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Paris Hilton No.1 On My Trick or Treat Route ... The Playboy Mansion!

10/21/2016 7:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Playboy Mansion is known for its epic Halloween parties, but turns out rich kids in the neighborhood like Paris Hilton door-knocked on fright night ... 'cause it was the best candy in town. 

Paris was leaving the Delilah opening in WeHo Thursday night when she dropped a living paradox known as Hugh Hefner.

Turns out Hef had some stiff competition, from someone with an even bigger mansion.

Patrick Peterson Your T-Rex Costume ... Looks Like a Penis

10/17/2016 3:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently, Arizona Cardinals superstar Patrick Peterson is going as a Dong-asaurus for Halloween. 

For some reason, PP sported the costume in the Cards locker room -- and QB Carson Palmer documented the jurassic shenanigans. 

Palmer included the caption, "@realpatrickpeterson loses another one" -- apparently, he lost some kind of intersquad competition ... where the loser has to dress up in something stupid. 

Who cares. He looks like a penis. Ha. 

Kim Kardashian Robbery Costume Pulled From Site

10/11/2016 4:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1011-kim-kardashian-robbery-costume-COSTUMEISH-01The public has spoken, and does NOT want to see people dressed up as Kim Kardashian, bound and gagged by armed robbers for Halloween.

Costumeish founder Johnathon Weeks says the backlash was so severe by Tuesday afternoon, it became clear the Parisian Robbery Victim costume wasn't gonna fly. It's been yanked from his website. 

Weeks says this is the first time they've removed a costume from their online store -- and there have been plenty of borderline tasteless options in the past, including Cecil the Lion and crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford.

The move won't ruin Halloween for too many -- Weeks says he'll be fully refunding all SIX people who actually forked over the $69.99.


Kim Kardashian Robbery Costume Backlash ... 'Pathetic' & 'Disgusting'

10/11/2016 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1011-kim-kardashian-robbery-costume-COSTUMEISH-01Kim Kardashian will have to relive the trauma of the Paris robbery come Halloween, thanks to a new costume, which a ton of people are calling a "disgusting" cheap joke.'s "Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Costume Kit" includes a short white robe, black wig, "$4 million" ring, sunglasses, a gag and a rope ... all for $69.99.

The getup is as controversial as it is timely ... which explains the wave of negative product reviews:

- "What kind of sociopathic a****** makes someones trauma a f***** COSTUME?!"
- "You should be ashamed of yourselves you sick f***s. Hope you get robbed at gunpoint so you psychopaths know how it feels. Pathetic."
- "This is ridiculous. Are you going to have a Brock Turner costume with optional dumpster and passed out girl?"

Costumeish founder Johnathon Weeks tells TMZ ... he expected backlash, but pop culture's become a huge part of Halloween. This is the same company that did Cecil the Lion and Caitlyn Jenner costumes ... so this is just par for the course.


Paul McCartney Twist & Shout ... Persian Style!

10/4/2016 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul McCartney can still shake it out like his Beatles days, and we got video of him proving it for Persian Rosh Hashanah. 

Sir Paul hit the dance floor at a pal's Rosh celebration Sunday night in Bev Hills. He's got his big Desert Trip concert coming up this weekend, but we'll go ahead and assume this was not a rehearsal. Watch, you'll agree.

He was definitely loosening up though after seder, which we're told was stocked with the usual Persian delicacies ... apples and honey, beef tongue and stew.

We're guessing vegetarian Paul passed on the tongue.

Justin Trudeau Canadian Rosh Hashanah Was So Epic!

10/4/2016 9:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1004_Justin-Trudeau-Harley-Morenstein-Rosh-Hashanah_launchCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had Rosh Hashanah dinner with someone who knows a thing or two about eating ... the dude from "Epic Meal Time"!

Harley Morenstein and Trudeau are fellow Canadians and family friends. As the Jewish half of the duo, it fell on Harley to teach the PM all "aboot" the holiday. We're told Trudeau joined the party at Harley's brother's house in Ottawa ... and dug into apples and honey, Challah bread ... the whole nine.

JT had a front row seat for the blowing of the shofar, but passed on blowing it himself. Still, wine, laughs and based on the pics ... a wonderful time with a nice Jewish family.

L'chaim! Eh?

