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Joanna Krupa Wants to Grill Other Housewives About Vagina Fish Comment

8/15/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0814-joanna-krupa-brandi-glanville-lisa-vanderpump-yolanda-foster-mohamed-hadid-TMZ-01Joanna Krupa is dragging several other Beverly Hills 'Housewives' into her defamation lawsuit against Brandi Glanville, TMZ has learned.

Joanna's lawyer fired off a letter requesting 4-hour sit-downs with Lisa Vanderpump, Yolanda Foster and Yolanda's ex-husband Mohamed Hadid. Brandi has said she only repeated the "smelly vagina" insult from comments she heard from Lisa, Yolanda and Mohamed.

It does raise the issue ... why didn't Joanna sue the trio, in addition to Brandi, who blasted the insult on "Watch What Happens Live."

Kim Richards How She Got Nabbed at Target for Shoplifting

8/10/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0807-kim-richards-BOOKING-PHOTO-TMZ-02Kim Richards didn't just try to steal a shopping cart full of stuff from Target ... she tried stealing 2 shopping carts full of stuff ... this according to the Target incident report.

According to the report, Kim grabbed the reusable bags at the Van Nuys Target and began loading them up with merchandise in the dollar section ... the pics below show what she took.

The report says Kim loaded the bags in a shopping cart, took it to the the express line but left it without attempting to check out. She told the clerk the items had already been paid for.

She then grabbed another cart and didn't even bother to bag the items ... she just loaded the cart up with toys and beauty products.

0807-SUB-kim-richards-arrest-shoplifting-TMZ-01The report says Kim then took the second cart to the express line and began lugging the first cart out of the store.

She got 3 feet out of the store -- enough to make a shoplifting case -- when a security guard approached and escorted her to the booking room, where they took her pic.

Kim told security she didn't recall if she paid for the goods or not. 

The cops came and arrested Kim for theft. The items totaled $600.


Ex Beverly Hills 'Housewife' Kim Richards, I’ll Bail You Out … 100%

8/9/2015 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Richards doesn't have a lot of people to lean on right now, but former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" co-star Joyce Giraud is still squarely in her corner.

Giraud was booted off ‘RHOBH’ after one season, but there’s no bad blood between the two. In fact, Giraud says she’s been in touch with Kim since her shoplifting arrest at Target.

Whats more … when our photog asks JG about the incident, she says she’s ready to get Kim help ... but it's not the type of help you'd think.  

Yolanda Foster I Removed My Leaky Implants

8/7/2015 1:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0807-yolanda-foster-lyme-disease-INSTAGRAM-01Yolanda Foster thinks her leaky breast implants were making her preexisting medical condition debilitating, so she's had them removed from her body ... and it changed her life. 

According to our sources, the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star had both implants removed this week. Foster says her doctors discovered one of them was leaking silicone, and they immediately realized it was exacerbating the symptoms of her Lyme disease.

Foster was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012 and her condition became so serious earlier this year, she lost the ability to read, write or even watch TV.

But doctors think Yolanda's condition will become way more manageable ... it won't cure her, but it will help keep the symptoms in check.

We're told she's already feeling a lot better.


Kim Richards Homeless, Living Out of Car At Time of Arrest

8/4/2015 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Richards was living out of her car when she was arrested Sunday for shoplifting at Target ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the family tell us, Kim had been house-hopping since leaving rehab last month. She quickly ran out of friends and relatives who would extend themselves, and has been homeless ever since.

We're told Kim has been "self-medicating" recently, and although it's unclear if she was under the influence when she allegedly stole $600 worth of goods from Target, her conduct was truly bizarre. One law enforcement source says she left the store with more than 50 items in her shopping cart.

Kim's family does not know what to do ... they want to help but it's unclear at this point what can be done to help Kim.


Kim Richards Shoplifting Bust at Target

8/3/2015 9:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


Kim Richards spent the night in jail after getting arrested for shoplifting Sunday night ... TMZ has confirmed.

The former 'Real Housewife' was booked into jail around 7:30 PM after store security called LAPD to a Target in the Valley. Law enforcement tells us a security guard nabbed her for allegedly scooping up a "bunch of items" worth more than $600.

Richards got out of the pokey on Monday afternoon. Her bail was $5,000. It's unclear if she was under the influence at the time of this latest arrest. She was also busted in April for allegedly making a drunken scene at the Beverly Hills hotel.

That arrested led to a rehab stint that just ended a few weeks ago.

As TMZ first reported, Kim's kinda on her own now ... since sister Kyle Richards and her husband are trying the tough love route after Kim went on a bender at her daughter's wedding.


