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Dennis Rodman


'She's A Total Fraud!'

4/14/2015 10:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0414-dennis-rodman-tmz-03Dennis Rodman didn't just terminate his ex-business manager -- HE HUMILIATED HER -- saying she's a total failure who LIED about being a Harvard grad and may have stolen from him ... though she calls BS. 

TMZ Sports has learned ... The Worm's lawyer Bradford Cohen just sent a SCATHING letter to Peggy King ... officially terminating her as Rodman's financial lady and demanding she hand over all of her records. 

But the letter gets deeply personal ... here's the point-by-point breakdown:

1) You're fired
2) We think you may have stolen a ton of money from Dennis
3) You were supposed to pay bills for Dennis that went unpaid
4) We think you FAKED your background ... and lied about going to Harvard.

In the letter, Cohen states ... "Although you claim to have a graduate degree from Harvard, it is more like your resume could be a study in fictional writing at Harvard."


But we spoke with King who says Rodman is the REAL liar ... claiming she NEVER once touted herself as a Harvard grad.

She also tells TMZ Sports that Dennis is nothing more than an "alcoholic drunk" who's ruining what used to be a "good relationship" for no good reason. 

"The whole letter is crazy and bogus. I've been with him through thick and thin."


REO Speedwagon's Kevin Cronin

Heard It From My Son ...

Bleep Her Right in the Bleep!

4/14/2015 9:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Cronin -- lead singer of '80s rock group REO Speedwagon -- heard the words straight from his own son's mouth ... and still couldn't believe it -- but it is one of the funniest celeb kid moments ever.

Cronin was shopping with his wife and kid when he and our photog started riffing about the lyrics from his hit, "Take It On The Run" -- and that's when his son pounced.

The kid upstaged dad by dropping the six-words that have been haunting live TV reporters for a while now -- but his tops 'em all ... mostly because of Kevin's jaw-dropping reaction.

You gotta see it -- he's probably grounded for life, but the total shock and awe on Dad's face might be worth it.

Thabo Sefolosha

Internal Affairs Investigating

Violent NYPD Arrest

4/14/2015 8:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The NYPD has launched an internal affairs investigation into the arrest of NBA player Thabo Sefolosha -- who claims cops used excessive force during a violent incident last week.

As we previously reported, Thabo was taken into custody early Wednesday morning -- after cops say he was obstructing officers from investigating the stabbing of NBA player Chris Copeland.

We posted footage of the arrest on TMZ Sports -- which showed cops putting Thabo in a headlock and pulling him to the ground. At least one cop brandishes his nightstick. 

Cops say Thabo was acting in an aggressive manor ... which justified the use of force. Thabo's attorney says BS ... and says the video essentially exonerates his client of any wrongdoing. 

Now, an NYPD spokesperson tells us, "The issue has been referred to internal affairs, which is investigating the incident."

Stay tuned ... 

Brian Williams

You Can Trust Me, America

I Have a Puppy!

4/14/2015 8:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0414_brian_williams_allison_dog_puppy_splash_launchSuspended NBC newsman Brian Williams did some serious damage control in New York City by strolling with his wife, his daughter Allison, and most importantly ... Allison's adorable new dog!

Williams has been laying very low since NBC took him off the air back in February for lying about being shot at in a helicopter.  

Brian had to know a few paparazzi shots of him snuggling Moxie -- a golden retriever puppy -- would look really good. Especially since ABC's World News Tonight just beat NBC Nightly News for the first time in a long time.

Williams' return is by no means a sure thing, but co-anchoring with Moxie could go a long way.

Sen. Marco Rubio

Put Me in the White House

I'll Bump EDM & Nicki Minaj

4/14/2015 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicki Minaj is one step closer to twerking in the Rose Garden ... now that Sen. Marco Rubio -- perhaps her most powerful fan -- is officially in the presidential race.

The latest Republican candidate to throw his hat in the ring has a pretty good working relationship with our D.C. photog, Colin -- and this morning they bro'd down over the junior senator's love of Nicki, EDM, and his hot wife ... a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader.

Check out the clip ... Colin even opened a door for Rubio to take a shot at Hillary's musical tastes. He didn't exactly take the bait.

Even if you don't agree with his politics -- a live performance of "Anaconda" at an inaugural ball would be kinda epic, no?

Jameis Winston

Mocked Crab Leg Arrest for Charity

... Says 'Deadliest Catch' Star

4/14/2015 8:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He knew he'd be a punch line ... but convicted crab thief Jameis Winston consciously decided to subject himself to crustacean mockery during a recent celeb event to help out a charity ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

We spoke with "Deadliest Catch" star Capt. Keith Colburn -- who was at the Mike Alstott Family Foundation celebrity outdoor weekend with Jameis ... and he told us how it all went down. 

"I had a giant king crab we were auctioning off," Colburn says ... when Jameis suggested that he should make a public spectacle out of the situation because he knew it would be "good press" for the foundation. 

"He thought it was a gag, man!" 

Colburn says Jameis couldn't have been a better sport -- and says, "He's an amazing kid." 

Hey, if he could take a roasting from Kevin Hart ... he's gotta have thick skin, right? 


Bobby Flay

Looking for New Home

To Cook Dinners for One

4/14/2015 8:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0414_bobby_flay_potential_new_pad_launchBobby Flay just gave a big clue why his estranged wife is so angry about their prenup ... because he's looking for a new place to live that costs millions and millions of dollars.