Kendall Jenner I Got A Beach House Next To Billionaires

7/5/2016 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0705_kendall_jenner_4th_of_july_rental_house_launchKendall Jenner found herself in the company of some of the world's wealthiest when she holed up for 4th of July in a $30 million oceanfront pad in Malibu, but it might not be her type of crowd. 

Kendall hasn't moved into the West Hollywood pad she bought for $6.5 million from Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, but she wasn't without a place to sleep over the long weekend.

We're told Kendall got hooked up in a 3 bed, 3 bath Airbnb rental on the exclusive Broad Beach where billionaires like Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison and art collector Eli Broad have homes. Some of the neighbors with lighter pockets ... Robert Downey Jr., Jennifer Aniston and Richard Gere.

The rental goes for $2.2k a night ... steep considering there's no pool and a strict no party policy. 

Long way before she's throwing Taylor-worthy 4th BBQs.

Teresa Giudice Independence Day ... From Joe

7/5/2016 12:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0705_teresa_giudice_family_beach_launchTeresa Giudice celebrated Fourth of July with her kids ... without Joe.

The 'Real Housewives' star and the kiddos spent the holiday at the Jersey Shore. Check out the photos ... Teresa's the pic of happy on the sand.

We're guessing Joe's 4th was more austere ... in a 6 x 8. He's 4 months into a 41-month prison stint.

Interesting fashion choices by Teresa.


Nick Young Firework Explodes In Hand ... Nearly JPPs Himself

7/5/2016 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Young came thiiiis close to losing his hand in a stupid fireworks accident ... when the NBA star picked up a tube holding a lit artillery shell ... and it exploded while he was holding it. 

It all went down at Nick's massive 4th of July party at his L.A. home -- when Nick saw the lit fuse ... and thought it would be fun if he set it off while holding it over his head. 

Lucky for Nick, he escaped from the situation unscathed ... but it was a verrrrry close call. 

The whole situation is eerily similar to the story Jason Pierre-Paul told in his PSA where he describes the moment he blew up his hand in a July 4th fireworks accident. 

Careful Nick, now that Iggy's out of the picture ... you're probably gonna need that hand.

Teyana Taylor God Breast America

7/5/2016 7:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0705-teymana-shaylor-instagram-01Teyana Taylor and her NBA champ husband, Iman Shumpert, celebrated the 4th of July holiday like people with perfect bodies should ... damn near naked.

The couple went down to Puerto Rico (an American territory, so still patriotic) and showed some major skin for all the locals ... and all the folks with Internet access as well.


Iman was shirtless as well ... but to our knowledge he has had no children.


Nick Young Celebrates Independence from Iggy ... With Massive 4th Party

7/5/2016 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0705-nick-yong-getty-01Fireworks at Nick Young's house Monday night ... with the NBA star throwing a MASSIVE party at the home he shared with Iggy Azalea in what appears to be a public declaration of his independence. 

It all went down at Nick's sprawling mansion in Tarzana -- a pad complete with a basketball court, pool and working security cameras (just ask Iggy). 

The place was PACKED with all sorts of people -- including a bunch of smokin' hot ladies. We're told rapper K Camp also performed. 

Nick doesn't seem bothered by the split at all -- in fact, he tweeted right after Iggy blasted him last week as a cheat. 

"If you perfect then be perfect I live in a world where ppl f*** up learn from it and move on," Nick wrote. 

"That's life ... hate me or love me I'm still going to love life man."

Charlotte McKinney God Bless America

7/5/2016 7:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0705-charlotte-mckinney-bikini-launchCharlotte McKinney was the best guest at a 4th of July Malibu beach BBQ.

The "Baywatch" actress wore red, white and blue.

She also brought the melons ... and the cake.

Kyrie Irving 'KD to the Warriors Is Awesome ... For Them'

7/5/2016 6:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kyrie Irving says Kevin Durant to the Warriors is a GREAT MOVE ... at least for Golden State. 

The NBA champ hit up Nobu in Malibu for the massive 4th of July party ... well, at least he TRIED to hit it up -- but was shut down at the door. 

Problem was ... the Nobu party was the hottest shindig in town -- tons of huge stars, non-famous rich people and hot chicks -- and Kyrie showed up just a little too late. 

By the time Irving and his crew arrived, the fire marshal was already there due to crowd capacity concerns ... and NO ONE else got in ... including the NBA Finals hero. 

But he did talk about Durant on the way out ... check out the clip. 

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