NeNe Leakes I'm Taking Martha Stewart Down!!!

7/27/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0724-nene-leaks-tmz-01NeNe Leakes wants you to have a seat on her.

We're told the freshly departed star of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" is getting into the lifestyle biz, designing and hawking furniture and home accessories.  

She came up with the idea when she was furnishing her new home in Georgia and spent a lot of time in High Point, NC, a mecca for furniture design. 

NeNe's shopping her idea to several merchandisers and she's already gotten offers. She hasn't picked one yet, but it would seem HSN is a front-runner since she's already got a successful clothing line on the network.

It's a good thing, right Martha?

Lisa Vanderpump Barn Stormin' ... For My Mini Horses

7/23/2015 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0723-lisa-vanderpump-pony-tmz-01Lisa Vanderpump just built a fabulous new home where her miniature horses can roam in the middle of Beverly Hills. Sorry, deer and antelope ... you're on your own. 

LV's pal Mohamed Hadid designed, built and painted a mini barn for the mini horses Lisa just bought for hubby Ken's birthday. We're told Mohamed hammered out the project over 2 weeks ... so the lil' Vanderponies could ball out in true Bev Hills fashion.

He painted it pink because it's Lisa's favorite color -- which is weird, since the horses are Ken's gifts ... but whatever.

Never look a gift horse house in the mouth.



Lisa Vanderpump My Little Little Ponies Fly Private!

7/22/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0721-vanderpump-ponies-flight-TMZ-01Lisa Vanderpump just bought the farm ... or a good chunk of one, anyway -- she's added 2 miniature horses to her backyard petting zoo, and they arrived by private jet ... naturally. 

The mini livestock flew in Monday on a customized plane -- 2 seats had to be removed to make it more of a flying barn ... unlimited hay included.

The ponies normally cost $3,500 a pop, but NEIGH -- we're told Lisa got a 2-for-1 deal!

0721-SUB-vanderpump-ponies-flight-TMZ-01We're told the ponies -- birthday gifts for Ken -- will live in Lisa's yard (new cast members alert!) and share the land with her 2 swans and multiple dogs.  

Unlike most Bev Hills brats, LV wants to put these girls to work as therapy ponies at hospitals. They're still nameless for now, but we're told Lisa's friends will get a say. 

Brandi is a nice name, no?

Kim Richards I'm Loving My Sobriety

7/20/2015 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Richards resurfaced after a rocky rehab stint, hitting up a famous restaurant in the 90210.

Kim looked good and was cooing about her sobriety as she left Madeo in Bev Hills.

As we reported, Kim went to 3 different rehab facilities following her drunken arrest in April at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She went to rehab, fell off the wagon in Mexico and went to 2 other facilities.

As TMZ first reported, 'RHOBH' producers don't plan to have Richards back on the show at all next season ... and Richards did have a few words of advice for whoever replaces her.  


Brandi Glanville Wasted in WeHo

7/19/2015 7:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brandi Glanville had to be poured into her car after a night out at Craig's.

Brandi was 3 sheets as she left the popular WeHo restaurant Saturday night ... which is what happens after more than 6 cocktails.

She couldn't make it in the SUV without muscle ... not her own.  

The good news ... Craig's is pretty expensive, so it seems she's still liquid after getting the ax from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Very liquid.  

Teresa Giudice Crime Pays, Bitches Watch Me On TV ... Behind Bars

7/19/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0717-joe-teresa-giudice-fun-art-TMZ-GETTY-01Teresa Giudice has figured out a way to make crime pay, because Bravo has opened its checkbook to her family for a special in which she makes guest appearances ... from the slammer.

We've learned Teresa will appear by prison telephone on a 2-part special, showing how Joe is caring for their 4 kids while his wife is serving out her 15-month sentence.

Bravo couldn't get a camera inside, so pay phone is the next best option. 

As for money ... there's no problem with Bravo paying Teresa an appearance fee, because the "Son of Sam" law -- which prohibits people from profiting off certain crimes -- only applies to certain violent offenses.

Teresa should be out in February and Joe will then begin serving his 41-month sentence.

Kim Richards Down and Out in Beverly Hills Housewives

7/15/2015 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Richards won't be a full, part-time, or any time cast member on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" next season ... because we've learned producers have jettisoned her from the show.

The reason is simple and pretty obvious ... Kim is struggling with substance abuse and producers think she's unreliable and poses a liability risk. 

According to our sources, Richards won't even be the ubiquitous "friend of the show."   

It's interesting ... the surviving cast members are all friends -- Kim and Brandi were the s*** stirrers of the bunch -- so you have to wonder ... where's the drama? 


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