We're told Flay was on the hunt Monday for a bachelor pad in the Sterling Mason building in the Tribeca. There are 4 units available, ranging in price from $9.65 million to $24.5 million. 

The building's so fancy it has a library lounge, courtyard, a private fitness room (with yoga studio, of course), a children's playroom and, remarkably for the area, an underground parking garage. 

Flay and wife Stephanie March separated last month, and he pulled the trigger on divorce papers last week.  

He looks ... pensive.



Police Club Suspected DUI Motorist

4/14/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A man charged with drunk driving was brutally clubbed by Chico, CA cops ... and some of it was caught on video.

Sean Reardon claims he was driving on February 18th at around 9:40 PM when he was pulled over for a broken tail light and expired tags. Reardon, who has filed a claim against the city, claims he was tackled to the pavement without provocation on his part and then struck "multiple times with extreme violence, with a baton, club or stick without provocation."

Reardon, who is white, says in the claim he was "hog-tied," thrown into a van and taken to the hospital. He says he suffered acute respiratory failure when he arrived and was put on a ventilator. He was in ICU for 4 days. He says he also suffered multiple broken bones, including ribs, nose and sternum.  

Speaking on behalf of police, the Butte County Chief Deputy D.A. tells us ... Reardon had a warrant for failing to appear on a gun charge -- and attempted to flee when he was pulled over. He says when officers caught up to him, Reardon refused to show his hands and kept them at his waist band. A police incident log says, "Blue vehicle westbound. The subject foot bailed from vehicle. Resisting."

The chief deputy D.A. says the officers used force to get Reardon to cooperate. He adds Reardon's BAC was .14 -- almost twice the legal limit -- and also had methamphetamine and cocaine in his blood.

Reardon, who is repped by Ashley Amerio, was charged with evading a peace officer, DUI, DUI with alcohol or drugs within 10 years of a prior, and resisting an executive officer -- all felonies.

Reardon pled not guilty and is on a no bail hold, because he's on probation for the prior DUI.

Manny Pacquiao

Will Run for Prez of Philippines

... Says Bob Arum

4/14/2015 7:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hail to the Pacman?!

Manny Pacquiao wants to be PRESIDENT Manny Pacquiao ... so says his promoter Bob Arum who tells TMZ Sports he expects the boxer to run for the top office in the Philippines in the very near future. 

"He's gonna be a president," Arum told us outside Craig's in West Hollywood last night.

"He's gonna run for Senate in the Philippines in 2016 ... and then in 2022 or maybe later, he'll run for President of the Philippines."

Manny is no stranger to politics ... he was elected to the Philippine House of Representatives in 2010 and reportedly filed a handful of bills. 

The presidential term in the Philippines in 6 years ... so, if he doesn't run in 2022 ... he'd have to wait until 2028, when Manny would be 49 years old. 

But before we see if he can win an election, there's a tiny boxing match he's gotta win first. 

Good luck ... 

Nick Cannon

Door Left Open for

Mariah Reconciliation

4/14/2015 6:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Cannon is not closing the book on his marriage to Mariah Carey. Yeah, surprised us, too. 

Nick was leaving Baltaire in Brentwood Monday night when we asked him straight up if there was a chance they'd get back together.

Nick and Mariah have been on good terms since their split, hanging together with the kids as recently as Easter. But our sources have said their romantic relationship is ancient history.

So the question ... will history repeat itself? 


Jessie James Decker

2nd Baby Wasn't Planned

... Pleasant Surprise!

4/14/2015 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's tough to cover NY Jets receiver Eric Decker

Apparently, it's even tougher to cover his penis ... 'cause his wife is pregnant with Baby #2 ... and she tells us the kid wasn't exactly planned. 

We got country superstar Jessie James Decker out in NYC this morning ... who's due in September BTW ... and she told us a 2nd kid was always in the cards, but didn't expect it so soon! 

Sort of a pleasant surprise kind of a thing. 

Question is ... do you ever tell that to the kid? We asked Jessie ... she had a pretty good explanation. 


Nelly Arrest

I Let Shady Peeps On My Bus ...

Now I Gotta Be Like TSA

4/14/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0413_nelly_tmzNelly's calling out some of the random people on his tour bus ... for getting him busted for drugs this weekend -- so now he's hand-picking who gets all access passes on his ride.

Nelly tells TMZ ... "I feel the need to take responsibility for my choices in needing to be more aware of all the people I associate with and allow onto my property."

We broke the story ... Nelly's attorney says there were 15 to 20 other people who had access to the bus before Saturday's bust. Nelly was arrested for possession of methamphetamine (his lawyer claims it was ecstasy) and marijuana, but he seems to be laying at least partial blame on someone else.

He adds, "While my instinct of course, is to be accessible to my friends, fans and acquaintances, the last thing I would want to do is compromise the respect and admiration of my friends, family and fans."

In other words ... no more free rides.

Olivier Martinez

No Criminal Charges

In Car Seat Assault Case

4/14/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0413_olivier-martinez_tmzOlivier Martinez has dodged a bullet ... he will NOT be criminally prosecuted for slamming a baby car seat into an airport employee at LAX.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the L.A. City Attorney will conduct an office hearing where Martinez and the LAX employee will tell their sides, and then Halle Berry's husband will probably get a warning and the case will be closed. The hearing officer could make anger management part of the deal.

You'll recall, Halle, Olivier and Nahla had just arrived at the Tom Bradley International Terminal in January when the employee tried playing amateur photog, which pissed off Olivier. He took the empty car seat and rammed it into the employee, causing him to fall backward. 

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