 years ago amid controversy the dog made beer kid-friendly. In 2013 Spuds Ventures swooped in to take ownership of Spuds.

Spuds Ventures says Anheuser only objected last year to its purchase of the dog's rights ... as the brewery was gearing up for its Super Bowl commercial.

SV is suing for damages and any profits Anheuser made off its Spuds reboot commercial.

LaVar Ball Family Home Burglarized During High School Game (Update)

3/15/2017 6:05 AM PDT


update_graphic_red_bar9:45 AM PT -- LaVar Ball just spoke about the incident ... saying it appears only a window was broken at the home. 

He then told ESPN, "I wish I was there! It ain't hard to get in my home ... it's hard to get out."update_grey_gray_barThe family home of LaVar Ball -- and his 3 superstar sons -- was hit by burglars in Chino Hills Tuesday night while LiAngelo and LaMelo were playing in a televised high school playoff game. 

TMZ Sports has learned ... neighbors heard a suspicious crash sound at the Ball home around 8 PM and immediately called police. 

We're told cops raced to the scene and when they got there, they saw a pile of Ball family belongings in the center of the home ... as if they'd been rounded up. 

Our law enforcement sources tell us the operating theory is that due to the quick response of neighbors and cops, the bad guys didn't get the chance to make off with the goods before police arrived ... so they left the loot and bolted. 

We're told cops are on the case ... taking fingerprints and looking for surveillance video.  At one point, cops even used a helicopter to search for the suspects. 

As for the Ball family, we're told it's typical for cops to instruct victims to go through their house and check for missing items.

A rep for the family tells us, "Everybody is safe."

Ted Cruz Sorry, Snoop ... Trump Gun Video is Wrong

3/15/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Ted Cruz is appalled by Snoop or anyone else pretending to assassinate a President of the United States, whoever it is, because of this country's rich, violent history.

We got the Senator on Capitol Hill Tuesday and he was clear ... the notion of advocating the assassination of a president -- even joking about it -- is just plain wrong.

Cruz clearly thinks this is a bigger issue than beef with Trump ... it goes to the foundation of democracy. 


PnB Rock to Tyga I'm Coming for Kylie!!

3/15/2017 7:08 AM PDT

Rapper PnB Rock's down to pull the robbery on Tyga ... he's obsessed with Kylie Jenner.

PnB was at LAX Tuesday spittin' game at Kylie and clearly he couldn't care less she's with Tyga.

Pretty clear PnB's got no shame in his game and he insists Tyga would understand cause he knows how the game's played.

Then he spits a line from his "Selfish" track ... dedicated to Kylie, of course.


Richie Incognito GLAD New Coach Removed Pool Table 'We Mean Business'

3/15/2017 6:02 AM PDT

How do the Buffalo Bills feel about their new coach, Sean McDermott, removing their beloved pool table from the locker room??

Richie Incognito says the team actually LIKES the move!

We got the All-Pro lineman out in Bev Hills where he told us he thinks McDermott is setting the tone early ... "We're here to win football. We're not here to play pool."

He also says he's busting his ass to help the team finally break the 17 YEAR playoff drought.

Tupac Was Crazy for ...

3/15/2017 7:13 AM PDT

Tupac had a habit he just couldn't kick, and we can't blame him!

We got Young Noble out -- a member of 'Pac's group, Outlawz, and we asked him to drop one secret about Makaveli people don't know yet.

We don't know if this tasty factoid will be in "All Eyez On Me" ... the movie about Tupac coming out this summer.

Who knew 'Pac was hittin' up this fast food joint???

Taylor Swift I'm Done Fighting Spotify I'm Eyeing My Own Streaming Service

3/15/2017 1:00 AM PDT

0314-taylor-swift-gettyTaylor Swift is done fighting Spotify and other streaming services for royalties, and apparently wants to become the master of her own destiny by starting her own streaming service.

Taylor's filed docs giving her the right to brand a website "featuring non-downloadable multi-media content in the nature of audio recordings." Sounds like a streaming service to us. She wants to call the website "Swifties."

You'll recall Taylor famously feuded with Spotify over royalties and ended up yanking her catalog back in 2014. The move sent Spotify and others into crisis mode, fearing other artists might follow.

It looks like Taylor's going beyond a streaming service. According to the docs, she's looking to launch a line of music products, including guitars, guitar picks, guitar straps and drumsticks. Her plans also include organizing retreats, educational camps and self-guided online courses. 

