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Gigi Hadid That Wasn't Armpit Hair, Guys Blame It On Wardrobe!

12/11/2017 12:31 PM PST

Gigi Hadid wasn't trying to show off her unshaven pits during her LOVE Magazine photo shoot -- 'cause the fuzz folks saw was nothin' but loose fibers ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Gigi tell us her "armpit hair" -- which was prominently featured in day 11 of LOVE Magazine's Advent calendar video series -- was, in fact, residue left behind from the jacket she was wearing on set.

We're told the culprit was simply that navy cropped coat Gigi is seen wearing in the vid -- ya know, the one in which she's striking poses and kinda working up a sweat. Makes sense some of that could've gotten stuck to her. 

What doesn't make sense is that no one on set saw the hairy stuff during the shoot, or even while editing the video.

Hugh Jackman You Trippin', Zac But ... Show Must Go On!!!

12/8/2017 1:00 PM PST

Hugh Jackman laughed his ass off -- and wanted everyone to join in -- when he witnessed Zac Efron falling off a tricycle and tasting asphalt.

Hugh and Zac threw on their circus garb Friday in Midtown Manhattan to film a circus musical for James Corden's late night show. They were promoting "The Greatest Showman" and their co-star Zendaya got in on the action too ... and also busted an LOL at Zac.

We're guessing Zac's caption on this photo gallery would be ... The crap I gotta do to sell a movie.

Just a guess. 

Blake Griffin Crushes Comedy Set ... But, All Eyes on Kendall

12/8/2017 11:38 AM PST
Breaking News

Blake Griffin lit it up at his comedy show Thursday night in Hollywood ... but rumored GF Kendall Jenner kinda stole the show -- even though she never got onstage.

Blake -- bad knee and all -- toughed it out to raise funny money at "Comedy by Blake" ... bringing in big-name comics like John Mulaney, Norm Macdonald and Whitney Cummings for the charity event at The Avalon. 

Griffin once again proved he's got jokes -- the crowd ate it up. 

Cummings gave the Clippers superstar high praise for his mic work -- "Everyone's like, 'Oh, he's funny for a basketball player. I'm like, 'No, he's like funny for a comedian!'" 

But none of the comics could hold a candle to Kendall ... whose sheer black top SLAYED the red carpet before the show.

Nothing funny about that joint. Just pure hotness. 

FYI, a lot of Blake's NBA bros came through too ... including teammates DeAndre Jordan, Lou Williams, Wesley Johnson and Sam Dekker.

New Orleans Saints Players We Support Mike Mitchell ... Hilarious Video!

12/8/2017 10:21 AM PST

Mike Mitchell's scathing video takedown of the NFL -- and Commissioner Roger Goodell -- is resonating with other players ... especially two guys on the New Orleans Saints. 

TMZ Sports spoke with Saints CB Sterling Moore and LB Craig Robertson before they played the Falcons in Atlanta on Thursday ... and they both made it clear they stand by Mitchell. 

FYI, Mitchell -- safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers -- went off on the NFL and Goodell over recent suspensions and fines levied against defensive players. The video went viral. 

But if you don't care about the league drama ... watch the video anyway -- these guys are hilarious! 

President Trump On Retainer?

12/6/2017 11:01 AM PST
Breaking News

President Trump unveiled something new at the White House -- and we don't mean his policy on Jerusalem ... instead, we're talking about a mysterious lisp.

POTUS really did make a major announcement Wednesday morning -- becoming the first Prez to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital in the last 70 years, but near the end of his remarks he started slurring really badly.

It sounded as if he had dentures or a retainer that he was struggling to keep in his mouth.

We've called the White House to check on 45's grill ... but something's definitely up.

Morgan Spurlock Trump's McDonald's Diet Fills a 'Sad Hole'

12/6/2017 6:47 AM PST

Morgan Spurlock thinks President Trump's obsession with McDonald's has psychological overtones ... proof he's an unhappy man looking for any form of fulfillment.

We got the "Super Size Me" star at LAX, and he weighed in on Trump's documented fast food campaign diet -- which at least once contained an estimated 2,500-plus calories full of junk food ... courtesy of good ol' Mickey D's.

According to Morgan, it's only a matter of time until Trump's heart explodes. Fifty four percent of Americans think that's impossible, because it presumes the existence of such an organ.

Chris Pratt Try Dating Me Online Just Avoid My FB Impostor!

12/5/2017 7:22 AM PST

Chris Pratt, who just filed for divorce, will not join the hordes on online dating services.

We got Chris leaving Jimmy Kimmel's studio in L.A. Monday night, and asked for a status update on his Facebook impostor sitch. Sounds like it's still pending.

PERVY DUDE ALERT!!! (Not a joke) It’s confirmed: somebody is trying to pretend to be me on Facebook (and maybe other social media platforms) apparently hitting on a lot of different female fans, trying to get their numbers and who knows what else. I’m not joking. Please know, I find this behavior reprehensible. If I find out who it is I’ll have their account shut down and seriously would like to punch them right in the GD mouth. You hear that imposter!? Stop. My message to any fans who are contacted by someone claiming to be Chris Pratt: Look for the BLUE “VERIFIED” CHECKMARK next to the name. If there is no checkmark by my name that person is an imposter. I’m sorry. Tell your siblings. Educate our young ones. It’s probably mostly kids who would fall for this. Makes me sick. It terrifies me to think someone could be hurt, their feelings or much worse, by this imposter/potential predator. I’ve had many, many people tell me about this. It’s not an isolated incident. If anyone is in contact with this person block them immediately. If it’s you doing it, I’m warning you. Stop right now or you will@be very unhappy with the outcome. Go find Jesus. 🙏 praying for you.

