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Reggie Miller

Warning to NBA:

Skinny LeBron Is Dangerous LeBron

8/13/2014 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony are gonna wear out opponents even more this season… if diet doc Reggie Miller knows what he's talking about -- and he's a Hall of Famer, so we'll assume he does.

Reggie -- one of the skinniest HOFers ever -- weighed in on the NBA trend of superstars trimming down … and told us LBJ shedding LBs means he won't be carried off the court with cramps anymore.

In fact, Reg explained why 'Melo and LeBron's thin-to-win plan will spell trouble for the NBA … for years to come.

Hard to argue. Reggie Miller knows skinny. And 3s … and Knick-killing.


Chris Brown

These Rolls Ain't Loyal

7/30/2014 10:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
0730_chris_brown_fameflynetChris Brown continues to look noticeably heavier since getting out of jail ... bravely partying without a shirt on while hanging out Wednesday afternoon in glorious St. Tropez.

CB is partying in France while one of his new neighbors in the San Fernando Valley tells TMZ he has no qualms about shooting the R&B singer if he trespasses onto his property.

Based on these photos, it doesn't seem Chris moves with a lot quickness these days ... so he's best to heed the warning.


Yuma The Pig

Porkly Pig Scores Book Deal

But Must Lose Weight First

7/29/2014 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Yuma The Pig Book Deal

"Young and the Restless" star Kevin Schmidt's famous pet -- Yuma the Pig -- has scored a children's book deal and will go on tour to promote it ... but he needs to drop a lot of sausage first.

Yuma's a micro-pig -- which typically weigh 45 lbs ... but has ballooned to more than 80, meaning Kevin and his hog have some serious work to do before she hits the wheels of squeal in September.

In order to make weight, Yuma will be walked 4 times a day and fed only organic meals by a pro chef ... at a cost of $1,000 a week!

Yuma's easily been worth her weight ... having already hammed it up on "A-List Pets" with Ian Ziering, booked several $15,000-a-pop public appearances, launched her own clothing linechalked up 32,000 Twitter followers, and -- not to be forgotten -- recovered nicely from her near-death experience on TMZ Live.

Now if we can only get her off the couch.

'DWTS' Star Cheryl Burke

I'm Not Dying

7/11/2014 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
"Dancing with the Stars" star Cheryl Burke looks dramatically different these days ... but she says she's NOT deathly ill ... hasn't had plastic surgery ... and she's pissed at all the trash talk.

Burke -- who recently dropped a sizable amount of weight -- posted this pic on Facebook ... and got bombarded with comments from people saying she looks anorexic.  Someone even suggested she's dying of AIDS. 

One person wrote, "Those Botox lips need there [sic] own FB page, gross" ... and another said she should delete the pic before it ends up on TMZ.

Burke is especially upset because she believes the same people who are trash-talking her now are the ones who called her fat before.

Burke -- who was once a regular on the club/party circuit -- tells TMZ there's absolutely nothing wrong with her ... she recently turned 30 and decided to stop drinking and hard partying.  She says she's living healthy ... and that what you see is the result of hard work.

Burke tells us, "I didn't have plastic surgery and I don't have an eating disorder. I'm just actually happy."


Adam Richman

Obese Target

Wants Pound of Flesh

7/2/2014 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Adam Richman Thinspiration Instagram

The woman whom Adam Richman called a c**t is licking her chops now that Adam's show has been yanked from the Travel Channel ... telling TMZ she will only be satisfied if he walks with fat people.

Amber Sarah -- got in a Instagram battle royale with Adam after he pissed off the eating disorder community by bragging about his 70-pound weight loss by posting a pic with #thinspiration.  Sarah and others called him out for being insensitive.  He responded, "Grab a razor blade and draw a bath."

Sarah is happy the network pulled Adam's show, "Man Finds Food" from the schedule, but she's not out for blood.  She wants Adam to volunteer with eating disorder groups by participating in walks that help obese people get in shape.

And she wants him to donate money.

BTW ... Sarah says she could end up arm-in-arm with Adam on one of the walks.   She doesn't weigh herself, but calls herself a "fat activist who is fat."


'Shahs of Sunset" Star

Weight Loss Secret

Just Having Tons Of Sex!

6/21/2014 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Mercedes "MJ" Javid swears she hasn't been photoshopped, she really did drop 20 lbs., and she tells TMZ ... she did it the old fashioned way -- lots and lots of sex ... and some traditional exercise.

The "Shahs of Sunset" star says she's seen all the haters accusing her of doctoring the pics from a recent swimsuit shoot -- but says her real secret is simply banging the weight away.

Best of all ... MJ claims the more pounds she shed, the more sex she had -- and the more sex she had, the more calories she burned. The least vicious cycle ever! 

She admits cutting back on hard partying and late-night boozing definitely helped too ... along with hiking, biking, tennis and dodge ball -- but says she's definitely sticking to her sex diet.  She says bluntly, "I'm too pretty to be fat!"

Her ego is NOT slimming down.

'Shahs of Sunset'

MJ Sheds lbs ...

Swimwear Rejoices

6/19/2014 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Shahs of Sunset MJ Weight LossShahs of Sunset star, Mercedes "MJ" Javid painted on a bathing suit for a rooftop photo shoot in L.A. this week ... and it looks like she's dropped a bunch of weight. LOOKS like it anyway.

