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DeAndre Jordan 'Meryl Streep's My Crush' ... 'I Love Her'

1/9/2017 5:56 AM PST

DeAndre Jordan wasn't offended by Meryl Streep's shots at sports during her Golden Globes speech Sunday night ... HE LOVED IT. 

In fact, the Clippers star says Meryl's been his crush since he was 6 years old -- "I love her!"

Don't believe him?

We pushed him on his favorite Meryl movie ... he flunked that test. 

Charles Manson In 'Bad Shape' Back in Prison

1/9/2017 1:00 AM PST

0108-charles-manson-SPLASH-02Charles Manson is back in Corcoran State Prison, and we're told he might not survive his health crisis.

TMZ broke the story ... Manson was taken to a Bakersfield hospital a week ago for significant intestinal bleeding. Doctors wanted to perform surgery, but Manson refused. Late last week he had a change of heart, but doctors determined he was so weak he might die on the operating table.

The surgeons went back and forth, planning the surgery again ... but ultimately cancelled it.

We're told there was nothing more the hospital could do, so Manson was taken back to Corcoran -- largely for security reasons.

As for the 82-year-old prisoner's condition, one source familiar with the situation said, "He's not good. His health is failing."


Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Birthday Blowup Led to Breakup

1/9/2017 12:50 AM PST

0106-nicki-minaj-meek-mill-TMZ-01Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill broke up after a nuclear fight during her birthday weekend last month ... and it wasn't about cheating.

Sources close to the ex-couple tell us ... they weren't getting along in Turks and Caicos, because he was hanging with friends and not paying attention to her. She went nuts on him, he got pissed and left the island without her, and she said, "Screw this," and ended the relationship. Just that simple.

There are reports Meek had been cheating with a woman named Sonye Rasool and that's what set off Nicki. A source close to Sonye tells us she and Meek hooked up years before Nicki, but she fully denies any cheating. We're told Sonye's about to file defamation lawsuits against several outlets.

We're also told Sonye understands truth is a defense, but she has no fear.

It's interesting ... the breakup appears to be over the small stuff, which makes you wonder if the door is still open.


Uber Sued Get There My Ass Your Driver Belongs in Jail!

1/9/2017 12:40 AM PST

0106_uber_lawsuit_compositeUber's been sued again -- this time because a driver was allegedly delirious behind the wheel, and then went on a campaign against the passenger to keep her yap shut ... according to a new lawsuit.

Marisa Hyland says it all went down last summer in NYC, when a driver named June repeatedly averted crashing by a whisker during a 4 mile trip to work. Marisa says June told her she was "delirious" from an all-night shift and needed some ZZZ's.

Marisa says she demanded out and once on safe ground, called Uber again and belatedly got to her destination.  

Uber had no comment.

Kim Kardashian Gold Chain Reaction To Robbery

1/9/2017 12:20 AM PST

0106-kim-chain-snapchatKim Kardashian has been truer to her word than we ever thought ... the bling around her neck has taken a nosedive from 7 figures to 3.

Kim vowed after her robbery in early October she would lose the expensive jewelry for good ... jewelry that exceeded $4 MILLION for certain pieces.

So check out the necklace she's been wearing lately. Turns out it's a custom piece from XIV Karats, which sells in the $500 range.

Kim’s stylist picked up the piece during the holidays, and we're told Kanye also made the trip and scored a bunch of zodiac signs he gifted to friends.

As we previously reported ... Kim said she was done flaunting her wealth on social media.


Ft. Lauderdale Shooting Video of First Shots Fired

1/8/2017 8:48 AM PST

The Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooter walked casually through baggage claim before suddenly pulling his gun out and wreaking havoc.

TMZ has obtained video of the shooting ... we are only showing the seconds leading up to the first shots fired and the panic that ensued.  


You see the shooter, 26-year-old Esteban Santiago, with a 9 mm handgun tucked inside his waistband, and then pulling it out and beginning to shoot.

5 people were killed.


Lil Wayne's Camp Shkreli Promises No More 'Carter V' Leaks

1/8/2017 1:00 AM PST

0106-lil-wayne-martin-shkreli-tmz-twitter-01Lil Wayne can breathe a little easier now that his camp's been assured there won't be anymore 'Carter V' leaks ... at least not from Martin Shkreli.

We're told Weezy's camp hunted down Shkreli on Thursday after Shkreli released a sampling of the forever-under-wraps album ... just 2 days before Xmas.

You'll recall Wayne was outraged over the leak ... so his camp wanted assurance from Shkreli there weren't other samples floating around.

Our Shkreli sources say Martin told Wayne's camp the well was now dry and promised there wouldn't be more leaks. As for any more samples or copies floating around ... Martin says he's got the only one as far as he knows.