A post shared by chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) on

Chris sent a message to his female fans over the weekend warning 'em of a guy posing as him on the social media site ... supposedly asking for numbers and dates.

Follow Chris' advice and avoid the dude at all costs. Besides, if you're really looking to court the almost-single Pratt Pratt Pratt ... there's only 1 dating site he'd ever consider.

'The Simpsons' Here's How to Fix Apu Problems ... Says Hari Kondabolu

12/4/2017 2:03 PM PST

Hank Azaria's stereotypical Indian voice as 'Simpsons' character Apu isn't the show's biggest problem -- it's getting Apu some power ... according to the comedian who's challenging producers to make changes. 

Hari Kondabolu's documentary, "The Problem with Apu" prompted Hank to tell us he's sorry if he offended anyone with his portrayal of Apu. He also hinted there's a chance Apu doesn't come back -- but Hari says there's a better solution.

'Simpsons' producers, listen up -- we think Hari just made your jobs a little easier.

He might need a writing credit though, if you use this idea. Doh!!

Xscape's Tamika Scott No Great Escape From Huge Fall

12/4/2017 11:27 AM PST

Xscape is the group's name but Tamika Scott could barely make it out of the jumpsuit she was wearing onstage over the weekend, instead going down like a pile of bricks. 

The foursome was playing the Spectrum Center Saturday in Charlotte when, during the dance break for "Hot Boy" ... Tamika had a wardrobe malfunction of epic proportions.

Scott, Tiny, Kandi Burruss, LaTocha Scott and their dancers start off strong, barely missing a step, until it's time for the top layer to come off.

Looks like a chair got in the way ... and gotta hand it to Tamika, she recovered like a pro. But still worth watching. Repeatedly.

Chris Rock No Joke... Kim, Kanye and Eddie Saw My Show!

12/2/2017 8:57 AM PST

Chris Rock performed in front of royalty Friday night ... he told jokes to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim and Kanye attended Chris Rock's Total Blackout Tour in Hollywood Friday and took a photo with Chris and his girlfriend Megalyn Echikunwoke backstage. 

Kanye is no stranger to Rock's work -- he featured him on his song 'Blame Game' back in 2010 and has known him for years.

That wasn't the only comedy royalty on hand ... he also posed for a photo backstage with Eddie Murphy.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel I'm Not The A-Hole Driver You Think I Am!!!

12/2/2017 12:50 AM PST

The CEO of a company that begins with "Snap" is a wanted man by residents in a San Fernando Valley neighborhood because he's terrorizing them with his driving ... and they've wrongly targeted poor Evan Spiegel.

The owner of this Lambo is being accused of breaking just about every traffic law known to man ... from speeding to erratic lane changes. Folks in the Chatsworth area have assumed the offender is Evan, because he has the most famous company that begins with "Snap".

The Chatsworth Neighborhood Watch has been skewering Evan on Facebook, saying things like: 

    "That's Evan Spiegel, Snapchat CEO. The police shouldn't have a hard time finding him"

   "This asshole was flying down vanowen 2 days ago."

   "I don’t care who this jackass is or how much money he has... Dont drive like an ass...."

   "What a jerk! Wondering if you can file an online report?"

   "I’ve also seen this jerk once before! He almost hit us when we were pulling out from the shopping        plaza at De Soto & Lassen. This was like a month ago but I recognize the f***er instantly!!"

Turns out Evan's getting a bad rap, because we found out the car actually belongs to Snap Liquids CEO Nathan Daneshrad ... whose company sells vape liquid flavors.

We reached out to Nathan ... he had no comment.

As for Evan ... he has an alibi, because he lives in Brentwood and no one in their right mind would hang out miles away from Miranda Kerr

French Montana NOT All the Way Up ... This Surfing Thing Is Hard, Bro!!!

12/1/2017 7:27 AM PST

This looks like French Montana's first attempt at surfing, and it's definitely unforgettable ... and we mean that in the funniest way possible.

French borrowed some dude's board down in Sydney, and tried like hell to catch a wave. We'll say this ... he did a great job at securing the leash around his ankle -- but after that it was totally comical.

We're guessing he'll find a better way to spend his next day off from his Australian tour -- but we hope not.

French, the idea is to stand UP on the board!

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Funny Thing About Marriage ...

12/1/2017 6:57 AM PST

This one's gonna hurt, Jimmy Fallon -- but turns out Jessica Biel makes Justin Timberlake laugh his ass off, too ... plus, she's way hotter.

JT and JB looked like a couple of kids on a first date, going all LOL Thursday evening in Brentwood. Yes, they've been married 5 years, and together for more than 10 ... and they're still laughing. See? It CAN be done!

As for what the big joke was? It's possible Jessica and Justin were talking Christmas gift ideas?

Something in a box, perhaps?

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