MJ's been pretty open about her weight issues -- and last year claimed she was shedding pounds without really trying. She never revealed a number, but this is pretty strong evidence. 

Compare MJ now to her infamous poolside shot from 2 years ago. 

But here's the issue -- this is Hollywood where everything isn't always as it seems.

So ... we gotta ask ...


Senator Claire McCaskill

Dr. Oz Attack

Was Personal

6/18/2014 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Senator Claire McCaskill Attacks Dr. Oz
Senator Claire McCaskill -- who grilled Dr. Oz like a cheeseburger during Tuesday's hearing -- was incredulous over the Doc's "miracle pill" because she's walked the walk ... sources connected to the Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection tell TMZ.

McCaskill lost a ton of weight in 2011 ... actually more like 50 pounds.  She did it the old fashion way -- diet and exercise -- and she was proud of it.   We're told she thinks diet shortcuts are ineffective and often fraudulent.

So when Oz came to The Hill ... we're told McCaskill was locked and loaded for a showdown over Oz touting green coffee beans as a miracle drug.   One of McCaskill's staffers tells TMZ ... this was not a vendetta against Oz, and others have told us the same -- that she just thinks these quick fixes are harmful, especially when they're endorsed by credible people.

For Oz's part ... we're told he and his staff privately acknowledged he went too far on the air, and pulled back on the hyperbole several years ago.


Jessica Simpson

These Boots Are Made for Stumblin'

... Mom's Drunk Night Out

6/9/2014 9:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
060914_jessica_simpson_launch_v8A wobbly Jessica Simpson hit up Warwick nightclub in Hollywood Sunday night, but from the looks of it ... she did plenty of partying beforehand -- and even had to make a 911 call for fast food to soak up the booze.

Simpson was accompanied by Eric Johnson and it's a good thing he was there ... because somebody had to make sure she didn't fall flat on her face!

Mrs. Weight Watchers -- who did look AMAZING -- had a hard time making her way in and out and definitely seemed to have a hard time answering fairly simple questions. Best part of the video ... the driver making a Jack in the Box run for Jessica WHILE she was in the club!  

Lower weight, lesser tolerance.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

'Shark Tank' Co. Fights Back

You Were Sooo Into Us!

6/8/2014 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
0606-jennifer-love-hewitt-main-WireImage-01Jennifer Love Hewitt may claim she was duped into holding a diet product in photos, but the company she's suing says that's B.S. -- and Jennifer willingly posed for a ton of pics. 

As TMZ first reported, JLH sued over a product called Slim Spray, which she claims used her picture on its website without permission ... falsely implying she endorses the product.

 A rep for MarzSprays, the maker of Slim Spray, tells TMZ the Ghost Whisperer was very curious about their stuff when she hit up a Hollywood gifting suite in 2012. The rep claims J.Love asked several questions about items in the suite and "posed for the camera over a dozen times with our products."

The company claims it legally purchased the images of her in the suite -- like the one above -- and insists it's on legal solid ground to use her face in ads.

As for Hewitt's claim the product bombed on "Shark Tank" -- they point out one of the sharks, Lori Greiner, DID invest ... and they were even invited back for a recent follow-up episode.

Which means Slim Spray was on TV more recently than "The Client List."

Rob Kardashian

Nearly Runs Over Photographers

Leaving the Gym

5/30/2014 5:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Kardashian plowed his SUV through a crowd of aggressive paparazzi -- none of whom work for TMZ -- as he exited an L.A. gym Thursday ... and you could clearly hear his car make contact with at least one of the shooters.

The situation was a mess from the beginning -- the photogs were gathered right in front of the exit driveway and forced Rob to make a decision ... stop and be shot ... or GO. GO. GO.

He went with Option 2. 

The photogs refused to move at first, playing a game of chicken with the SUV -- only getting out of the way when it was clear Rob had no intentions of slowing down.  Still, they hammered Rob with questions about Kim's wedding and his weight issues.

Eventually, Rob made it through the swarm and drove off without saying a word. So far, we haven't heard of anyone complaining of injuries.

Rob Kardashian

Alright, Alright ...

I'm Down to Cut Weight

5/28/2014 5:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Rob Kardashian is now vowing to shed his unwanted pounds by intensifying his exercise regimen with trainer Gunnar Peterson --  and it looks like the shame of bailing on Kim’s wedding is what pushed him to commit.

Every stuffed crust pizza has a silver lining.


Rob Kardashian

Vows to Dump the Plump

After Wedding Meltdown

5/28/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Rob Kardashian Weight Loss Plan
Rob Kardashian is determined to drop his considerable gut after fleeing Kimye's wedding in fat shame  ... vowing to hit the gym EVERY DAY until he sees his toes again, Rob's trainer tells TMZ.

Celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson tells us ... Rob texted him when he arrived back from Italy, where he bailed on Kimye's wedding because he felt too fat to pose for family photographs.

Gunnar says Rob's text was clear as crystal -- he wanted to hit the ground running ... literally ... posting up workouts every day this week, and continuing the intensity until the fat is gone.

As we reported, Rob's gym regimen hit a lull before Kim's wedding -- he worked out just a couple times a week -- but we're told Rob is now determined to get his old body back.

Gunnar tells us ... he will show Rob no mercy --  he'll endure a full hour of high-intensity full body exercises, cardio, resistance training ... the whole hog -- daily.

Gunnar tells us ... "Rob is locked and loaded" ... and NOT with cheeseburgers.


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