This comes on the heels of Birdman saying 'Carter V' will see the light of day.

To be continued ... 

Tilikum Victim's Family Don't Forget He Killed Our Daughter

1/8/2017 12:50 AM PST

0106_Dawn-Brancheau_tilikum_gettyWhile everyone's crying for Tilikum, the family of late SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau wants the world to remember he killed their daughter 7 years ago -- and the tragedy's still fresh for them.

Dawn's mother, Marion LoVerde, tells TMZ she doesn't want the orca's death to overshadow Dawn's. She says, yes ... "It's sad nature took Tilikum's life, but he lived 7 more years than Dawn did, and we have to live with it."

Marion admits having mixed feelings about the death of Tilikum ... who drowned Dawn by taking her underwater by her ponytail. The attack was infamously chronicled in the "Blackfish" documentary.

Despite the tragedy, Marion says her family still works with SeaWorld to host charity runs in Dawn's name.

She added ... Dawn loved Tilikum, and they believe her death was a tragic accident.

Odell Beckham I Got My Strip Club Pinky Ring Back!

1/8/2017 12:45 AM PST


Odell Beckham Jr. has been reunited with his swag ... getting back the iced-out diamond ring he lost at a NYC strip club back in November.

TMZ Sports broke the sad tale ... Beckham lost his super sparkly diamond ring on a night he was turning up with Von Miller at Sin City booty club.

Staffers scrambled to find the jewelry ... but couldn't locate it in the dark, silicone-filled cabaret.

Here's the happy ending ... we've confirmed with the Giants that OBJ got his ring back before the G-Men played the Browns ... when the party who found it showed up to the stadium to make the return.

We're also told Odell actually got a chance to thank the person when he returned to the club a couple weeks later ... and promised tickets to a game ... but it hasn't happened yet.

C'mon, Odell ... be as clutch as Eli.

'Pirates of the Caribbean' Own a Piece of Film Booty ... $2,500 Arrrr Best Offer!!

1/8/2017 12:40 AM PST

0105-Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-Screen-Worn-Necklace-rr-auctionsFans of "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" can own the movie medallion once held close by Keira Knightley ... but it'll cost you almost as much as real gold.

The screen-worn treasure prop is up for auction and is expected to rake in more than $2,500. Keira's character, Elizabeth Swann, wore it throughout the first installment of the franchise ... and that's why the pirates nabbed her.

If you really want the gold-colored medallion -- and you don't believe in curses -- place your bid at RR Auction's site ... it ends on January 11.

Good luck, matey!

Stevie J Greenlit For New Penthouse Reality Show

1/8/2017 12:30 AM PST

Stevie J is gonna have his work cut out for him ... the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star just got the greenlight for a new reality series that will scour the U.S. & Canada for 8 fresh Penthouse cover girls.

Not a bad way to spend the work day.

The working title is "Penthouse Pets," the longtime pet name for the mag's XXX models. Filming starts in March with Stevie taking his baby mama, Mimi Faust, and Rick Ross' ex and model Brit Eady along for the ride as his "pet wranglers."

Stevie seemed pretty excited talking about it alongside Brit in the video above. Then again, who wouldn't be?

We're told each episode will hold auditions in a new city with Las Vegas, NYC, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Toronto and L.A. on the map. It's expected to air on VH1, so expect a bunch of censor bars.

Chael Sonnen Let's Be Serious ... Ronda Has No Hollywood Future

1/8/2017 12:20 AM PST

Ronda Rousey sucks at acting ... so says Chael Sonnen, who says if Ronda stops fighting, her Hollywood career is over.

Sonnen joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show on FS1 and explained that he wants the best for Rousey ... but pretending she has a real shot as an actress is a joke.

"This girl can't act, nor should she be able to. She's not a trained actor. She was in those opportunities because she was very famous."

Sonnen says for Ronda, fighting and acting opportunities are tied together -- "It's a house of cards. If one goes, they all go."

Charles Manson Healthy Enough to Go Under the Knife

1/7/2017 1:03 PM PST

0109-charles-manson-gettyCharles Manson is finally strong enough to undergo a surgery that will repair a lesion in his intestines that has caused significant bleeding ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Manson was rushed almost a week ago from Corcoran State Prison to a hospital in Bakersfield, CA for an operation. We're told Manson refused the surgery, but on Thursday had a change of heart.  

Hours before the scheduled operation, doctors determined they couldn't put the 82-year-old under and operate because he was too weak ... so the surgery was scrubbed.

We're now told Manson's regained his strength and doctors have green lit the procedure, which will now go down later today.

Our sources say Manson will also receive a blood transfusion.

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