We reached out to Taylor's camp, so far no word back.

Ex-'Bachelor' Ben Higgins I Hope 'Bachelorette' Not Rooted in Race

3/15/2017 6:53 AM PDT

Ex-'Bachelor' Ben Higgins is crossing his fingers ... hoping the new 'Bachelorette' does not get racial.

Ben's reacting to one of Rachel Lindsay's suitors, who blurted out this week, I'm ready to go black, and I'm never going to go back."

We got Ben leaving Barton G. in L.A. where he as much as said it was a bonehead statement.

Ben believes you can find love on the show and apparently, he did. He and his final rose from season 20, Lauren B., are still going strong.

Jermaine O'Neal BIG3 League Ain't A 'Clown Show' ... Serious As The NBA

3/15/2017 12:45 AM PDT

Jermaine O'Neal says Ice Cube's BIG3 league is NO JOKE -- telling TMZ Sports, "We ain't signing up for it to be a clown show."

O'Neal -- along with a slew of ex-NBA stars -- have signed up for the 3-on-3 league ... and O'Neal says he's dead serious about competing at a world-class level. 

You can see in the video, the 6-time NBA All-Star looks to be in pretty good shape ... and says he and his old running buddy, Bonzi Wells, are in it to win the whole damn thing. 

Guessing Allen Iverson, Stephen Jackson, and Chauncey Billups will take issue with that.

Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds Public Memorial Will Feature James Blunt, Gary the Dog

3/15/2017 12:50 AM PDT

0314-carrie-fisher-debbie-reynolds-james-blunt-memorial-TMZ-GETTY-01Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds are about to get a belated but pretty awesome public send-off.

The public memorial will be held March 25 at Forest Lawn, where the mother/daughter are buried. The ceremony will be held in a 1,200 seat theater at the cemetery.   

One of the highlights will be the unveiling of a tribute song from James Blunt. James and Carrie were tight ... she was the godmother to his child. Blunt won't be performing, but Fisher's brother, Todd, tells us the track will debut over a photo montage.

Also on the program ... the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, a dance tribute from the Debbie Reynolds dance school, and tons of costumes and memorabilia will be on display.

Fisher's daughter, Billie, will be present but won't make any speeches. She says it's just too emotional to address a crowd.

Carrie's beloved dog, Gary, will be front and center.

The event will be streamed live on Carrie and Debbie's website.  


Akon My Tesla Got Jacked ... And Then I Got It Back!

3/15/2017 12:30 AM PDT

0314-akon-tmzAkon's Tesla went out for a joyride ... with a burglar, but the heist was cut short by technology.

Sources close to Akon tell TMZ ... a burglar entered the garage Saturday night at his Woodland Hills, CA home, and bolted with his Model S. It wasn't tough to lift the luxury ride -- we're told the garage door was accidentally left open. 

The would-be burglar was foiled though when he parked and the ride's security system shut it down. The suspect took off, and the Tesla was located a few hours later thanks to its tracking device.

Akon got off better than a string of other celebs hit in a recent burglary spree. Alanis Morissette, Nick Young, Cesar Millan and others have been hit for up to 6 figures.

The singer's in Dubai right now, but we're told Akon's family members filed a police report and it's under investigation.


Todd Marinovich 8 Months Sober ... Avoids Jail In Naked Drug Case

3/15/2017 12:25 AM PDT

0314_Todd-Marinovich_gettyEx-NFL quarterback Todd Marinovich has been sentenced in his bizarre drug case and will avoid jail if he plays his cards right ... but the good news is he's been sober for 8 months! 

As we previously reported, the former USC star was arrested back in August after cops say they found him naked in a stranger's backyard. Police say he also ditched a bag of drugs near the property.

According to court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, Marinovich pled guilty to 5 misdemeanor charges, including meth possession, unlawful public nudity and trespassing. Prosecutors dropped a weed charge.

The judge gave him 90 days in jail, but he won't have to serve any time behind bars if he completes a 6-month outpatient rehab program. 

Marinovich was also sentenced to 3 years probation. 

His lawyer, Adam Cole, tells us the ex-QB has been sober and in a treatment program since his arrest and is in "super good spirits." We're told he's planning on doing community outreach for other at-risk people.

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